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Sex Stories - داستانهای سکسی به زبان انگلیسی

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#91 | Posted: 16 Oct 2011 21:04
Val's First Black

My pretty wife, Valerie, is a 35 year old, tall, shapely, strawberry blond with large, full breasts, and long legs. She's a sexy fun loving gal and we had often talked about doing something sexually adventurous like a swing club or something, but it was always that, just talk...

One day I invited Tyrone, the bass player in the band, to chill in our hot tub after the gig. Tyrone's a handsome 50 year old black stud who looks about 35. His head is shaved clean and he has a well developed muscular body because he works out at the gym. He always seems to have his way with women. At the club, there's always some broad fawning over him or giving him a blow job during breaks. Some guys just seem to have the knack.

Tyrone and I chatted while Val mixed some drinks to cool our taste buds in the hot summer night air. She slid down between us in the hot tub and we all enjoyed the pina coladas she made.

"Hey Val, when's the last time that you had two studs to yourself in a hot tub?" Tyrone chuckled. Val laughed out loud, throwing back her long hair.

"You know, we have ourselves one sexy babe here. You don't mind if I take a couple of pitchers?" Tyrone winked. "For my collection."

Val looked at me and I said "Sure babe, go ahead. Let's party."

He reached into his sport bag and pulled out an expensive flash camera. Val teased. "Hey Tyrone, do you know how to use that thing?"

Tyrone laughed.

"Let's see a pose over here by the wall."

Val complied with Tyrone's request, standing statuesque in her bikini and still wet all over from the hot tub.

"Give me a sexy li'l pout!...Thaaaaaas it."

Flash!, whirrr...

"Now Turn around and look at me over your shoulder and give me a sexy look."

Flash!, whirrrr...

"I always wanted to be a model" Val exclaimed.

"Well now's yer big chance. Drop your top."

Val reached around her back and unhooked her bikini top and two voluptuous breasts spilled out.

"Now give me a li'l cheesecake."

Flash!, whirrrrrrr...

"Thas it"

" Nice."

Tyrone took a whole roll of my wife in various topless poses. While he was reloading, she pranced off saying, "I'll put on something sexy while you change the film." I could see she was getting turned on by the whole experience.

When she returned, I could not believe my eyes. Under her bathrobe, she wore stockings and fuckme pumps. It was excruciatingly erotic but Tyrone just seemed to take it all in stride as he continued with his hypnotic patter. "Lookee here girl, we need to lose that robe." He stepped behind her, took the robe slowly from her shoulders revealing supple lily white beauty.

He dropped the robe on the floor. All she had on underneath the robe was a garter belt and some skimpy panties. "You come here missy, and stand by this couch." He said, taking her arm and posing her seductively by bending her over the back of the couch.

Flash, whirrr...

He then took snapshot after snapshot of my beautiful wife in all sorts of cheesecake poses. Ordering her out of her panties was like taking candy from a baby to him. The patter just rolled from his tongue as she posed for him, showing off her legs, displaying her breasts and finally he took beaver shots of her head angled against the couch and pouting sexily while she held her legs wide apart.

Flash, whirrr... Flash, whirrrrr... Flash, whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

In one cool, smooth, masterful move, Tyrone reclined Valerie on the carpet and began to kiss her breasts. His long tongue tantalized erect nipples as he grabbed them in his huge bass player's hands, sampling her flesh. Slowly, his powerful ebony hand traversed my wife's naked, ivory belly and gravitated to the love hole dripping wet with her excitement. They began to French kiss passionately.

Teasing up the lips of her moist labia, Tyrone slid his middle finger into her juicy cunt making Val moan with pleasure. He worked it around her hole seductively, making slurping sounds as she sighed. From where I was sitting, I could see sex juices dribbling down from her moist rose petals and forming a little puddle, making her anus glisten.

The next thing I knew, she was on her back, thighs spread. Tyrone grabbed both of her ankles and angled her long legs so I could see the action. For a moment, Tyrone ogled her body appreciatively and looking down at her, he said with a smirk, "Mmmmm, mmmmmmmm, thas one fine lookin' honey pot ya got there." He slid his ten inch cock home with one strong stroke. She gasped at the brute force of his black cock penetration, triumphing over her white womanhood, yielding, so ripe, vulnerable, submitting to his conquest.

"Fuck me hard!" she begged.

"Bitch!, I'll fuck you like you ain't never been fucked before. When I get done with ya you'll be nothin' but a 'ho' for black cock"

"Yes! yes! I'll do anything you say, just fuck me harder!"

He started fucking Val harder and deeper. The sight and sound of Tyrone's black hard body slapping Val's beautiful yielding loins while holding her arms pinned to the floor was driving me mad. I have never seen her so turned on.

Her hips bucked to meet each thrust. I could see Tyrone's huge swollen cock gleaming with my wife's love juices as it pulled out and reentered Val's well lubricated vagina over and over again. Her labia seemed to tremble and pout spasmodically, puckering around the gruff and relentless ramrod that was Tyrone's big black dick.

"On your hands and knees, bitch!"

She complied quickly. He gave her butt a quick spank.

Grasping my wife's supple buttocks by the thick, he spread her cheeks wide. Dark eyes roved over tender flesh, appraising private parts never before casually exposed for a black man's perfunctory inspection.

Tyrone pursed his lips and blew a jet of cool air about her sphincter. As it clenched up tight to the titillation of the cool breeze she swayed her lower back for him, and then I saw her button tighten up again from the display and teasing.

Tyrone stuck a finger in his mouth, lubricated it with a glob of saliva and proceeded to wet her asshole. Gently massaging in his saliva, spiraling into her wetness and at the first sign of yielding, he took advantage, pressing his way in slowly and confidently, ever so slightly spreading it back and forth, back and forth.

Deftly but aggressively he penetrated to his first knuckle, when Val grasped his hand by the wrist and exclaimed "Tyrone, no!...Please don't! I'm not a slut"

"Aw, cum on honey, just relaaaaax, go with the flooooow. Just let it haaaaaaappen. Don't resist me! Relax and let it be..." He spoke so confidently and hypnotically, it commanded her to submit.

She acquiesced now and was docile to the potent advance.

"Ooooooh!" She moaned longingly as Tyrone's eager finger wormed it's way to his second knuckle and he began to bring his middle finger into the task at hand. By the expression on her face, I could tell that she was now resigned to having her anus dilated by Tyrone's skillful hands.

After maddening minutes of coaxing, his sexual acumen allowed him to ream her ass good and she was loving it. Tyrone sure had his way with women. His deep sexy voice kept on reassuring all the while she surrendered her anus to the black man to be opened up like a rose in spring for his entertainment.

Tyrone winked at me smugly and then peered down Valerie's colon gaping wide open now. A slight sneer appeared on his curled lip and I fathomed what he had in mind.

Thickened to full erection and positioning rock hard black cock at the opening to her well lubricated opening, he put it to her bluntly.

"Yeah! Take it all, You black bastard!" Val moaned as he pushed it in unrelenting.

"Yeah baby, just relaaaaax. Papa's gonna ease on in."

It was feverish and slow how he advanced his cock, on and on and on. By imperceptible amounts, he inched up my wife's soft moist beckoning anal hole until all at once he slid headlong, plunging deeper and deeper, rushing, rushing, pell-mell, down to the hilt,. "Uuuhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnk". He groaned. She swooned, helpless under his power.

Tyrone rallied his manhood, grasping her wasp waist in powerful big hands. He started to pound her body in a fast rhythm; ramming big black cock up her lovely ass, proudly asserting his manhood, harder and harder until suddenly, yanking it out, he stood up, brusquely, violently, grabbed her by her long strawberry blond hair to squirt seed on her face.

