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Sex Stories - داستانهای سکسی به زبان انگلیسی

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#11 | Posted: 17 Jul 2011 13:09

Amber strolled down the beach, marveling at the sheer beauty of the strip of sand know around the world as St. Tropez. Made famous in the sixties by Brigitte Bardot, it now was the play ground for the idle rich of Europe. This was Amber's second visit to the continent, but her first to the South of France, and it was all that it was cracked up to be and more!!! It was seven in the morning and she had the entire beach to herself, that is, except for the huge yachts that were moored not more than one hundred yards off shore. Picking up a shells as she went along, Amber could all ready feel the heat from the sun warming her bare back, even at this early hour! When she was far enough away from the main swimming area, she slipped behind some rocks and remove her shorts and halter top, and then lay down on her blanket for some serious sunning! Back in Ohio they didn't have any nude beaches, and even if they had, she wouldn't have had the guts to go naked in front of people she may have known, and even in France, five thousand miles from home, she found a secluded spot where no one would bother her. The heat felt good on her body, and the whole situation of being naked and on vacation made her pussy damp with excitement. She was half asleep and didn't hear the foot steps of an approaching male who also was doing a little shelling, and she was startled awake when he said in a heavy French accent, "Good morning mademoiselle, it is a beautiful day, no!?!"

Amber was total flabbergasted by the appearance of the middle aged man and desperately wished he would move on down the beach and leave her alone, but instead he just stood there looking at her naked body while making small talk. As she got a chance to look him over, he wasn't half bad looking for a man of about forty five, and she for a moment she forgot that she was lying naked in front of a total stranger with her legs partly open and her all ready damp vagina bulging full for him to see. He didn't seem to notice, however, and just prattled on about how much he enjoyed meeting people from all over the world, and how much he liked Americans. He introduced himself as Claude, and abruptly plopped down on the sand next to her. Feeling a bit more at ease, she slid over a little and offered him space on her blanket. He quickly accepted her offer, but before he got on, he stood up and casually removed his loose fitting shorts, exposing his penis to her now interested eyes. He wasn't the least bit embarrassed that he was semi erect, and lay down on the blanket next to an ever increasingly aroused Amber! Her vagina was now drooling along the length of her crack, the little drops glistening in the warm sunshine, while her breasts, large and full, soaked up the heat and shone with the sweat that ran down the valley between her bosom. She was finding it increasingly difficult to deep her mind on their conversation, as the feeling in her pussy grew more and more intense! She glanced down at his crotch, and groaned out loud when she saw that his once semi erect penis had grown to its full length of eight inches or so! He the offered, "I cannot help but notice that mademoiselle seems to be in need of, how do you say it, gratification!?!"

She nodded her head dazedly, hardly able to put two coherent words together, while slightly spread her legs farther apart, giving Claude an unencumbered view of her swollen lips! Almost casually he leaned over and took her all ready erect nipple into his mouth and sucked it gently, causing her vagina to gush uncontrollably under the heat of the morning sun! Her breathing had become shallow and labored, as the Frenchman used his talented tongue on her chest, nibbling and sucked at her hard nubs. "Does mademoiselle know that French men are the best in the world at orally satisfy and woman," he whispered in her ear? "No," she hissed, through clenched teeth, "I didn't know that!!!" "Would you care for me to demonstrate this phenomena for you," he asked innocently? "Oh, yes," she begged, "please show me, show me right now!!!" He laughed softly and slid between her warm sun tanned legs, kissing the inside of her thighs with soft wet kisses, working his way up to her moist pussy. "Oooo, la-la," he intoned gaily, while taking in a deep breath her sexual aroma, "you are in heat, no!?!" "Please stop playing with me," she begged, "do me now, please!!!" The next thing she felt was a long tongue slithering along the length of her crack, until it rested on her bulging little "man in the boat"! Within five seconds Amber's pussy was rocked by a thundering climax, the likes of which she had never felt before as her vagina flooded the Frenchman's mouth with a torrent of hot pussy juice that quickly covered the whole lower half of his face!

As her orgasm subsided, she had the unbelievable need to be filled with a large penis, and Claude seemed to read her mind like and open book, because a second or two later, he was shoving his thickness deep inside her waiting pussy! Amber was now like a bitch in heat, and the only thing that mattered was having another orgasm! She took her long legs and wrapped them around Claude's back, trying in desperation to lock their loins tighter together. Her mind was reeling, here she was on a public beach allowing a total stranger to take her sexually like no other man ever had in her life! All at once he picked up the pace of his thrusting, now hammering away at her helpless pussy with machine like efficiency, driving her like a wild animal to the brink of her climax! It didn't seem possible, but his penis seemed to get even harder as his own climax approached, and while looking directly into her eyes he said, "Mademoiselle, you are so beautiful, I had to pick you like a flower and hold you!" Just hearing his speak in such flowery language was all it took, and both of them held on for dear life as their orgasms ripped through their bodies, leaving them lying together in a post orgasmic glow!!!

Intertwined, basking in the sun, Claude kissed her neck and said, "I shall always remember you, Amber, as one of the best moments in my life!" She kissed him back and replied, "Me too, Claude, me too!"

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من یکی از دوستان نه چندان نزدیک ایشان بودم و رمز عبور ایشان را در دفتر خاطراتش دیدم. اگر مایل بودید فاتحه ای نثار روحش کنید.
#12 | Posted: 17 Jul 2011 14:10

Alicia wrapped the robe around her lithe nude body and padded down the thick carpeted hall to her eighteen year old twin brother Alexander's room. She knocked on the door, and without waiting for an answer, opened it and went inside, finding Alex lying on his bed reading his history book, and only looking up when his sister asked, "Ready for our good night kisses?" "Where are the folks," he asked, while placing the book mark on page 273? "They're downstairs watching the news, something about the President having sex with another intern!!!" "A man after my own heart," cracked Alex, "but the idiot keeps getting caught," he laughed!!!" "Let's be quick about it tonight, okay," asked Alicia, "last night we almost got caught because you were taking your sweet time!" "I can't help it if you have the cutest pussy in the whole school," he sighed, while opening up the front of his sister's pink bath robe. When the robe fell open, the first thing to catch his eye, as usual, was the thick red bush that covered his sister's bulging pussy lips! "My god, Al," he said thickly, "I could never get tired of kissing this pussy good night, it's so plump and full, I just love it!!!" "Well hurry up and do it," she implored, "I gotta get back to my room!" Alex nodded his head and then leaned over and gave his sister's vagina a deep French kiss, giving her little clit a quick flick as pulled his tongue along her wet crack. His attention then quickly turned to her pert young breasts, pink nippled, perfectly proportioned, a 34b cup, just the size to fill a champagne glass! Hungrily he gave each nipple a long suck, causing them to shrivel up in the cool bedroom air. Alicia closed her robe, and said, "Okay, quick, slip them down for me!"

Alex hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts, and slid them down to his thighs, exposing his hard penis to the hot mouth of his twin sibling! "Oh, Alex," Alicia whispered loudly, "I just love the way it sticks up, and it's so hard too!!!" Dropping to her knees, the young girl opened her mouth and gave her brother a fast ten seconds of oral love making, letting her lips glide over the smooth head, while pausing to poke her tongue into the little slit on the tip of his pecker. "Alex moaned, hoping she would let him ejaculate in her mouth, but alas, she sprang to her feet and was out the door calling out, "Goodnight, Alex," over her shoulder as she closed his door! Alex stared down at his raging hardon, and taking it into his hand, gave it a hard fisting that resulted in a spurting orgasm. "It would have been better in Al's mouth," he thought glumly, while using his dirty underwear to clean up his mess. "I wonder if Alicia is doing her clit," he wondered out loud, while climbing back into bed, "oh well, at least I got off," he said, while returning to his studying! He was in fact, correct about one thing, his sister was furiously fingering her slit while thinking about the hard cock that she had just sucked not more than five minutes ago, and as usual, her orgasm was long and hard, her young vagina now so needful of it's daily release. She licked the juice from her fingers, and then fell asleep dreaming about erections, big thick erections!!!

The next morning while they were walking to school, Alex hesitatingly asked his sister if she ever felt like having intercourse. "You know I do, Alex," she shot back, "but we both agreed that it would be too dangerous for us to fuck each other, and I'm not gonna take that chance!!!" "Oh, I totally agree with you," Alex rejoined, "I was more thinking along the lines of trying to do it with someone else, ya know, like maybe somebody a little older?" "I've been thinking the same thing," Alicia replied, "but I have no clue as to who we could do it with, do you?" "Not really," Alex answered glumly, "but since were both on the same page with this thing, we can at least start looking around for the right people!" "Yeah," she agreed, "let's start looking!"

That night, when Alicia slipped into Alex's room for her good night "kiss", Alex announced he had an idea on who they could use as fuck mates. "Who are they," Alicia asked excitedly, "do I know them!?!" "You know the O'Brian twins in the twelfth grade," asked Alex, "well I think that they'd be perfect!" Alicia thought about it for a moment, and then replied, "I think that's a splendid idea, Alex, let's try talking with them tomorrow!!!" "Good," he responded, "we'll do it at lunch time, they usually sit off by themselves, and that will give us a chance to meet them one on one!" Alicia then opened her robe and let Alex feast on her already wet vagina, her mind drifting off, wondering if Dan O'Brian had a big cock hanging between his legs. Even though Alex was only lapping her for a minute, Alica couldn't control her vagina, and her sweet young body went tense as a very hard orgasm went racing through her wet pussy. Alex was a little surprised at the quick eruption from his sister's twat, but that was good news for him, because their deal had always been that if one cums, so gets to the other! Alex jumped up and literally tore off his shorts, his hard erection bobbing into view! Alicia sighed, sank to her knees, and took the hard pecker into her soft wet mouth, sucking it in deeply, her tongue swirling all around the smooth head. He tried to hold it as long as he could, but alas, Alex soon filled his pretty sister's mouth with his life giving sperm, which she hungrily swallowed down, taking care not to lose a single drop! After they gathered themselves, Alicia said, "Tomorrow at lunch we make contact!!!"

Dan and Donna O'Brian were sitting as usual, alone at a table way at the rear of the lunch room. Alex and Alicia carried their food trays down the long aisle to where the twin twelfth graders were eating where upon Alicia asked, "May we join you?!?" "Why not," answered Dan, while picking up his milk carton and taking a drink. The Paxton twins sat down and introduced themselves and dug in to their lunch, making the usual small talk kids do when they are just passing the time of day. Finally Alicia took the bull by the horns and waded in with, "Alex and I have been watching you two for quite a while now, and we are pretty sure that you're exactly like us!" "What do you mean, like us," asked a wary Donna O'Brian? "Look," cut in Alex, "we can see that you two are always together just like we are, and that you seem chummier than a normal brother and sister usually would be!" "So what," retorted Dan, "so we like each other's company, is that a crime!?!" "No," Alicia replied, "but you and I both know that you're much closer than anyone else on campus knows, but we do, 'cuz were the same as you!!!" Both Dan and Donna turned and looked at each other, and then looked back at the two interlopers as Donna said, "No matter what you think, you can't prove a thing!!!" "Listen," Alicia said soothingly, "we're not here to cause either of you any trouble, but we both know what it's like in a relationship like ours, and we, that being me and Alex, feel that we could get together after school and maybe get to know each other better, a change of pace if you will, because we know that you probably haven't done the one thing that you both so desperately need and want to do, am I right!?!" "Maybe," Dan answered slowly, "but you two are only juniors, that's pretty young for this kind of stuff, don't you think!?!" Alicia stepped in and said, "Look at me, Dan, I have the body of a woman, with a young vagina that needs constant attention, and Alex here, has a cock that is like a piece of blue steel, and believe me when I tell you, he can bounce back from an ejaculation as quick as can be!!!" Donna then asked, "Is what we're talking about here that the boys are going to fuck us, take our virginity!?!" All four of them looked around the table at each other and Alicia replied, "Yeah, that's it, the boys fuck us and take out virginity!" Everyone was quiet for a moment, until Donna replied, "Well, I'm all for it, I say we do it, what about you Dan?" Dan thought about it a few seconds, while giving Alicia the once over and answered, "Yeah, let's do it, I think we're all ready for it!!!" "When," asked Alex??? "How about tonight at our place, right after school," said Donna, "our folks both work until five thirty?" They all agreed and made arrangements to meet by the front door after school, and then walk the six blocks to the O'Brian house. Alicia and Alex could hardly wait!!!

Dan and Donna lived in a tri level ranch house on the side of a hill in the new section of town, and Alicia commented that the Donna's mother certainly had good taste in decorating, as it looked like a show place! Dan suggested that they go to the finished basement, because it had a walkout that could come in handy just in case either Mr. or Mrs. O'Brian got home early. "It's better to be safe than sorry," Dan commented, while leading everyone down the basement stairs. The rec room had several couches and easy chairs, a big screen TV, and a full size pool table in the middle of the room. Alicia joked, "I wonder what its like to get fucked on a pool table!?!" Everyone laughed, the naughty remark serving as an ice breaker, because everyone seemed to be a little tense! Dan turned on some music, took Alicia in his arms, and gave her a long deep kiss on the mouth, which Alicia returned with passionate heat! They pulled apart and Dan made a suggestion, "I think that Alex and I should sit down on the couch and watch you two girl strip for us, it would get everybody in the swing of things!!!" Both girls exchanged glances and Donna replied, "Okay, as long as you strip for us when were finished!!!" "Okay," said Alex, "let's do it!!!"

