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Sex Stories - داستانهای سکسی به زبان انگلیسی

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#21 | Posted: 18 Jul 2011 08:32
Part 2

Thursday night couldn't get here fast enough.
For the past 2 days things were normal at home. My sister acted like she normally did, just like nothing happened.
I however was looking at her in a whole new way.
She would walk by and I would just see her tits bouncing, thinking about how firm they were.
Or I would hear the shower running and all I could think of her rubbing her pussy.

Finally 7 o'clock came and I left the house.
Since I didn't have to be at work, I drove up to the mountains near our house and found a secluded place to park.
I set an alarm clock for 5am and did my best to sleep.
Of course, I kept thinking of what might be happening soon and it was difficult to get to sleep.
I thought of jacking off to help clear my head, but I wanted to save all my cum for my sisters throat.

I finally managed to drift off about midnight and the alarm came very quick.

I wiped the sleep from my eyes and drove home.

I got home a little later then I normally do, but still ran through my routine.
I skipped the sleeping pills and took my shower and headed to bed.

I fell asleep for a couple of hours when my mom came in and gave me a kiss good-bye.
I slipped out of bed and took a quick piss, then returned to my room and rested.

Sure enough, a little after 9 I hear the shower running and my mind started to race again.

I did my best to try to keep my erection down. After all, I didn't want her to think I was awake or something.

Finally the water turned off. It seemed like hours rolled by until I heard the blow dryer.
I tried to relax and practiced being a sleep with my eyes parted a little to be able to see.

I tried to lie like I had on the video when I heard the blow dryer stop.
My heart was pounding. I wonder if I would give myself away.

I waited and waited.

Finally my door opened. Through barely open eyes I could see my sister in her towel.
"Hey little bro, time to get up", she said as she entered.
She walked over just as she did before and pulled the covers down to my knees.

My sister sat there for a minute looking me over.
I was nervous that she might discover that I was awake.
Or that she'd hear my heart pounding, extra loud.

I saw her move her hand and felt it on my leg.
She slid it up a long my thigh and on to my crotch where she gave my balls a nice soft squeeze.
"Feeling a little full there little bro. Maybe I can help you with that?"

I kept my eyes barely open as I watched her pull my cock out of my boxers like before.
The feeling of her stroking me was great! I could feel myself getting harder and harder.
Of course, it would have been better if I didn't have to pretend to be asleep.

She stroked me a few more times then stood up and removed her towel.
I was at the perfect level to get an eye full of her nicely trimmed pussy.
There was a little strip of hair that led down to the top of her clit and the rest was shaved bare.

Oh how I wanted to reach out and slip my finger inside there. How I wanted to stick my tongue deep inside and taste it.
I fought to remain still as she straddled my lower legs on the bed.

She slowly stroked me with one hand while taking her other hand and rubbing her tits and nipples.
She rubbed one then the other and slowly her hand made its way to down her stomach to her pussy.
I watched as she gave herself a quick rub along her pussy then lowered her head and took me in to her mouth.

I was in heaven and agony at the same time.
Her sucking my cock was amazing! I wanted to moan and grab her head with my hands and, and, and.
I fought even harder now to control myself. I didn't want to give anything away.

I watched as my sister sucked my cock and fingered her pussy again.
Her head bobbed up and down and swirled a little. She took me deep and shallow.
I could feel her throat swallowing around me when she took me real deep and how hard she sucked when it was shallow.
It was incredible!
Watching first hand was much more intense than the video and I felt the boiling deep in my balls starting.

Then the pleasure trembled through my body and my cum rush to be released.
I gave a slight grunt and moan as I had heard from the video as my cum shot in to my sisters waiting mouth.
I felt more waves of pleasure as she sucked and stroked all the cum out of my balls and down her throat.
Then I got to witness first hand as she started her own orgasm.
She pulled my cock out of her mouth and held it in her hand.
She rubbed herself faster and faster, she bit her lip as it started and squeezed my cock hard as the orgasm went through her body.
I loved seeing her mouth clinch as she moaned and grunted.
When her orgasm subsided, she took her fingers and sucked her own juices.
Then she tucked my cock in and put the covers back on me and walked out the door.
"See ya next time" she commented as she left the room.

My head was spinning and my body was in great delight.
I slept for another 2 hours before getting up.

I knew I would have to find a way to do more with my sister. Maybe even fuck her.

And there might just be away.

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub the unforgiven
#22 | Posted: 18 Jul 2011 08:33
Part 3

It has been a week since I found out my sister has secretly been sucking me off while I am sleeping.
Unfortunately I need my sleep and had to take the sleeping pills again.
I still have the wonderful dreams, but I really want to be awake to enjoy it more.

When my sister was out with her friends I decided to put my plan in to action and see what happens.
I set up the camcorder in my closet again with a new tape.
Then, I took the original tape of my sister sucking me and did a little editing.
I put the tape on my sister’s bed with a note that said "Thanks" and left for work.

If things went as planned, my sister would come home and see the tape.
If she played it, which she would the first thing she'd see was sign that said "Next time, Fuck me!"
That would be followed by the video of her coming in to my room and sucking me.

I figured she'd either stop sucking me altogether or take it to the next level.

Work seemed to drag by that night. I was very anxious to see what happens at home.
I got home a little earlier, jumped in the shower and headed to bed, turning on the camcorder before I lay down.
I slept pretty good considering. It could be that it was darker outside.
I woke up to the sound of a hair dryer. My sister had already finished her shower.
Again my heart started to pound with anticipation.
Would she come in and fuck me?
Would she just suck me off again?
Would she stay away embarrassed?

I started to get more and more nervous as the time rolled on.
Finally the blow dryer shut off.
I would know in a few minutes.

Again I closed my eyes mostly and positioned myself on my side facing the door.
About a minute later the door opened and there stood my sister. She had her towel wrapped around her as always.
She stood there just looking around. I thought she might be having second thoughts.
Then she walked in and looked around the room again. She walked over to the closet and I'm sure she saw the camera.
I figured I was busted.

Then she turned around and came over to the bed and sat down like always.
Again she lowered the covers and rolled me on to my back.
I felt her hand running down my chest again and then something new.
My sister took both of her hands and lowered my boxers down to my knees as well.
I then felt her hand wrap around my cock and start to stroke it slowly.
"So, you want me to fuck you, huh?" came out of my sister’s mouth.

My ears were burning and I felt my cock engorged with excitement.

Through my squinted eyes I watched as my sister lowered her head and took me in to her warm and wanting mouth.

I relaxed a little as she sucked me in with her mouth, her hand slowly stroking me and playing with my balls.
I noticed she would occasionally look up at me, then over to the closet. I guess she was going to give me a nice show.
I didn't care anymore what she wanted to do. I would be just as happy blowing my load down her throat again.
I was rock hard and sliding in and out of her very talented mouth.
The she stopped and stood up. I figured she was going to crouch down on the bed again like she normally does.
I watched as she took off her towel. She rubbed her tits and let a hand slide down between her legs.
I watched as she rubbed her pussy only a couple of feet from my face. She took her finger out of her pussy and put it to her mouth.

I slowly looked up and realize that she was doing it all to the camera.
Oh what a movie I was going to have.