The first shot spurted wildly and splattered across the bridge of Valerie's nose. It stuck like raw egg and just began to slowly run down to spread it's coverage. The second thick, sticky, wet rope of nigger seed erupted from the thick head of Tyrone's foot-long, black, potent 'weapon' and shot right into Val's open mouth. The backlash of the third shot careened off and ended up dribbling down her breasts. He grimaced a moment at the vision of the flood of his sperm drenching her beautiful blond face. With a groan, he released her hair from his grip and collapsed on the floor sexually spent.
#92 | Posted: 16 Oct 2011 21:06
A Change for the Better Ch. 1

I was 18 years old when my life changed for the better. I was overweight and wasn’t very popular in high school. One day, I was out at the mall and this black guy came up to me and said hello. I was in shock that a guy that sexy would even consider talking to me.

My name Terrance, what’s yours, he says. I stumbled thru saying Tara. I was so embarrassed. We chatted as we wandered thru the mall together. He got a page and said he had to go. He gave me his address and number and said I live down the street if you wanna come over or talk you know how to get ahold of me. We parted ways and I had the biggest smile on my face and a little spring in my step.

I spent the whole night staring at the piece of paper with his information on it. Debating when I should call him. A few days later I got up the nerves to call him and we talked for a while. He asked what was I doing. I said I had no plans. He said that he aint doing anything, why don’t you get that sexy ass over here. I stuttered thru OK.

I spent the next half hour trying to find something to wear, didn’t want to look too slutty or too wholesome. I finally made it over to his place and knocked on the door. I knocked several times and thought that he ditched me. Finally, I heard a hang on come thru the other side of the door.

He opened the door in a towel wrapped around his waist. He had a great chest and six pack abs. He apologized saying he was in the shower. I walked into the room and looked around his place. Typical college guy apartment. He took my coat from me and as he reached up hang up the coat his towel fell off.

I thought. OH MY GOD,,his penis is huge. His penis mesmerized me. He caught me looking and asked if I ever seen one that big before. I shook my head no. He noticed my nipples becoming erect thru my dress. He asked if I like what I saw. I shook my head yes. He grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom.

He told me to sit down on the bed. I sat down. A million thoughts were rushing thru my mind. He told me if I wanted to touch it I could. I reached up and caressed it softly. He was semi erect and it seem to get bigger. He asked if I ever sucked a dick. I said only once. He smiled and asked me to show him how well I did it. I started to suck his cock for a few minutes and then he pulled back away. I looked up at him and asked if I did something wrong. He said, No, but you need to learn how to suck a dick baby. I said ok and all I could think about is getting that wonderful cock back in my mouth.

He said, First run your tongue up and down the left side and right sides of his cock, I did what he said. Next he told me to twirl my tongue around the head of his cock. I did what he said. He told me to grab the shaft of his cock and wrap my lips around his cock and slowly move back and forth. I did that he continued with the orders until he felt himself ready to cum. He pulled back again came in a cup next to the bed. He told me good job baby. Next time, No instructions from me and your on your own. I smiled and said ok. He asked if I wanted something to drink, I said no.

He was like we need to get that dress off. He told me to stand up and helped me remove the dress. I was standing there in my bra and panties. He comments on big my chest was and asked my size. I told him I was a 34ddd. He was impressed. He brushed against my erect nipples with his hand and I was in heaven. He then ran his finger down my stomach and played with the band around my panties. I moaned softly. He then placed his hand over my pussy and says damn girl your soaked. I blushed. We should get those off. He slides my panties off and chills went up my spine from his touch.

He took off my bra and played with my nipples and caressed my breasts softly. I moaned, Oh Yes, Like That. I noticed he was semi erect again. I reached for his cock and stroked it softly. He said, You know what I like, don’t disappoint me”. He placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. I brushed his cock against my cheeks and against my lips. Savoring every second. Bobbing back and forth over and over, faster and faster, I was like in another world. He was moaning and said hes gonna cum. I want you to shallow it all. He began to cum in my mouth and it begins to fill it up more than I can swallow. Cum began to drip off either side of my mouth onto my breasts.

He looks down at me and says nice job, but next time…your swallowing every drop. I nod in agreement. He helped me to my feet and told me to lie on the bed. I lay on my back with my legs spread apart a little. Licking my lips and taking the excess cum of my breasts and licking my fingers clean. Then the thoughts of how is that huge cock gonna fit inside me. He started to play with my pussy a little bit, licking and flicking his tongue at it. He was playing with my breasts while going down on me and I felt this sensation begin to fill my body.

I began to orgasm and moaning loudly, how much I was enjoying this. Wave after waves of orgasms filled my body and he didn’t stop what he was doing. I was in ecstasy. He stopped and my chest was heaving in exhaustion. I picked my head off and said that was amazing, He smiled and said the fun parts about to begin baby, I smiled and put my head back down onto the bed.

Waiting for what’s gonna happen next. I felt him placed his cock on top of my clit and leave it there while he was telling me that this is gonna hurt a little then feel a whole lot better. I will take it slow. He slowly pressed his cock into my soaked pussy and I heard it pop in. I moaned in pleasure. He began to put it in inch by inch. I never felt anything that big before I thought he was gonna rip me apart. But just as the pain peaked, another feeling of enjoyment began to fill my body.

He began to move in and out slowly and pick up the pace. I moaned and screamed in pure pleasure. He picked up the pace more and more. My breasts were bouncing up and down. I cupped them while biting my lip to muffle the screams of passion. He was going faster and harder and fucking me harder. I screamed out, I’m cumming and he kept going harder and faster. I came I don’t know how many times. He then pulls out and pulls off the rubber and cums over my stomach. I lay there exhausted with a huge smile on my face. He looks at me and asked if Id like that. I said yes. He picked up my dress and threw it at me and told me to get out. I was in shock and pissed, He walked in the bathroom and told me that I better not be here when he gets out of you will never experience that again. I told him I’m never coming back here and he’s an asshole. He smiled and said don’t worry baby you will be back and smiled.

I got home and showered and cried all night long. I woke up the next morning and could barely walk. I soaked in a bath for like a half hour. I got dressed and went to school. I was in the locker room changing for gym and overheard the popular girls in the school talking about how they couldn’t orgasm when they were with their boyfriends. I was at lunch and girls in the table next to me were also talking about how their boyfriends couldn’t make them orgasm. I sat there and thought. I had what was like a million yesterday and I cracked a smile and enjoyed my lunch. Knowing that I would be going back to Terrance again.
#93 | Posted: 16 Oct 2011 21:08
A Change for the Better Ch. 2

The Change Continues

A week since our last encounter and I was very hesitant to pick up the phone but this strange sensation was coming over me. I was horny. So, instead of calling I decided to go over there. I arrived at the door and heard a few people talking inside. I knocked on the door and waited. At this point I was very aroused. The door opened and this strange guy opened the door. I asked for Terrance. The guy said come in. I walked in and he was playing video games. I said Hi and he looked at me and smiled and said,” I told ya, you would be back baby”.

I was a little embarrassed but stayed. He told me to go into his room and get undressed and he will be there when he was done. I went into the room and waited on his bed naked. The memories or what happened last time fill my mind and I found myself beginning to play with my nipples and rub my wet pussy. The door opens and Terrance says.”That is not right, you’re starting without me. I guess you will have to get me going also”. I smiled and he knew he could do whatever he wanted to do to me.

He took off his shirt and I licked my lips. He stood on the side of the bed and told me to get over here and do what I taught you to do. So, I got off the bed and onto my knees and slide down his pants. As I was going back up, I can feel the tip off his cock hit the top of my head. I leaned back and saw that wonderful cock and all I can think about is making it as happy as it made me.