The boys plopped down on the sofa and watched in wide eyed wonder as the two young beauties slowly began removing their clothing piece by piece. Neither of them had ever seen any other girls naked save for their sisters, so they were more than a little interested to see what another girl looked like in the all together! Dan was used to a girl a little more developed than Alicia was, but the look of her lithe lean body was making his penis grow hard in his jeans. Standing before him in just her bra and panties, she had the look of a true to life Lolita, trim hips, small but perfect breasts, and a pouty look that drove men wild! Alex on the other hand, was seeing the body of a fully developed woman for the first time, large heavy breasts straining against her thin bra, and hips that spread wide from her flat wash board belly. Both girls, now in only bras and panties, turned around slowly as to give the boys a good look at the merchandise! "I think they're ready," commented Donna, "shall we give them what the really want?!?" "Mmmm," hummed Alicia, "I think so, I think they're about ready to burst!!!" "Bras first," Donna said, and both girls reached around and unhooked the snaps that held their bras over their chests. When they fell away, Alex made an audible groan when he saw the size of Donna's big bust. "I think Alex likes you," Alicia joked, while watching her brother straining to keep his erection in his pants. Next the panties hit the floor, and now it was Dan's turn to moan, at the sight mere sight of Alicia's thick red pubic bush. "Well, Alicia," Donna laughed, "Danny seems to think that your bush is something special!!!" Both girls then made a few more poses for the boys, and then demanded that it was their turn to watch the boys strip! Getting absolutely no argument from either of them, both Dan and Alex leapt to their feet and practically tore their clothing off, neither of them taking the time to put on any kind of show for the girls at all! Donna made a half hearted protest that they were going to fast, but she really didn't care one way or the other, because she just wanted to see the boys naked and erect, and erect is what she got!!! Dan and Alex both had hardons that were pointing directly to the sky, and while Dan's was larger, probably about seven inches, Alex's was very veiny and uncut, a condition that thoroughly fascinated Donna.

"Let's just masturbate for a while," offered Alicia, "I just love masturbating in front of someone, I guess I'm just and exhibitionist at heart!!!" Alex and Dan sat down on the floor and all four of them began playing with their genitals, the boys fisting their peckers, while the girls used their fingers to arouse their pretty little quims. When it looked like the boys were ready to cum, both Donna and Alicia slipped off the sofa and took their cocks into their mouths. Alicia loved the fullness of Dan's pecker, and hungrily sucked it into her throat, while Donna on the other hand, slid the foreskin back and forth on Alex's cock, mesmerized by the extra fold of loose skin covering the head of his pecker! One thing both boys had in common, however, was the prodigious amount of cum that they produced, and each girl's mouth was soon filled with the salty nectar that erupted from the ball sacks of the young studs. "God, I love the taste of cum," Donna sighed, while savoring the last drops of Alex's semen. "Me too," Alicia rejoined, "I'll never get tired of feeling the hot cum blowing from a hard cock head!!!" By now there were two very aroused vaginas that needed attention, so the moment of truth would soon be at hand!!!

Both girls stood in front of the couch with their legs spread wide apart, exposing their teenage vaginas to Dan and Alex. The boys took their time and gently fingered the girls pussies until each of them was dripping wet and shaking with excitement. Dan was doing Alicia's clit with his finger when he remarked, "She has very puffy lips doesn't she, Alex?!?" "Yes, very," replied Alex, "she says it runs in our family, all of the women have puffy vaginas!" Alex turned his gaze back to Donna's hot slit, and said, "She really gets wet doesn't she, leaks like a drippy faucet!" Dan laughed and replied, "You got that right, if I'm not eating her out, she's playing with herself all of the time!" Both girls were now panting harder, trying to get the boys to concentrate their efforts directly on their clits. "Shall we jerk them off," asked Alex, "I think Donna here is about to pop!" "Yeah," replied Dan, "Alicia needs it too, am I right, girl???" "Fucking stop talking and do me," hissed a very hot Alicia, still trying to grind her box into Dan's hand!!! The boys then went at the two hard clits with a vengeance, the result being both girls having cunt rocking orgasms in front of the two brothers. "Are you girls ready now," asked Dan, " 'cuz I've been ready for half my life!?!"

The boys led the two wobbly legged girls over to the pool table, where they lay them down on their backs with their legs spread wide, leaving their vaginas gaping open. Dan positioned himself between Alicia's slim thighs and lined up his erection against the opening of her pussy, while Alex looked over at the older boy, and taking his cue, did the same to Donna, getting his cock head up to the portal of pleasure! On a signal from Dan, both of them slowly pushed their peckers into the steaming slits of the two virgin teenagers, taking their time so as not to cause them any undue pain. The way the girls squirmed around, it was easily apparent that if there was any pain it was very minor indeed, as they both moaned with pleasure at the feeling of hard penises in their tight pussies! When they were all of the way in, their teenage hormones took over, and the boys furiously began stroking in and out of the two dripping cunts! The feeling of vagina on penis was heaven, for both boys and girls, the boys loving the feeling of ultimate softness surrounding their cocks, while the girls on the other hand, relished the sensation of brutal hardness filling their young vaginas! None of the four really had any sexual control at this early time in their lives, so the on rushing orgasms were like freight trains barreling down the tracks, daring anyone or anything to get in its way! Alex and Dan both could feel their ball sacks tighten up, a sure sign of impending ejaculation, while Donna and Alicia, on the other hand, could feel their vaginas contracting around the gristly invaders, the first hint that orgasm was close at hand! Dan was the first to yell out, "I'm fucking cumming so hard, I love your fucking pussy so much," and the other four were soon having their own climaxes along with him, harder and longer than any they had ever had before!!! Alex and Dan finally collapsed on top of the two girls, trying to catch their breath, and also to let their blood pressure come down to a normal level!

They spent the next few minutes softly trading sweet kisses, happy in the knowledge that they had found new friends and fuck partners!

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من یکی از دوستان نه چندان نزدیک ایشان بودم و رمز عبور ایشان را در دفتر خاطراتش دیدم. اگر مایل بودید فاتحه ای نثار روحش کنید.
#13 | Posted: 17 Jul 2011 14:15

Tommy knew he was taking an awful chance, but if he was ever going to fuck Cheryl, he just had to let her watch him fuck either Miss Parsons or Miss Williams!!! If she could see how much pleasure he gave them with his big pecker, he was that then she would gladly let him put his penis into her cute little box!!! The trick was getting her to join him in Miss Parsons' room after school, if she suspected anything, she wouldn't show up! Then it hit him, why not have Miss Parsons make Cheryl stay after school like she did him last night, then he wouldn't even have to say anything to her at all and she wouldn't suspect a thing!!! He went straight to Miss Parsons and explained his whole plan to her, and much to his delight she heartily agreed! They decided on a little twist, however, while Cheryl would come to Miss Parsons' room, Tommy would go to Miss Williams room and proceed to fuck her. Miss Parsons would make up an excuse and take Cheryl along with her to Miss Williams room, where they would walk in on Tommy fucking the old lady with his huge cock. Miss Parsons would then order Cheryl to sit and watch, while Tommy satisfied Miss Williams, and no matter how scared she was, she couldn't help but be turned on watching Tommy fucking the old math teacher! It was absolutely fool proof!!!

Cheryl couldn't understand why Miss Parsons wanted her to come in after school, after all she was an outstanding student and she never caused any trouble in class. She knocked on the door and Miss Parsons called for her to enter. She was surprised when the young teacher told her that their meeting was to be held in Miss Williams room, because for one thing, she didn't have a class with her, and for another she was scared to death of the old math teacher! As they walked through halls on their way to Miss Williams room, Cheryl wondered what in the world this was all about! The room looked dark but Miss Parsons opened the door slowly and led Cheryl inside. Her eyes at first couldn't exactly make out what was going on, but it only took a few seconds for her to realize that Tommy, her boyfriend, was fucking old lady Williams like there was no tomorrow! Cheryl's head began to spin and her stomach lurched, with a feeling of nausea sweeping over her! "Let me out of here," Cheryl gasped, unable to grasp exactly what was going on around her!

Miss Parsons firmly gripped Cheryl's arm and marched her up to the front of the room where Tommy was busily ramming his thick rod into Miss Williams gaping cunt. Tommy looked over at his frightened girl friend and said softly, "Look Cher, my cock's not too big, both Miss Williams and Miss Parsons say it's just perfect!" Cheryl was about to reply, when all at once Miss Williams vagina let loose with a drenching orgasm, one that covered the desk top with her hot cunt juice as she filled the room with a long loud moan while the young stud pounded his hard meat deep inside her hungry cunt! Miss Parsons then told Cheryl, "You are so lucky to have a boy friend with a cock that any other girl would die for, but no, you act as if he has the plague or something!" She looked up a Tommy and said, "Tommy, come over here and show Cheryl your penis, show her that it won't bite!!!" Tommy slid off Miss Williams, her cunt making a sucking sound when the thick prick popped out of it, and hopped over in front of Cheryl and Miss Parsons. "Now Cheryl," she went on, "look at how magnificent it looks, thick, veiny, huge head, and of course very long!!!" Cheryl didn't say anything, but inside of her panties she could feel her vaginal lips becoming wet with her juice, the sight of Tommy's pecker going in and out of the old woman had turned her on! She was brought back to reality when she heard Miss Parsons say, "Okay, Tommy, let's take off her clothes!" The next thing she knew, four hands were busily removing every last stitch of clothing from her body! Her young pert breasts sat high on her chest, seemingly defying gravity, also became a magnet for the mouth of Margaret Parsons as in just a second she had one of Cheryl's pretty nipples between her lips and was sucking on her gently!!! Cheryl was disgusted a having her chest attended to by another woman, but she sat there quiely and let the young teacher nurse on her hard nipple. By now Miss Williams had gotten off the desk and came over to the shell shocked girl and said, "Cheryl, have you ever eaten a vagina?" "No," replied Cheryl vigorously, "I haven't, and I won't!!!" "Oh yes my child, you will," soothed the old woman, "my vagina needs the tongue of a young girl to satisfy it, and you're just the one to do it!!" Miss Williams then leaned back against the desk with her legs spread wide apart, exposing her well fucked cunt, and said, "Margaret, Tommy, put her mouth on my crotch, I need another orgasm!"

"No, no," Cheryl said weakly, "I don't want to, don't make me, please don't make me!!!" Her incantations went for naught, however, because both Tommy and Miss Williams slid her over to the dripping hairy cunt of Miss Williams and forced her mouth into her hot crack! Cheryl began licking, tentatively at first, but soon she was feeding on the fat cunt as if it were the last food on earth! "That's very good my child," cooed Miss Williams, "take care of my vagina for me darling, make mama cum in your mouth!" The slim little blonde soon had the old teacher pulling her head hard to her slit, moaning loudly whenever the little cunt hit her hot clit. Cheryl's face was now covered with cunt juice, and when Miss Williams had her orgasm, she was flooded it with a lot more! "Now it's my turn," commented Miss Parsons, "I want your mouth to do me too!" Margaret Parsons lay back on the desk with her skirt pulled up to her waist and her vagina totally exposed for all to see! Cheryl, now more accustomed to pussy eating, didn't protest at all and buried her mouth on the puffy mound of the young teacher. Her own ass was sticking up high in the air, so she wasn't even aware of it when Tommy slid in behind her and got ready to take her from the rear! He carefully lined up his massive pecker, and when her little hole was in his sights, he plunged in deep and hard, her little twat protesting the invasion of the over sized monster! Cheryl let out a scream into Miss Parsons vagina, as Tommy pounded in and out of the little girl's pussy, battering it into submission! Not more than ten strokes into her, and Cheryl had cunt wrenching orgasm, the kind that can only come from a very large penis, the kind that Tommy had hanging heavily between his legs! Tommy was on cruise control now, not stopping for her orgasm, he kept on giving the little bitch his pecker until she had at least three more climaxes, on the final one he spewed his seed deep inside his little cunt girl friend's hot pussy!!!

When they were all done, their sexual organs completely spent, Miss Parsons asked Cheryl, "Now do you see what I meant when I said a cock to die for!?!" Cheryl hugged Tommy and answered, "He's just perfect, Miss Parsons, just perfect!!!"

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این کاربر در فروردین امسال برای همیشه از بین ما رفت.
من یکی از دوستان نه چندان نزدیک ایشان بودم و رمز عبور ایشان را در دفتر خاطراتش دیدم. اگر مایل بودید فاتحه ای نثار روحش کنید.
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Tommy stared out the class room window, his mind a thousand miles away from the from "Silas Marner", the seventh hour literature assignment for the day. His reverie was shattered by the sharp crack of Miss Parsons' voice, "Tommy, will you please pay attention, I know this isn't the easiest assignment, but please try to keep your mind on the subject at hand!!!" "Yes ma'am," he mumbled, while again turning his gaze to the blue cloud filled sky. Mercifully the bell ending the period rang, and twenty eight juniors shuffled out the door and off to their next class, all that is except Tommy, who was detained by Miss Parsons before he could make his escape. "Sit down please," she asked, while motioning to the seat in the front row, "now you haven't been yourself for over a week now, and I want to know if there is anything I can do to help you?" Tommy, now feeling more miserable than ever, just shrugged his shoulders and mumbled, "There's nothing anyone can do." "Well," she replied, "I want to see you in here after school and we'll see if we can get to the bottom of this, now off to your last period class!" Hurrying down the hall, Tommy thought, "Christ, that's all I need, meddling by a dumb teacher!" He barely made to his eighth period social studies class and thankfully, for the next fifty three minutes his mind was off his problem.