Next she climbed on bed, only higher then she has before.
I couldn't open my eyes very wide or move my head much without giving myself away but I could see the bottom of her tits and down to her pussy
"OK little bro, you want to fuck! Then so be it."

She grabbed my cock with her hand and pointed it straight up.
I watched as she lowered her pussy on to my shaft.
First she rubbed the head against her slit and I would feel how wet and slippery it was.
Then she positioned it at the entrance and let the head slip in a little and lowered herself on to me.
I heard her let out a gasp as she dropped down on to me.
I couldn't help but let out a soft moan as her warm and wet pussy enveloped my cock.
I had never felt such a wonderful feeling. Her pussy seemed to be alive. I could feel it gripping me and contracting around my shaft.

My sister slowly started to ride me. She first put her hands on the bed and raised and lowered herself on me.
I could see her beautiful tits inches from my face and so wanted to reach out and suck on her now erect nipples.
I looked down between her lush tits and watched her hips moving. All the while I could feel every inch of me sliding in and out of her.
Then she sat up strait and rocked her hips against me.
This gave me a great view of her pussy with my cock in her.
She put her hands on my chest to balance herself and I felt her nails digging in.
I could hear her moaning and crying out "Oh God yes, Oh Fuck yeah"! "Fuck me; fill me with your hard cock!" "God you feel so good!"
I knew I couldn't last long and I felt that sensation building.
I tried my hardest to hold back as I didn't want her to stop.
But I was no match for the pleasure her pussy was giving me.
It felt like a volcano had erupted inside of me.
The pleasure was better than any of her blowjobs.
I felt my cum shooting out with force and I let out a kind of loud moan. I guess she felt it too.
As my first spray cannoned in to her pussy her hands gripped my chest tighter and I felt her pussy clinch my cock like a vice.
She ground her pussy against my body as my second salvo shot in to her.
I heard a savage guttural moan come from my sister as I felt her body tremble against mine as she let out a loud cry of pleasure.
I shot a third batch of cum in to my sister and she continued to tremble and grind against me.

Finally she loosened her grip on my chest and she fell slowly forward.
She lay there on my chest panting.
I too was breathing a little hard as well. I strained to keep my eyes closed.
After a couple of minutes she rose off of me and removed me from her sweet pussy.
She climbed out of bed, bent down and gave me a kiss.
She then walked over, looked in to the camera and said, "Next time, let's do it when we're both awake", and walked out the door.

I opened my eyes with a big smile on my face.
It's going to be a lot of fun around the house from now on.

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub the unforgiven
#23 | Posted: 18 Jul 2011 08:34
The Darkroom

Sometimes when I think back on things I still can't believe it all happened.
Here is a little background. My sister is a year older than me. She's always been miss popular, cheerleader, etc. She's pretty hot too. 5' 6, brown hair and eyes about 115 lbs with a nice 36D chest. Ok, so I looked at her bra one day. As for me, I'm taller 6'1 short brown hair, blue eyes and about 145. For that reason, I played basketball in high school, which is how all this started.

Since we were close in age and active in extracurricular activities in school we wound up at most of the same parties. There been several occasions where we have both wound up drunk on someone’s floor for the night. This also led to the loss of my virginity at one of these parties, but that's a whole other story.

