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Sex Stories - داستانهای سکسی به زبان انگلیسی

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#101 | Posted: 26 Oct 2011 14:54

Lazy day 6

Kathy looked at me. I looked at Kathy. James found us and whispered in Kathy's ear. She whispered in my ear.

"James doesn't want me to play. He says he has heard about what happened last year from the guys at work, and doesn't want me involved. We're gonna give it a miss".

Disappointed and totally enthralled by what was likely to happen beyond the doors, I was trying to make up my mind when the man in the white suit called out " ten seconds to go" and then the doors began to slowly close.

I looked back at James and Kathy, and then, totally on impulse, decided to jump in between the now very narrow crack in the doors. Just making it inside in time, they swung completely shut behind me.

I turned to see who else had decided to 'play' and found myself in a room with about thirty men and only about six other women.

"Guests, please walk this way" said the man, indicating that we should all move through another door into an elevator.

Once inside, all of us were taken down to what was shown as the basement on the elevator panel. I was nervous and yet adrenalin was pumping through my veins as the doors of the elevator swung open. In front of us as we exited, Adam (Abraham Lincoln) was standing, waiting to address us.

"Congratulations. I admire your courage and your sense of adventure. I am sure you are dying to learn more about this game, so I will not keep you in suspense any longer. This game is to be a Laser shooting challenge. Behind me is a massive room set up as an obstacle course. You will spend 15 minutes in the course. The woman will be released five minutes prior to the men. Both of you will be armed with computer linked laser firing weapons. At the end of the fifteen minutes, the scores will be tallied and the females and males will be ranked according to number of hits minus the number of times you yourself are hit. However, women cannot shoot women, and men cannot shoot men. The losing male will then be at the mercy of the females for one hour. The losing female will be at the mercy of the males for one hour."

With that, he was gone, and the ladies were each given a black catsuit to change into and so were the men. I was looking forward to the contest, and also just a little horny at the thought of what might happen afterwards! I changed out of my Foster's suit, and place it and my heels into a small basket we were each given. Two of the ladies seems a little apprehensive. I was actually quite excited. I'd played paintball and Laser Challenge plenty of times with the family, and thought it might be fun!

Once we were dressed, a man showed us how to use the small rifles, and we were off! The six of us women scattered in the confusing series of hallways, passages, rooms and doors, along with moving lights, loud music and all sorts of obstacles. It was ace! I spent a minute or two looking round, trying to get my bearings, and also eyeing off some of the better places to hide. I found two places, one with a mirror nearby, and the other high up on a sort of platform that I found I could scramble up rather easily. I knew that in laser challenge, you can fire your weapon off a mirror, so I planned to use that to my advantage, hoping that some of the men were unaware of that fact! Just as I was looking through the last couple of room sections, an announcement advised us girls that the men would be entering in ten seconds. I heard several screams and decided to hide on the raised platform to begin with and see how many men I could hit from there.

For the first few minutes I enjoyed playing the 'sniper' from my original hiding spot. I managed to score several hits on men who came into range of the platform before they fired at me, but then a tall guy saw me hiding and hit me, so I decided it was time to move on to my next hiding spot. I had much more success from there! The shooting from the small platform onto the surface of the mirror allowed me to pick of anyone that came within range of my gun, and they had no idea where they were being hit from!

It was ace fun! I shot about six men before they started to realise where the shots were coming from, and then I had to jump down and run. The catsuit felt really sexy, and I actually started to sweat as the latex material started to heat up my body, and the adrenalin pumped through my veins. I was shot a few times as I scrambled to find a new place to hide. I couldn't seem to find anywhere to hide, so I just kept dodging and shooting, and also getting hit by other shooters too. I lost track of how many I hit or how many times I was hit, but I had an absolute ball running around playing war games! It was really good exercise, and before I knew it, the lights came on and the buzzer sounded, ending the game.

Sweaty, I followed the others out, laughing and giggling. As we left the game room, we were all given drinks and our laser guns were taken from us and we were offered towels to freshen up. I unzipped my catsuit, and found the gap between my boobs was soaking wet. I towelled them dry, and enjoyed the exhilarating feeling of the cooler air on my cleavage. I also thoroughly enjoyed the stares I was getting from several of the guys who had spent the last fifteen minutes shooting at me every chance they got!

I was looking at the men who were taking off their outfits and towelling down as well, and I wondered which one was the loser. I was also thinking that this 'loser' was probably going to enjoy being treated like a sexual toy by all of us girls once the scores were announced! As I sipped again on my drink, the guy in the white suit appeared again with a sheet of paper in his hand. He began to speak.

"The results are in, and as I explained before, there will now be consequences. For the male who was hit the most by the women, you will spend the next hour as their sexual slave in the room on my right. To the woman who was hit most times by the men, you will be the sexual slave to the men in the room on my left. So, without further delay, here are the scores."

As he listed each man's score, they were groaning with disappointment! I gather they thought it might be nice to be the sex slave to a whole stack of sexy women for an hour. Anyway, after the first twenty-eight men were announced, it was down to the last two, and they were both pretty excited! The white suit man then asked them to step up onto the small platform and wait while he announced the women's scores. Again, he listed each person's score in order from highest to lowest. I was shocked when my name was read out first! I had won the women's section! That meant that I wouldn't be the sex slave to all thirty men, well, twenty-nine actually, but it did mean that I would be one of the five to sexually use the lucky guy for an hour and I was really looking forward to THAT!

Anyway, when the last two women were left, they also were invited to join the men on stage for the final announcement. There was real sexual tension in the air. I took a long hard look at both the men who were left, knowing that within minutes I'd be sexually playing with one of them. They were very different in appearance. The first guy was short and stocky, and must have been a fitness fanatic, as his body bulged muscles all over. The second guy was taller, and had a body devoid of any hair. I suspected he was an advocate of the "back, crack and sack" waxing as we call it down here in Australia.
#102 | Posted: 26 Oct 2011 14:55

Lazy day 7

As the loser's name was announced, the taller guy threw his arm in the air and shouted! He was pleased to have won. I was also pleased, because I was forming some plans in my mind as to how I could best sexually use him!!

In the meantime, the woman loser was also announced, and a black woman seemed horrified when her name was read out. She shrieked and her hands went to her face and she really looked scared. Mind you, the thought of having to spend an hour as the sexual slave to twenty-nine men would be daunting...to some! **wink**

Us girls all grabbed Mr No Hair and took him into the room we were shown, and proceeded to strip him totally naked. Standing back to admire the view, we all traded comments. He was a good looking guy, but was sadly lacking in the cock department! Disappointment spread through our group. Oh well, we went to work and decided to make the best of the situation. Meanwhile, unbeknown to us, Blacky was taken by the men into the opposite room, and she was also stripped naked for all to admire.