At exactly 3:45pm Tommy entered Miss Parsons' class room where he found her busily correcting some papers from the day's assignments. She had her head downand didn't realize he was there, so he cleared his throat, startling her a little, but she quickly regained her composure and said, "Good, I'm glad you made it, now maybe we can get to the bottom of this, please sit down," while she went over and closed the door. Returning to her desk, she sat down, leaned forward and asked, "Now, Tommy, tell me exactly what's been bothering you, your grades have slipped, and you're not paying any attention in class!" "Well, Miss Parsons, I uh, well, I don't know exactly where to, I mean......" "Now how am I going to help you if you don't tell me what your problem is," she asked, "so, let's get down to it, what is bothering you!?!" "Well, it's Cheryl, my girl friend, you know her right," he stammered? "Yes, I know her, she's a lovely girl, what does this have to do with her," asked Miss Parsons? "Well, she's afraid to, I mean, she wants to but when she saw it, well........" "Tell me, what is she so afraid of, Tommy," she demanded!?! "Well, we both want to do it, but she's afraid to," replied a red faced Tommy! Miss Parsons was now getting the picture and said, "Oh, I see, Cheryl thinks she's too young, and isn't ready for sex, am I right???" "Uh, no, not exactly," Tommy stammered on, "she wants to all right, but well, she thinks I'm too big for her!" Miss Parsons smiled at the embarrassed lad and replied, "That's understandable for a young girl Tommy, they're so inexperienced that the first time they're very afraid!" "It isn't that Miss Parsons, she says I'm freak, and no girl will ever let me, you know, do it with them," he almost cried! "Nonsense young man, I'm quite sure that you are a normal young man who is letting the ravings of an inexperienced young girl get the better of him," scolded Miss Parsons!!! He shook his head slowly back and forth, and replied, "I don't think so, she seems pretty sure about it!"

Now an exasperated Miss Parsons stood up and walked around to the front of her desk and stood directly in front of Tommy and said, "All right, Tommy, I'm going to prove to you once and for all that what Cheryl is giving you is nothing but a line of pure bunk, as an older woman I have on occasion had the opportunity to see the penises of many young men, and I can say for a fact, that they all looked pretty much the same to me, now to prove this too you, I want you to stand up and show me your penis, and that will be the end of it, I can quickly tell you if there is anything to what Cheryl has been telling you!!!" Tommy turned six shades of red and started to protest, but Miss Parsons quickly cut him off and ordered him to stand up! He stood up with his face looking at the floor, too ashamed to look his teacher in the eye, and began fumbling with his belt buckle. "Come on Tommy," she implored, "let's get this over with so you can go home, and I can go back to correcting my papers!"

Finally his jeans slipped down around his ankles leaving him standing there in his light blue boxer short while Miss Parsons was tapping her foot on the floor, obviously anxious for him to get his shorts down so that she could get back to work. Finally, not able to wait any longer she said, "My goodness, Tommy, let me do it for goodness sakes, we don't have all day here, and with both hands she reached out and with a hard tug jerked his shorts down by the elastic waist band. Even Tommy could tell from the look on her face that Cheryl was right, because her mouth was open and moving but no sound was coming out! The reason for Miss Parsons' muteness hung between the skinny thighs of the eighteen year old junior, a cock the size of which she had never seen, hanging semi hard, with a drop of precum hanging from the tip, she guessed that it was at least eight inches long, and it wasn't even full erect!!! Her vagina immediately began to cream at the sight of the massive maleness, while her mouth went dry, and her nipples grew hard inside of her lacy white bra. "See," he fairly wailed, "I can tell from the look on your face that Cheryl is right, no woman will ever let me touch her!!!" Partially regaining her numbed senses, Miss Parsons pulled her stare from the boy's crotch and looking him in the eye replied, "Oh no, Tommy, you have a beautiful penis, it is rather large, but most women would adore having their vaginas filled with such a huge erection!" "Oh, you're just saying that to make me feel better," he said sadly, "no one wants me, or ever will!!!" "Oh, Tommy, you're so wrong," she implored, "and just to prove it to you, I'll show you my own vagina to let you see how wet you've made it!" Lifting up her skirt, Miss Parsons pulled down her panty hose and panties in one motion, exposing a very hair pussy, its lips covered with cream from her obviously excited cunt. Just seeing the brown furred lips made Tommy's pecker snap to its full length of ten inches, with its circumference as thick as her wrist. Her head was now spinning, and her clit began to take control of her, which by now was throbbing, begging to be taken by the big stud prick! It didn't matter anymore who was the teacher or student, all she knew was that she had to have this thick cudgel in her mouth, and then in her weeping cunt. "May I touch it," she asked, with a hint of desperation in her voice?!? Tommy sensed right away that his big pecker held his teacher in its control, and that she would do almost anything to have it, so boldly he offered, "Touch it with your mouth, bitch, and be quick with it!!!" The rough talk coming from the young boy was music to Miss Parsons' ears!!! Down on her knees she went, taking the egg size head into her hungry mouth, letting her tongue roam all over its massive smoothness! In a matter of a few seconds Tommy's pecker lurched and then unloaded into the hot mouth of his bitch teacher, groaning loudly, she accepted his creamy gift with great appreciation!!! Tommy was in absolute heaven, when all at once the corridor door swung open and in strode Miss Williams, the old biddy math teacher from down the hall. She stopped in her tracks, almost as if electrocuted, at the sight of the young lit teacher on her knees with a gigantic erection in her mouth! "Uh oh," thought Tommy, "I'm in for it now!!!"

"Miss Parsons, just what do you think you're doing," intoned Miss Williams!?! "I'm sucking Tommy off, ma'am," replied Miss Parsons, pulling her mouth away from Tommy's meat just long enough to answer the old math teacher, while a Tommy couldn't believe it when instead of jumping to her feet, Miss Parsons calmly returned her warm mouth his pecker and resumed sucking it!!! "Well," retorted Miss Williams, "at least you should have the brains to lock the door!" "I know, but once I saw this magnificent erection, I just kinda lost my head and went down on it," replied Miss Parsons, see how beautiful it is, look at the head, smooth and soft, just like velvet!?!" "You're Tommy Parker, aren't you," asked Miss Williams, while staring at his fully erect organ? "Yes'm," he replied, still a little confused with the situation he found himself in. "Well, Tommy," asked Miss Williams, "have you ever stuck your erection into a woman's vagina?" "No ma'am, my girl friend is afraid to," he answered quickly. Miss Williams looked at Miss Parker and said, "Margaret, I want to be his first, is that okay with you?" The way she said it, was obvious that she was the boss, and Miss Parsons would do what ever the old woman wanted her to. "Yes, Melinda," answered Miss Parsons, "he's a very talented young man, I'm sure he will satisfy your every need!"

Tommy looked on with utter fascination as the older woman removed all of her clothing, the last thing being her bra, which encased two huge breasts with large rubbery nipples. Her body was out of shape compared to a younger woman, but Tommy had to admit that her full voluptuous curves were very erotic indeed! Miss Parsons cleaned off her desk and Melinda Williams lay down on her back with her legs spread wide apart, exposing a very hairy pussy that was once brunette, but now mostly gray. "Margaret, get me ready please," ordered Miss Williams, and an obedient Miss Parsons didn't say a word, but slid between the full fleshy thighs and began tonguing her colleague in her hairy crack! Tommy was now stroking his meat in time with the slurping sounds emanating from the wet cunt of the math teacher, and after several minutes of sucking, Melinda pushed Miss Parsons away and told Tommy to take her place between her legs. "Okay, Tommy," she said, "show mama what a big strong stud you are, and fuck her pussy hard!!" Miss Williams cunt fur was matted down from all the pussy juice, so her slit was clearly visible to his young eyes. He slowly worked the head of his cock into her cunt, adjusting his position so as to get the perfect angle for attack! When the head was just inside of her, she ordered, "Now Tommy, bury it in all the way, and hurt mama's little cunt with your big hard cock!" Tommy didn't need another invitation, and with one mighty thrust rammed his virgin rod deep into the old woman's dripping slit! "Oh my god, Margaret, he's so fucking huge, he's ripping me wide open," she groaned, while cupping and caressing her massive tits!!! Tommy had never felt anything quite so wonderful in his life! The inside of Miss Williams pussy was slick and smooth, and tight too, the combination of which in a matter of strokes caused him to release his load of cum deep into Miss Williams' hot vagina! "Oh, Margaret, you were so right, he is magnificent, long, hard, and very thick, the nicest fuck I've ever had," gushed a very satisfied Miss Williams! Miss Parsons leaned over and gave Miss Williams a deep kiss on the mouth and said, "I hope you enjoyed it, Melinda, I hope we can do it again soon!"

After everyone had dressed, Miss Williams pulled Tommy aside and said, "Young man, I think that you will need another session tomorrow after school, don't you!?!" "Yes ma'am," a very happy Tommy replied, "tomorrow will be fine!" "And Tommy," Miss Parsons added, "do you think you can pay attention in class tomorrow!?!" "Yes ma'am," he laughed, "I'll definitely pay attention tomorrow!!!"

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من یکی از دوستان نه چندان نزدیک ایشان بودم و رمز عبور ایشان را در دفتر خاطراتش دیدم. اگر مایل بودید فاتحه ای نثار روحش کنید.
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We all do it, masturbate that is, every day for some, once a month for others, but a recent poll said that 90% of all the women in the U.S. masturbate and the other 10% are liars! Now, being a very liberated lady of the 90's, I admit to having an on going love affair with the middle finger on my right hand, but unlike the very unpredictable male, my trusty middle digit is always ready, it's never tired, it never wants to talk when it's over, and best of all, it doesn't think of me as a slut, or at least I think it doesn't! I'm thirty two years old now but I still manage to get off with my own hand at least once or twice a week, that's fourteen years of pleasuring myself when I felt the need arising! What was strange about this very natural phenomena was how I learned to do it, or should I say who taught me how to do it. Back in 1980 I was just an innocent girl of eighteen and my sexuality was just beginning to emerge, like most girls my age, no one had ever taken the time to explain anything about the feelings that were racing through my body. The only person I could talk to was my best friend Nancy, and we told each other everything! You could just about be sure that if Nancy was around, Valerie couldn't be far away!

"Hey Val," Nancy whispered, "I found some of my dad's magazines in the basement last night, you gotta come over after school and see them, they show everything!!!" "Really," asked Val, "everything!?!" "Everything," Nancy shot back, "meet you at my place at about four o'clock, nobody's gonna be home then!" For the rest of the day Val thought about the magazines in Nancy's basement, finally she would get to see what all the fuss was about! So far she had heard some pretty wild stories, some of them totally unbelievable, well at least she hoped so, but anyway, today would be the day she found out for herself, she could hardly wait!!!

Leading Val down the narrow stairway into the dark forbidding basement, Nancy found the light switch, and the large room suddenly was flooded with bright light from the over head neon fixtures hanging from the ceiling. "Over here," instructed Nancy, "I found them behind this box of old National Geographics." Nancy reached over the box and retrieved three magazines, all of which had pictures of scantily clad women on the covers. Both girls sat down on an old couch up against the far wall and settled down for some serious "reading"!!! Opening the top one, Nancy said, "Get a load of this Val, they're really doin' it!" Val looked on with wide open eyes, the bright color pictures showing men and women in various stages of love making. She couldn't believe that something as large as a penis would ever fit in her tight little vagina, but from the looks of the photos, the women seemed to be more than enjoying themselves! Flipping the page, Nancy commented, "Get a load of this one Val, this one is sucking on his thing!!!" Val stared at the picture, what she had heard was more than true, women actually put hard penis's in their mouths!!! Unreal!!! The next page was even more bizarre, several women were sitting on the floor with their legs wide apart and sticking what could have almost passed as candles into their vaginas! Even though what she was seeing was shocking, especially to someone so young, Valerie couldn't help but feel the wetness forming in her own pussy, and the funny gnawing feeling she was getting in the pit of her stomach, and even though it looked repulsive, Valerie would have given anything to have been one of the women in the photographs! All the way home she thought about what it would feel like to have a man enter her vagina, her clit was sending out a signal that was impossible to ignore, she needed to be filled, she just had too!!!

The next day after school, Val wandered about the house, thinking about the pictures she had seen the day before at Nancy's place. That feeling in her loins hadn't disappeared, it had grown more insistent by the hour and she could feel that her vagina was damp, and that her lips were puffy and distended. She had the house to herself for at least the next hour so she decided to do something about it, she would try masturbating like the woman in the magazine, by sticking something inside her vagina! Val slipped off her panties, lay down on her bed, and spread her legs wide apart. Just feeling her vagina being stretched made her let out a soft moan, her whole being seemed to be wrapped up in her crotch! She hadn't given much thought on what to use, but the handle of her brush was nice and smooth, and it wasn't very thick, so it wouldn't cause any pain going in. Val used her finger to make sure that she was good and lubricated, and then she slowly inched the brush handle into her steaming little box. My god, it felt so good to have something inside of her, even if it was just that skinny little handle! Val was just starting to get into it when a voice cracked the air like a rifle shot, "Just what do you think you're doing, Valerie," her mother demanded, "I leave you home for a few hours and this is how you spend your time?!?"

Valerie quickly dislodged the handle from her pussy, leapt to her feet, smoothed her skirt and stuttered, "Well, I was just, I was just trying to....." "I know what you were trying to do," shot back her mom, "the question is, where did you get such an idea!?!" Valerie had never lied to her mother, and even though she wanted to, she broke down and told her about the magazines and all of the pictures depicting all sorts of sexual acts. Her mother, now calming down a bit, remembered how she as a young girl had also experimented with masturbation, and that it was almost impossible to resist its temptation! Her mother walked over to Val, put her arms around her and gave her a bit hug and said, "I'm sorry I got so excited, what you were doing was perfectly natural, but using something as sharp as a hair brush handle can be dangerous, and I don't want you to injure yourself!" She then kissed her daughter on the cheek and continued, "For that reason, and so that you know what you're doing, for this one time I'm going to show you the proper way to masturbate!" For several seconds Valerie just stood there, stunned at what she thought she had heard her mother just say! Nope, she had heard right, her mother began removing her clothing, and instructed her to do the same! Valerie's head was indeed spinning!!!