During one of these parties my junior year of high school is when all the 'fun' really started.
Normally my sister Sara and I drive there together, since we have to share a car. We had been at the party for about 2 hours and had a couple of beers. There was another party happening over at Steve’s house across town, so some of the kids left, leaving about 17 of us hanging out and talking trash. Not a bad mix 8 girls and 9 guys. Most of the girls are pretty cute. There were a couple on the heavier side, but plenty of others to talk with and hit on.
About 11pm, a couple of the girls started talking about games they used to play when they were younger, spin the bottle, 7 minutes in heaven, post office, etc.
One of the girls Kim, suggested that we should all play 7 minutes in heaven, to which most groaned and opted to voice how much of a childish game that was. So Kim, being her wondrous self added that we change things up a little to make it more 'advanced'.
That pretty much got everyone’s attention.
It seems that Kim's mom was an avid photography buff and had her own dark room in the basement. She suggested that we change it to 15 minutes of real heaven with a few changes. Instead of just sending in two people for 15 minutes to do whatever they wanted, she proposed that the guys all write down things they wanted to do, from kissing, to sucking or even fucking. Then the girls would draw one of the suggestions from a bowl and would have to enter the dark room and fulfill what is written. In return the girls would do the same and the guys would have to follow through. There was a little embarrassment running through the group but a lot of nodding of heads.
A couple of the girls said they would be embarrassed to pick a guy out to do things with, so we needed a way to make it 'fair'.
It seems Kim had this all thought through. She decided that the girls would go up stairs to one of the bedrooms and the guys would hang out in the family room. The guys would send a guy with a slip of paper to the dark room and then call up to the girls and they would send one down.
Since the dark room has a double door arrangement to keep out light, the room would be totally dark, that way neither would know who the other was. After they were finished, the girl would leave. Once the guy heard them walk up the stairs, they would come out and they would continue with the next one.
Sounded simple, right?
A couple of beers later, everyone was pretty much up for it. So, the girls went up stairs and the guys hung out.
We all looked at each other and waited for a volunteer. My buddy Jason said he would go for it and pulled a slip of paper out from our bowl.
"Crap, it just says Make Out".
But, down he went. Once he had gone we yelled up to let the girls know they can send one. We heard someone come down the stairs and go to the basement.
The rest of us guys joked around and waited. After about 10 minutes we heard the girl come upstairs and Jason came back too.
He had a pretty big smile on his face.
He explained that she came in and he told her his said to make out. Hers said "Jack you off". So, they made out and she jacked him off. I guess there's a girl running around with something on her shirt.
We heard some giggles from upstairs and some chatter, so we opted for the next person to go.
Tim was quick to jump on the band wagon. He pulled a slip that said "Eat Pussy". So, with a grin, he went to wait.
Again we called and one of the girls went to join him.
After his turn, he came back kind of disappointed.
He explained that hers only said fondle each other. He felt her up and realized it was either Tina or Fay, one of the two 'big' girls. But, following the rules he did his best to eat what he could.
Scott volunteered next and with a big grin pull out his slip. Lucky him, it read "Fuck".
After he had left and his partner had gone to join him, the beer was running its way through me, so I went to take a piss.
While I was walking back to the family room I walked by the stairs and could hear the girls talking upstairs. They were giggling and talking about what happened and how it was. I started to go back to the living room when I heard something that would really changed things.
One of the girls said, "OK Sara, it's your turn now."
My sister was going to be the next one to go.
My head was swimming with ideas. The thought of my sister going in to a darkened room and sucking or fucking somebody had more than just my mind reacting. Images of my sister in her cheerleading uniform and her bikini ran through my mind causing a little bit of a stir below. Maybe the beer had a little something to do with it, but I knew what I wanted to do.
Oddly enough, after 12 minutes Scott came back up. Seems hers said Make out. So after some heaving kissing, the 'fucking' didn't last more than a couple of minutes.
Oh well, he "got his", as he liked to put it.
Our star forward was moving toward the bowl next, so I shot up and said, "I'll go next". I think everyone was a little surprised at my outburst, but no one objected.
I reached in to the bowl and held my breath as I opened it. There were a few things I would have loved to pull out, mine said "Finger pussy".
Not exactly what I had in mind, but now my brain was racing with the thought, "I'm about to finger my sister's pussy".
I descended the stairs and walked to the dark room. I almost didn't believe this was real. After entering the first door I stopped. I cracked the door open a little to see.
I heard someone coming down the steps and my heart started to pound faster. I could see the stairs from the door and my stomach did a flip when I saw my sister coming down the stairs. I hadn't really noticed before but she had sexy toned legs sticking out of her denim miniskirt. The top she wore clung to her chest, making them appear to stick out even bigger then I had imagined.
So many things were running through my head that I almost forgot that I wasn't actually in the dark room and she was already at the bottom of the stairs.
I quickly went through the second door and in to complete darkness. The dark room isn't very big, about 6 feet wide by 8 feet long. The only thing in the dark room is an enlarger on a table on one wall and some cabinets and a sink on the other. Not like you can really get lost.
I heard the outer door open and close then the inner door open.
The soft sweet voice of my sister questioned. I didn't want to say too much, so I cleared my throat to let her know someone was there.
"So, what'cha got?" Her voice was full of excitement.
Trying my best to disguise my voice I said "Finger your pussy".
All I heard back was, "Mmmm, and mine says Suck".
I nearly fell back and came in my pants at the words.
This really can't be happening I tried to tell myself, but as she drew closer, I knew something was about to happen.
I put my hands out to find her and felt my hand brush up against her shirt, form the firmness about it I knew it had to be her chest.
"Hey now", she said, "That's not what you are supposed to be fingering."
With that she took her hand and led mine down to her skirt.
I moved my hand between her thighs, feeling the soft flesh of her legs. I felt her skirt rise as she lifted it up to give me access to fulfill my part of the task.
I slid my hand up and let my finger find softness of her panties. I slowly let my finger slide along her cloth covered slit, feeling the heat and moisture increasing.
I felt her hands on my chest and heard her breathing get deeper.
I moved my hands and pulled her panties down to give me access for the rest of my task.
I slid my hand down her stomach, feeling her nicely trimmed pubic patch.
I slipped my finger along her now wet slit and slowly rubbed. Her breathing quickened.
She gasped as I slid my finger in to her tight pussy.
Slowly I worked my finger in and out of the wet slit. I heard her moaning louder now.
I used my thumb to rub along her clit as my fingers when in and out of her.
Her breathing quickened and I could feel her nails digging at my chest.
Then I felt her thighs squeeze together trapping my hand. It felt as if she was holding her breath and with a large moan let it all out.
My mind was spinning at the possibility that I had just made my sister cum.
After a minute she regained herself and panted "That was great, but now it's your turn."
In all that time, I had forgotten her end of the deal.
I was quickly reminded of it when I felt her hand opening the button to my pants and my zipper being pulled down.
I felt the cool air as she lowered my pants to my knees.
I could feel her kneel down and a cool hand wrap around my steal hard 8 inches.
My mind was reeling at the thought. "This is a dream", I told myself, until I felt the warm wetness of her mouth wrap around my shaft.
I let out a groan of pleasure and I swear I felt her smile.
Slowly she stroked me as she held me in her mouth. I could feel her tongue swirling around the head, teasing it.
I lowered my hands to her head and let my fingers wrap in her hair.
Gently she started to suck me in to her mouth, deeper and deeper.
I was in heaven...
I felt myself sliding in and out of her warm soft mouth. Her pulling me in and the suction as I slid out.
I felt her hands start to fondle my balls, which were building for an eruption.
My mind was in a fog. I so wanted to turn on the light and see my sweet older sister sucking on my cock.
I used my hands to guide her faster and faster. I felt her take me deep in to her throat and when she made a swallowing motion I could feel suck a pleasure I knew I wouldn't last much more.
I wanted to hold out and enjoy this pleasure as long as I could, but the images in my head of my sister sucking me and the mastery my sister was using sent me over the edge.
I barely had time to let out a loud groan before I felt the cum explode from within me.
I swear it felt like gallons of cum shot from me, spurt after spurt. I had never cum this much while masturbating, or even with my ex-girlfriend.
I felt weak in the knees as I felt all 5 spurts shoot in to my sister’s mouth. Wait? In to her mouth? In all the pleasure I was feeling, it dawned on me that my sister hadn't stopped sucking. She was still sucking, coaxing every last drop of cum from my balls. That's something my ex never would have done.
Not only had my sister just sucked my cock, but she had swallowed all of my hot juices.
I couldn't believe what had just happened.
Once my cock when partially limp, my sister stood up I'm guessing fixed herself and grabbed my shirt.
She pulled me to her and kissed me on the lips.
"Thanks", she said softly, "that was yummy".
I heard the door open and close, then the second door do the same.
Still in a daze about the whole situation, I fumbled to pull my pants up and get myself together.
I finally got upstairs and we relayed my experience, denying that I knew who it was.
The rest of the guys took their turn, except for Joe who had a girlfriend. All came back with their stories and grins.
After the 'game' we all came back down for a little bit. We all stood around with a couple more drinks and talking some.
I think I heard a couple of girls talking with Joe about the order the girls went in and trying to see what order we all went in.
I know the 'game' was a lot of the conversation.
About 2:30am most of us were ready to head home, my sister included.
She asked if I would drive home, and I agreed.
When we got in the car she put her hand on my thigh and gave a nice squeeze.
"That was a fun game, don't you think little bro?”
"Sure, sis, lots of fun!"
With that she leaned a little closer to me, gave me a wink and said, "I hope we can do more of that again."
Did she know it was me? Did someone tell her?
The answer to that is another story.

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub the unforgiven
#24 | Posted: 18 Jul 2011 08:36
My first time

It was summer and I was 13. For a couple of months I had begun to realize something. My body had been changing a lot lately. I had gotten my period this past year and that's when my boobs really started to grow. My bras were 32B and they were too small. The bikini I had to wear was too small as well but my mother had not taken me to get a new one yet. I had worn it to the waterpark and to some friends houses. What I had begun to notice was how boys, or should I say men too, looked at me.

I was standing in front of a mirror in my room in my suit. I was slender with a flat stomach. I looked at my ass and noticed it too had begun to fill out. I had a little bubble butt. My boobs looked a little out of place with the rest of my body. In this top they were spilling out the sides some and I had a pronounced cleavage. I knew I would probably have to get at least a 34C. I was going over to a friends house today to swim. I had been over there recently and had noticed how her father was a little nervous around me and when he was outside with us I would catch him staring at me.

I went to the kitchen to find my mom or dad to take me over to my friends house. My brother was in there getting a drink. He was 4 years older then me. He didn't say a word as I walked in the room. I saw his eyes go up and down my body. He looked at my boobs the most. He had been doing this a lot lately. He had been giving me quite a few hugs lately and I knew it was so he could feel my boobs. My dad walked into the room and took one look at me and just shook his head. I asked him if he could drive me, but before he could answer my brother said he could. My dad made me put a tshirt on before we left and he told my mom to please take me shopping to get a swimsuit that fits.