To be truthful, our session proved to be a bit of a fizzer. Mr No Body Hair managed to lay back, laugh a little as he was tickled, and then, when I stood on him in my high heels, he came all over my left foot and was unable to get it up after that! The five of us were distraught, until I suggested we all grab some of the toys from the wall and make our own party fun!
I grabbed a small vibrator, and then moved towards the woman who had the short black bob haircut. She was lovely, and I had been eyeing her off as I walked on Mr Smooth's chest. Without saying a word walked right up to her, took her gorgeous face in my hands and lightly kissed her on the lips. She responded a little, but I sensed she needed some guidance. I kissed her again, allowing my tongue to lightly flicker against her ruby lips. This time she responded, and her body melted against mine, our boobs squashing and mashing against each other as our tongues and lips began a very sensual dance of passion. I reached down to her small breasts and felt her nipples harden as my fingers pinched and twisted them gently. I then guided her right hand to my breast, and she did the same, sending that sharp burst of arousal through my spine as the touch of this hot woman began to have an effect. We moved slightly back from each other in order to allow a better angle to fondle each other, and we began to really explore the body opposite us. I reached down to her pussy, and discovered that her lips were protruding markedly. She had one of those pussies that was externally lipped, if you know what I mean! It felt totally enthralling to play with a pussy that was very different to mine. I allowed my fingers to flick and pull and play with the lips, before finding her clitoris and focussing my attention there. As I first flickered her love button, she moaned and squeezed my left breasts slightly harder, eliciting a smile and a further moan from us both! She reached down and found my clit straight away, which surprised me because I had the impression she was less experienced at lesbian love than I. Anyway, she really started to work me over, and before long I was approaching a rather nice orgasm in her hands as she leant forward to suck my nipples. That through me over the edge and I began the familiar contractions of cum as the waves surged through me. I stood there in my heels, my body wracked with spasms as I had a wonderful climax thanks to my black haired lover.

As my climax died down, I kissed her on the mouth in a real lovers kiss. We couldn't get enough of each other now, and I sensed her desire to cum also. I took her by the hand and lead her across to a small couch that was in the corner of the room. I asked her to sit down, and then positioned myself on my knees in front of her, spreading her legs so that I was then able to lean forward and pay at her slightly open pussy. I stopped momentarily to see what the other three ladies were up to, and noticed that they had grabbed Mr Smooth and laid him on the floor, and were taking it in turns to squat over his face, using his tongue as a vibrator on their bulging clits! Interestingly enough, his little cock was once again hard, and I wondered if I might be able to use it later on, once I had finished pleasuring my female lover here on the couch.

She looked adorable, her short black hair framing her lovely face as she leaned back on the couch, her arms over her head gripping the back as her legs lay splayed apart, and her protruding pussy available for my touch and licking! I leaned forward and began to lick her clit the way I love to be licked. In addition, I slowly inserted the small vibrator into her pussy, which caused her to moan once more. I began a slow rhythm of pumping action with the toy as I licked her, and she responded wonderfully, her hands dropping to grab my hair and ruffle it as she began to fuck my face and the vibrator inside her. I waited until I knew she was close to cumming, before turning the vibe on, and that was enough! She went wild and in a big surprise, she was a really loud cummer! Her voice screamed as she jammed my head against her pulsing clitoris, and her pussy twitched and bucked on the silver vibe, forcing it almost all the way inside her as I pumped it.

It was very sexy for me, because I knew we were a wonderful sight, and I was thoroughly enjoying having my face buried against her spasming cunt as she juiced both my tongue and the silver vibe that I continued to fuck her with it in front of the others who were by now climaxing in turn upon Mr Smooth's tongue. It was apparent that what he lacked in the cock department he more than made up for with tongue!

My lover lay back on the couch as I removed the vibrator from her pussy and sat back on my knees to watch her. She smiled lovingly and then reached out and stretched her whole body in that post orgasmic moan we all love so much. As we both relaxed and watched the other woman cum on his tongue, there was a knock at the door, and then man with the white suit entered. He watched the climax of a largish brunette woman for a moment as Mr Smooth earned his keep, before announcing;

"Ladies. May I have your attention please. It is with a sense of disappointment that I advise you that the losing woman contestant has been unable to fulfil her part of the bargain and has been asked to leave the party. This leaves us with a dilemma. In the opposite room, 29 men of various shapes and sizes are feeling rather, shall we say, frustrated! I am in the position to offer a considerable financial incentive to the woman, or women as the case may be, who might feel they would meet the challenge and take on the role of the sexual toy as vacated by our former combatant. If you think you would be interested, please let me know now."

Hmmm..now HERE was a challenge!!! I, or we as the case may be, were now faced with the chance to overlook the fact that Mr Smooth had only LOOKED good, and indulge in some serious cock bursting fucking action next door. Indeed, with twenty-nine of them horny and frustrated, I guessed it would be a very long night indeed!!! Before I had the chance to think much more, my black haired lover pinched me on the bum and whispered in my ear.

"Let's go get 'em" she said, smiling up at me, her gorgeous brown eyes sparkling with desire.

"I'd love to" I replied, and took her by the hand and walked forward.

We were the only two who took the opportunity and were shown across into the men's room where a splendid sight awaited us both.

All around the small room, men were standing chatting to each other. They were stark naked and their cocks, of many different shapes and sizes, hung limp against their thighs. Obviously it had been a while since the other woman had felt unable to handle them all, and their dicks now lay dormant. It was a sight I had not really seen before. Usually when I had fooled around with several lovers, their cocks were stiff by the time they were revealed to me, but this was rather different, and strangely arousing! The best part was when we made our entrance, and the cocks started to grow at different speeds, into different shapes, lengths and thicknesses! It was a like 29 little floppy poles suddenly standing to attention, and I LOVED IT!

I will never forget that first few awkward minutes as men's erections revealed themselves to us.