When they were both quite totally naked, Val's mom lay down on the bed and had her do the same, both mother and daughter side by side and naked on the bed! "Now, Val," her mother intoned, "I want you to pay attention to everything that I say, because this is the last time I want to have to show you this, got it!?!" "Yes, mom," answered a very nervous Valerie! "Okay then," her mom went on, "first a little history is in order, the women in our family are very sexually adept, and very easily aroused, and while sometimes it's a pain in the butt to have your vagina always in need, it also can be the most wonderful thing in the world!" "Your father is a wonderful man, and very talented in the love making department, but he's on the road at least three nights a week, so I still masturbate on the nights he's not a home." "You will also find out that once you start having orgasms, they are like the proverbial potato chip, you can't just have one, so some days your vagina will have to be taken care of two or three times, depending on how you feel!" "I'm telling you all of this, just so you'll know that it's okay to need and have orgasms often, so now as you can see, just from talking about sex, my nipples have become very hard, and I see that yours have too!" "When I'm masturbating, I usually like to start with my tits, because a good nipple twisting really gets your pussy wet and ready to go!" "By the way, from now on I am going to use street language to describe body parts as well as sexual acts, because in real life, men and women talk very dirty to each other in bed, okay?"

Valerie, nodded her head and her mother went on, "Look at how nice and plump our nipples have become, just twist them lightly and feel your clit twitch with each tug!" "Feel it!?!" "Yes," whispered Val, "I can really feel it!" "Well," her mother continued, "I knew you would, all of the Clark women have very sensitive nipples!" "Do you feel the dampness in your pussy," asked her mother, "you should be able to feel it getting very wet by now!" Valerie nodded yes, and her mother then offered, "Now take you finger and run it up and down your crack like this," while taking her own finger and sloshing it up and down her dripping cunt. "Good job, Val, how does that feel?" Valerie could barely make her mouth work, but she managed to stammer, "Real good, real good!" "That's my girl," her mom fairly beamed, "I guess we know now that your clit is working fine, but I think it's important to note that you keep playing with your tits with your free hand, because that just keeps stirring the pot in your pussy!" "Okay, that's good, twist them harder, yeah, that's right, do your clit a little harder!!!" Both of them were now breathing hard, their breaths coming in fits and bursts, coinciding with the spasms in their vaginas. "Now we get down to some serious stuff, work you finger in and out of your pussy, finger it hard, and then come back to your clit every now and then, t-that's good, Val," she stammered, "her own fingers flying over her wide open cunt, "I'm getting very close to cumming, how about you!!!" "Valerie having lost all of her inhibitions and was now furiously stroking her wet slit, answered in a thick sounding voice between deep breaths, "I'm close too, mom, jesus, I'm close!!!" Her mother continued with some lewd talk, how does it feel to spread your legs and expose your vagina?!?" "It makes me feel slutty," Valerie panted, "it makes me feel like I want everyone to see how hot I am!!!" "Good girl," her mother hissed, "just like all of the Clark women, total sluts in the bedroom, we know how to satisfy our men, don't we!?!" "Mom," begged Valerie, "do we put our men's penis's in our mouths and suck them!?!" "Mmmmmm," her mom moaned, "oh yes, all of the Clark women are born cocksuckers, we put their pricks in our mouths and let them cum, then we swallow all of it!!!" "Do you suck daddy," Val panted, now on the edge of her first climax?!? "Of course dear, your daddy has a lovely cock, it's very long and thick, and takes very good care of mommy's vagina!!!" "Do you think my vagina will be as hairy as yours is someday," Valerie asked, between gasps for air?!? "Of course darling, that's another thing we Clark women have in common, very hairy pussies, and we love having our men suck them!!!" "I-I-I"m cumming," stammered Valerie, her hand flying over her clit at the speed of light!!! "Me too," her mother screamed, "just thinking of a mouth on my pussy put me over the edge!!!" Both of them thrashed about the bed, twisting their nipples and fingering their hot cunts to orgasm, and when they were finished, Valerie rolled over and put her head on her mom's chest and took a nipple into her mouth and sucked it like a baby while her mother stroked her hair and cooed what a good little girl she was!

While they were dressing, Valerie had another question, "Mom, you said that this would be a one time lesson, but you forgot one thing?" "Oh," replied her mom, "and what may I ask was that!?!" "Well," Val offered, "you showed me how to masturbate using my fingers on my clit, but you never showed me about using something to fill my pussy!" Her mother thought for a second, and answered back, "You're right dear, we will have to have lesson number two!!!"

این کاربر در فروردین امسال برای همیشه از بین ما رفت.
من یکی از دوستان نه چندان نزدیک ایشان بودم و رمز عبور ایشان را در دفتر خاطراتش دیدم. اگر مایل بودید فاتحه ای نثار روحش کنید.
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Maureen O'Connell strolled leisurely down the pier, taking in all the sights and sounds that surrounded the departure of a luxury cruise ship. A native New Yorker, Mo had spent the last several days cruising South Beach and enjoying the Miami sun, and boy, this was living, the middle of February and the temperature had been hovering in the mid 70's! As Mo walked past her, the Molly Dee gleamed sparkling white against the azure blue Florida sky, all 790 feet of her! The brochure that her travel agent had given her didn't do the big liner justice, she looked absolutely fantastic! Mo had been planning this trip for over a year, and now that it was here, she could hardly believe it, so after lugging her suitcase on board, she was met by a the purser, a pretty young woman, who looked at her ticket, handed her a detailed map of the ship, and informed her where her cabin was located. "Two flights up," Mo mumbled out loud, while she rode the elevator to the promenade deck. Walking down a long corridor, she stopped at cabin 328 and tried her key, and after the tumblers moved smoothly, the door swung open and she was in her room. She was supposed to have a berth partner, but it looked like no one else had been in the room, so Mo selected the bed that stood under the porthole. She was gazing through the window when the door opened and a vivacious woman of about thirty breezed into the cabin. "Hi," the woman said, while dumping her luggage on the other bed, " my name's Veronica Stuart, but everyone calls me Ronnie!" Mo, extending her hand, introduced herself, and asked Ronnie if she cared about which bed wanted. "Nah, either one's fine with me, by the way," she went on, "did you get a load of the purser, what a knock out!!!" Mo nodded her head and added, "From what I've seen so far, all of the crew, including the captain are women, there won't be a single male on board for the whole cruise!" "Alllll---right," said and enthused Ronnie, "a whole boat full of lezzies, I can hardly wait!!!"

While indelicately put, what Ronnie had said was exactly true, this was a cruise that was put together for bi or lesbian women! There were to be no men on board at all, so that if the female guests wanted to, they could roam the ship entirely in the buff, and while overt acts of sex in public were discouraged, Mo had heard from other ladies who had previously taken the cruise, that on more than one occasion they had personally seen some serious pussy licking taking place at the pool! Mo was a pure lesbian, and at twenty five had had more than her share of lovers, but just the thought of being around four hundred like minded women, well, it kinda took your breath away! Ronnie was busily unpacking her bags and putting her clothing into the dresser, when she commented, "I hope I don't have to wear much of this stuff for the next seven days!!!" Mo laughed, and concurred with her high strung room mate, and went about the business of putting her own things away. After they had finished with their clothes, Mo offered, "Let's go down and watch the boat pull out of port, they say it's pretty exciting!" Ronnie looked at Mo, and said, "I have a better plan," while she stripped off her flimsy sun dress and exposing a very voluptuous body. Mo licked her lips, and slowly disrobed, her nipples hardening when they hit the air conditioned air of the cabin. "My, my," commented Ronnie, "what a sweet little body you have," while she absentmindedly reached down and began running her finger in and out of her by now soaking slit, "I just love seeing a woman naked for the first time, it's so much fun to see a fresh pussy, don't you think!?!" What Mo thought was that brazenness of Ronnie, and her natural openness were making her own vagina wet with desire!!! Ronnie had big tits, probably a d-cup, and Mo had always been a sucker for a big set of jugs, especially when they were attached to someone as pretty as Ronnie! Mo was naturally a fem, and took orders easily, and while Ronnie was obviously also a fem, she was much more aggressive than Mo and would take the dominate role in their relationship. Sensing this, Ronnies sat on the edge of the desk with her legs splayed wide open and said, "Come to mama and make her clitty feel good!!!"

Mo glided over to the desk and soon had her tongue pressed firmly against Ronnie's open vagina. "Okay baby," cooed Ronnie, "show mama what good a cunt lapper you can be!" Just hearing Ronnie using crude language drove Mo crazy, and she used her very experienced tongue to bring her red haired partner to a very hard orgasm, one that made her big tits bounce and sway when she had her climax. Ronnie pulled Mo to her feet and gave her a long deep French kiss, one which caused Mo's head to spin dizzily, as the red haired slut probed her mouth with her slithering tongue. Mo wondered what Ronnie had in store for her, when an instant later, she felt a finger flicking over the head of her tiny little love button, causing her to stiffen, and press her crotch forward in an attempt to get more pressure put on her aching slit. Ronnie pulled her lips away from Mo's mouth and offered, "Baby likes mama playing with her pussy, right!?!" "God, Ronnie," moaned Mo, "you do that so well, I'm really close, faster, faster!!!" Ronnie laughed a lyrical little laugh, but she wasn't in the mood to make Mo suffer, so she increased the pace of her fingering, and brought Mo to a shuddering orgasm as the young women went limp in her arms, leaning her face against the older woman's large chest. "I think that this is gonna be a great vacation, don't you," asked Ronnie!?!" Mo just nodded her head, and wobbled back to her bed where she flopped down to regain her composure until finally answering, "Yeah, it's gonna be great!!!"

The little interlude had lasted about thirty minutes, but in that time the ship had pulled out of the harbor and was out to sea. Ronnie and Mo took quick showers, slipped into fresh pairs of shorts and tee shirts, and then headed off to explore the Molly Dee. After getting into the elevator, they were a little surprised to find a beautiful blonde standing there in her birthday suit! She nodded hello, and then went about her business as if nothing was out of the ordinary! Ronnie and Mo waited until they got off on the main deck, and then exchanged excited comments about how unreal this cruise was going to be! "Let's check out the pool," suggested Mo, pointing out the location to Ronnie on the map Mo had brought along. The pool, was sight to behold, as nearly all of the women were either totally naked or toplesswith a majority of them under thirty with hard buffed bodies! Mo and Ronnie just stood there drinking in the sights while enjoying the cavorting of the young naked women when Ronnie asked soflly, "What do you say we join them!?!"

"Why not," replied Mo, while pulling her tight tee shirt over her head, exposing her pert pointy nippled boobs. In a flash both women were naked and in the pool, soaking up the sun and enjoying the company of their naked shipmates. Mo found out quickly that the etiquette of the day was introduce yourself, and then feel free to feel up your new acquaintance! Mo was approached by a large breasted dark haired girl who introduced herself as Maria, and after only two minutes or so of small talk, Maria casually reached out and began caressing Mo's chest and ass! Mo thought, "When in Rome.....," and returned the favor by cupping one of the fullest chests she had ever seen! Looking around to see how Ronnie was fairing, she saw that her room mate was over sitting on the edge of the pool while getting a good tit sucking from a twenty some year old brunette. Her attention was quickly drawn back to Maria, when she felt the brunette's finger find her clit and diddle her to a nice easy orgasm. Amazing, having an orgasm while surrounded by forty naked women in the middle of a swimming pool!

Mo left Maria and paddled over to where Ronnie was getting her tits done, and after sliding along side the brunette she said, "My friend just loves getting her pussy sucked, why don't you do her a favor and go down on her?!?" The brunette smiled, and then disappeared between Ronnie's wide open thighs. Mo could tell that contact had been made when Ronnie let her head roll back and a long slow groan gurgled from her throat while Mo asked softly, "Does, Mama want to have her boobs sucked too?!" "Please, yes please suck them," begged a now very excited Ronnie! The brunette was now burying her face in the red head's hot pussy while Mo took her left nipple between her teeth and nibbled on it roughly, causing Ronnie to hiss through gritted teeth, "Yes, yes, bite them harder, treat me like a fucking slut!!!" Hearing the red head beg for it, just made Mo and the brunette suck harder on her sex organs! Ronnie couldn't hold it back any longer as she let out a loud deep moan that was clearly audible all around the pool area, her orgasm being greeted with a round of applause and a lot of hooting and yelling! Ronnie sheepishly slid into the pool, her face flushed from the embarrassment of having cum so loudly in front of everyone, but in a few seconds, she was quickly forgotten, as everyone's attention shifted to a big titted blonde who was calmly fingering her pussy while sitting on the end of the diving board!

A few hours and several orgasms later, a tired Mo and Ronnie returned to their cabin, hoping to grab a little shut eye before dinner. They were barely inside, when a loud knock brought Mo to the door, it was the pretty blonde purser that had met them when coming aboard. "May I come in," she asked? "Sure," replied Mo, "come on in and make yourself at home!" "Thanks," she replied, "you probably wonder what I'm doing here?" Neither Mo or Ronnie spoke while waiting for the busty blonde to continue. "When you two came on board and I realized you were bunking together, and well, I just had to come down and introduce myself to you, my name is Andie, and while we aren't suppose to intermingle with the passengers, I could help myself, and decided to come up and meet myself , so if you want me to leave, I can go right now!" "No," answered Ronnie, "in fact, we both commented on how pretty you looked when we first met!" Ronnie, now again taking control of the situation, walked over to Andie and immediately started taking off her clothes as the prettyt blonde began breathing harder as the naked red head let her hands roam over her huge bare chest. "Do you like being naked in front of girls, Andie," asked Ronnie, while still kneading her big tits? "Oh yes," Andie whispered, "I love showing myself off to other women!" Do you think I have a nice body," she asked Ronnie? Ronnie looked over and Mo and asked, "What do ya think Mo, is it nice?!?" Mo gulped, and replied, "My god Ronnie, she's perfect!!!" "There's your answer, Andie," Ronnie said, "at least one vote for perfect, now, spread those legs so we can see your pussy!!!"