As we drove to my friend's house I saw that my brother was stealing little looks at me. He made the comment that I had grown a lot in the past year and I knew he didn't mean my height. He asked me if boys in school were trying to get me to hook up and stuff. I just smiled and said some. I told him that the boys were always trying to hug me and I knew all they wanted was to feel my boobs. He swallowed hard at that. I said some were even bold enough to fake like they bumped into me and would grab them. He didn't say much after that and dropped me off. I told him I would call him later to come pick me up.

I had fun at my friends house as we enjoyed the pool. Her boobs were much smaller then mine and she was on the skinny side. Her dad sat in a lounge chair on the patio with sunglasses on reading a magazine. I was pretty sure he was trying not to be too obvious about staring at my boobs. Once I noticed the magazine was upside down and I was about to say something to him when he quickly got up and went inside. That happened right after I had jumped off the diving board and when I came up to the surface one of my boobs had popped out of my top. My friend noticed and pointed and laughed. I giggled and tucked it back in my barely there top.

It was getting late and I called my brother to come pick me up. I thanked my friend for inviting me and on purpose I gave her dad a hug so he could feel how big my 13 yr old boobs were. I hopped in the car and my brother drove us home. I hadn't put the tshirt back on. He kept looking at my cleavage and the side swell of my boob that wasn't cover by the top. I stretched a couple of time making sure he got a good show. I was teasing him of course. It did make me a little excited knowing that my friend's dad and now my brother were looking at me in that way.

I took a shower and mom had fixed dinner. We watched some movie then I went to bed. It was always warm in my room so I didn't wear much to bed. I had a little tank top on and panties, that’s it. All I had on my bed was a sheet and that was thrown back most of the night. I had just started to drift off to sleep when I heard something. My brothers room and mine were connected by a bathroom. Someone had come into my room from there. They stood next to my bed for a moment then laid down next to me. It was my brother.

I turned my head and asked him what the hell he was doing. He told me to be quiet, that he just couldn't help it anymore. He whispered to me that after this afternoon seeing me in that swimsuit he had made a decision. He said he just had to feel my boobs for himself first hand. He said he would be gentle and asked me if he could touch them just for a minute. My heart was pounding and I had to swallow before I could talk. I was very nervous and told him it was OK and he could touch them but just for a minute. We were in a spooning position on my bed and I felt his left arm reach over me and he took my left breast in his hand. I felt the heat of his hand through the thin fabric of my top. He gently squeezed my soft breast and I closed my eyes.

He whispered to me that he couldn't believe how big they had gotten. He said I was bigger then most of the girls in his class. Having my breast in his hand felt great but then he let go of it. I thought he might be done and I was a little disappointed, but he wasn't. He moved his hand down and slipped it under my top. His hand moved back to my naked breast and he grabbed it again. This was a lot better then before. Feeling his skin on my skin was electric. Soon his fingers found my nipple. It was rock hard and he pinched and pulled on it. I think I might have even moaned a little at that. He made sure that both my left and right boob got attention, squeezing the round fleshy globes and pulling on my big nipples. I had told him for only a minute but now I didn't want him to stop, but he did. He kissed me on the cheek and said thanks and then left my room going back to his.

I was breathing hard and now I would have a heck of a time going to sleep. One of my hands made its way down to my panties and went in them. I was very wet and my fingers found my swollen clit. I had been masturbating more often lately and it didn't take long for me to make myself cum. I shook with my orgasm thinking about my brothers hands on my breasts. Relaxed now I rolled over and went to sleep. I wondered if that was a one time encounter or if he would do it again.

The next day I was a little nervous. I wasn't feeling guilty, but brothers weren't supposed to feel their sisters naked boobs, were they? I smiled at him and he smiled at me when I saw him in the kitchen. My mom and dad were in there and I knew my dad would kill my brother if he knew our little secret. If we were going to continue our play we would have to be careful not to get caught. Later that night I tried to stay calm and not look like I was excited about going to bed. As I lay there I slowed my breathing and waited. I thought he wasn't going to visit me when finally the door to the bathroom opened and he walked in my room. He crawled into bed with me again. He whispered that he had to make sure mom and dad were asleep before coming in here. I just nodded and then I took off my sleep top. I was on my back and he had full access to my boobs. He started to squeeze them and pulled on the nipples. Then he did something I didn't expect. He leaned down and he took one of my 13 yr old nipples into his mouth.

His mouth was hot and wet and he flicked his tongue on my nipple. He slurped and sucked on it then did the same to the other one. He played with my boobs like this for maybe 30 min then gave me a kiss and left. Having him suck on my nipples felt so good. I pulled on them myself with one hand while the other played with my pussy and clit. I came again like the night before. I was so happy my brother had decided to continue our nightly play. And continue it he did, almost every night for the rest of the summer.

After a few weeks of boob play one night while he was sucking on a nipple I felt his hand on my stomach. It slowly moved lowered until it reached the edge of my panties. He hesitated just for a moment then slowly slid his hand under the waistband continued down until his fingers touched the lips of my pussy. I wanted him to touch me the same way I touched myself. This was a big step beyond just playing with his sister's boobies. He let go of my nipple just long enough to ask me if I wanted him to go further. I just nodded my head. His fingers parted my lips and he could tell how wet I was. He used his middle finger to trace my tight opening. He slowly pushed it inside me but stopped when he felt an obstruction. I was still very much a virgin. He pulled his finger out and moved it up to my clit. Like my boobs it was big for my age. It was sticking out of it's little hood and he played with it as he rubbed my pussy. That sent me over the edge and for the first time I came from another person's efforts. My brother's efforts.

After I finished and relaxed he kissed me and left. Knowing that he had actually touched my pussy and had given me an orgasm raised our game to a higher level. It felt much more taboo now and that much bigger of a secret. I kept praying that our parents didn't have a clue about our nightly activity. I wanted it to continue and though I didn't think about it I probably knew where it was heading.

It had been a couple of weeks since he had started playing with my pussy. I had started going to bed naked because it gave him easier access to me. I was waiting for him in bed like usual one night. He came into my room and climbed in with me. I rolled toward him to give him a hug. I liked him to hold my naked body close. We had started french kissing as well. He told me I was getting very good at that. Our tongues would dance in each others mouths and it just added to the passion. As he pulled me close I immediately knew he was nude as well. Up to this point he usually wore a tshirt and/or at least his boxers. Tonight my brother was as naked as I was.

I felt the warmth of his naked body press against mine. He had something in mind and I wasn't sure what. Summer was almost over and school would be starting soon. I would also be 14 soon. I knew his cock got hard when he played with me. I had never seen it and of course never touched it. Now it was between us and I could feel it swelling. He had his hands on my ass pulling me close and I did the same to him. We were kissing and my boobs were pressed into his chest. I could feel his fingers go between my ass cheeks seeking out my pussy. His cock was super hard now and from what I could tell it was huge. I had never touched a cock and had only seen a couple of them by accident. Some of my friends had played with boys and from what they had told me about how big they were my brother's dwarfed all of them.

He broke our kiss as he played with my pussy. He was breathing hard and asked me to do something for him. I said OK and he asked me if I would hold his cock in my hands. He said only if I wanted too but he sure would like it if I did. I nodded and asked him to show me how. He rolled over on his back and I sat up some. Even though the room was dark I could still see some and for the first time I got a good look at his now fully erect cock. It was laying on his stomach and almost reached his belly button. It was as big around as my arm. I was just staring at it in awe when he took my hand and placed it on it. It was hot and it throbbed. The skin was so soft yet hard beneath the surface. It felt alive and not like anything I had felt before. I slowly ran my hand up the length of it until I reached the head. That part was very swollen and big. I touched the tip of it where he peed and felt a hot slick discharge coming out of it.