Anyway, I didn't have too long to think because my lover took my face and kissed me, our bodies once again mashing against each other, but this time in front of the hoard of men. We put on really sexy lesbian display, before the first of the men moved forward to join us. It was a delightful feeling. I was engaged in a sensuous women to woman kiss and touch session, when all these hands, tongues, lips and fingers began to explore my body. I closed my eyes and melted into sexual bliss as I was fondled, touched, kissed, licked, bitten, rubbed, stroked and fingered to my second orgasm of the night. It was a really big one too, because right throughout my climax, men were driving me wild, and I had large cocks in each of my hands as my mind exploded with pleasure through my cum. As I came back down to earth, I opened my eyes to see that my lesbian lover had assumed a position on her knees, with several of the men surrounding her as she sucked their now well and truly erect penises feverishly. I enjoyed watching for a moment as I wallowed in the afterglow of my own cum, until I was pulled back onto a small coffee table that was covered with a sheepskin rug. It felt smooth, warm and lovely against my skin, the goosebumps still well and truly on show from my orgasm.
#103 | Posted: 26 Oct 2011 14:57

Lazy day 8

I lay back on the table, my body in a spreadeagled position, and I watched as a large number of the men took up positions surrounding me. I was about to be the sex toy for all these me, and it felt totally fucking awesome! I know my lifestyle isn't for everyone, but hey, let me tell you ladies, until you've been the sex object for a room full of men yourself, don't criticise it! It is the most amazing feeling you will ever have, trust me!

I looked to my left and a black man was offering his cock to me to suck. I studied his face first, and noticed he had a scar down his right cheek. Apart from that, he was rather handsome, and as I took his swelling penis into my mouth, I looked up at him and smiled, my lips engulfing the head and my lips snaking their way down his shaft as we made non verbal communication! I sucked and sucked on his cock, before another two cocks aimed themselves at my already stuffed full mouth. I started a three-way exchange and rotation of cocks sucking, that meant I was virtually always sucking and slurping on the different cocks on offer. As I manipulated my head position to better access each of these wonderful erections, I took a moment to assess my situation. On my left, a youngish looking man was kneeling beside me, his hands playing with my left breast as he masturbated his rather long and thin cock below the surface of the table.

Next to him, three other men were openly stroking their cocks as they rubbed their shafts along my thighs. At my foot, another man, this one older, was aiming his cock at my high heels as he pumped his fist up and down, and I knew he was obviously a shoe fetishist, and waited for the feeling of hot cum spurting onto my ankle and arches. On the other side, five men were teasing the hell out of my whole side. My calf muscle, thigh, buttocks and boobs were being licked, kissed, massaged and rubbed, and it was wild. I was in cock heaven and I again closed my eyes to bathe in the glory of a true gang bang about to explode into my third orgasm of the night, and my fifth of the day thanks to the little sessio I had shared with Kathy that afternoon back at my place. I wondered if this night might break my previous record for cumming, which stood at nine. Mind you, that time I was totally ravaged and spent more than seven hours having sex!

My mind was snapped back to reality by the first cock to enter my pussy that night. I looked up as I continued to suck the three cocks in my mouth and hands to see a man of about forty pushing a nice looking dick inside my now totally sopping and HUNGRY cunt! He was plain looking, but very well muscled, and his penis felt lovely as he began to fuck me. His insertion made all the other men kick it up a gear, and they really started to work me over, their hands, cocks and mouths taking charge all over my body. My nipples were now sucked harder, bitten and pinched, just the way I love them to be treated when I am being fucked, and I was having a ball as the arousal meter hit the roof! The man fucking me reached down and grabbed my hips, dislodging the cock in my mouth momentarily, but I managed to grab it by the shaft and stuff it back in my hungry mouth once more as the shaking from his wonderful fucking overtook the feelings of ecstasy from the wonderful touch of all the other men. I was being fucked in front of heaps of strangers who were openly masturbating and touching me at the same time, and I was loving it. He was a good fucker, and managed to give me a nice ten minute fuck before he announced he was cumming. I temporarily took the cock that was in my throat out and watched the spectacle of this guy cumming. He pumped a few last times, then pulled back from my wet pussy, and aimed his cock at my tummy. He pumped a couple more times in hand as he started to groan loudly in that way men do as they begin to cum, before spurting three or four large streams of white gooey cum all over my belly and onto my boobs. I was feeling very slutty, and so, in front of all the men who were busy fucking me, I reached down and rubbed the cum all over my body, making it slick and shine with the slimy fluid as I rubbed it all over my breasts and stomach. My body now glistened and I waited for the next cock to fuck me, No, I demanded the next cock fuck me!

An older man stepped up, and to my surprise, his cock was a monster!! It must have been a full nine inches, and looked like a small forearm as he positioned himself to fuck me with it.

Several of the other men hollered and whooped it up as I took him somewhat easily into my wet pussy, before focussing my attention back on the three cocks still waiting for relief from my cock sucking mouth. It was a splendid sensation to be fucked with gorgeous long, slow, deep and thick strokes, whilst alternating sucking three cocks in my mouth. I was now ravenous for cock. Those of you who know me, already are aware that I have an almost hypnotic state that I get into when fully aroused. Well, as I sucked the one cock, held firmly and pumped the other two, and was being fucked by the third as many men stimulated the rest of my body, I reached this state well and truly. I was a whore for cock at this point, and nothing was going to stop me enjoying the feast of man meat that was before me. I was a gangbang slut, a cock hussy, a dick addict, and I loved it!

I started to respond orgasmically once more as the old guy started to cum. He pumped inside me, filling me with his seed, and as I enjoyed the sensation of spurt after spurt of his jism on the alls of my wet cunt, I felt another cock explode into my mouth. Sperm, sticky, white wet and glorious, spewed into my throat and mouth, and with short sharp breaths through my nose I managed to swallow most of it. The orgasm that gripped me, my sixth for the day, was a slow rippling sensation, and it was actually quashed somewhat as another penis spurted onto my face as I was till gulping down the first lot to have popped off in my mouth. I was hopelessly outnumbered by cocks, but I did my best. As the second guy fucked me, I looked up to him and opened my eyes wide and smiled. He was about seven inches and just the right size to allow him to really pump me hard. It was exactly what I wanted at that point. I wanted to be jammed, fucked, pumped, conquered by cock, and as he pumped away hard, gripping my hips, I felt the guy wanking on my shoes cum all over my heels and ankle. It was hot! He rubbed his goo all over my lower leg, and this made two more of the feet fetishists explode and add their cum to the growing slippery, shiny mess that was my lower legs. I was slick with cum all over my naked body, my curves glistening once more in the dull light of the room.

I continued to be well fucked by guy number two, whilst the third guy I had been sucking announced that he too was about to cum. I slurped my tongue around the wonderful mushroom shaped head of his cock, and was rewarded with a spurt of cum directly into my eye. I wiped it away and popped my slutty, cum covered finger into my mouth, just as spurt number two, three and then four landed across my chin, my cheek and on my right ear. I grabbed a handful of the gooey love juice, and then, in a scene reminiscent of the Cameron Diaz scene in Something About Mary, I wiped it through my hair, making it stand up and smell that musky pungent odour of man cum. It was wicked, and I loved it!