I began to lick up and down the sides of his cock and caress those huge balls he had. I teased the tip of his cock with my tongue while stroking his cock up and down. I began to bob back and forth slowly and then speeding up. I hear him moan in delight telling me I getting better and that just made me go faster and faster, savoring every second that this wonderful cock was in my mouth. I can taste his precum in my mouth and loved the taste. I continued to bob back and forth and he placed his hand on the top of my head and told he was gonna cum and I better not miss a drop. I swallowed every drop and licked my lips and looked up and smiled.

He smiled and told me that I did well. He told me to lie on the bed and get my reward for doing a good job. I laid on my back and let him play with my breasts and my pussy. He asked me what I wanted. I told him I want to feel like I did last time I was there. He smiled and said.”Oh you wanna get fucked good and hard again”. I nodded and smiled.

He told me to roll over onto my stomach. I rolled over and he grabbed my hips and pulled them up a little. I can feel the tip of his cock coming close to my wet pussy. He brushed it against it and I whimpered in delight. He asked “ do you want it baby’. I moaned out. “Yes, Fuck me please fuck me”

I could hear his friends cheering and laughing in the next room. I didn’t care. I just wanted to get laid. He slowly began to fuck me and I was in heaven I was moaning and screaming in ecstasy. He began to speed up his pace and pound my pussy. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Loving every second. I came several times as he fucked me like there was no tomorrow. He smacked my ass as he was fucking my pussy and I didn’t care. So he kept on doing it as I felt like a rag doll attached to his cock. He was about to cum when he pulled outta me and pulled off the condom and cum all over my ass. I fell to the bed and laid there exhausted but felt a void within me.

A few minutes later he leaned forward and asked if I liked that. I said, “I loved every minute”. He smiled and said I’m gonna try something new with you. He wanted to fuck my ass. I said ok. He pulled my up to my knees and my butt was up in the air. He spread my legs apart and told me to relax. I felt the tip of his cock pressing against my asshole. He slowly inserted it into my ass and I screamed in pain. He said, “Don’t worry baby, it will hurt for a second and then you will be begging for more”. He slowly inserted his cock into my ass and I was biting down onto a pillow to muffle the screams of pain. He got his cock in my ass and left it there and said he’s gonna keep it there so you can get use to it.

He began to move it in and out slowly and the pain I was feeling before was replaced by pleasure. He began to fuck my ass slowly then picking up the pace. I was moaning in xtc and begging for more. I felt his strong hands grabbing my hips and the feeling of his cock inside me also made me pass out in pleasure. He continued to my ass until he grunted and all I felt is the warm feeling fill my ass. He came in my ass and smacked his cock against my ass a few times and told me I had a great ass.

I laid there and all I wanted is more. I begged him to fuck me again. He looked at me and told me that he is done and told me to get dressed and he is going back to his friends and his game.

I took a few minutes to rest and clean myself off. I got dressed and found all my stuff. I walked outta the room and his friends were laughing and asking if they could get a turn at me. I was embarrassed but didn’t care. Terrance looks at me and tells his friends, “Maybe next time but she is all mine for now.”

I went home and laid in bed thinking about the whole day. I woke up the next morning sore as hell but happier and a noticeable spring in my step. I was looking to change things about myself. I decided that it was time for me to get in shape and lose weight. I went down to breakfast and asked my mom if I can get a gym membership. She was happy for me and was wondering what happened to make me change my life around. She asked if it was a guy and I told her ye
#94 | Posted: 16 Oct 2011 21:09
A Change for the Better Ch. 3

As the weeks went on, I continued to fuck Terrance; I was working out several times a week and was eating better. I was losing weight and starting to look pretty good. I was buying sexier clothes like the ones the girls in my neighborhood or those in the mall were wearing. I was getting checked out by a lot more guys but wasn't interested in any of them. My mom was so happy with the new me and wondered what the cause for this new me was. I told her that I woke up one day and was not happy, so decided to change. I really didn't know how she would react to I wanted to look better to have sex more often.

It was a Wednesday night and I was feeling a little horny, so I hopped in my car and drove over to Terrence's place for what I needed. I got to his place and almost knocked on the door when I heard a woman moaning in delight. The door was not locked and I pushed the door open and hear 2 people having sex in the bedroom. I heard Terrance's voice saying things I've never heard before. He was saying, "You like this big black dick don't you." I heard the girl scream at the top of her lungs. I love your black cock baby, I want it more." I was in shock. I walked to the door and pushed it open and saw Terrance fucking some girl. I was devastated. Terrance heard the door creak open and turned around and saw me at the door. He looked at me and told me to join in or wait until I'm done with this girl or get out. I told him to fuck off and started to yell at him. He just turned back around and continued to fuck this girl.

I was so pissed. I slammed the door and ran to my car and cried uncontrollable. I drove home and went into my room and cried myself to sleep. The next few days were tough on me. I was upset of what Terrance did to me and even worse I was still horny. My body got use to having sex a few times a week and now there was nothing. My mom noticed that I wasn't happy and asked me what happened. I just told her that a guy broke my heart and she comforted me and told me it hurts now but it will pass. So, in order to cheer me up, She took me shopping downtown. I bought some new clothes and spend the day with my mom and had a great time. We were having lunch and she leaned over and whispered to me that a few guys were checking me out. I was some embarrassed that she would say that. I looked over and smiled at them and looked back at my mom and told her they were checking her out. We laughed and went on with the day.

One day I was coming home from school and out of the corner of my eye. I saw this guy jogging toward me. He said, "hey girl, wait up." I stopped and waited. He introduced himself as "D" and we started to talk a bit as he walked with me. He asked where I was going. I told him I was coming home from school and going to the gym since it was on my way home. I was thinking this guys pretty fine. He said a fine girl like you don't need to work out. I blushed. He asked if he could take me out some time. I said sure. I gave him my number and at that time my cell phone rang and it was my mom telling me she was going to be away for the night on business. So don't worry. I said okay. D asked what was that, I said it was my mom telling me that she was going outta town. So we chatted awhile longer and I asked him if he wanted to come over and watch a movie. He said sure. I gave him my address and told him come over about 8.

My workout was a bit more intense. I had a lot of sudden energy in me. I was turned on by D and wanted him to fuck me like Terrance use to do. I got home and showered and had some dinner. Completely forgot about getting a movie on the way home. My mind was preoccupied with other things. It was just before 8 and the bell rang. I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair and adjusted the boobs. I was wearing a tank top and some capris, it wasn't too slutty but somewhat sexy. I greeted him at the door and he said I looked great. I returned the favor as I checked out that cute butt as he walked into my home.

I showed him around the house and we got to the living room and he sat down. I asked if he wanted anything. He said, "Just you" I laughed and he smiled and he said a coke is fine. I told him to pick out a movie and we can watch it. I got back and saw he hasnt picked a movie yet. I asked if he didn't like the selection of movies there. D said " I really don't feel like a movie, lets get to know each other." I sat down next to him and the more we talked and I looked at him. The more I wanted to get fucked. My nipples became erect while chatting. D said jokingly," man, it must be cold in here" I was embarrassed. I turned bright red.

He lifted up my head and said, "don't worry baby, it is kind of cold in here, damn air conditioning." We talked some more and as the conversation continued all I can think about were how good sex would be with him and how big his cock was. He finally leaned in and kissed me. It was amazing. I melted in his hands. His hands started probing my body and he was playing with my breasts. I pushed him back and stood up and led him to my bedroom.

We started kissing some more and I started to remove his shirt and then ran my hands down his chest. We continued to kiss and I felt his hand moving over my pussy through my clothes and he undid my pants and pulled my tank top out and lifted it over my head and his hands moved down the side of my body and lowered my pants. I stepped outta then and was standing there in my bra and panties. I was thought I was gonna cum with his next touch. I undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants and crouched down to take them off. He stepped out of them and my hand went over his crotch and caressed his cock through his boxers.