His cock was much too big for just one of my hands so I used both of them to play with it. He showed me how he liked it to be stroked. As I did what I was told he continued to play with my pussy. I played with his cock for maybe 30 min and I heard him groan. He said that he was going to cum soon. I knew what that meant and though I had never seen it my friends had told me about it. His cock would shoot his cum out of the end of it. Now that he was this close to actually doing that I wanted to see it. I stroked it a little faster and he closed his eyes. I had both of my hands wrapped around it going up and down when I felt it jerk. I wasn't sure what would happen, maybe a few drops. A huge rope of cum shot out the end of it into my hair. I didn't let go of it as another large blast hit the headboard. There was so much of it I was in shock. I wasn't sure if it would ever end as his poured out his load. It was all over both of us.

I was speechless and just sat there. He was breathing hard and then opened his eyes and looked at us. He laughed and took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. We got some wet washcloths and cleaned up. Even when soft his cock was amazing. It hung down like an elephants trunk. So every night after that was playtime. I would get my boobs and pussy attended to and he would get his cock worshiped. He taught me how to kiss it and the suck it. He warned me when he was about to cum. I tried my best to take it in my mouth but there was a lot of it. I liked the taste and swallowed his thick load. He tasted my pussy and I loved it. His tongue drove me wild. I would cum hard and he licked up my juice. He said I tasted so sweet and yummy.

It was October by now and I had turned 14. My brother was 18 and a senior in High School. I was in 8th grade and as I walked down the halls I smiled knowing what I was doing and the fact that nobody had a clue about it or who I was doing it with. My parents were clueless though my mom had asked me about the state of my sheets a couple of times. My brother and I always tried to clean up but I guess sometimes we missed a spot. She didn't press the issue though and we figured she didn't suspect anything.

We had become very familiar with each others bodies. I enjoyed our secret affair and loved giving my brother pleasure and of course getting pleasure from him. This had all started a few months ago with him just wanting to feel my boobs. We were in my bed once again and I had his hard cock in my hand. He was kissing me while he played with my nipples. He took his cock out of my hand and began to rub the head across my pussy lips. We had been doing this for a couple of days. It felt really good. He broke our kiss and told me he needed to ask me something. He asked me if I felt weird about doing any of this with my brother. I told him at first I might have felt some guilt but now I loved doing this with my brother. He smiled and said that even though I was his little sister that he loved being with me and always made sure I was comfortable doing any of this. I kissed him ad smiled at that. Then he asked me to do something that made my heart skip. He said he loved me stroking and sucking his cock, but he needed something else. He wanted to try and just put the head of it inside my pussy.

I bit my lower lip thinking about that big thing going in me. I told him I would try it but I wasn't sure if it would work because of its size. He said all we could do is try and it would make him so happy. I wanted to know that if just the head went in would I still be a virgin? He said yes that as long as my maidenhead wasn't broken I would be. I had just told him we could try that so I guess I was committed to the idea. I knew of different positions but I wasn't sure how to go about this. He said that probably the best was was for me to get on top of him and straddle his cock. That way I could go at my own pace and stop if it hurt. He would hold his shaft at the right angle. I looked at it and shook my head and laughed. How on earth was this going in?

I had gotten super wet talking about this. I told him to go check on mom and dad to make sure they were asleep. He got out of bed and opened my door to the hall. He disappeared for a moment and then came back. He said he heard them snoring. He climbed back in bed and onto his back. I climbed on top of him and looked down between my breasts at his hard cock.. I guess the time was now to try this. I got up on my knees as he picked up his heavy fat cock and lined it up. I rocked back a little and felt it touch my pussy. I stopped then to get some courage. He rubbed it back and forth getting the head wet from my juice. He told me it was OK just to go slow.

I could feel the big head right at my entrance. If we actually got that in that was all of his cock that could fit with out tearing me. I held my breath as I pressed down. Here I was just 14 and I was trying to get my 18 yr old brothers cock head in me. The big spongy head started to stretch me. I felt some progress and now there was nothing more that I wanted but to get that thing in me. I had to stop for a minute then press again. I was carefully using my weight to help. He told me I was doing great and there was just a little more to go. My stomach muscles tightened as I pressed one more time. I felt the big ridge move past my tight entrance and it was in. I couldn't believe it. I had gotten my brothers big cock head inside my pussy. I just held still feeling very full. I could tell it was pressed tightly against my cherry. Technically I was still a virgin.

We both were breathing hard and looking at each other. We were connected now even if it was just the head of his cock in me. He asked me if I loved him and trusted him. I said of course I do. He said he loved me too and didn't want to hurt me but he wasn't able to keep from doing this. I wasn't quite sure what he meant. His hands were on my hips. I was poised above him with just his big cock head inside me. It was pressed up against my cherry. Suddenly I knew what he meant. I was about to say no when he pushed down on my hips. The head of his cock pressed into my maidenhead and it tore. The force of that drove half his shaft up inside me. I opened my mouth but no sound came out.

I was no longer a virgin. I started to cry but not because of that. It was because it really hurt. I was sobbing as he held me close his cock still firmly inserted in me. He said he was sorry, but that he promised it would feel so much better soon. My brother had taken my virginity and I was OK with that. I hoped he was right about the feeling good part but right now it was till stinging. He rolled me over still inside me so he was on top. He started taking slow easy strokes. I gritted my teeth as his cock reached farther inside me. He was trying to be as gentle as he could given the state of my pussy. He said it was super tight and hot in there. I could feel the heat building from the friction between us.

He pushed a little harder and I felt him hit bottom in me. He had reached my end but there was still more cock to go. This was my first fuck and my brother was right, it was feeling better. I was till sore but it was a good soreness. He said he wasn't going to last much longer. I thought about what that meant and where he was going to cum. Was he going to cum inside my pussy? That was something I had not thought about up to right now. This was my first time and I decided that’s were I wanted it. He was stroking a little faster now and I put my hands on his ass pushing him into me, telling him I wanted it. Without saying a word he drove in deep and hard and I felt his cock erupt inside me. It was like we both lost control. He was cumming in me and I was 14 and not using any protection. I started cumming as well as he finished dumping his load in me.

Slowly my brother withdrew his semi soft cock from my abused pussy. I winced a little as it popped out. I knew my sheets must be a mess but I didn't care. We held each other close and fell asleep. We were two lovers and also brother and sister. Everything had changed with that act. When I woke up he had gone back to his bed sometime during the night. I stripped my sheets off and got them in the washer before my mom could see them. We had a secret before but now we had the ultimate secret between a brother and a sister. He had taken my virginity. We had sexual intercourse and nothing could change that.

For the next 2 years we fucked all the time. Somehow I didn't get pregnant even though I was not on the pill and he never used a condom. I had learned about my cycle in health class and I always knew when it was risky. He graduated from high school and went to a technical college. When he graduated from there after 2 years he got a job offer from a company in another state. It was about 200 miles away. We talked about it and I told him he need to accept the offer. It was something he had worked hard for and he needed to try it. I was still in high school and living at home. He could come and visit and I would visit him there. I was going to miss him and the sex but we would still get together. He knew I was right and he moved away.