Ronnie put her hand on Andie's shoulder and made her lean over at the waist, exposing her vagina from the back, along with her round plump ass. "Mo," ordered Ronnie, "in the top drawer is a strap on dildo, get it, and put it on!" Mo opened the drawer and removed a huge black dildo and harness, and commented, "Ronnie, this thing must be ten inches long, are you sure you want me to use it on her?!?" Now a certain edginess came into Ronnie's voice and she replied, "Listen, slut, you do as you're told, now put it on!!!" Mo didn't say another word, and slipped the strap around her waist and adjusted the big pecker into its proper position. When Ronnie could see that she was ready, she had Mo line up the monster right on the puffy lips of the shaking blonde while asking, "Do you want it bitch this is your last chance to back out, otherwise, Mo's gonna fuck the shit out of you, understand?!?" "Yes," Andie replied meekly, "do it to me now, please!!!" "Okay, Mo," ordered Ronnie, "bury it in her fucking cunt, now!!!" Mo shrugged her shoulders and with one giant plunge buried the thick piece of black rubber deep into the little blonde's tight pussy, causing her to let out a loud scream as her hole was assaulted by the huge cock, her legs buckling as the big prick tore into her helpless vagina! The pain was excruciating, but when Mo had all ten inches inside the steaming little snatch, the first of several cunt jarring orgasms tore through Andie's crotch! "Sweet Jesus I'm cumming," she screamed, while Mo plowed her trough with the black marauder! "Fuck her harder," spat Ronnie, "who by now was fingering her own vagina at a feverish pace while as Mo continued to fuck her, Andie continued to have climaxes, each one seemingly harder the one before it! Ronnie couldn't take it anymore, so she got in front of Andie, and pulled her mouth to her dripping cunt! Andie's tongue snaked out and went directly to Ronnie's love button, which brought Ronnie a violent orgasm, probably about her sixth or seventh of the day!

After Andie had left, both girls had another shower and lay down to take a nap. Mo fell into a fitful sleep, with pictures of beautiful naked women dancing in her head! It was going to be a great vacation!!!

این کاربر در فروردین امسال برای همیشه از بین ما رفت.
من یکی از دوستان نه چندان نزدیک ایشان بودم و رمز عبور ایشان را در دفتر خاطراتش دیدم. اگر مایل بودید فاتحه ای نثار روحش کنید.
#17 | Posted: 18 Jul 2011 05:49
A Perfect Ass
--- با اجازه Avizoon2 ---

Kari was hot. Not playboy hot, but attractive nonetheless in a natural, wholesome kind of way. She wasn't one to dress up. In fact, she'd often come to class in nothing more than sweatpants and a t-shirt. If I was lucky though, she would wear shorts And I'd get a view of her perfect, well muscled legs. She never wore makeup, but her skin was always flawless. She had a deep tanned skin tone that was an indicator of her half-oriental background and drove me crazy. Her dark hair was often tied back in a ponytail, but usual just flowed freely down to her shoulders. I always wondered what it would be like to have those legs wrapped around me and often I would find myself staring at them for longer periods of time than I should have. I knew she had a boyfriend, however, and never made a move. I always figured that I wasn't her type anyway, so I was happy enough to remain friends. Until last Friday.

I was sitting in the crowded lecture theater waiting for class to begin, when Kari came in and sat down beside me. I turned to make some small talk, but after seeing the stern, angry look on her face I decided against it. As sweet as she could be, Kari had a bit of a temper, and I did not want to be on the losing end of that deal. I stared at her legs as she roughly pulled a book from her back pack. Her hair looked to be a little damp, so I figured she had just been at the gym and had taken a shower before class.

"Why are men such assholes?" She asked suddenly.

I smirked to myself.

"Trouble at home?" I asked, uninterested.

"That son of a bitch was out until 4am last night! And then he comes home all drunk and wants to fuck! Can you believe that?"

I looked around nervously. Kari's voice was rising every second.

"And I know he was out trying to get some!" she continued. "Then, when he can't find some slut skanky enough to sleep with him, he comes and wakes me up!"

I was a little uncomfortable with the subject and was having a hard time figuring out what to say.

"Why don't you break up with him?" I asked.

"It's not that simple." she replied.

I knew she was right. Kari and her boyfriend had a two year old son that I knew was the only reason keeping them together.

"Then why don't you go out and have a good time?" I suggested. "Just go out with some friends and blow off some steam."

"Yeah, maybe I should. In fact, I should go and pick up some guy at a bar and get laid! That would show that bastard!"

"Or you and I could just go find a room right now," I said with a exaggerated smile, hoping to lift her spirits with a little humor.

Kari turned and stared at me. For a second I thought I had done something terribly wrong. I was waiting for a slap across the face, when she replied.

"Let's do it."

My eyes widened and my heart skipped a beat.


"Let's go. Right now!"

Kari started packing up her books. I just sat there stunned.

"Hurry." she said. "I need to be back for the last half of class."

She got up and walked away. When she noticed that I wasn't following, she turned back.

"Are you coming?"

In a flash I was up and following her out the door.

As we made our way through the crowded hallway, I kept my eyes peeled for a place to go.

"In here." Kari said, motioning towards a bathroom. It was a single, so I knew we wouldn't be disturbed. She rushed me inside and closed the door, locking it behind her.

I walked up to her nervously. Our faces were just inches from each other. I could tell she was nervous as well.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked.

As a response, Kari leaned in and kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. She pulled back smiling.

"I'll take that as a yes." I said as I put my hands on her hips and pulled her back to me.

Our tongues fought with each other passionately, as Kari placed one hand on the back of my neck as her other hand struggled with the waist band of her shorts.

"Allow me." I said, as I slowly lowered myself down.

I hooked my fingers into her shorts and slowly began pulling them down her smooth sexy legs. as I did, I kissed her tanned skin trying to savor every moment. She kicked them away, and leaned back against the smooth tile wall as I went for her panties.

Slowly, I removed the garment, peeling it away from her firm, perfect ass and soon found myself staring at Kari's freshly shaved pussy. I gave her one last look, before finally going in.

I lightly touched my lips to her soft folds, eliciting a quiet moan from her mouth. I started kissing her pussy, as my tongue searched for her clit. When I zeroed in on her tiny fleshy button, I wrapped my lips around it and gently sucked. Her hands were going through my hair as I slipped a finger into her cunt.

Sliding my finger in and out, my tongue flicked at her clit as my other hand continued feeling up her leg. I wanted her so badly. I wanted all of her!

Removing my finger, I lifted one of Kari's legs up to the side, and pushed my tongue up into her tight wet pussy. She gasped and placed the leg over my shoulder pulling me deeper into her hot little hole. My nose was pressed up against her clit as my tongue massaged the inside of her pussy, writhing like a snake. I could feel her hole getting wetter and wetter, as her juices covered my mouth. I licked them up as best as I could before rising back to my feet.

As I came back up from my knees, Kari kissed me even more passionately than before, showing me that she had no problem tasting her own pussy.

"Turn around," I hissed.

I spun Kari around, taking her hands and placing them above her head on the cold tile wall, as I kissed her neck. I then dropped back to my knees.

Kari pushed her ass out towards me, as I kissed her firm ass. Gently I pulled her cheeks apart.

"Yes..." She moaned quietly, right before I touched my tongue to her sensitive little asshole.

The feeling of my warm, wet tongue on her ass caused Kari to curse with pleasure. My hands massaged her flesh as my tongue danced around her puckered hole, feeling every wrinkle. Feeling a little adventurous, I planted a deep kiss on her butthole trying to slide my tongue right up her ass. It was to no avail, however, as she was just too tight. I went back to licking her rim, as I slid two fingers into her pussy.

I couldn't believe that a few minutes ago Kari and I were nothing more than friends, and now here I was in a bathroom sticking my tongue up her ass!

"Oh, that feels good!" She hissed.

Slowly, I pulled my mouth from her ass, as I rose to my feet.

Kari looked into my eyes with a look of pure lust.

"So you're an ass man I take it?" She asked.

I nodded.

"Well maybe later I can drop by your place and you can put more than your tongue in there."


"Yes. Later. But as for right now, let me help you do something about this." she said patting the hard bulge in my pants.

She then pushed me up against the wall and with a devilish look, Kari lowered herself down to the floor as she started undoing my zipper. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I knew It was going to be a good day.

My dick jumped at Kari's warm touch as she fished it out of my pants. She sat there for a moment, stroking it softly before sliding it past her lips and into her mouth. Right away, she took me down to the root, soaking my entire shaft with her saliva and tickling my balls with her tongue. With my cock firmly embedded in her throat, she looked up at me with her deep brown eyes. I placed a hand behind her head, encouraging her to continue.

Slowly, she drew her head back, sliding her lips over my glistening wet shaft. When my dick popped free, Kari teased it by poking her nimble tongue into my dickhole, then running it around my crown. Her hand was stroking me slowly when she fed my cock back into her mouth. I could feel her tongue writhing around my shaft as she took me deeper and deeper. Her other hand gave my balls a gentle squeeze, as her head rocked right to left. I could see the indent my dick was making on the inside of her cheeks.

Drawing it back out, my dick formed a thin string of saliva connecting my cock head to Kari's tongue. She playfully sucked it back before bobbing back down on my dick. As she continued to suck me, her hand wandered from my balls back to my ass. Soon her fingertip was massaging my asshole as her mouth repeatedly swallowed up my cock. She then took her finger and soaked it with her mouth, getting it nice and wet, before putting back at my ass. Down her throat, went my dick, just as her little wet finger slid up my ass. I gasped in pleasure as she looked up at me with a naughty grin.

Kari started to suck me faster and faster, as she pushed her finger deeper into my ass. I did my best to relax, as she wiggled it back and forth while her mouth surrounded my dick. Kari started to moan around my cock as if the whole thing was getting her off. Her finger started working faster, fucking my ass as it clamped down around it. I could feel her inside me, massaging my prostate, trying to coax the cum from my balls.

Suddenly I tensed, and my ass constricted around Kari's finger, holding it firmly in place. My jumped and let loose a massive blast of cum right down her throat. She moaned even louder as her hand jerked at my cock, sending more of the hot cream into her waiting mouth. She gulped it down greedily, as if it was her only meal of the day, slowly withdrawing her finger from my ass. When my cock popped free from her mouth, it was clean and wet, as she had sucked back every drop of my cum.

Standing up, she went to the sink to clean off as I leaned against the wall staring at her beautiful ass. I wanted nothing more than to walk over there, bend her over and shove my tongue right back up her asshole, but I knew i would have to wait.

"Thanks,"Kari said, sliding her shorts back up her legs. "I needed that."

I pulled my pants up as well.

"So four o'clock sound good?" Kari said smiling.

"Four sounds great." I replied. Yes, it was going to be a good day.

* * * *

I sat waiting impatiently, staring at the clock. Every stroke of the second hand was agony, as I waited for Kari to arrive. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, and I jumped up from my seat. Before I could get to the door, Kari burst in walking right past me.

"Let's go," she said. "I don't have much time."

She made her way to the bedroom and opened up her back pack, taking out a small red plastic bottle and tossing it on the bed. I picked it up and looked at it. It was cherry flavored lubricant.

"I didn't know if you'd have any." Kari explained.

"Good thinking," I responded.

Kari was already undressing as I sat looking at the bottle.

"Let's go," she urged as she walked over and yanked my pants down to my ankles.

My shirt was next, as she pulled it from my body and pushed me onto my bed. she was wearing a tight blue sports bra, that soon came off as well. I was amazed at hoe perfect her tits were! I had always admired her legs, but her breast were to die for!

In a flash, Kari was on the bed crawling up my body. Our lips met, and she kissed me with even more passion that before. Our crotches were rubbing against each other, and I cold feel her firm tits pressing against my bare chest.

"Here." she said bluntly, pushing one of her breasts into my face.

I opened my mouth and sucked at her nipple as my hands reached around to grab at her ass. Kari put one arm around my head, holding me close as her other hand dropped down began to play with my cock. she wasn't wasting any time at all, which was just fine by me.

She then pulled her breast away and pushed my head back down to the bed. Reaching back, she started rubbing my engorged cock head over her wet slit. A few moments later, Kari lowered her body down onto my dick taking me right up to the hilt in her hot, wet pussy.

She was so warm and tight, I almost blew my load right there! Her perfect legs were straddling my hips, as she began to grind herself on my cock. Kari was looking right into my eyes. Her face was a mask of pure lust and intensity. I then realized that I was not fucking Kari. She was fucking me!

Up and down, her body rose and fell, building up speed with each consecutive thrust. I watched in pleasure as her wet cunt swallowed my cock repeatedly.

"Mmmm. I'm all wet." Kari said, reaching down to touch her pussy, as she slid down my dick.

Then, looking into my eyes, she brought her finger to her mouth and sucked it seductively. I placed my hands on her thighs and pushed my hips up to meet each one of her thrusts. she then replaced her finger, pushing it into her pussy, along with my cock. As she brought it out, I could see it was glistening with her love juices.

She lowered her body down to mine, and her fabulous tits were soon pressed against my bare chest once again. She flicked her tongue out, just touching my lips, before placing her wet finger at my mouth. I eagerly sucked it, savouring her taste. Kari then pulled her finger away and shoved her tongue into my mouth, as her hips began bucking with renewed passion.

"I want it now." she said. "I want it in my ass right now!"

Without another word, Kari pulled herself from my dick and snatched up the bottle of lube. Then, turning around, she dribbled a bit of the red liquid down her ass crack. Reaching back, she began to rub it all over, before sliding a finger up her own ass. When she was nice and ready, she positioned herself over my cock once again. This time she was facing away from me, and my dick was about to enter a different hole.

taking my cock into her hand, she lowered her ass down, nestling it around my the head. her hips wiggled and squirmed as it slid up her tight asshole. She pushed it in about half way, when she began gently bouncing her hips up and down. it was an amazing site. Kari's perfect ass was swallowing up my cock, inch by agonizingly slow inch. Her feet were both planted on the bed, so it was just her ass moving. Periodically she would reach down and fondle my balls, or play with her clit and soon she was taking me right up to the hilt in the vice-like grip of her asshole. I could feel her squeezing her sphincter around my cock as she fucked me with her butthole.