Guy number two pulled out and sprayed my tits and belly with more cum, and three guys went to work polishing my body with the newly arrived slick juices. I rolled over wantonly, now taking control rather than being the sex slave, and invited a cock into my pussy by wiggling my hips and ass to the watching, and wanking, crowd of men. A short guy stepped forward. He winked at me, then licked his finger. He slowly, polished the tip of his cock, making it too glisten in the lighting, before walking around to my head, showing me his erection. It poked lewdly from his crutch, and with his hands on his hips, he wiggled it back and forth in the air, before assuming the entry position behind me. Carefully, and without using his hands, he pushed the head of his nice shiny cock into the entrance of my sopping cunt. I moaned and threw my head back, my cum soaked hair shaking and fluffing about wildly. He wiggled his hips back and forth with sharp movements, embedding his cock inside me, and then, when he was all the way in, I felt the warmth of his balls hit my clit and I moaned. A nice looking penis presented itself to my now empty mouth, and I sucked on it warmly as I felt the short guy start to grip on my hips and pump his cock in and out of me. We must have looked good, because before long I felt two men approach from each side as I gave the guy in my mouth a blow job, and they sprayed their cum all over my arched back and shoulders, and some even onto my ass cheeks as shorty fucked me well.

The men who just came left my side, but were replaced by two more cumming cocks, and before long there was a pool of sperm forming in the small of my back, just out of reach of the crack of my ass as I sucked and was fucked. I felt like a complete whore but loved it! Then, as I was deep throating the man in my mouth, he started to come and grabbed me by the head and locked his spurting cum stick deep in my throat. I gagged a little from lack of oxygen, but managed to sniff in a few small bursts of air through my nose until he finished cumming and released me. I turned to look just as shirty pulled out and came. Wow, did he cum or what! The first squirt was pretty impressive, and landed way up high on my shoulders as he pumped it with one hand and gripped my ass with the other. The second arc of sperm managed to reach my hair, and the third landed fair and square on my left cheek as I looked back over my shoulder to him as he came. I then was really wicked! I snaked my long, already cum-soaked tongue around to my cheek, and slurped the big dollop of cum that had landed there into my mouth, before swirling it around, tilting my head back, and swallowing the lot of it. Shorty was still contracting and moaning, but he laughed and smiled at me, before lightly spanking my ass. "Awesome babe" he said, before stumbling backwards and being replaced by another guy, a rather tubby looking older guy.

He managed to last all of thirty seconds, and I assumed that I must have been the first fuck he had in a while. Anyway, it was getting a little uncomfortable for me on my knees, and so I asked to be lifted up. Some of the men helped me from my knees, and I stood up and stretched. My 5'10" when barefoot body was glistening completely with the cum that was all over it. I still had my heels on, and so I was well over six feet tall, and I felt so bloody sexy I have no way to describe it. As I said earlier, until you have been well and truly gang banged, you can't have any perception of the arousal levels, the eroticness of it, and the totally abandoned pleasure that comes with satisfying one hard cock after another. Not to mention the numerous orgasms that you are given yourself!!
#104 | Posted: 26 Oct 2011 14:59

Lazy day End

I felt like some more after stretching and loosening up my legs, and decided to be a little nasty in front of the other guys and my little black haired lover, who was laying on a couch chair being fucked as she sucked on another guys cock. I walked over to the small bench that was in one corner of the room, and leant forward, pushing back my ass. My long legs were well displayed, and I lowered down until my boobs were flatly pressed against the surface of the bench. Then, looking back with a slutty look in my eye, I reached under and pushed my finger deep inside my totally cum soaked pussy. I pumped it in and out a few times, as many of the guys watched on wanking their cocks. One guy came rather close, and I managed to slurp on his hairy ball sack as he watched me finger myself in front of the others. Then, in a nasty, nasty act, I pulled the cum soaked finger from my pussy, and raised it to my mouth. All the guys groaned audibly, and I licked my finger clean, before popping it into my mouth like a popsicle, sucking on it like it was another cock.
Satisfied that I had their attention once more, I slowly, ever so teasingly, moved my finger back down my body. I traced my shoulder, moved onto my boob, flicked the nipples, rolled down my ribs, played with my belly jewel, then pushed on until my finger was leaving a small slick trail of saliva and cum juice on the curved cheek of my buttock. I moved my feet apart wider, to increase the opening of my asshole, and then slid the finger up and down the crease of my anus twice. It was hot!

Slowly, I pushed the finger until it opened my asshole, and I was able to push the tip of my finger into my bum. Guys everywhere approached rubbing their cocks once more. I felt more alive and sexy than I had in ages. I suddenly pushed the whole finger into my own asshole, causing myself to gasp a little as the knuckle popped past the tight sphincter muscle. I pumped it deeper and deeper, until the webbing between my fingers hit the dark opening of my asshole, and I knew my finger was deep inside my butt. I started to butt fuck myself faster, encouraging guys to wank harder. After about two minutes, three guys had walked up and cum on my back and ass cheeks, depositing their sperm on the globes of my butt or the smooth flesh of my back. I wanted more.

I pulled the one finger right out of my ass, lifted it to my mouth, sucked and covered three fingers in saliva, then reached back and smoothly pushed all three fingers back deep into my ass. It was now quite relaxed and open. You assfuckers out there know what I mean. It opened wide and suddenly any discomfort I had been feeling was gone. I fucked myself in the ass with three full fingers now, and as I closed my eyes to enjoy putting on my own ass fucking show, a tongue struck my throbbing clitoris. Now let me tell you, there is NOTHING as hot and erotic as a tongue on your clitoris when you are being assfucked, and so, I pulled out my fingers and almost screamed for someone to fuck me in the ass NOW!

A younger guy stepped forward, and I could just see his cock before he pushed it into my asshole. It was ok in length, but, thankfully, not overly thick. The one thing I have learned is that if you want to take several cocks in your ass in the one night, start with the thins ones and work up from there! Carefully and smoothly he eased his cock into my ass, and the man licking me was doing a wonderful job. At least I thought it was a man! As I rolled my head to the side to watch myself being fucked up the ass in the mirror, I noticed that the person sucking and licking my clit as I was being fucked in the ass, was my woman lover who had joined me in the room with all the men!