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub the unforgiven
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My Fantasy - Fucking Katie
Chapter 1

I first met Katie through email. She sent me a note telling me how much she loved one of my stories here on xnxx. I emailed back telling her I appreciated her comments and that I was working on part 2. Well, she emailed back and I emailed back and pretty soon we were email buddies. I was disappointed when I learned that she lived on the West Coast—I live in North Carolina. When she told me she was eighteen I figured I was much too old for her at 66, but she said no. She preferred older men and she had already had sex with a man in his 50’s as well as several in their 30’s. So we started emailing several times a day. Mostly our messages were about sex. She wanted to know--what are my favorite positions, how often do I have sex, do I masturbate (silly question), have I ever cheated on my wife? She volunteered a lot about herself—she is very sexual, tight and usually extremely wet. She also said she loved sex and would do absolutely anything.

After about a week we agreed to talk on the phone. I called her on my cell so there would be no record of the call (I have a prepaid). “Hi,” I said, “How are you?”

“Sad, it’s raining here and it’s dark and gloomy.”

“I think I can take care of that. Are you right or left handed?”

“Um…right for most things.”

“Good, put the phone in your left hand. Are you alone?

“Yes, I’m the only one home.”

“Good, now put a finger on your slit. Good… nice and wet, isn’t it? Now stick a finger into your pussy. Put it in all the way. Now in and out, faster and faster… take it out and taste it. You love it, don’t you?”

“Y…yes,” she gulped.

“Can you put two fingers in.”

“No, I’m too tight and too sensitive.”

“OK, now, rub your clit…not too hard. Just tease it…very, very lightly. Getting hot, aren’t you? I am…I’m stroking my big cock. It’s so hard and so hot. I’m jerking it off just thinking about you.”

I could tell she was getting really hot. Her breathing was shallow and irregular. She was moaning in ecstasy. I encouraged her and walked her through three orgasms in less than 45 minutes. Later that night I imagined I was fucking her and jerked off, squeezing my cock really tightly to simulate her tight cunt. When I came I felt such total relief.

We shared everything and I encouraged her to find someone who would care for her, as well as someone who would fuck her regularly to satisfy her considerable sexual needs. I never thought we would meet because of my marriage and the distance between us. I was wrong.

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub the unforgiven
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My Fantasy - Fucking Katie
Chapter 2

My wife and I usually travel together but one evening she asked about going on a cruise with her two girlfriends. I told her I wouldn’t feel comfortable as the only man among three women. That’s when she told me I wasn’t invited. This was a girls-only affair. I thought about it for a while then I told her,”Ok, go ahead, but while you’re away I think I’m going to take a little trip, too.”

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“I think I’d like to tour the West Coast, starting in Washington and maybe driving down to California, or, maybe not.” She looked at me like I was kind of crazy, but I told her, “If you’re going away, so am I. Fair is fair.” That’s how I got to visit Katie.

I flew to a nearby city and rented a car. Katie lives in a really small town so I took a motel room in a nearby city. We met at the local mall. We looked at each other and fell together like long lost lovers, which I guess we were. We hugged for several minutes. I suggested we go to my car, but she had a better idea. We went to her car where she retrieved a small suitcase. Katie was staying over. We walked hand in hand to my car. Once there we couldn’t help ourselves. We fell together in the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced. Katie’s tongue was all over mine and her hand went right up the leg of my shorts where she found my bulging cock. I had to stop her. I didn’t want to cum now and ruin the night ahead of us.

The drive to my motel was charged with sexual energy. We could barely keep our eyes off each other, to say nothing of our hands. Only my fear of an accident and the resultant police report stopped us from groping each other during the twenty mile ride. I stopped just in front of my room. We walked in, carrying her bag. I took a moment to close the drapes and then I couldn’t wait any longer. We kissed again passionately, with our hands exploring each other. She removed my shirt, scratched my back and sucked on my nipple. I was in heaven. It was all I could do to stop her so I could disrobe her, dropping her clothes into a pile on the floor. Soon we were in our underwear, my hard cock peeking over the elastic band of my boxers, her nipples pressing against her 38DD bra. Both were off in an instant and we clung to each other thrilled at last by the sensation of our flesh on flesh contact. I let Katie fall onto the bed. I knelt before her and spread her legs. I licked her from her ass forward to her clit. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. It was all I could do to slurp it up. Katie moaned in appreciation as I stuck my tongue into her cunt and fucked her with it. She gripped my head and pulled it closer in an attempt to force my tongue deeper into her. She threw her head back in ecstasy. “I want to suck you,” she could barely get the words out. I pushed her back, swinging around to 69. I pulled her on top of me so we could attack each other’s sex with our mouths. She took my cock—normally about seven inches, but today, in my hyper excited state, closer to eight, all the way into her throat. She licked my shaft as I nibbled on her clit. We were both so hot! I couldn’t believe the feelings running through my body. I only hoped Katie was experiencing as much as I was. Suddenly, Katie jumped up and reversed. “I want you in me.” I reached for a condom but Katie beat me to it. She ripped the wrapper and slowly unrolled it around my dick. “You know I’m really tight. I hope it will fit.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll get it in. The condoms are lubed and you’re soaking wet. Just sit on it; it’ll go right in.”

Katie positioned my cock head just below her slit. I took it from her and rubbed the head against her, increasing the rate as which her juices were flowing. Slowly, she lowered herself, easing my cock into her. I’ve had some really tight girls and women during my life, but none like Katie. I could feel her pussy walls squeezing my cock but eventually we got most of it into her. “Are you OK?” I asked.
“Never better… never better,” she groaned. I raised my hips as I prepared my initial thrust. Katie nodded her OK. I pushed up all the way into her heavenly cunt. As I pulled back Katie gripped my shoulders to prepare herself for the oncoming effort. We moved together like we had been doing this for years. The tightness of her cunt combined with the abnormal size of my erection enhanced the wonderful sensations for both of us. Soon Katie was gasping and panting, a symptom I remembered from our phone sex sessions. Her breathing quickened and became more irregular as she moaned and groaned non-stop. An instant later she rammed her clit into me, threw her head back and screamed as she reached her release-- what I hoped would be the first of many. She collapsed into my arms where I gently kissed her cheeks and lips.

We rested for almost a half hour, my cock still embedded in her pussy. She roused herself. “Ready?” I asked. A nod was all it took to get us back into action. Again Katie rocked on my cock, grinding her sensitive clit into me. She was turning herself on, faster and hotter than I thought possible. Her pussy was squeezing me, sending jolts of sexual energy through my body. This was what fucking was all about! How incredible that I had to travel across the continent to learn about the ultimate pleasures of sex from a girl less than one-third my age. Again, Katie’s breathing became ragged; her motions irregular. She was rapidly approaching her second orgasm. I expected it to be only a fraction of the first but I was wrong. It seemed as though something had exploded within her. Her body spasmed uncontrollably until she screamed again, arched her back forcing my cock deep within her, and fell drained into my arms.
I caressed Katie’s head, kissing her tenderly. “Why don’t we stop for now. We can grab a bite to eat and pick up where we left off after.”