Kari then bottomed out, nestling her ass down against my hips, with my dick buried inside her. Reaching back, she pried her asscheeks apart, giving me a great view as she lifted her body upwards. I watched as her ass slid up my cock, before coming free. As soon as my dick popped out, her asshole clenched back up into a tight little rosebud. Then without saying a word, Kari moved backwards up my body bringing her ass right up to my face.

"Lick." she said.

I needed no further convincing, and immediately shoved my tongue up her ass. I could taste the strong flavor of the cherry lubricant, along with the faint taste of pussy as my tongue explored her freshly fucked butthole. I tongue fucked her small anal opening, licked the rim and planted kisses all over her ass before she scootched back into position and again swallowed up my cock with her greedy asshole.

She was fucking me harder now, taking far and deep with each thrust. Soon her body began to shudder and I knew she was having an orgasm. It must have been a wet one too, because I could feel her pussy juices running down onto my balls. I didn't know how much more I could take.

"Tell me when you're going to cum!" Kari moaned from atop my cock.

As if those were the magic words, I began to feel that all too familiar feeling.

"Now!" I groaned, just as the cum began to rise.

Quickly Kari pulled her asshole from around my spurting dick, and spun around taking it deep into her mouth. I reached down and grabbed her head as she sucked down every drop of jism from my now-sensitive cock. Even when i was completely spent, she remained sucking as if it was her last meal. I actually had to stop her, as my dick getting too sensitive to take it.

"Thanks," she said, wiping her mouth. "You're cum actually tastes pretty good. I had to try it again."

I breathed a heavy sigh of relaxation.

"You should fight with your boyfriend more often!" I joked.

Kari smiled and looked at me as she wiped up a small droplet of cum from her ass.

"Who says I need an excuse?" she said with a devious grin as she licked the cum from her finger.

The End

و گاهی آن یک نفر آنقدر نیست برای تو تا از فراوانی نبودنش خفه میشوی و زندگی را قی میکنی...
#18 | Posted: 18 Jul 2011 08:08
An Anal Introduction

Thomas picked me up at eight and we decided to go for a drive. It was a hot night; Thomas was just wearing a white shirt, which he had left unbuttoned, showing off the muscles in his chest, and a pair of shorts that stopped above his knee. His clothes weren't anything fabulous, but it never seemed to matter what he wore, he always looked fantastic to me. He had a great body; a nice hard stomach and big strong arms that he held me in every time we had sex. He could make me feel so safe and so dirty all at the same time; the sex between us was amazing.

We drove round for about an hour, checking everyone out along the way. It was something we both enjoyed to do. If either of us saw someone we thought was cute we'd point them out, then have a little discussion about what we'd do with them if we were lucky enough to ever be able to have a threesome with them. We were two very sexual people, so we worked well together. There had never been an occasion when one of us hadn't been in the mood. The only thing we disagreed about so far was anal sex. I'd told him from the start that it was never going to happen, and though he'd tried to talk me into it a couple of times, he'd finally seemed to accept that it wasn't for me.

I had been casually stroking him through his shorts the whole time he'd been driving, feeling myself get a little wet as he grew harder in my hand. Thomas loved when I touched him in a public place. I'd done it everywhere for him, the movies, a train, in nightclubs, and once, in the fruit and veg aisle of a supermarket. We'd managed that one by pretending we were examining the cucumbers. His favourite place for me to do it though was right here, in his car, him behind the wheel, and me in the passenger seat, reaching over and taking his limp cock in my palm and working him up to full hardness.

Thomas was now rock hard and I'd worked him up to the point where he was breathing heavily and he was finding it difficult to concentrate on the road in front of him. As soon as he saw a quiet lay-by he pulled over and turned off the ignition. He quickly pulled down his shorts and boxers, freeing his whole cock and his big, tight balls, and rested himself against the seat as I started to jerk him off furiously. It wasn't long before he started to erupt and a sticky white load ended up all over my hand and arm.

I licked as much as I could of Thomas' cum from my arm, savouring the sweet taste. Thomas had the best tasting cum ever and it always felt delicious on my tongue. Before I could finish it all myself, Thomas helped me out, by taking my fingers and sucking them into his mouth, greedily slurping on his own seed that he had spilled all over my hand. This turned me on so much that my pussy became even wetter and I knew that my panties were probably now soaked through.

After Thomas had calmed down from his orgasm, he looked over at me and asked me if I wanted to stretch my legs. I knew what that meant. He was in the mood for a quickie in the great outdoors. Public sex was a great turn on of mine, though I wasn't one of those people that would do it in front of a crowd, I just loved the idea that I was having sex in a place where it was possible to get caught.

I nodded at Thomas, and we both got out of the car. We walked over to the bushes at the side of the road, and being careful not to get scratched from the thorns, we made our way to our own little patch of sexual abandon. A place we had discovered only last week, on another of our drives, it was secure and private, but still close enough to the road that we felt the rush of air over our naked bodies each time a car went past.

As soon as we knew we were completely alone, I fell to my knees in front of Thomas, unzipping him, and pulling his shorts down to his ankles. I loved making him look vulnerable like that, his soft cock hanging to the side and his eyes begging me to do something with it. I never left him waiting for long.

I reached out for his little cock, knowing how quickly I could make it big and hard again, and getting excited by the thought of that, I took his cock with both hands and started to rub it. Even in its flaccid state it could still do things to me. I loved the feeling of the veins starting to pulse under my touch, and the way his cock turned slightly purple as it grew bigger and bigger between my hands. I loved the feeling of control that came over me as I handled Thomas' cock; it was the best aphrodisiac ever.

When I had Thomas hard to his full seven inches, I took him in my mouth. The first taste of cock always sent a shiver right through my body, setting all my nerves alight. Ever since I had first had a cock in my mouth at the age of 18, I had been like this. I was a cocksucker, I had tried to fight it, but it was true, there was nothing in the world that made me happier than giving head. Whenever I touched myself or fucked someone who I didn't find that attractive I would fantasise about having a hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth, the pre-cum trickling down my throat, and I would cum hard, soaking my fingers or some random guy's cock.

With those images running through my mind, I began to suck on Thomas' cock. He loved it when I swallowed him whole, making his cock wet and warm from my spit. I hated sucking a dry cock, I loved lubing it up with whatever I could, my spit, the guys spit, KY jelly, but of course the best lube was always pussy juice. Sucking on a hard cock that was slick with my own taste was incredibly hot.

Thomas was really enjoying this blowjob. He had his eyes closed tight and was biting on his lip, his hands on the back of my head, running through my hair. I could tell he was going to cum pretty soon, and I wanted him to start fucking me, so I sped up my sucking, letting him start to fuck my mouth. I could feel him in the back of my throat, his full hardness on my tongue, and his pre-cum starting to fill my mouth.

Just before he began to shoot his load, he pulled his cock from my mouth and slapped it gently against my face, making my now flushed cheeks sticky, and sending a deliciously slutty feeling twirling through my body. He hit me with his cock a couple more times before finally starting to erupt. His cum shot out thick and fast, going skyward for a split second, then hurtling back down and covering my waiting face.

Thomas collapsed on to the ground beside me, completely worn out after his orgasm. As he lay there panting, I pulled my top off and cleaned my face free of cum. I would look forward to wearing that again on the drive home, feeling the cum soaking through and touching my skin.

By now, I was incredibly horny and badly needed some sexual relief. I looked over at Thomas, just recovering from his blowjob, and raised my eyebrows at him suggestively. It was my turn now. Usually after I sucked Thomas off, as soon as he caught his breath, he would tell me to lie down, then he'd spread my legs and lick and nibble on my pussy. Tonight was no different.

Thomas crawled over to me on all fours, and proceeded to push my skirt up around my waist. He pushed me down until my back was flat on the ground and then pulled my bottom half towards him, separating my legs and bringing his face to my pussy. He pushed my lacy black thong to the side, too hungry for my wetness to bother taking it off fully. He ran his tongue over my clit briefly, then continued to slide it down my pussy lips and circle my opening, darting his firm tongue inside rapidly and consistently, until I screamed out loud from pleasure. Thomas was always great at licking me out, but this time he was outdoing himself. It was the best tongue lashing I had ever received.

I was already close to cumming after about a minute of Thomas working me over with his amazingly talented mouth when he stopped, pulling his head away and looking at me with a wicked glint in his eyes.

"How turned on are you right now, baby?" It seemed like a ridiculous question to me, there I was screaming louder than a cat in heat, and there he was with my pussy juice all over his face.

"I'm gonna cum soon, honey, make me cum." Thomas dutifully lowered his head again, but this time, after ripping off my thong, instead of running his tongue over my wet pussy, he brought his lips lower, and cupped my ass cheeks in his hands. He lifted me higher, so that now my ass was in his face, and without warning he started to lick my virgin ass hole.

"Thomas, what are you...?" I tried to protest and tell him what I'd told him a hundred times before, my ass was a no go area, but his tongue rolling over my most private of areas felt too good, and the words were quickly lost as Thomas continued to stroke my little rosebud with his hot, strong tongue.

The sensations that I was now feeling there, were unlike anything I'd ever felt before. I had been so close to cumming from Thomas licking and sucking on my pussy, but now that he had turned his attention to my ass, a new, overpowering orgasm was building momentum, and I now wanted Thomas to tongue fuck me until I came so hard the whole town would hear me.

Thomas was never one to disappoint. As I'd hoped, he slid his tongue over and over my ass until I started to open up for him, and gently, and unbelievably sensually, he inserted the tip of his tongue into an area I thought would never be explored. As Thomas' tongue probed deeper and deeper, I wondered why the hell I hadn't let him do this sooner. I couldn't believe how good it felt to have a man's face at my ass cheeks, and his tongue licking and kissing my previously untouched crevice.

It didn't take long for me to start to lose control, the insane pleasure I was now experiencing was too much for me to handle, and I started to cum. A wave of heat came over me, starting in my toes and reaching every nerve and cell in my body, making my skin tingle and my heart hammer hard in my chest, finally reaching its peak deep, deep in my pussy. I couldn't help but jerk my whole body as I came, Thomas still fucking me with his tongue. I cried out as the orgasm shuddered through me, and then, to my complete amazement, I started to really cry, the tears seeping from my eyes, running down my cheeks.

Thomas looked up in alarm, immediately taking me in his arms and apologising. "I'm sorry baby, I know you never really wanted me to do that, I just thought you'd enjoy it." He rocked me as he said this, believing me to have had a horrible experience because of his adventurousness.

Finally able to breathe again, I shook my head vigorously, "No, honey, no, that was amazing!" I managed to get the words out as I laughed at myself, feeling stupid now for crying, but the feelings had just been too great.

Thomas scrutinized my face, wondering whether I was telling the truth, maybe I'd really hated it but was trying to spare his feelings. To reassure him, I took his face in my hands and kissed him hard, meeting his tongue with mine, and tasting myself. This made me feel naughty all over again, my pussy starting to throb just at the thought of what I was going to ask him next.

"You want to try putting something a bit bigger than your tongue in there?" I whispered the question, nervous as to what his answer may be, a yes could prove to be a painful outcome, or an incredibly joyful one, whatever way it would turn out, I knew I was more than ready for the experience.

Thomas stared at me for a moment as if trying to make sure that the words that had just come out of my mouth had really been uttered. Then, wasting no time, or perhaps, just not wanting me to have a chance to change my mind, he gently manoeuvred my still shaky body to the position that he would need me to be to perform this slightly taboo act.

I was now in a familiar pose, on my hands and knees, legs open, underwear off, waiting for a hard cock to be slammed inside me, but this time that cock was going where no man had ever gone before, and I hoped that at least for awhile there would be no slamming. As enjoyable as I had found my first ass tongue fuck, my little tight hole might find it more difficult to accept getting fucked by a rock hard seven inch cock.

Thomas was right behind me, rubbing my ass cheeks softly with his hand, stroking himself back to full hardness. I suddenly remembered something very important about being fucked in the ass and asked, panicked slightly, "What the hell are you going to use to lube up that thing?"

I heard Thomas chuckle as he gave my ass a slap, then leaned in to me and whispered, "I'm going to use that sweet little pussy, baby." I knew I was still wet, I could feel my moistness on the tops of my thighs but I was still worried that Thomas would not be able to get his cock wet enough to be able to enter my ass hole. Remembering how his tongue inside me felt stopped me from calling an end to the whole thing and I forced myself to relax, taking deep breaths, and rubbing my clit to keep me ready for whatever might happen next.

Thomas started by dipping his finger inside my pussy, sliding it around, gently tipping off my wet walls, then withdrawing it, and sliding it over my now shut tight rosebud. With his careful caresses making me tingle, I began to really relax, and let myself start to enjoy these brand new sensations. Thomas began to gently probe my virgin ass, using the wetness from my pussy to soften my ass hole, while spanking me and telling me how much he was going to love fucking my tight little ass. The dirty talk only helped to turn me on even more, quickly destroying any reservations I was still holding on to.

Using his other hand, Thomas worked his magic touch on my clit, skimming it with two fingers, then dipping them into my pussy and back to my clit, pressing his fingers down on it, feeling it pulse, all the while rubbing my little rosebud. I could feel it react to his touch, feel myself get wetter. I began to moan, as he finally started to insert his finger into my tight ass, gently at first, knowing he had to break me in.

With each stroke of his finger in my ass, Thomas rubbed my clit, keeping up a rhythm, keeping me aroused so that I felt no pain, just a little friction, as he probed deeper into my virgin ass. My little hole responded positively, opening up for him, allowing him to insert another finger, making me gasp, then moan, the extra thickness now exploring me was delicious.