As the man reached the bottom of my bottom with his lovely cock, the woman's tongue struck the right note and I came again. It was not slow, it was not quiet. It was a thunderbolt and I screamed a deathly scream that only anal sex and oral sex combined can produce. My body thrashed relentlessly and I jammed my quivering asshole back against the invading cock until my climax had subsided. I managed to stay standing and was aware of things enough to realise that the man assfucking me was starting to cum. He pushed his cock right in to the hilt, gripped my ass cheeks firmly, and then held on for dear life as his cock sprayed jet after jet of hot cum deep into my bowels in front of all those men. A bell rang. I managed to stand, along with the others in the room, and the white suit man entered once more.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Your time is up. Please make your way back to the main loungeroom".

And with that, I gathered my composure, took my female lover by the hand, and walked out to the main room, as the men filed on behind us. In the main room, all the other guests were applauding. I felt embarrassed, and not quite sure what they wer
#105 | Posted: 26 Oct 2011 15:04


Cheryl Jenkins fidgeted anxiously while she waited for the traffic light to change. Once again she glanced over at the brown paper bag that rested upon the seat next to her. It had taken all the courage she could muster to enter the Adult Emporium that her tenant, Diane Brewster, owned and operated. Even though she was a marriage counselor and certainly possessed an open mind about all things sexual, Cheryl was nonetheless a bit reluctant to divulge any information about her, especially to a neighbor who lived jus the other side of the wall in their large duplex.

In the past four months she and Diane had become fast friends. Diane was prone to be very outspoken about her own needs and just about anything sexual.

"Yeah, that seems to be all she ever talks about," Cheryl mused silently.

Yesterday, the subject of masturbation had come up and Diane had finally admitted to infrequent and less-than-satisfying masturbatory experiences. Diane had insisted that she come into the store and peruses the wide assortment of "marital aids" and stimulating erotica. Cheryl had finally succumbed to the pressure.

Cheryl thought back on her visit. It had been an enlightening experience, even to one as well versed in the sexual proclivities of others. Cheryl had at first been shocked by the graphic displays throughout the store. Even more shocking was the steady stream of men who made their way to the back of the store to lock themselves in tiny booths.

"What are they doing back there?" Cheryl had inquired.

"They feed quarters into a machine and watch porn movies while they jack-off," Diane had replied nonchalantly.

"You're kidding! Can't they get arrested for that?"

"Not if they keep the doors closed and locked and don't allow anyone else in the booth with them."

Cheryl turned and gazed down the hall, her imagination filled her mind with what was transpiring behind the closed doors. She turned back to her friend who stood quietly smiling.

"Wouldn't you just love to have a little camera in each one of those booths so you could watch the guys at play?" Diane leered.

"I dunno....What could be so exciting about watching a guy masturbate?"

"You've never seen a guy stroke off before?" Diane asked incredulously. "Man, it is an INCREDIBLE turn-on, especially if he is looking at you."

Cheryl shook her head slowly.

"As you know I have never been with anyone except my late husband and he never masturbated, at least never in front of me."

"Oh my dear Cheryl, you simply don't know what you have been missing. I think I sometimes would rather watch a guy jerk-off than have him fuck me, especially if he is a moaner and a talker. Damn, just thinking about it is getting me all wet."

"DIANE! Please, not so loud," Cheryl hissed as she looked around the store to see if anyone had heard.

Diane laughed and reached under the counter for a paper bag that was stapled shut.

"I thought you might be uncomfortable in trying to choose something so I took the liberty of putting a few things together for you," Diane said as she passed the bag over the counter.

As Cheryl reached down to open it Diane grabbed her hand.

"Don't open it here. Wait till you get home. I am sure the items I put in there will bring you great pleasure but save yourself the embarrassment. You might be less inclined to take them home if you knew what was in there."

"What do I owe you?" Cheryl asked as she flushed deep red.

"Nothing right now. Just pay me for the things you wish to keep and return the rest," Diane smiled.

That had been thirty minutes ago and Cheryl hadn't opened the bag, though she was sorely tempted. As the light finally changed, she sighed and stomped on the accelerator.

Upon arriving home she dashed quickly into the house and deposited her purse and the bag on the kitchen table. Then she tore open the bag and gazed at the contents. Before she had the opportunity to examine them thoroughly she was suddenly overwhelmed by the urgent call of nature. As she dashed down the hall her son, Paul came in from the back yard.

"Hmmmm, what have we here?" he muttered as he peered into the bag.

His eyes flew open as he beheld the contents. "Holy Shit!"

Just then he heard the toilet flush down the hall so he beat a hasty retreat.

Figuring that his mother didn't want him to know about her purchases, he waited a few minutes before noisily opening the back porch door.
#106 | Posted: 26 Oct 2011 15:06

Prologue 2

His mother was in the kitchen making coffee when he entered.

"Hi Mom. You're home late. Lot of traffic on the road this evening?"

He noticed a bright flush on his mother's cheeks as she turn to regard him.

"Yeah, accident on I-5," she said after a moment's hesitation.

Paul smiled inwardly as he grabbed and apple and went into the living room and turned on the TV.


Paul had never thought about his mother's sexuality. Even though she wasn't his real mother, he still regarded her as such. After his birth mother had died in childbirth his father has raised him until he was twelve when he married Cheryl. The disparity in their ages had raised many an eyebrow but Jack had little to do with what other people thought.

Paul regarded his mother as she sat down on the sofa across from him. Paul allowed his eyes to gaze appreciatively at the lithe yet curvaceous brunette who was settling in comfortably with her long legs tucked beneath her. There was only sixteen years difference in their ages and at thirty-four, his mother was still a knockout and certainly didn't look her age. Having never had children her body was still trim and form and she didn't even have to work to keep it that way. Her dark brown eyes had a depth that was almost hypnotic.

"Why are you staring at me, Paul?" Cheryl asked softly.

"I'm sorry, its just that it only now occurred to me just how beautiful you are and how much like Jackie Kennedy you look," was his quick response.

"Awww, Paul, you flatter me," Cheryl blushed.

"No, it's true! Compared to all those air-head girls in school you are a gorgeous!"

"You are just being silly. Now pay attention to the show," Cheryl said with a giggle.

Turning his attention back to the television, Paul began to think about the bag of goodies he had seen. As he did he felt his cock stir in his trousers and he formulated a plan.

"I simply gotta see that!" he thought to himself.

Later that evening, as his Mom was taking a shower, he eased himself into her bedroom and made some adjustments to her blinds. He carefully bent one of the louvers so that even if she closed them tightly he would still be able to see into her room from outside if he was right against the window. Satisfied with his efforts he stepped out into the hallway.