“Do we have to? I’m having such a good time. And what about you? You haven’t cum yet.”

“Don’t worry about me. We can take care of that later, after I’ve made you cum five times.”

“Five times? I don’t think I’ll be able to walk.”

“You’ll be OK, trust me. I think we need a shower. Let’s go.”

“You mean both of us?”

“Yeah, there’s a stall shower. It’ll be tight, but it’ll be fun.” We squeezed into the shower, barely making it. I couldn’t soap myself but I could soap Katie. And she could do me. Too soon we were clean and drying off. We dressed and headed out for dinner. I had reservations for Ruth’s Chris, the exclusive steak house. We got plenty of strange looks from the other diners but what did we care. We made like lovers, which we were. One diner had the audacity to say “Tsk” as he walked by. In other circumstances I might have hit him, but I couldn’t afford the publicity. Besides, what did I care if he approved or not.

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub the unforgiven
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My Fantasy - Fucking Katie
Chapter 3

After dinner I suggested a movie. Katie looked at me with a funny smile on her face, “I think that’s a great idea, I know just the movie.”

Naturally it was some chick flick, but I didn’t care. When we walked through the lobby Katie excused herself to the ladies room. When she came out I had the feeling something was different, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. We entered the theater and I started into the third or fourth row. Katie led me to the back. We were just seated when the previews started. That’s when it hit me—what was different. Katie was wearing white (I don’t know what they’re called) leggings or tights or panty hose when she entered the ladies room. Now her legs were bare. Thinking back to that sly smile I figured something was afoot and I was right. A minute or two later I felt Katie’s hand on my belt buckle. She pulled the belt to open it. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Just taking care of business. You came here to fuck me, didn’t you?”

“You mean here? We’re going to get caught for sure. Shit, I can’t believe this.” But I was powerless to stop her. I was mesmerized by this teenaged vixen. If she had told me to run naked through the streets I probably would have done it. Katie opened my zipper, reached into my shorts and fingered my cock. I reacted instantly. Katie started to stroke me with one hand while with her other moving my hand to her pussy. There was nothing covering her cunt and it was soaking wet. I rubbed my finger into her then licked it clean. Katie sat in my lap sideways, opened her legs, and moved my cock into her. She had to bend it, but even that worked well –when it straightened it pushed right into her. This was the first time we had fucked without any protection. I quietly prayed she was on the pill.

Katie shifted around so she was facing the same direction I was. She leaned forward placing her hands on the seat in front of me. She started a short subtle movement, rocking herself against me. I was concerned that someone would see or hear us. When Katie started to moan I put my hand over her mouth. Several patrons looked over and one walked down the aisle and out of the theater. I tried to move Katie off but she would have none of it. She came just before the manager approached us. He didn’t have to say a word—we got up and walked out to a mixed reaction from the crowd. A few applauded; the rest booed.

Back in our motel room Katie went to the bathroom, her cum running down her leg. She reappeared a moment later wiping her thighs dry. “Dick, I know you’ve never had anal. I think you should fuck my ass. I love it, you know.” She knelt on the edge of the bed, opening her ass cheeks for me. I put on another condom, added some lube to her asshole, and inserted a finger to help her muscles relax. She looked back at me, smiling in contentment. I added another finger. Now she was ready for my dick. I pressed into her ass. My tip fit neatly into the hole left by my fingers. A little pressure was all that was needed to gain entry to her forbidden orifice. An audible “pop” could be heard when the sphincter was cleared. Entry to her bowel was relatively easy now. My cock slid all the way into her rectum. I started fucking her ass, slowly at first to make sure I didn’t hurt her. Her friction was intense; her sphincter was like a vise, closing tightly on my cock. I wanted to fuck some more so I pulled out. “What’s wrong,” Katie asked, turning around.

“I was getting too close. I don’t want to cum yet.”

“Why not? I want you to enjoy it as much as I do!”

“Trust me, dear Katie, I am having a ball and I promise you that I will cum before we go to sleep tonight, OK?”

“I guess so, but I don’t understand.”

“Well, it’s like this—once I cum the sex is going to stop. I won’t be able to get it up and keep it up, so let’s do it my way. I’ll let you swallow my cum, if you like.”

“It’s a deal.”

I changed condoms so I could once again enjoin Katie’s body with mine. I lay back again so she could mount me. The fucking was much easier this time, her cunt having been stretched by our earlier couplings. Katie just sat on me not moving. I looked at her. “Just savoring the feeling; you’re scratching that itch that’s been driving me crazy. I just want to relax with you in me. I love the feeling. It’s so incredible…so magical.” I liked it, too. I could feel her heat mounting, spreading through the membranes of her cunt. I may have been scratching her itch, but now I was getting an itch of my own. I had to move to scratch it. I badly wanted to cum. I thrust up strongly, pushing my dick deep into her. Katie smiled down at me. “I guess you’re finally ready, eh?”

“Oh, yeah, I sure am. You still want to swallow it?”

“More than ever.”

“OK,” I replied, “I’ll let you know so you can climb off and rip the condom off, OK?”

Katie just nodded and we got down to the business of fucking. I pushed myself into her harder and harder as she rocked against me. I cold feel the heat rising—up from my balls, into my cock. I knew I was getting close so I told her, “Soon.”

Katie jumped off me while I yanked the condom from my cock. Katie gripped me and started to jerk me off. When she pinched my nipple I was ready. “Ugghhh, now,” I shouted just as Katie lowered her mouth to my cock. I shot several rivers of cum straight into her throat. She finished by licking my cock clean. We were both exhausted so we pulled up the covers and slept naked, holding each other through the night.

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub the unforgiven
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My Fantasy - Fucking Katie
Chapter 4

I woke fairly early the next morning and it was obvious that Katie had woken earlier. I was sleeping on my back and Katie was suspended over my erect cock, teasing it with her finger tips. “Damn, Katie, I really have to use the john.”

“Hmmm, that gives me an idea. Remember in one of your stories the lovers peed on each other?”

“Yeah, but where are you going with this?

“I have to pee, too—so—we could pee on each other. I’ll let you go first. Then we’ll shower. I need one badly, my thighs are caked with cum. C’mon.” She led me to the bathroom. Katie kneeled in the shower. Normally I’m not too keen to have people watch me pee, but this was different. I closed my eyes and relaxed. My strong stream landed right between Katie’s sensational breasts. Like Jessie in my story, Katie rubbed it into her chest and abdomen. “It’s so warm. It feels pretty good. Let me do you now.”
Hesitantly I kneeled. I had my doubts abut this but fair is fair. I did it to her so I had to take hers, too. Katie stood perpendicular to me, my shoulders between her legs. Suddenly, she released and her pee trickled onto me, running down my chest and back. I had to admit it felt pretty good, her warmth spreading over my chest and back. When she was done I rose and we turned on the shower. By now we had figured out how to clean each other in the tight space. We were both horny but I made her wait. I had something in mind—something I was sure she would love.