I knew what was coming next but I was still apprehensive. This was something I had never expected I would let happen, I was always adamant that my ass would remain out of bounds, now here I was at the side of a road, my skirt thrown up around my back, and a man with a large cock behind me ready to introduce me to anal sex.

True to his word, Thomas used my pussy to lube up his cock. He slid his fat cock into my wetness, and although he was about to fuck my ass, he couldn't help himself from giving me a few thrusts in my pussy, going right in to the hilt, while still rubbing my clit. I was as wet as I could possibly be, and Thomas removed his cock from my pussy, now dripping from my juices, and very slowly started to nudge my ass hole with the tip of his cock.

My ass hole had remained loose from his fingers, so when Thomas began to press the head of his cock inside, there was no pain, no need to tell him to get it the hell out of me. It was only when he decided to shove two inches of his thick cock into my extremely tight butt that I screeched with agony, shouting at him, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

Thomas didn't remove his cock, instead he held me in those big arms, and caressed my back with kisses, using the tip of his tongue to lick me up and down, an action that never failed to turn me on. I quickly calmed down again, almost forgetting about the throbbing cock that was now wedged into my ass hole, the pain from the encounter subsiding. I had no desire for Thomas to continue with this experiment, wishing for him to take his cock from my tender and now sore butt, and make it up to me by fucking my needy pussy.

Thomas had no intention of doing this however. He held his cock inside my ass, continuing to rub and touch me until amazingly, my ass started to relax and open up, letting Thomas slide another couple of inches inside with no resistance. Instead of feeling the pain of a few moments before, the movement of Thomas' cock brought a heat to me there, that I had never felt before in my pussy. It was a raw, almost animal feeling. Having a hard cock in my ass made me feel like a dirty cave woman and I liked it.

Thomas kept hold of me, and at no point did he stop his rubbing of my clit, as he began to move his cock in the most narrow of spaces. He fucked my ass slowly, so slowly at first that I could barely feel him moving, but as I grew slacker for him and my pussy juice began to run down my legs and over his balls, he started to give me longer and deeper strokes. With each stroke, my ass stretching became more and more pleasurable, the hotness I'd felt earlier, intensifying, growing to something that began to take my breath away.

It wasn't long before I was begging Thomas to give me more of his cock. I wanted to feel every hard inch inside my tightness, I wanted him to fuck me just like he would my pussy, and I pleaded with him to do it. Thomas didn't need to be asked twice, he grabbed my waist and brought my little ass down full force onto his cock, sliding me up and down fast and hard, butt fucking me as if he had been doing it forever.

With both of us reaching exhaustion, and turned on to an almost dangerous level, I knew that this adventure wasn't going to last much longer. I was going to cum soon, the magnificent feelings of a cock pounding in and out of my asshole too intense to be able to last a long time, building to a crescendo that I wanted Thomas to share. I wanted him to explode inside me like he had in my pussy countless times before, but even more this time. I wanted him to completely fill my virgin passageway with his hot load, and I wanted desperately to feel it slide back out of me and down my legs.

I could hear Thomas was close to cumming, his breath was becoming very short, and his moans and groans of bliss were getting louder and louder. I reached in between my legs, soaking my arm with pussy juice, and grabbed onto his balls. I squeezed and tugged at them, trying to match the rhythm of Thomas' cock slamming in and out of my ass.

As I started to moan louder, Thomas doubled his efforts, holding on to my hips as he drove his cock home, every thrust bringing me closer to the edge. He bent over slightly, nailing that last half inch of cock deep in my ass, and resumed his rubbing of my pussy. This was all I needed to start cumming. I lost all sense of awareness as the best orgasm of my life took over me. I'm sure I must have sound like some kind of wild animal as I screamed with unbridled pleasure. As my body began to buck and shake from the force of the convulsions thundering through me, Thomas couldn't hold on any longer and started to spurt his spunk inside my little ass, his cock gushing huge amounts of cum deep inside me. He held on to me so tight as he came, moaning my name over and over again as the last dribbles of cum seeped from his cock, and softening, he slid out of my ass, and for the second time that night, collapsed onto the ground. Shaking from my own climax, I lay down beside him, feeling a giddy thrill as Thomas' cum began to empty out of my now throbbing ass hole.

We lay there looking up at the stars for several minutes before either of us could work up the energy to say anything. "Fuck." , was all I could manage. Looking over at me and laughing Thomas panted back, "Fucking hell!"

We kissed each other deeply before gathering up our clothes and making our way back to the car. Turning the keys in the ignition, Thomas patted my knee, smiled ruefully and said, "We might have to get you a dildo for that pussy of yours, I think I found a new best friend tonight."

و گاهی آن یک نفر آنقدر نیست برای تو تا از فراوانی نبودنش خفه میشوی و زندگی را قی میکنی...
#19 | Posted: 18 Jul 2011 08:09
My Bottom and Me

Hello dear readers and fans. I decided to take a short break from writing The Hunger to work on something else that I have been planning for a while. This is a bit different for me. I have frequently said, when asked, that my stories are not truly autobiographical. Rather, they are based on real life experiences, but not necessarily in the context that they may be portrayed in the stories themselves. I have made no secret of the fact that those experiences may be thickly layered with what I call "embellishment." I suppose you could also call it creative license. What embellishment that may occur in this story is mostly just from filling in gaps in my memory of the events portrayed here or otherwise trying to make the story more readable.

This story is a break from that description of my stories. It is, for the most part, autobiographical. While I don't intend to post it as a "how to" story, there is a large degree of that in the story. The first part is going to be a little dry, as it gives historical background and perspective. Please bear with me through this. I promise it will get to the juicier parts. I hope you enjoy it, and as always, I do request your votes and comments.


My attitude towards anal sex is what I have referred to in the past as a love/hate relationship. Many of you that are familiar with my stories may be somewhat surprised by that because of the role that anal sex plays in many of my stories. I would explain that as being the result of my change in attitude over the years. Anal sex was not something I have always enjoyed. This story is intended to document and explain that change, and describe how it came about over the years.

I, like many women of my generation, based my attitude on anal sex on what I can only describe as traumatic early experiences. As I look back now, I recognize that these experiences were with mostly inept, insensitive, and inexperienced lovers. Mostly, they were young men that had no clue as to the techniques required for successfully making love to my rear passage. Many looked at a woman's ass as an alternative vagina. Furthermore, they were even less knowledgeable when it came to the female psychology of anal sex.

While I find it easy to blame these young men, I have also learned to assume some share of the responsibility as well. I guess you can say this is part of my maturation as a woman. I have learned to accept the fact that I allowed this to happen to me and that I was just as ignorant as my lovers. Of course, this was at a time before the internet and readily available printed materials on the subject, like those that exist today. Anal sex was like most other sexual activities, we simply learned by trial and error. However, in this case, the errors almost entirely overwhelmed the successes.

Over the years, I had discussed this with many other women and a few male lovers. What I learned was that I was not unique in this regard. Many women have shared their horror stories as well. Many were similar, and some even more traumatic than my own. The common thread that ran through them was the same inexperience and insensitivity that I have now learned to recognize.

Surprisingly, I discovered that porn, both written and video, had a large part to play in the attitude and approach that many men had towards anal eroticism. I can't really say that proper technique plays a large role in any depiction of anal sex in most porn genres, even today in a time that I like to think of as more sexually "enlightened." I still read stories here on Literotica, that, at their best, can be best described as "improbable," and at worst are simply scary.

I have posted in the Lit forum about the fact that I feel writers have an obligation to depict sexuality in a form that is accurate and believable. Often, while writing, I have put myself in the shoes of a young man or woman that are reading my stories, and felt the need to portray sex in a way that has some accuracy and educational content. For better or worse, our society lacks any effective form of sex education. Erotica, unfortunately, fills that void to some degree. I was shocked to see that many writers did not share this belief, and some that were plainly hostile to it. The response by other authors to my forum posts was filled with language such as "it's just a fantasy" and "the need to suspend disbelief."

I have a hard time with those concepts because I somehow doubt that many readers, especially the young and inexperienced, are able to differentiate "fantasy" and real life. I suppose that largely depends on how outlandish the fantasy. Sometimes a fantasy can go to such an extreme that even the most naïve reader can appreciate that this is not real life. The problem comes with stories that are more subtle with their "fantasy" aspects.

I won't go into my early anal sex history very much, other than to say it was painful and brief. The fact that my lovers during this period often thought that anal sex was something appropriate to "surprise me" with certainly didn't help. Anal sex, as I alluded to earlier, was lacking in lube, sensitivity, preparation, and skill by both my lovers and myself. These early experiences were when I was in college and my attitudes towards anal sex were largely dominated by concerns over pain, hygiene, and social taboos.

Many years passed during which anal sex was largely non-existent in my sex life. There was an occasional finger or tongue used to try to please me, but my conditioning had made me reject much more than that. For the most part, I didn't get much in the way of pleasure from these occasional forays. There were occasional lovers, both male and female, that attempted to go beyond these attempts but I always made it clear that my ass was a "no go zone" and simply not part of my sexual repertoire.

I suppose you could say that my attitude towards anal sex began to change after I met and began to live with Judy. My relationship with Judy was primarily as a roommate, and secondarily as occasional lovers. We were each other's "bootie call" friend during dry times in our love lives. Judy was, for lack of a better term, a vocal advocate and aficionado of anal sex. Anal sex, simply put, was her "thing." I can still recall frequent occasions spent lying in my bed listening to her through the thin walls of our apartment, as she encouraged her male lover, and occasional female lover, to even greater heights of anal eroticism. She was extremely vocal in this regard and needless to say, very uninhibited as well.

I do admit that listening to her was a huge turn on and usually left me masturbating in my bed as I listened to her and her lover. Even though my mind was having a hard time consciously accepting anal sex, my body, and sub-conscious mind, was not. Some of my most memorable self-induced orgasms were accompanied by the sounds and mental images of Judy's anal extravaganzas.

As time went on, and as I became more comfortable with her as a lover, her encouragement was expanded to include me. I discovered that she enjoyed nothing more than my lubed fingers (or dildo or vibe) buried in her ass and my tongue on her clit. This combination never failed to bring her to large, and sometimes several, body jolting orgasms.

Her love of anal sex was not simply limited to receiving. She was an enthusiastic giver as well. At first, my inhibitions were sufficient to limit her to the occasional use of a single finger or an occasional tongue in or on my bottom. I was always up tight about the whole cleanliness thing, even if she was not. Judy ultimately accepted my hang-ups and anal exploration was never more than a minor part of our foreplay or the build up towards what I thought of as "normal sex." Perhaps this fact was the reason why our relationship, if you can call it that, never progressed beyond that of "fuck buddies."

The topic of anal sex, and Judy's attitude and enjoyment of it, was eventually discussed during a pillow talk session after a particularly heated sexual encounter. My eyes were opened by this discussion, and for the first time, I started to re-consider my own attitudes. This was certainly not the first time I had discussed anal sex with another women, but it was the first time that I had met someone that didn't share my own negative impressions about it. Judy was, is nothing else, a huge advocate and cheerleader for the joys of anal sex.

First, I realized that the pain issue was something akin to a self-fulfilling prophecy. My early experiences had all be painful and as a result I was not able to relax enough for it to be anything other than painful. If I couldn't relax my anal sphincter, any attempt at penetration was going to be nothing short of rape. My mind simply would not allow my ass to do anything except tighten up in anticipation of what my mind was convinced was sure to be a painful experience.

Second, she explained that hygiene was not the major issue that I had thought it to be. She explained that the rectum was usually largely empty most of the time. Yes, there were some nasty germs there, but as long as a lover didn't switch back to your pussy after being in your ass, that wasn't really a big issue. Besides, you can always use a condom. She further described how she had started including enemas as part of her pre-date preparation and how much that had helped her overcome her own hygiene concerns. She even said that she had come to the point that she got some enjoyment from the ritual of cleaning her ass and preparing it for sex.

Lastly, she told me how she had had similar issues with the taboo nature of anal sex. She described how a wonderful lover had helped her overcome that and open herself to the possibilities for pleasure in that part of her body. She said she was eternally grateful to that lover for his assistance in her discovery process. Besides, she explained, anal sex was a lot more "main stream" now that a lot of women were allowing themselves to explore their sexuality.

That point really got me thinking. I had always prided myself on my ability to be open to sexual exploration and how in touch I was with my sexuality. I realized that to some degree, I had kept a firm lock on that possibility and there was some hypocrisy in my attitude. I eventually came to the conclusion that I had perhaps never really given anal sex a fair shake.

Unfortunately, my employer promoted me and transferred me out of state a few weeks after this conversation. I did get with Judy once more before I left and I allowed myself to open up to some limited anal exploration. Our discussion and some later follow up chats, were far from forgotten, and I often referred back to them in my mind. If nothing else, Judy was successful in that I was at least allowing myself to start considering the possibilities.

Anal eroticism slowly began to establish a foothold, at least to a limited degree, in my sex and fantasy life. When I say my sex life, I am primarily referring to a few exploratory experiences during my more enthusiastic masturbation sessions. It was definitely not something I was ready to share with a lover at that point. Besides, as a result of my re-location, I was out of the social scene for a while, and mostly celibate.

My lack of a social life was greatly exacerbated by the fact that my new position required a lot of business travel. The result of all this was that I had a lot of free time on my hands, much of it spent in a hotel room in towns I knew little about. I was never the type to become a hotel "lounge lizard" and was more likely to spend free time in my room with a bottle of wine and a good book or watching TV.

The lack of a social life had one immediate impact. I had always been a devotee of masturbation, even when I was in a relationship. However, it now became my sexual mainstay. Masturbation for me was always a long drawn out affair and I certainly had the time to devote to it. During this period, it developed into an art form. Much of my reading material was of an erotic nature. I rarely passed through an airport without picking up a copy of Penthouse Forum, Variations, or something similar. I had a couple of trusty vibrators that were part of my travel kit. Many evenings were spent reading erotic stories and bringing myself to wonderful, full body orgasms. Needless to say, I spent a lot of money on batteries during this period and spares were also part of my travel kit.