"Mom, I'm going out for a few hours," he shouted as he heard the water turn off in the shower.

"OK, Son, just don't stay out too late," Cheryl replied.

After parking his car down the road, Paul made his way back to the lone building that was his home. "Living up here in the mountains with the nearest neighbor over five miles away does have its advantages," he laughed aloud.

Quietly he approached the rear of his house. The cool night air allowed sound to carry so he was very careful where he placed his feet so as not to make any sound that would give him away.

He stooped down and peered into the space provided by his earlier machinations. Much to his delight he was afforded an excellent view of his mother's bedroom.

She was standing by the dresser, brushing her long, dark tresses. Clad only in a long T-shirt, she was a vision of beauty to his eyes. She picked up the paper bag from the top of the dresser and turned toward the bed where she dumped the contents on the crisp, white sheets.

Spread out before her was a variety of items. Paul could discern several magazines, a bottle of lube, a small, white, plastic vibrator and a dildo that was about eight inches in length. Shaped like a cock it also had a smaller protrusion at the base. Attached by a thin wire was a plastic box that obviously held batteries.

Cheryl picked up the white vibrator and examined it. After turning it over in her hand a few times she finally twisted the base and jumped when the device started humming, nearly dropping it on the floor. She held it in her hand and regarded it thoughtfully for a moment. Then she turned it off and picked up the bigger one.

Paul watched as she played with the controls, making the artificial cock rotate and vibrate in her hand. Then she turned it off and placed it on the bed next to the other one. Now she picked up the magazines.

Paul could see they represented a cross section of tastes. He noted each one in turn as Cheryl thumbed through the glossy pages.

One was a swinger's magazine, devoted to advertisements of singles and couples looking for playmates with color photographs. The next was a girl-girl, followed by couples and groups at play and then one devoted to men and women masturbating. There were also a couple of small anthology books, Penthouse Forum and another he couldn't make out the title on.

Cheryl climbed up on the bed and fluffed the pillows against the headboard. Sitting back comfortably she picked up the Penthouse Forum and began to thumb through the pages. As she started to read her right hand moved slowly over the cotton T-shirt, frequently brushing against her nipples.
#107 | Posted: 26 Oct 2011 15:08

Prologue 3

As she continued to read Paul could see signs of arousal. His mother's nipples were visibly distended and she was rocking her legs back and forth. Slowly her hand moved down to pull the T-shirt up. Her fingertips traced lazy circles across her abdomen as they gradually moved lower to finally settle on the puffy crotch of her panties. Her middle finger found its way to the top of her now moist slit. Paul nearly gasped aloud when her saw her hips jerk when she touched her magic button.

Her finger moved slowly up and down, stopping occasionally to rub in a small circular pattern. A soft sigh escaped her lips then she put the book down and reached over for the little white vibrator.

After turning the little hummer on, she once again picked up the book and continued reading while bringing the quietly buzzing device down to her pleasure center. As she pressed the thing against her panties her eyes closed and her head arched back. Parting her legs, she worked the toy around the leg of her panties and brought it to bear against her flesh. She moaned softly as she allowed the book to fall on the bed. With her other hand now free she began to squeeze her breast through the cotton fabric.

Suddenly her legs tensed. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh," she cooed as a small orgasm rippled its way through her.

Paul had dropped his shorts to his knees at the first sign of his mother touching herself. His cock nestled firmly in his grip, he gazed open-mouthed at the incredibly erotic sight before him. When his mother came he could no longer hold back his own release and exploded against the wall of the house. It took all the self-control he possessed to keep from crying out.

He thought the show was over and was prepared to leave when he saw his mother sit up and pull the T-shirt over her head.

"Oh YEAH!" He exclaimed under his breath as he took in the sight of his mother's firm, pink-tipped breasts. Now on her knees, she pushed her panties down. Her luxuriant dark-hair pubes were plainly visible to Paul's leering eyes. Immediately his cock sprang once more to full attention.

She bent over and began to flip through the glossy magazines. About halfway through the couples' magazine she stopped and stared at the picture intently. She placed the magazine on the bed, open to the page she found so interesting. Then she flipped through a few more while slowly rubbing her pussy. Then she stopped at another page and placed it carefully down next to the other one.

Paul tore his eyes away from his mother's busy hand to see what she found so interesting to look at. One magazine was opened to a page depicting a small group of people involved in what appeared to be an orgy. The other was of a couple sitting next to each other while masturbating themselves and watching a porno movie.

"Wow, I would have never guessed my mother had any voyeuristic tendencies," Paul mused.

Paul's mother now picked up the vibrator again and pressed it against her vaginal opening. Slowly she pushed the device inside herself while she gazed intently at the pictures spread out before her. Then she began a slow, rhythmic thrusting. After a few moments her hips began to respond to her thrusts with counter movements of their own.

Paul didn't think it was more than three or four minutes before she once again arched her head back and cried out softly as another orgasm shook her.

Still holding the buzzing toy within her love cave, she collapsed back on the bed; her chest rising and falling rapidly as she regained her breath.

Taken by surprise by how quickly his Mom came, Paul didn't even cum with her and now he pinched the base of his scrotum to keep from cumming.

"I hope she isn't done," he thought to himself.

Cheryl stretched languidly, reveling in the newly discovered delights of self-manipulation. Then she uttered the first words Paul had heard her say aloud.

"I wonder what you feel like," Cheryl giggled as she reached over for the dildo device.

She opened the little bottle of lube and coated the dildo liberally. The way she did it almost made Paul cum again for it looked as if she was stroking someone's cock.

"OK, big boy, your turn now," she said as she spread her legs wide and inserted the device deeply within herself.

"Ummmmm, that feels wonderful!"

Paul watched in awe as his Mom slowly fucked herself deeply with the dildo. When she stopped momentarily he almost cried out in frustration.

"Do it! Doit, damnit!" he exhorted under his breath.

Her pause was only to reach over and grasp the control device. As she turned it on she cried out, "Oh my GOD!"

The growling of the clever toy could be heard reverberating in the room.

"You're a noisy shit but DAMN you feel good!" She grunted.

Then she turned on the vibrating part at the same time as the rotating part. Her legs clamped together and more moans and cries erupted from her open mouth.

"Oh YESSSSS! Oh Hell Yes!"

Now she leaned forward and spreading her legs as far apart as she could get them she grasped the base of the dildo with both hands and began to fuck herself in earnest.

"Ungh, umph, Fuck me! Fuck me with that marvelous toy! Oh GOD YESSSSSSSSS!" she screamed.