I lowered his boxers and saw this thick black cock semi erect with a lil precum formed on the end. I moved to my knees and licked that precum off his cock. I stroked it softly and teased it with my tongue. I heard moans of enjoyment coming from D. I Bobbed back and forth at various paces and teased it with my tongue while my hands were playing with his balls. I looked up and saw him in bliss and I asked him if he likes. He smiled and told me keep going. I continued to suck his cock until I felt his hand on the top of my head and said he was gonna cum. I felt a warm shot of cum hit the back of my throat and swallowed every drop and licked him clean.

He was like "damn girl, you must have done that before. I just smiled as I moved my way up kissing his stomach and chest. His hands moved all over my body and I was putty in his hands. He took off my panties and said," damn girl, your panties are soaked, you must really wanna get laid, I smiled and nodded. Yes" His fingers probed my pussy, brushing up against it and teasing it. I was so closer to orgasm at that point. He took off my bra and my 36ddd breasts popped out and he was amazed at them. He teased them and played with them. But, all I wanted was his cock inside me. He continued foreplay and it was great.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I begged him to fuck me. He smiled and pulled out a condom and placed it on him and lined up his cock with my pussy. He slowly inserted it and I was in another world. I loved that full feeling and felt so empty when it wasn't full. He picked up the pace and I moaned and screamed in ecstasy. Then suddenly, something that I never thought I would say came outta my mouth. I screamed out, Fuck me harder with that big black cock" He picked up the pace and each orgasm increases in intensity. I came several times before he pulled out and took off the condom and came on my stomach. I used my fingers and scooped it up. He laid there exhausted but was becoming erect. I grabbed another condom and opened it up and used my mouth to unroll it on his cock. I then guided his cock into me and rode him like there was no tomorrow. I cupped my breasts and purred in pleasure.

D lay there, with a smile on his face, as I rode him. He said, ' you like being fucked by my cock and I smiled and said yes" It seemed to turn him on more. I came a few more times and collapsed on top of him. He rolled over with me on the bottom and then flipped me over. He spread my legs and continued to fuck my pussy. I was in heaven and loved this feeling and couldn't believe i've gone so long without it. I felt a sharp pain radiate from my ass. He smacked my ass hard and I moan in delight, He asked, " If his girl liked being fucked by his black cock." I screamed out " yes and I'd do anything for it."

He pulled off the condom and came on my ass. I collapsed to the bed and he laid down next to me and said I was amazing. I smiled and looked at him and kissed him. He said he had to go because it was late. I begged him to stay but he got dressed and told me he would call me soon. I laid in bed in the wet spot and was in heaven and really loved the way I felt after sex and always wanted to feel this way.

The next morning, I got up and showered still sticky from the night before and looked in the mirror and saw a handprint shape bruise on my left butt cheek. I laughed and showered and got ready for school. I got to school and was on cloud 9. That feeling didn't last long. I got to my first class and forgot that I had a test in history. I thought I was screwed in a bad way. But, the teacher graded our tests fairly quick and I good a decent grade for not studying, so, that crisis was adverted.

Got to gym class and was changing into my gym clothes when my teacher asked me into her office. I was worried. She told me that another girl noticed that I had a bruise on my butt cheek and asked if it was anything to worry about. I said, "no, just girls being girls." She said ok. I walked out laughing on the inside and a smile on the outside. I joined the rest of the girls in class and the teacher was ok today we are gonna try some basic gymnastics. I hated this part of the year in gym class. I could never do any of the things asked. We started off with a handstand. One of the girls in front of me forgot to tuck in her shirt and her shirt came over her head and she wasn't wearing a bra either so the class laughed at her. I thought at least I wont be the only one laughed at. I did my handstand and I was shocked at how easily I did it. Next, came the splits, I never was able to do one of these. Several girls in front of me tried and failed. When it was my turn. I did an almost perfect split and the teacher even said very nice. I guess my flexibility was improving also.

After gym class, several girls asked my to there table for lunch. This was a first for me. We talked about classes and stuff like music, make-up, clothes and boys. They asked if I had a boyfriend, I said no. They were like good for you, they are a pain in the ass anyhow, so lunch turned into an hour-long bitch session about there boyfriends. How they are inconsiderate, how childish they can be and of course, how bad they were in bed. We all got a laugh outtalk it and I was invited to a sleep over at one of theirs house. I asked when, they said Saturday, I agreed and they gave me the information and we all exchanged phone numbers. I walked home thinking that this year is going a lot better than the others and I just smiled and was enjoying life.
#95 | Posted: 16 Oct 2011 21:10
A Change for the Better Ch. 4

Saturday night rolls around and I arrive at Cindy's house, she invited me in and the rest of them were there. We basically spent the night talking about guys and our sexual experiences. One of the girls asked about the bruise she saw earlier in the week. I was kind of embarrassed to say. But, I finally told them I got it during sex and showed it to them. A guy smacked my ass a little too hard. I joked. They asked if the sex was good. I told them it was amazing and keeps getting better. I told them that it was with a black guy and they were in shock and asked about all the stereotypes and myths that were out there. I told them that I only know from experience and it was amazing and living up to the billing. Of course, telling about the whole event made me horny and wanted to get what I have been speaking about. But, that wasn't going to happen this evening.

We all woke up and went out for breakfast then went on our own separate ways for the day. I got home hoping that D called me last night but no one left a message on my answering machine. So, I went about doing my homework and cleaning my room. After dinner, I was watching some TV and my phone rang. It was Terrence; I knew his voice and hung up the phone. He called back and begged me to talk with him. We chatted for a while and he apologized for that he did and me being a sucker accepted his apology. He asked if I wanted to come over. I said no but he talked me into it.

So, I got over to Terrance's place and he answered the door with a rose and I was thinking how sweet. He got me a drink and we toasted to a new beginning. We started to kiss and make out and all those wonderful memories of being back there rushed thru my head and I just wanted to get fucked. He led me to his room and I sat on the bed as he took off his clothes, so I removed mine. I was lying on the bed naked and waiting. He crawled up my body and kissed me on my stomach and played with my breasts. He was telling me how much he missed me. I felt his fingers slowly enter my moisten pussy and I moaned in delight,

He guided his cock into my pussy and that full feeling returned to me and I went into another world. I moaned and screamed in xtc. Telling him how much I missed being fucked by him. Then I blurted out "fuck me with your big black cock." I was shocked that those words came out again. It was like I had no control but he increased his place and the orgasms were more intense than before. I was willing to do whatever he wanted…he told me he wanted to try something new. He wanted to fuck my tits, He made me push them together and he straddled my chest and begins to slide his cock back and forth, the tip of his cock was close to my mouth and I tried to flick my tongue at it. A few minutes later, he pulled back and stroked his cock and he came all over my face and chest. I licked up the cum I could get to and scooped up the rest.

He then flipped me on my stomach and lifted my ass in the air. Smacking my ass to make his cock hard again. I felt the tip of his cock brush against the lips of my wet pussy but as I moved back to get it in, he also moved back, then his cock was positioned near my asshole and he pressed against it. I was waiting for him to push it in but he just kept it there teasing me. I begged him to be inside me. He pressed the head of his cock into my ass and told me to do the rest. I began to rock back and forth getting his cock deeper and deeper inside me. I moaned wildly and Terrance says," You like a black dick in your ass don't ya," I moaned out. "I love your cock anywhere in me". After a few minutes he pulled out and I felt warm cum across my ass and back. I fell to the bed and looked back at Terrance and he just smiled and asked if I liked that, I smiled back and told him he was amazing. I laid there wanting more but he got up and said " see I told ya she would be back, then the closet door opened up and several of his friends were in there watching the show. I was so embarrassed. I got up and threw on my clothes while they laughed. I called them all assholes and left.