We went out to breakfast. Since we were fairly near Seattle I suggested we go there for a harbor tour. As soon as I said this Katie smiled. It was another chance for public sex. I drove for about an hour and then to the harbor. We were early so we were first on the line to buy tickets and board. We went immediately to the top deck. Facing away from the stairway Katie opened my zipper and took out my cock which was raging hard by now. As I sat on a bench Katie sat in my lap, just as she had done last evening at the movies. Her skirt flared over her lap and mine so anyone looking at us would just assume that she was sitting in my lap. Under that skirt, however, was another story, Katie rubbed my cock against her clit and cunt. By now I knew it would be soaking wet. I reached under her skirt and forced my cock into her tight tunnel. Katie leaned back and closed her eyes. I knew she was in ecstasy as my hard cock expanded her vaginal walls. We had just finished our adjustments when about 20 people climbed the steps to the upper deck. If we were caught now we’d be in deep shit. Katie squirmed in my lap. To any passerby we might look like an odd couple, which we were, but that’s all they’d see—two people swaying as the ship was hit by the waves. Only Katie and I realized she was fucking herself on my rod. The ship left the dock about the same time Katie launched herself into outer space. Luckily everyone was looking at the scenery or they might have seen her shudder in orgasmic rapture. Katie fell forward against the rail. She was breathing slowly and deeply as she recovered. The trick now was to get my cock back into my pants without anyone seeing. Katie figured it out before I did. She simply stood up, her skirt hiding my cock as I carefully slid it into my pants. There was a ton of pussy juice all over my pants, but Katie solved that problem, too. She bought two Sprites at the concession then “tripped”spilling hers onto my pants. Of course, she loudly exclaimed how sorry she was and, of course, I told her not to worry—it would dry just fine. When the cruise was over we left with huge smiles on our faces, laughing wildly. The other people might have thought us crazy, but we knew that we had fucked and beaten the odds again.

We were riding out of the city when Katie suddenly yelled, ”Stop!” I pulled the car to the curb and turned the ignition off. Katie led me by the hand –down the street to an adult shop. “Let’s go in.” I followed her through the door. The clerk behind the counter demanded to see Katie’s ID. She is 18 but looks younger. Satisfied that she was legal the clerk let us into the store. I wandered away while Katie had an animated conversation with the clerk. Katie gathered me by the elbow and led me to the back of the store. I found myself looking at a variety of strap-ons. “Hasn’t this been one of your fantasies?” she asked, knowing it was. She picked one with a medium sized vibrating dildo and two vibrating plugs for her, as well. I led her to another section and picked out a purple rabbit vibrator and a pink double penetration vibe. I added a large tube of gel lube. I remembered to pay cash so there would be no trace of the transactions. We walked laughing to the car.

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub the unforgiven
#29 | Posted: 18 Jul 2011 08:43
My Fantasy - Fucking Katie
Chapter 5

We couldn’t get back to our motel fast enough. We practically ran to the door. Once in we ripped the clothes from our bodies. I decided that Katie would go first. I pulled the Rabbit from the box and added the batteries. Some lube on the shaft and to her pussy was all we needed to put it into her cunt. The vibe was a bit thicker than my cock so it was a very tight fit. When I turned it on I thought Katie would jump out of her skin. The rotating pearls combined with the twisting tip drove her crazy. When I applied the rabbit’s ears to her clit she had to grab the bed to steady her self. She was throwing herself all over the bed as I thrust the vibe deep into her pussy. “Damn, I can’t believe what this thing is doing to me. I love it, but I don’t know how long I can stand it.” Not long, obviously because she came in a sudden rapid series of convulsions that shook her like an earthquake. I slipped the vibe from her pussy as she came down from her climax. Katie rested on the bed, her pussy oozing juice and lube. I cradled her head and pulled her to me. She was a dynamic, active lover who gave all of herself to me—to my gratification. Watching her through her climax—through all her climaxes over the weekend was all I needed. I wanted, more than anything to make this weekend, this experience, one she would remember forever.

I knew she had recovered some time later when I saw that sly look on her face. It was my turn now. Katie pulled the strap-on from the bag, adjusted the leg straps and fitted the plugs—one into her pussy, the other into her ass. She pushed me back onto the bed and held my legs in the air. She applied some lube to the dildo and some more onto and into my butt. She turned on the vibes, gasping at the combined effect of the two plugs. She eased the dildo into me. Goddam, it was the most intense feeling I’ve ever felt. My entire body was tingling, starting with my ass. I put my hand on my cock, not surprised to find it was rock hard. I started to stroke it as Katie began to fuck me. I was surprised when Katie grabbed my cock. She was fucking me and jerking me off at the same time. I looked at Katie, blew her a kiss, and came in a violent spray of cum that spurt almost three feet into the air, narrowly missing her head. I pulled Katie to me as I came down, the vibe still in my ass, as well as her two orifices. I was relieved when she pulled it from my ass; I was so over stimulated I needed a rest—badly, but her two plugs had Katie all revved up. I pulled out the double penetration vibe. It went right into her—her cunt was leaking like crazy and her ass was well lubed and stretched. I thrust the vibe into her two holes. I could see it take effect. Katie started to moan. Her breathing became erratic and shallow. With one massive convulsion she came and then she came again. Katie was drenched in a pool of sweat and coated in lube and cum from her chest to her knees. Looking at myself I couldn’t find much difference in my own body. Neither of us had enough energy to do anything about it. We lay back on the bed exhausted, but totally sated (for now).

When we woke it was about eight in the evening. We jumped into the shower to clean ourselves once again. We were hungry but neither of us wanted a big dinner. We threw on some clothes and went to Wendy’s. When we returned we knew it was almost time to go. We undressed sadly, climbed into bed and had our last fuck. I reached for a condom, but Katie said, “No. I want to feel you. “

“But, you’re not on the pill. I could….”

“I know. I’ll probably never see you again. I’d like something—someone to remember you by.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m positive. Fuck me. Fill me with your sperm.”

Katie lay on her back and pulled me to her, her legs in the air. Slowly I moved to her, wondering what I had done to deserve such a woman. I placed my naked cock against her slit and pushed. We established a rhythm, moving against each other, building our heat until I exploded into her. Katie held her legs in the air, keeping my sperm captured in her womb. I pulled my head back just a few inches. Katie and I looked into each other's eyes. At the very same time we said it, "I love you." We kissed again, this time as lovers.

About half an hour later we dressed and I returned her to the mall. There was a tear in Katie’s eye as we said our good-byes and shared our final kiss. Had she looked at my eyes she would have seen that I was crying, too.

I had an early plane so I went to bed as soon as I got back to the motel

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub the unforgiven

#30 | Posted: 18 Jul 2011 08:43
My Fantasy - Fucking Katie
Chapter 6

It was almost six months later that I found my way to Katie’s neighborhood. I had mailed Katie some money from time to time so I knew her address. I got there early—around 6 a.m.—and saw her parents leave for work. Then I noticed her sister leave, but I didn’t see Katie. I finally got up the nerve to go to the door. I rang the bell and heard a familiar voice yell, “Coming,” from within. Katie opened the door.

“D…Dick! Wha...what are you doing here?”

I smiled when I saw Katie’s face and smiled again when I saw her body. “There have been some big changes in my life. My wife is dead, killed in an accident. I don’t want to be alone. I want you to be with me. I’ve realized that ever since our weekend together.”

Katie…beautiful, pregnant Katie just smiled and led me through the door.

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub the unforgiven
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