Paul was stroking his rigid cock with a vengeance. Still slick from his previous orgasm, he hand flew up and down the length of himself. His other hand reached down to cup his balls as he gazed at the lewd display just the other side of the screen. He was close enough to where he could smell her arousal and hear the snicking sounds of her desire and passion. He whimpered in unrestrained lust.

The loud exclamations did not go unnoticed by another party. Just the other side of Cheryl's bedroom wall was Diane's bedroom. Diane had turned in for the evening and was just dozing of when Cheryl's cries of delight shattered the stillness of the evening.

"I bet I know which toy she is using," Diane smiled to herself. "Never seen a woman yet who could hold it in when one of those rabbits start doing their thing."

Diane could feel her own nipples stiffen. Although she had already cum several times earlier while watching porno tapes (as she did almost every night), she could feel the beginnings of further arousal.

"Shit, better close the window or I'll never get any sleep," she mumbled.

As she brushed aside the curtains to reach for the sash a flash of white in the otherwise dark night caught her eye. She peered into the gloom and was finally able to make out the shape of a man, hunched awkwardly at her neighbor's window. As she started to shout for him to go away she recognized the form.
#108 | Posted: 26 Oct 2011 15:15

Prologue 4

"Oh my, that's Paul!" she nearly exclaimed aloud.

She moved to the side of the window to get the best view of her neighbor. In the light of the three-quarter moon she could see his pants were down around his ankles and he was furiously stroking an impressive piece of man-meat.

"Ooooo, you naughty boy. Peering into you mother's bedroom window and watching her play with herself while you jack your cock," she muttered delightfully.

The sight and sheer nastiness of the situation drove her hormones into overdrive. In a flash she had three fingers shoved up inside herself while frantically rubbing her clit. She could see the boy was fixing to lose it and she wanted to get there at the same time.

"Oh, the perversity of it! He is watching his mother fuck herself while he jacks off while I frig myself while watching him. Damn house of Wanks!"

Diane giggled at her own humor while pushing herself to the edge of orgasm.

"OH, Oh, OH-YEAH! Oh GAWD, I'm Cummingggggg!" Cheryl cried out in ecstasy.

"Umph," Paul grunted as his hips jerked and he once again bathed the side of the house with his seed.

Diane bit her lower lips as her own spasms shook her tiny frame, then watched as Paul hastily pulled up his trousers and darted off into the darkness.

Later, Diane tossed restlessly as her dreams were filled with young cocks squirting into the night.


As is so often the case, a home needs frequent repair and maintenance and theirs was no exception. Fortunately, Paul was an accomplished handyman and it befell him to do as many repairs as he could, on his mother's home while he was here for the summer break from college. Today it was plumbing.

After returning from the typical mad house that all home improvement centers seem to be on Saturday, he set about replacing the sinks, garbage disposals and attending piping in both his mother's kitchen and the one in Diane's.

The two women watched him as he hooked up the last water supply line and turned on the faucet.

"Excellent, another job well done," he smiled after checking for leaks.

"Is there anything you can't fix, Paul?" Diane asked.

"I dunno, haven't found it yet," he replied with a grin.

"Hmmmmm, well I have something I would like you to take a look at, if you don't mind," Diane said softly.

"What is it?" Paul inquired.

"You two go in the living room. I get it and bring it there."

Paul and his mother settled on the couch and waited. Paul couldn't help but notice how vibrant and full of life his mother seemed today. Nothing perturbed her, even when the water trap broke while she was washing dishes this morning. She had just smiled and asked him if he could fix it.

Diane entered the room carrying a rather large device that looked like someone had cut a five-gallon drum in two and had secured leather to it. Once she set it on the floor Paul recognized it for what it was. Though he had only seen them in movies he knew what a Sybian was. He blushed as he looked up at Diane.

"Is that a Sybian?" he asked.

"Yes it is, Paul. So you know what it does, huh?" Diane smirked.

"Well, ahem, uh... yes, I guess I do."

"What is a Sybian?" Cheryl inquired, mystified at the rather strange and somewhat obscene looking device.

"That, Cheryl, is the most incredible orgasm machine ever invented!" Diane said with glee. "You have never had an orgasm until you have taken a Sybian ride!"

"Uh, Diane, I don't think this is the time or place to be discussing this," Cheryl said as her eyes darted over at Paul.

"Nonsense, by dear. Everyone loves to cum and this thing will make you think you have died and gone to heaven."

"DIANE! We are in mixed company!" Cheryl exclaimed.

"And your point? Paul is a grown man now and I am sure he masturbates. I know I do and I know you do so what is wrong in a little frank discussion about it?" Diane huffed.

"I never......" Cheryl started to say.

"Never what? Masturbate? Like you weren't having a helluva great time last night while Paul was out?" Diane smiled wickedly. "I told you those toys would change your attitude."

"Diane, pleasssseeee....." Cheryl looked down at the floor and her face and arms turned beet red from embarrassment.
#109 | Posted: 26 Oct 2011 15:21

Prologue 5

"Paul, how is it you know about Sybians?" Diane asked.

"Well, I've seen a couple of movies and my ex-girlfriend's Mom had one. I watched my girlfriend go for a ride on it once. She passed out she came so hard." Paul retorted.

"You what?!" Cheryl said as she looked up at her son.

"He said he watched his girlfriend get the fuck of her life on a Sybian, Cheryl," Diane laughed. "How did you feel about that, Paul? Did it bother you?"

"Noooooo, actually it really turned me on. Watching her cum like that made me cum and I didn't even touch myself to do it."

"Paul, is this something you should be discussing in front of your mother?" Cheryl asked softly.

"I don't see why not. You of all people should know that sex is a natural part of our existence and well all need and love it, with or without partners." Paul replied solicitously.

"Well, I don't see anything "natural" about that hideous device," Cheryl huffed.

"There is nothing natural about a cucumber or a dildo serving as a man's cock either, Cheryl, but it sure does the trick, huh?" Diane exhorted.

"Diane, you are embarrassing me," Cheryl laughed. Paul could see she was quickly getting over her discomfort.

Paul gazed down at the machine. "What's wrong with it, anyway?"

"What, the Sybian? Oh, it just won't turn on anymore, Paul. The last time I used it I must have stayed on it for over an hour and it got really warm then suddenly quit."

"An hour? I didn't think any woman could take it for more than fifteen minutes, let alone an hour!" Paul exclaimed.

"Yeah, except I was watching this really HOT amateur video and it just kept getting better and better. Really got me going." Diane replied unabashedly.