I was more upset with myself than with him. I couldn't believe I fell for such an asshole but the sex was what keeps me coming back for more and putting up with him. I got home and mom was working in her office and walked up to my room and got undressed and showered. I got back into my room and figured what happened tonight will never happen again. I put his number on call block and felt redeemed.

School came and went for the week. It was Friday night and nothing really planned. The phone rang and it was Vanessa. One of my friends at school, she asked my about black guys a little more in-depth. I asked why the interest. She told me that her new neighbor was black and he asked her out and she agreed. I was happy for her. And that, I wanted to hear all the details about the night. I hung up and was lonely and had that empty feeling in me. So, I went downstairs and started talking with my mom and asked her what she does when she was that feeling and no one around to fulfill it. She said, "what do I do when im horny". I was so embarrassed she said that. I said yea. She walked upstairs and came back down with a vibrator. I was in shock that she had one of them. She was like this works wonders and help ya thru those rough times.

I couldn't figure which was worse the fact that my mom got horny or that she had a vibrator. She asked if I wanted to rent a movie. I said sure, so we got into the car and drove down to blockbuster. Down the street from there was an adult store and mom said, Lets go in there and get you a new toy. I agreed and hoped that no one saw me with my mom going into an adult store. We walked in and the men that were staring at us and wanted to get out as quick as possible disgusted me. We found the vibrator section of the store and mom wanted to discuss them, but I just grabbed one that was kinda thick and long and said this was the one. The guy behind the counter said it was a good choice and that led to further my embarrassment. I think my mom enjoyed it she still gets a chuckle out of it nowadays.

We finally got to the video store and looked around for movies. We split up and I wasn't payin attention when I was looking and I bumped into this guy. I apologized and smiled. He was about 6'6 and had a whole foot on me. I was looking up at him and part of me wanted this moment to never stop and the other half was wondering what he was like in bed and how well he would fuck me. I looked around for my mom, she was nowhere to be seen, so we chatted some more and he asked for my number. I gave out my number and he said he would call. I watched him walk out the door and my mom comes up behind me and says he was cute. Did he ask ya out? I said no, he just asked for my number.

We watched movies all night long and then I went to my room and tried to sleep. I lay there restless, so I decided to give the new toy a try. I wasn't that impressed with it, it wasn't the same as the real thing and I didn't get that full feeling like I was use too. Since, I still had all this pent up energy in the morning. I got up and went to the gym and worked out. In the gym, it was fairly quiet and empty of a Saturday morning. I got my workout in and got home and cleaned myself up. The phone rang and it was D. He said he was sorry for not calling sooner but something came up. He asked what I was doing today. I told him I had no plans. He asked to come over. I said no to that idea because my mom was home. So he told me to come over to his place.

I got dressed went over to his place. I knocked on the door and I heard a come in. I walked in and looked around. I told him his place was amazing. He was it was his dad's and his place until he was done with school. He asked what year of school I was in. I told him a senior. He was shocked; wow I'm only a junior. I kinda laughed and said I was a senior in high school. He took a huge leap back and said your still in high school and I said yes and I am 18, so there is nothing to worry about. The relief on his face was noticeable.

We talked a little then he leaned in and kissed me. My hand moved down to his crotch and I can feel his cock getting hard. So I undid his pants and pulled out his big black cock and did what came naturally, gave him a great blow job and swallowed every drop of cum. I raised myself up from his crotch and he began to play with my breasts and pulled down the tube top I was wearing and began to suck on my tits and flicking his tongue at my nipples. I was way beyond ready to get laid.

He then pulled down my stretch pants exposing my ass and my pussy. And bent me over the couch. I was trembling in anticipation. He put on a rubber and slowly guided his cock into my wet pussy. He moved it slowly in and out and I moaned softly. He worked his whole cock inside me and I felt amazing. The full feeling has returned and I wanted more and more. He leans in and plays with my nipples and asked me what I wanted. I told him to fuck me. He smiled and said be specific. I begged him to pound my pussy with his black cock and make me cum. I felt him pulling out and then slamming it back inside me. I screamed in ecstasy. He fucked me for what seemed like hours. In all positions that I knew and all around the apartment. I laid there exhausted when the door to his place opened. He was like" oh shit it is my dad." So, we got dressed by I couldn't find my tube top. So he threw me a t-shirt and told me to put it on. We walked out of the room and to the living room. I was introduced to his dad and said I had to leave. He looked at me and smiled and said hang on aren't you forgetting something. I said I don't think so and then his dad reaches his arm out and hands me my tube top. I was embarrassed and so I just smiled and walked out.
#96 | Posted: 26 Oct 2011 14:41

Lazy day 1

There wasn't really anything on TV. Steve had taken the children camping for the weekend, but I had to work so I had stayed behind on my own. It was Saturday afternoon and I had spent the morning inspecting some new homes that Al and I were listing for sale. I got home just after one, and felt like having a lazy day.

I ran a long bath and then poured myself a glass of wine and relaxed in the deep water, enjoying the peace and quiet. I sipped my wine, then put it on the edge of the tub and closed my eyes, my shoulders dropping below the bubbly water level. I must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew, the dog was barking madly and the doorbell was ringing. "Damn!" I said to myself, climbing from the warm water a little dazed and dripping wet with bubbly water.

I grabbed a towel, wrapped it round my chest and waist, and headed for the door. I opened it slowly, my head peeking round the corner to see who was knocking.

"OOoh, I'm sorry Madam, I didn't realise you were all wet!"

He was a young salesmen for one of those cable TV companies. The last thing I wanted at that time. However, he was also rather handsome. I told him I didn't need it at this time, and then he politely apologised and left. I watched him go, his muscled legs contracting in his shorts each time he stepped up the pathway towards the street.

I locked the door, and then went back to my bath, climbing and in and feeling luxurious as the warm water once more caressed my breasts, feet and the rest of my body. I ran a little more hot water to really heat me up, and then closed my eyes to relax once more. However, I couldn't stop thinking of the sales guy! I guess the warm water, the relaxing, quiet home, and the fact that he'd seen me wet in my towel at the door, had all got to me. I was surprised to look down and see my nipples quite erect already! I reached for them and slowly pinched them both, just the way I love to arouse myself. I then pinched them and pulled them, before tweaking them together as if I was having them both squeezed at the same time. I leaned forward and took my left nipple into my mouth, closing my eyes as I sucked on my own hard nipple. My mind wandered, and I imagined the salesman sucking my nipples as his cock entered me slowly. My second nipple entered my mouth, and I was now lying in my hot bubble bath sucking both nipples hard, occasionally turning myself on wickedly by biting down hard on the puckered nipple flesh. The combination of my own soft wet mouth and the sudden nastiness and pain of a bite from my teeth really was exciting me now, and my right hand sunk under the bubbly water to find my engorged clit. I went for it, and made myself climax within minutes, the combination of clitoral stimulation, nipple sucking and biting and hot water, speeding up the process more than normal. I came hard, my thrashing and contracting splashing water over the edges of the bathtub. My head threw itself back and forth, until I opened my eyes to watch the show in the large mirror behind the bath. I looked hot as I fingered my clit and slowly started to come down from my orgasmic high.

Something caught my eye at the window, and as I focussed once more on my surroundings, I was stunned to see the salesman waving at me through my own bedroom window, my little guard dog in his arms licking him!!

"Bloody dog!" I thought!