My job change forced me to start reconsidering a lot of aspects in my life, professionally and eventually personally. I spent a lot of the time in the hotels devoted to this reconsideration. I think this period was when I first became truly comfortable with my sexuality. A lot of that had to do with acceptance and finally flushing a lot of societal conventions from my brain. I had finally rid myself of a lot of the "good girl" notions about sexuality that my family and society in general had force fed me. I came away with an attitude that could be mainly described as "if it feels good, do it."

Anal sex was not left out of this sexual rejuvenation. I have always been what some may describe as a goal oriented, type A personality. Anal sex, or rather my exploration and eventual enjoyment of it, became one of those goals. I can even remember sitting in a hotel room, one stormy night in Tulsa, jotting down incremental goals and the steps needed to achieve them. Admittedly, I was honest enough with myself that I realized all these goals might not be necessarily achievable and the entire project may end in failure. However, I was not going to give up without a sincere effort. For several months afterwards, I referred to this as "the project" whenever I thought about it. The rest of that week was devoted to refining the plan. By the time I got home that weekend, I was ready to begin.

This was in the mid 90's and by then the early form of the web had taken shape. It certainly wasn't as expansive as it is now, but I decided to do some searches on the topic of anal sex and see what was available. Online porn was in its infancy and I found more than a little porn devoted to anal sex. I dismissed most of it and focused on sites that were more oriented to "how to" and tutorials. There was certainly not a lot, but enough that I got some good ideas and information from them.

With my background research complete, I made a trip to the drugstore for step two. I did so late at night at a 24-hour store so that no one I knew would see me, or at least I hoped so. I stocked up with a couple of different types of lube and enema products. I got some Fleet disposable enemas, as well as an enema/douche bag. I decided to try both and see which I preferred for both at home and when I was on the road. Lube was limited to KY and I seem to recall that Astroglide had just become available in drug stores, and I got both. I also got a box of condoms. Luckily, I got one of those clerks that didn't even notice what I was buying. She looked tired and half-asleep and my embarrassment was minimized.

Later that weekend I made a trip across town for my first visit to an adult bookstore. This was before the large adult megaplexs and online shopping was still very sparse. I had been told by a friend that this store was "the best." I didn't really know what to expect. The few vibrators that I owned had either been a gift from a lover or purchased at a lingerie store or in the "novelty" section of a store like Spenser's Gifts. I knew that neither a lingerie store, nor Spenser's was going to have the "specialty" products that I was looking for.

I'm not sure what my friend's opinion of what "best" implied, but I thought the place looked seedy. I can say that it did seem to be clean. I went early in the morning in the hope that the "perverts" wouldn't be there yet. Actually, it was almost empty. There was one couple in the main shop area with me and they were over looking at videos. I assume the rest of the few cars in the parking lot belonged to people that were in the back in the video booths.

I quickly found the toy section and spent a few minutes looking over the selection. There wasn't a lot, but enough that I found a few things that were along the lines of what I was searching for. I grabbed them and beat a hasty retreat from the store. The clerk seemed bored and other than asking me if I needed extra batteries, we had little in the way of conversation. I paid and was driving home within a few minutes.

The rest of the weekend was spent on errands, laundry, paying bills, and preparing for my next trip. I didn't have the time available to devote to the drawn out session I was planning and I decided to wait until the following week while I was on the road. I packed up all my supplies in the bottom of a small bag and covered them with toiletries.

I went into the office on Monday and worked until late. My flight was a late morning flight on Tuesday. I got in and out of the airport and through the rental car agency with no problems. By late afternoon I was settling into my hotel room and making phone calls to confirm my appointments for the week. I ordered a salad from room service and after I finished eating, I began to plan the rest of my evening.

I began by drawing a hot bath. I soaked for a while and shaved my pits, legs, and trimmed my pussy. I decided to try out the Fleets enema first and I retrieved it from the bottom of my overnight bag. I carefully read the directions and had to go retrieve the lube to apply to the applicator tip on the Fleets container. I did this while letting the Fleets warm in the sink that I had filled with hot water. Following the directions, I prepared a second Fleets for a final rinse while I was getting everything else ready.

When everything was ready, I got on my knees on the floor and tried to push the applicator into my ass. The lube didn't help because the tip kept sliding around. After a minute or so, I finally got it positioned correctly and started to slowly slide it in while forcing myself to relax. It felt odd, but not much different from a finger. It definitely wasn't entirely uncomfortable.

The flood of fluid that followed was definitely something I wasn't used to or prepared for and the feeling of liquid in my bowels was something I associated with something a lot less pleasant. I realized that association was largely mental, and not a physical reaction. I lay on the towel on the floor for several minutes, absorbing the feeling of the liquid seeping deeper into my colon and doing its job. Finally, I moved to the toilet and released the fluid. I then repeated the process with a fresh Fleet's for a final rinse.

Now that I was all clean and "fresh," I moved to the bedroom and prepared to continue my experiment. I had laid out a few toys and brought the bottle of lube with me from the bathroom. I put a towel over the bedding before climbing into bed.

For that first time, I limited myself to inserting first one, then later a second finger in my ass. While I generally found the sensation enjoyable, I noted a couple of things. First, my short arms made reaching my ass a little difficult and limited me to the positions I could be in. Second, the positions I was limited to made my other favorite masturbatory accompaniments, such as reading erotic stories, almost impossible. While it was a good first attempt, it had its limitations.

I quickly recognized that I needed to move on to small toys that would "extend" my reach. Having gained confidence in my ability to accept two fingers I next tried a small vibrator that was about the same diameter as my fingers. I made sure to wipe the lube off my fingers because the vibe didn't have a base that would prevent it from getting "lost" inside me. Besides, I was more interested in determining my ability to handle the girth of the toy than the depth.

و گاهی آن یک نفر آنقدر نیست برای تو تا از فراوانی نبودنش خفه میشوی و زندگی را قی میکنی...

#20 | Posted: 18 Jul 2011 08:30
Part 1

I live at home with my mom and sister. We lost my dad about 6 months ago to a car accident.
My sister is a year and a half older than me. We always got a long for short periods of time, but mostly we did our own thing.
My mom works during the day, so my sister and I are home a lot by ourselves.
Mom leaves the house about 8am every day and my sister rouses around 9 or so during the summer months.
My sister has always been the popular one. She's 5'5 about 120lbs with medium length brown hair and hazel eyes.
A lot of the guys seem to drool over her, though I never really paid attention that much. After all, she's my sister.
I did notice that she has a pretty solid build. She dances a lot and does the whole cheerleading thing.
She does have some of the largest tits on the squad as well.

I'm not what you would call a hunk. I'm more like a nerd. I'm 6 feet tall and weigh 150 pounds.
I have brown hair and blue eyes, though I do have 8" which I am pretty proud of.

Before my dad died I would work nights during the summer. Only 4 nights a week, but it was pretty tough on sleeping.
I usually got home around 4:30am and got to sleep about 5:30.
I've never really been a hard sleeper so I get woken up days by my sister taking a shower at 9am.
The bathroom is right next to my room, so I hear everything.

After my dad died, I had a real hard time sleeping. This was compounded by my working nights.
After about a week my mom noticed I was looking very tired and we talked about it.
She sent me to a shrink to "talk about things". What they decided was to let me use sleeping pills to help me sleep on the days that I worked and other days as needed.

The next morning after work I came home, popped a sleeping pill, took a shower and headed to bed.
I must say, I got a nice 7 hours of sleep.
I felt very refreshed and felt better about working in general.

After about 2 weeks I started to notice an unusual side effect of the sleeping pills.
I started to have very erotic dreams.
I swear they were wet dreams, except there wasn't the usual cum splattered in my shorts when I woke up.
Still every morning when I came home, I would take a pill, fall asleep and have some very wonderful dreams.
I swear I would even wake up in a haze to the pleasure of an orgasm and shooting out of my cock.
Then I would drift back to sleep. When I woke up, there wasn't any sign of my dream.
I even had a couple of dreams, or hazy dreams where I thought I saw a shadow figure in my room.

At first I thought this was just a wonderful side effect and thought about taking the sleeping pills more often.
After all, I get great sleep and a wonderful dream to boot.
But, I knew my mom would be pretty pissed if I took them all the time.

This continued on for about 2 weeks before I found out the truth.

A couple of mornings after I woke up I noticed that some of my cds were missing or rearranged when I woke up.
I immediately thought it was my sister coming in and taking things while I was asleep.
Though it was only on days when I took the sleeping pills. Maybe I was just being paranoid?
Or maybe she just knew she could take things while I was asleep.
I was a little pissed at the thought.
I confronted her about taking them, and she denied everything. Since I had no proof, I knew mom wouldn't believe me.
So, I decided to do a little detective work to find out.

The next time I had to work, I went and got our old video recorder.
I put it in my closet and put tape over the red LED that showed it was taping.
I aimed it to cover most of the room. It shot over the head of the bed to the corner where my CDs were.
Since I normally sleep for 6 to 7 hours I got an 8 hour tape and put it in and left for work.

When I got home that morning, I took my sleeping pill, took my shower, put on my boxers, turned on the recorder and climbed in to bed.

Soon I was sound asleep and again had another wonderfully erotic and orgasmic dream.

When I woke up, I went out to the kitchen to get something to drink and a little to eat.
I noticed I was a lone in the house. Mom was at work and my sister was probably out with her friends.
As I was finishing up I heard a click from my room and remembered that I had the video camera in my closet.

I went in to my room and there it was. The tape had finished and rewound itself.
I took it over and popped it in to the VCR connected to the TV in my room and hit play.

Of course my room came up and there I was sleeping away, kind of boring.
I hit fast forward and sat there watching me sleep. It took a while as I watched the timer on the VCR click away.
Then I saw a light and a figure enter my room. I hit play and watched. It was my mother. She walked over and gave me a kiss on my forehead then headed out the door. She must do that before heading to work. I resumed fast forwarding.
After fast forwarding about 3 hours worth of tape I hit Play so it would go slower while I went to the bathroom.

When the tape resumed regular play I could hear the shower running. It must have been my sister taking her morning shower.
When I got back from the bathroom I could hear my sister’s blow dryer going on the tape.

As I sat down on my bed the blow dryer stopped and it was just me sleeping again.

I grabbed the remote and was about ready to hit fast forward again when I noticed a light coming in to my room.
My door had just been opened.
OK, I said to myself. I am going to bust my sister for taking my stuff.

From the door I heard my sister "Hey bro, you awake?"
Of course I was asleep so there wasn't any response. I was lying on my back with my face facing away from the door.
That is probably why I didn't wake up. Then again I probably wouldn't have woken up even if I had faced the door.

Then I watched as my sister entered my room wearing only a towel.
OK, show me what you're taking now, bitch!
Only she didn't go over to my cds.

What happened next floored me.

My sister walked over and sat down on my bed next to me.
She pulled the covers down to my knees and slowly ran her hand along my leg.
"Time to get up little bro", she said with a lilt in her voice.

I watched as she ran her hand down my chest and over my stomach.
"What the fuc..?"
I couldn't believe what I was watching.

My sister’s hand continued down and over my crotch and looked like she gave my cock a nice squeeze.
Then I watched as she fished my cock out of fly in my boxers and gave it a couple of slow strokes.
"There you are", she said with a grin.

Did I ever wish the camera wasn't zoomed out so much?
I still couldn't believe I was watching my sister sitting on my bed in just a towel stroking my cock while I was passed out.

After a couple more strokes, my sister removed her towel.
I noticed my sister has some great tits, kind of big (38C) and very firm!
Then with one hand on my cock, she used her other hand to caress and rub her tits.
I couldn't believe it. I swear I was watching a porn movie.
Then my sister did something I still can't believe. She lowered her head down and licked my cock from base to tip.
I watched as my sister then slid my cock in to her mouth and proceeded to give me a blowjob.

My sister only sucked for a minute when she stood up and moved on to the lower part of my bed and crouched down.
From the camera angle I didn't get much of a view of her pussy, plus the quality wasn't that great either.
I watched as my sister lowered her head and started bobbing up and down. She had one hand following her mouth, stroking my cock.
Then I watched as moved her hand from my cock to the bed and moved her other hand between her legs.
I was in awe. My sister was masturbating while sucking my cock.
No wonder I was having such erotic dreams when I took the pills.

I watched my sister suck me for another 15 minutes before I saw me stirring a little and heard a slight grunt from me.
My sisters bobbed faster and then she stopped and brought her hand back up and stroked me. I could hear her moaning, mmmmmm.
I felt weak! Was I cumming in my sister’s mouth!
That could explain why there wasn't any cum in my shorts.

I watched my sister put her hand back between her legs and start to rub again.
My sister then took my cock out of her mouth and continued to slowly stroke it.
I could see her rubbing herself and watched as she started to jerk a little.
I watch as her face contorted and I heard her breathing get heavy, followed by a loud moan.
I had just watched my sister cum. Not only that, but she had came right after sucking me off.

She lay there for a minute and regained herself.
Then she got up, put my cock back in my boxers, covered me up, licked her fingers and walked out of the room.

Needless to say, I was speechless.
Also noticed that my cock was rock hard!

I watched the video over again while I jacked myself and came all over the place.

I was definitely sleeping through some major pleasure here. I just wasn't sure how to take advantage of it.

I just knew I wasn't going to take a sleeping pill after my next work night.
Then I had a thought.

I didn't have to work tomorrow (Thursday) night like normal. There was some work being done, so we were giving the night off.
Only I hadn't told my mom or sister about it. And now I wasn't going to.

I could hardly wait!

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub the unforgiven
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