"You mean cumming and cumming, don't you?" Paul snorted.

"Yeah, that too. I could barely walk the next day and my pussy was tender for a week."

Diane and Cheryl both looked over at Paul after that last remark. Diane had a wicked yet lustful look on her face and Cheryl's eyes seemed to look at him as if he was someone new. Both of them noticed Paul had the beginnings of an erection and he knew they saw it.

"Damn, I hope Diane doesn't say anything about it," Paul thought to himself as he crossed his legs.

Diane most certainly noticed Paul's discomfiture but wisely thought better of commenting on it. "Time enough for that later," she mused as she watched her plan unfold.

"Well, let's take a look at it," Paul said as he rose from the couch.

Diane watched Cheryl as her eyes followed her son across the floor. To be more accurate, she watched his crotch as he moved toward the malfunctioning machine.

Five minutes later Paul had ascertained the only thing wrong with the Sybian was a blown fuse. As he stepped out the door to go retrieve one from his toolbox, Cheryl accosted Diane.

"That wasn't nice, Diane. You could have kept Paul from knowing about last night."

"Not a chance of that, my dear. I wasn't going to tell you this but since you brought it up..." Diane paused.

"What?" Cheryl asked anxiously.

"Well, while you were busy with yourself last night, your son, Paul, was outside your bedroom window just a stroking away on a marvelous looking piece of man-meat."

"YOU'RE KIDDING! Please tell me that isn't so," Cheryl exclaimed.

"Oh, it's true all-right. Just think, there I was, watching him watching you while all three of us were busy wanking away, fucking ourselves into oblivion. Isn't that HOTT!"

Cheryl bent over and put her head in her hands. "Oh, I am so ashamed. I know I acted liked a perfect slut last night. I was looking at some of those pictures, reading some of the stories and fucking myself like a whore....And Paul heard the whole thing."

"Oh he saw too, dear."

"Saw? He saw me? How?"

"I checked to make sure this morning and sure enough, there is a large enough gap in your bedroom blinds for someone to look in and see everything."

"Oh My God! This can't be happening to me?" Cheryl sobbed.

"What's there to cry about, Cheryl. So he saw you masturbating. You can't tell me you haven't seen him in all these years, at least once."

"Yes, but that was different."

"How so? Everyone does it and if more than one person lives in a house they will be caught at it."

"I dunno, it was accidental. He deliberately went out of his way to watch me at a very private moment."

"Well, I don't know about you but if a young man like Paul went out of his way to watch a forty-year old woman like me get myself off I would find it not only a compliment but a tremendous turn-on."

Cheryl looked up at her friend; "Perhaps you're right. It just seems so.....so.... Perverse somehow."

#110 | Posted: 26 Oct 2011 15:22

Prologue 6

"Oh really? How about that couple you told me about where the wife kept sneaking downstairs at night and going on the computer? You know, the woman who video conferenced with guys while she and they watched each other masturbate? Remember how you told them to do it together and if she liked watching guys jerk-off that much that maybe they could find other couples to do it with?"

"Yessss, I remember that."

"Remember how you told me they ended up going to adult theaters so she could whack off while having a whole bunch of guys jerk their cocks while she watched?"

"Yeah, they really got their marriage back together with that. They even masturbated together in my office while they described their first time at an adult theater."

"Well, as I recollect, you told me that watching them play with themselves in your office got you so turned on you had to go to the ladies room and try to relieve yourself."

"That's true. That's how this whole masturbation thing we have been talking about for the past couple of weeks got started. I made myself cum but it just wasn't very satisfying."

"Yeah, but looking at pictures got you off, huh? I bet one of them was the masturbation magazine. Was it?"

Cheryl blushed.

"Uh huh, I thought so," Diane grinned. "Now you see why I love it so and why I fucked myself silly while watching Paul jack his cock."

"Oh Diane, you are such a nasty slut!" Cheryl smiled.

"Yeah, and you love it almost as much as I do....Admit it"

Cheryl thought about it for a few minutes. It wasn't hard to imagine Paul peering into her window and playing with himself. Actually, the more she thought about it the more she liked it.

Just then Paul came back into the house with the necessary fuse for the Sybian.

"This isn't exactly the right size, Diane. It is a little bit bigger but it'll work."

"Hmmmmm, bigger ALWAYS works for me, Paul," Diane retorted.

Paul flushed then bent down to insert the fuse in the holder. A few moments later and he fired up the devilish device.

"Oh YES! You fixed it!" Diane exclaimed. She reached down and wrapped her hand around the dancing; wiggling cock-like device attached to the top of the machine.

Diane licked her lips and looked up at Paul and Cheryl who were seated on the couch. "I hope you don't mind but I have been without my favorite toy for so long, I think I am going to give it a little test drive."

Paul stood up. "Ummm, I guess I better be going. Lots of other things to do, you know."

"You don't have to leave unless you particularly want to, Paul. I don't care if you watch. I thought you liked watching," Diane said with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

"Uh, well, sure! I'll stay, if it's ok you with you Mom."

Cheryl looked from Paul to Diane and back again. She knew this was going to get out of hand yet some part of her wanted to see just how far it would go.

"It is not my decision to make, Paul. I know I am intrigued. I guess I want to see if it lives up to Diane's claims."

Diane stood up and unsnapped her shorts, allowing them to fall to the floor in a puddle at her feet. Paul's cock sprang to attention as the triangle of fine, red-blond down came into view. Her halter-top came off next and Paul was afforded a view he had only dreamed about.

Diane was a small woman, only 5'4" and 110 pounds. Her cute, perky breasts were capped by small, light brown aureoles tipped with tiny, rock hard nipples. Her short, red hair stood out in sharp contrast to the milky white complexion of her lightly freckled skin. Not a raving beauty but attractive nonetheless. As Paul's eyes roamed over her figure, his attention fixed upon the juncture of her thighs where he saw visible signs of arousal. Diane's labia were swollen and puffy, the soft down was covered in dew.

Paul didn't realize he was gaping open-mouthed until his mother interjected, "Don't drool, Paul. It is unsightly."

Paul's mouth clamped shut and he turned to regard his mother who was staring at him with a thoughtful expression.

"Uh, sorry, Mom, but DAMN, I think she is hot!"

Cheryl looked down at her son's lap. "I can see that."

Diane laughed. "It does make an old woman feel good when she can get that kind of "attention" out of a young man."

Diane squatted down on the back of the machine and lovingly caressed the phallus. "The instructions say to use a good lube on this to keep from injuring yourself."
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