"Shit" I then suddenly realised, "What the hell is this guy doing peeking in through my bathroom window? How much had he seen? Was he there to hurt me? Did I look ok? Should I invite him in?"

All these crazy thoughts suddenly zoomed through my head as I sat up with a start, covering my bubble soaked breasts with their still stiff nipples.

"I'm sorry Ma'am, but I was wondering if you could help me?" he said through the window, his hand continuing to pat my useless little dog as if he'd known him for years!

"Get away from here - go to the front door" I shouted back, demonstrating that I was annoyed, but not totally dismissive of him at this stage.
#97 | Posted: 26 Oct 2011 14:48

Lazy day 2

After all, I have to admit, my orgasm in the bath that I am sure he had witnessed was largely as a result of my mind wandering what it would have been like to fuck him!

Once more I climbed from the bath, my body again covered in frothy bubbles. I wiped most of them from my body, then again covered myself with the towel, before walking to the front door, where I was greeted by the young man. He was smiling.

"Wow" he said, "That was some sexy show you just put on for me".

I blushed. He must have thought I masturbated in the bath for his benefit! The truth was I had NO IDEA he was there watching me until I finished. Besides, I wanted to know what the hell he was doing there in the first place!

"Excuse me, but I certainly did NOT do that for you, and I have a good mind to ring your supervisor and charge you with trespassing. What the HELL were you doing sneaking round my garden?"

"OOoooh, I am totally sorry ma'am, but I was hoping you could help me find a Mr. Bennett. Apparently he phoned through and has ordered cable TV and I have been asked to organise the paperwork for him with his wife. Only problem is, he forgot to tell our call centre what number he lives in this street."

I was surprised. Steve had obviously forgotten to also tell me that he wanted to get cable installed.

"Actually, he lives here. I am Mrs. Bennett."

Now it was his turn to blush, and as he did so, he apologised for having snuck round the back, but he said when he rung the doorbell again, there was no answer. I guessed that I had not heard it because of the water splashing and the concentration of my mind on my orgasm as I chewed my nipples! Anyway, I laughed a little, then invited him in, thinking that the situation was obviously a funny one, and that he was not there for any sinister reason.

"Please, come in" I gestured, "And you can call me Dee. I am Steve's wife."

He entered, trying not to stare at my bosoms as they barely were contained in the wet towel, which also was just long enough to cover my upper thighs.

"Make yourself at home in the lounge" I said, "I need to put something on!"

He walked into the lounge room and I hurried to my room to get dressed. I looked in my walk in robe and chose a pair of track pants, and a small spaghetti strap singlet top. It was a warm summer afternoon, and this was a suitably conservative with a hint of sexy combination to chat with a stranger. Mind you, this particular stranger had just watched me masturbate to orgasm in the bath, but hey, I was still a married woman with class! I quickly brushed my hair, pulled it back into a simple pony tail, and applied some red lipstick. My nipples were still semi-hard, and without a bra on, they were clearly visible through the simple cotton of my singlet top.

"Can I get you a drink?" I asked, being the polite hostess now that we had overcome the initial embarrassing meeting.

"That would be lovely, thank you. By the way, my name is Paul, and I work for Foxtel" he replied, demonstrating his ability to be professional after all!

"Well Paul, as I said earlier, I am Dee. Nice to meet you officially! I apologise for the little 'show' earlier, but you caught me relaxing in the bath, and I didn't expect to see anyone at the window while I was...enjoying myself!"

We both giggled nervously.

"Again let me apologise" Paul said. "I swear I rang the doorbell, and, knowing you were home, thought you must have been vacuuming or something and couldn't hear me ringing. I don't normally barge on in to people's homes, but I just had to find the Bennett home, because Mr. Bennett had apparently requested we install it tomorrow so he can watch the big game on Tuesday night."

"It's ok Paul. No harm done. Besides, I have to admit, I was thinking of you as I was playing in the bath! You see, Steve and I like to "experiment" with sex a little, and I was wondering what it might be like to suck that cock of yours?"

He almost spilt his drink down the front of those tight little shorts he was wearing. "Ummm, well, actually, I...am...umm...seeing someone" he managed to reply to my rather forward comment.
#98 | Posted: 26 Oct 2011 14:49

Lazy day 3

"That's ok Paul, we all have our little fantasies don't we?" I smiled back teasingly, uncrossing and crossing my legs again to increase the effect. "Now...tell me what I have to do for you to organise this cable stuff for Steve."

We chatted quietly about the cable for about ten minutes, and I signed off on the installation form, and paid the deposit. Paul booked in the fitting of the system for the Monday morning, and we had finished business without any more sexual innuendo or comment. However, something must have changed in Paul's mind. Maybe it was the proximity of my nipples, the smell of my perfume, or the fact that I had admitted to masturbating as he watched, imagining he was letting me suck his cock. I'm not sure, but as we finished the business side of things, he leaned back on the couch, looked around, and said,

"Nice place you have here Dee. Would you show me around? I've always wanted to live in this area." "Not at all" I replied, his enthusiasm once more hitting my arousal button.

I stood, making sure he got a good look at my bum in my track pants, the absence of any panty lines clearly indicating that I wore none! We made our way slowly through the house, and Paul made sure to ask me which rooms I wanted the cable TV in. I told him the main living room, the guest bedroom, and when we finally made it into my master bedroom, in there as well. I told him that Steve and I liked to watch TV in bed sometimes.

"Well, Steve has asked for the adult channel as part of your package, so I am guessing you'll be enjoying a lot more real soon, Dee" he said with a naughty smile.

"OOh, he has, has he?" I asked, smiling wickedly, my finger raising to my lips as a teasing movement. "And just what do they show on the ADULT channel, Paul?"

"They show all kinds of stuff, from tame, to wild, to fetish and international movies. I love it. I have it at my place and watch it all the time. I'm sure you'll love it" he said, his eyes sparkling as he looked at me.

"And what is your favourite type of program?" I asked.

"Well, to be truthful, Dee, I really am fascinated by the programs that show women in fetish clothing being paraded around or having sex. That really excites me because I've never seen any stuff like that in real life."

"I see. Well, you never know, one day you just might get the chance!" I smiled, knowing that my own wardrobe was FULL of exactly that kind of fetish wear that he had just mentioned!

We finished the tour, and Paul had to leave. The sexual tension between us was now at fever pitch, and had he asked me at that time to fuck, I would have dropped my pants on the spot and let him have me. However, he remained professional and politely said his goodbyes, reminding me that he would be returning on Monday morning with the installation team to set things up for Steve and I.

"See you at 9.30am sharp" he said, before waving and heading back to his car, parked a little way down the street. Returning to the bathroom, I let the water out of the tub and cleaned up, before turning on the TV and relaxing on the couch. There was a movie on and I started to watch it, munching on some chocolate as I did so. I must have dozed off on the couch, because the next thing I knew the phone was ringing and I woke with a start to answer it.

It was Kathy, my good friend. She was on her way around with some photos from her birthday party to show me. I remembered with fondness the fun we had at the party. The two strippers has been great, and her and I had "enjoyed" the female stripper especially. In fact, the three of us had actually made out on the dining room table in front of all the other party guests once her family had left!

When she arrived, the photos were VERY raunchy, and we both laughed and remembered the kinky little show that we had put on. In one particular photo, I was lying on the table, with Kathy licking my clit, and the hot little stripper squatting over my face, letting me tongue fuck her wonderfully tasting pussy. It was really an erotic sight, and as I looked at it closely, Kathy leaned over and kissed my ear, whispering in it as she did so.

"I really want to fuck you now, Dee" she whispered, before lifting my chin so my lips were level with hers.

She kissed me gently, her hand running through my hair as our tongues met and tangled together in a passionate kiss only two women can know. I stood and took Kathy by the hand, leading her to my bedroom. The bath, the salesman, the sexy teasing and then the erotic photos that Kathy had shown me were too much for me to resist. I wanted to cum again, and I wanted to fuck Kathy NOW.

In the bedroom, our clothes were removed in a flurry of activity before we fell onto the mattress in a tangle of arms and lips. We kissed and tongue pashed each other for ages, our hands running their way all over our bodies as we touched, squeezed, stroked and massaged each other through ten or fifteen minutes of passionate foreplay.
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Lazy day 4

Rolling around on the bed, I reached around to Kathy's ass and pulled her on top of me, our breasts mashing together making our nipples rub and touch each other's as we kissed. I wanted more, so I quickly turned on the bed before climbing on top of Kathy, our bodies entwined in the classic 69 position. I admit I prefer the feeling of a man's cock inside my pussy or ass, but the thrill and totally incredible sensations of a woman-to-woman 69 is unmatched by any male contact. (Sorry guys, it's just my opinion!!)

We locked our pussies and tongues in the position which best suited our needs, and then lapped and flickered and licked each other until we both climaxed together. It was amazing and erotically sensational, all at the same time. Kathy's body started to buck against my own, and my tongue jammed down into her pussy the moment she started to cum. In my own orgasm, I gripped the cheeks of her ass as I stated to spasm, trapping her slimy, flickering tongue against my blood filled clitoris. We came, and came, and came, until we finally rolled off each other and laughed, our sweaty bodies glistening in the afternoon sun as it shone through the gap in the bedroom curtains.

We must have been some sight. Two woman, totally naked, covered in the sweat only lovemaking can produce, the musky, aromatic sweat of cum. The sweat had dripped down between my boobs, and in a sensual motion, Kathy reached over and rubbed the sweat all over my boobs, making me glisten in the sunlight. I loved it. In turn, I reached across and pushed two of my fingers into her sopping wet pussy, making her moan and throw her head back as she thrust he cunt towards my invading hand.

I pumped my fingers in and out a few times, before Kathy begged me to fuck her. I knew what she wanted. I reached into my bedside drawer and took out my strap on dildo. It was a present from Steve on our anniversary last year. He had watched me use it only twice. Once with a woman we had met at the casino in town, the other at a swingers ball we go to regularly. I had enjoyed using it on those occasions, but had never yet had the pleasure with Kathy. She knew of my experience with it, and had obviously wanted me to fuck her with it now as we laid on my bed in the post orgasmic bliss of that afternoon.

I slowly put on the cock, making sure it was comfortably adjusted, before asking Kathy to turn around and get on her knees. I adore being fucked like a doggy myself, and I wanted to jam my fake cock deep into Kathy in the same position I had enjoyed so many times before. I eased the head of the ten inch fake cock into Kathy, allowing her natural fluids to lubricate the jelly dong, before moving it in and out a few more times to totally soak it's shaft.

Before long I was able to move almost the full length in and out quite fast, the two of us women getting into a nice fucking rhythm on the bed. I gripped Kathy by the hips, and pushed, as he hands reached back and found my clitoris. In turn, I snuck one hand down to stroke her love button as I fucked her with deep, ever increasing powerful strokes.

Before long I was really cutting loose fucking my girlfriend on my own bed. My jelly cock was pushing in and out really hard and fast, and our fingers were working their magic on our respective clits as we fucked. It was sensational! I jammed it in again and again, until I could stand it no longer and simply shoved the full cock's ten inches into Kathy, as the moment of my climax overwhelmed me. He fingers had caused me to cum and I virtually had a fit as my contractions made the cock spasm in her wet pussy, and she also span into a wild, screaming orgasm on my cock. I loved it and we collapsed into a moaning, laughing, sweaty and smelly pile of woman flesh on the bed, the red jelly dong soaked with white juices from her pussy that I had just fucked!

In a final gesture of erotic love, I sank the jelly dong deep into my hungry mouth, licking and sucking all Kathy's cum juices off it's shaft, before looking her in the eye and swallowing her cum. It was yummy! We lathered and soaped up each other as we kissed and tongued each other in the shower shortly afterwards. It was now five thirty, and I was rather hungry.

"What have you got on tonight?" Kathy asked as she towelled herself off in my ensuite.

"Actually nothing honey. Steve and the kids are camping and won't be home till tomorrow afternoon. Why? Got something in mind?" I asked as I dried my hair.

"James and I are going to a party. It's his boss from work, and apparently he lives in a mansion in Toorak. We haven't been before, but everyone says last year's party was amazing. Want to join us?"

"How could I do that? Doesn't he only want employees?" I asked her, puzzled that a work function would have other people attend.

"No. Apparently he's cool if employees bring other folks along to enjoy it too. So come along, we'd love you to join us."

"Ok...sounds fun. What's the dress code?" I asked.

"Umm...actually it's a fancy dress party, Dee. The theme is 'UNIFORM'. I'm going as a nurse and James is going as a Doctor. Have you got something you could wear?"

"I'm sure I can find something. What time are we leaving?" I asked, my hair dryer almost drowning out her response.

"We'll pick you up at eight. Party starts at nine, but it's in town, and we've booked a hotel room for the night ok? You can crash on the couch if we have a big one. Gotta run! See you later on."

And with that the evening was planned. I actually began to look forward to the party as I started to go through my wardrobe, looking for something to wear. Hmmmm...uniform. I had several options. I tried on several before deciding what I was going to wear. I'd worked as a grid girl for the Australian grand Prix one year, and I had been allowed to keep my outfit. It was a skin tight lycra FOSTER'S beer dress, which reached barely below my thighs, and came complete with matching wristbands. On my feet I wore black platform stilettos, just as I had done when I did the GP. I knew it looked hot, and I felt proud of my 6'4" frame as I looked at myself in the mirror. I knew that I would make quite a sight as I entered the party, and as I knew noone apart from James and Kathy, thought it might be fun to play a grid girl for the night! (Email me if you want to see me in my grid girl outfit that night)

James and Kathy arrived just after eight, and I was floored when she walked in. She looked absolutely gorgeous. No, she looked totally HOT! Memories of our afternoon lovemaking session flooded back to my loins as she walked in dressed in a hot and tiny black, PVC nurses uniform with thigh high black lace-up boots to match. She was amazing! James came in behind her, and was actually shorter than Kathy because of her boots. He was dressed in a white lab coat, with a stethoscope around his neck and a pair of fake glasses on his face. He wore boxer shorts and runners underneath, and he looked like a perfect dorky doctor!
We kissed each other as they came inside, and they then took a moment to look me up and down in my Foster's gear.

"Wow baby...you look great!" said James.

"Yes, you'll be the hit of the party in that!" offered Kathy.

"Ooooh rubbish you two - let's go. You know everyone else will be better looking than me!" I said as we locked the door and headed off for the party giggling together.

The nurse, the doctor and the grid girl - quite a group - specially considering Kathy and I were both wearing huge platform heels!

On the way to the party, we all decided we would like something to drink on the way, so James pulled into a bottle shop. Kathy and I climbed out of the car, the nurse and the grid girl, and just about caused a riot on the spot! A big guy was buying a slab of Foster's Cans, and almost fell over when he saw me walk past in my Fosters dress and heels, and then practically collapsed on the spot when Kathy also walked past him in her pvc nurses mini dress and thigh high boots! It was a classic. We got some champagne and a few mixed spirit cans, but the guys wouldn't let us pay! We jumped in the car, and headed off laughing, having had a great fun time already!

Because he was driving, James didn't have a drink until we arrived. Kathy and I, however, were well and truly tipsy by the time we walked in the front door of this amazing house that James' boss owned. It was a palace. We were met in the long sweeping driveway by a valet who parked the car and opened the doors for us all. Holding hands and very excited, we all entered through the huge front door, held open of course, by a butler! Yes, a BUTLER! He was even dressed in the traditional tuxedo and top hat! It was great!

We were ushered into a room that must have been the size of my house, where all the guests were assembling, and nibbling on hors d'houvre's which were being passed around by adorable young asian woman in incredibly sexy little school girl outfits. They were all matching and looked very cute. I remember thinking they all looked like the bukkake girls you see in those kinky Japanese porno movies. Boy would I have something to tell Steve if that turned out to be the case and this was a bukkake party! If you recall, I once had my very own bukkake party, and it was something Steve and I both wanted to experience again for sure.

Anyway, we all accepted a champagne cocktail, and then nibbled on some wonderful finger food as we mingled with the other guests. James knew many of them, Kathy a few, and I only recognised one person, a man named Rodney whom we had met at a party at Katy's place earlier that year. He was with his wife, Rachel, who was a short woman with an amazing bust popping up and out of the wench costume she was squeezed into. Rodney was dressed as a friar from a Robin Hood movie, and looked great. He'd even put a swimming cap on his head and it looked as though he was bald!

#100 | Posted: 26 Oct 2011 14:52

Lazy day 5

As we moved around the room and met lots of different people, it was great fun to see the costumes they had worn. Not everybody was in a uniform as such, but most had gone to a good deal of effort to dress up. Just as we were being introduced to a police officer and his hooker wife, the butler came in and rang a small bell, indicating that everyone should be quiet. On a small platform at one end of the room, a man, dressed as Abraham Lincoln, spoke into a microphone.

"Ladies, gentlemen - welcome to my party. My name is Adam Telford and I am your host. Please make yourself at home in my home, and feel free to wander the property to see what surprises I have in store for you tonight. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we all return to our normal lives. Tonight, we live as if another in costume. Enjoy!"

And with that he raised his glass and proposed a toast.

"To fun, frivolity and excitement - may they forever continue in this world".

Everyone cheered and toasted his speech, before the huge doors at the end of the room swung open to reveal a magnificent smorgasbord of fine food! It was amazing. There was everything from crayfish to caviar, from scallops to salads, and all sorts of wonderful eating fare! We joined the throng of people gathering to get some food, and then took our full plates out to the sunroom which had been set up as a restaurant. It was really well done and we found seats at a table of twelve and introduced ourselves to the others. After finishing our meal, James excused himself and went to chat with some of his workmates. Kathy went to the bathroom, and I decided it was time to explore.

I noticed a large group of people out by the pool, and so decided to head in that direction, as the weather was warm, and I felt like a short walk to help all that glorious food digest. What I found changed my opinion of what the party was all about! The large group was watching something in the pool, and as I squeezed my way between two men, one dressed as a race car driver, the other a workman, I saw what was drawing their attention. In the pool, up against the shallow end wall, was a couple. They were totally naked, and the young woman was sucking the dick of the rather handsome looking stud as he leaned against the wall. It was VERY erotic. I had no idea who they were or whether they were guests or hired performers, and neither did I care. I was just happy to watch these sexy young people go at it in front of the large crowd.

Suddenly, the young man threw his head back and started to cum in her mouth. She was skilled, and did not flinch at all. Gulping and sucking continually, she managed to swallow his entire load of cum, and finished the job by polishing his knob as it glistened in the light that flooded the pool area. She finished by raising herself up in the water and kissing the man who had just cum in her mouth. Several people in the crowd applauded, and then started to disperse as the young lovers left the pool and walked, hand in hand, to the gazebo where they retrieved towels that were neatly stacked in a large pile at the side. Wrapping themselves in the towels, they headed back inside, leaving us all horny and impressed by the pool!

"Did you like what you saw?" a confident voice spoke next to me.

Swinging round to see who it was, I was surprised to see Abraham Lincoln, or Adam, standing there, his smile hidden partly by the beard glued to his chin.

"Yes. Very much so actually. But equally surprised. Were they guests or did you hire them?" I enquired boldly.

"Entertainers. Hired to get people into the spirit of my party. The way I like them to be" he said. "And who might you be my lovely lady?"

"My name is Dee, and I am with James and Kathy Sanders. Kathy is my best friend, and James invited me to your wonderful party tonight as my husband is away camping with my kids. I hope you don't mind?" I asked.

"On the contrary my dear. It pleases me greatly to host such beauty in my home. Please make yourself at ease and enjoy ALL my party has to offer".

And with that he was gone. I wanted to ask him more about the young lovers, and about what else I might find going on, but he was already talking to another couple dressed as construction workers. I also wanted to know more about what he met when he emphasised the word "ALL" in his last sentence!

Out of nowhere a hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards the house again.

"Come on Dee, you have GOT to see this" said Kathy as she tugged me inside.

We rushed indoors to a smaller room which had been set up as some sort of office. In the corner, a large desk held a computer and some books. However, the main item I saw was a large 'x' shaped frame in the corner. On the frame, a man was shackled, his pants pulled down around his ankles, as a woman dressed as a nun kept whipping his buttocks with a leather flogger! It was very erotic. His penis was stiff and stuck out like a beacon on the front of his body, and each time the nun struck him, the man's cock would pulsate and swell momentarily. A second woman, dressed in what looked like a business suit, dropped to her knees in front of him and began masturbating his erection. She spat on her hand for lubrication, and then fiercely pumped her hand up and down his shaft making him moan and thrust towards her with each breath. The nun sped up her flogging, and the man's ass was now totally red. However, he clearly was enjoying this combination of punishment and pleasure, and suddenly came, spurting cum almost three feet into the air as the woman pulling him continued to make him spurt into the air and across the floor. It was equally as erotic as the couple in the pool, and I was now getting rather horny myself!

I'd had a wonderful afternoon fucking and licking Kathy, and now we were standing at the party watching two women make a man cum as he was bound to a frame in front of lots of people. I looked at Kathy and smiled, and we ran off in search of what others entertainment was on hand for the guests.

"Wow, that was intense" said Kathy.

"I'll say" I replied, then told her what I had seen out by the pool as well.

"Incredible!" she said, "This must be a sex party or something. I had no idea, I swear!"

"God Kathy, don't apologise honey. I'm just so glad it isn't turning out to be one of those boring corporate do's!"

As we walked back into the meals room to top up our glasses, a bell rang somewhere upstairs. It was one of those booming bells you see in churches, and everyone made their way up the stairs towards the sound. Kathy and I were holding hands and walking together, sipping our cocktail, as we entered another large room adjacent to the staircase. Many people were already in the room, and a man in a completely white suit was at the end of the room standing on a small platform, about to speak.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the activity I am about to explain to you is completely optional, and you are under no compulsion to participate. However, please understand, that, for the benefit of all who choose to partake, that once you have decided to join in, there is no leaving until the activity is complete. That being said, let me explain it to you now. When I am finished, those wishing to be involved will follow me through the chamber doors you can see here. Those not wishing to be involved, may leave by the stairs by which you entered. This activity will not have spectators, unlike many of those you will have seen, and will continue to see here tonight."

Kathy and I looked at each other, and wondered what the hell the activity was! It sounded mysterious. Being rather horny and quite tipsy by this stage, I was keen to hear what the activity was.

"Once you choose to play, you will enter with me via these doors. Once inside, the doors will be closed, and will remain closed until the game has been completed. The game you will be playing will be a version of hide and seek. However, there is to be a sexual variation on the original version. When you are hiding and are found, you will be expected to perform sexual acts with the guest or guests who find you. Beyond that, there is no more I can tell you at this point. Make your decision. The doors are now open, and will close in exactly five minutes."
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