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#111 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:24
Part ۲

th so hot! I couldn't believe the feelings running through my body. I only hoped Katie was experiencing as much as I was. Suddenly, Katie jumped up and reversed. "I want you in me." I reached for a condom but Katie beat me to it. She ripped the wrapper and slowly unrolled it around my dick. "You know I'm really tight. I hope it will fit."

"Don't worry, we'll get it in. The condoms are lubed and you're soaking wet. Just sit on it; it'll go right in."

Katie positioned my cock head just below her slit. I took it from her and rubbed the head against her, increasing the rate as which her juices were flowing. Slowly, she lowered herself, easing my cock into her. I've had some really tight girls and women during my life, but none like Katie. I could feel her pussy walls squeezing my cock but eventually we got most of it into her. "Are you OK?" I asked.
"Never better... never better," she groaned. I raised my hips as I prepared my initial thrust. Katie nodded her OK. I pushed up all the way into her heavenly cunt. As I pulled back Katie gripped my shoulders to prepare herself for the oncoming effort. We moved together like we had been doing this for years. The tightness of her cunt combined with the abnormal size of my erection enhanced the wonderful sensations for both of us. Soon Katie was gasping and panting, a symptom I remembered from our phone sex sessions. Her breathing quickened and became more irregular as she moaned and groaned non-stop. An instant later she rammed her clit into me, threw her head back and screamed as she reached her release-- what I hoped would be the first of many. She collapsed into my arms where I gently kissed her cheeks and lips.

We rested for almost a half hour, my cock still embedded in her pussy. She roused herself. "Ready?" I asked. A nod was all it took to get us back into action. Again Katie rocked on my cock, grinding her sensitive clit into me. She was turning herself on, faster and hotter than I thought possible. Her pussy was squeezing me, sending jolts of sexual energy through my body. This was what fucking was all about! How incredible that I had to travel across the continent to learn about the ultimate pleasures of sex from a girl less than one-third my age. Again, Katie's breathing became ragged; her motions irregular. She was rapidly approaching her second orgasm. I expected it to be only a fraction of the first but I was wrong. It seemed as though something had exploded within her. Her body spasmed uncontrollably until she screamed again, arched her back forcing my cock deep within her, and fell drained into my arms.
I caressed Katie's head, kissing her tenderly. "Why don't we stop for now. We can grab a bite to eat and pick up where we left off after."

"Do we have to? I'm having such a good time. And what about you? You haven't cum yet."

"Don't worry about me. We can take care of that later, after I've made you cum five times."

"Five times? I don't think I'll be able to walk."

"You'll be OK, trust me. I think we need a shower. Let's go."

"You mean both of us?"

"Yeah, there's a stall shower. It'll be tight, but it'll be fun." We squeezed into the shower, barely making it. I couldn't soap myself but I could soap Katie. And she could do me. Too soon we were clean and drying off. We dressed and headed out for dinner. I had reservations for Ruth's Chris, the exclusive steak house. We got plenty of strange looks from the other diners but what did we care. We made like lovers, which we were. One diner had the audacity to say "Tsk" as he walked by. In other circumstances I might have hit him, but I couldn't afford the publicity. Beside

llowed the crack of her ass to peak out
over the top. The little black top she was wearing would have been
more suited to a nightclub than a foozeball game but I wasn't

"You'd better put those in the fridge." Jen said with a wave of her
hand. "We wouldn't want any warm beer would we?"

"We?" I asked. "Who said you're getting any bitch?"

Jen opened her mouth in mock surprise. We joked around like that all
the time so it wasn't unusual for us to trade insults.

"You're the one that will be the bitch tonight," she countered. "My
bitch!" "Dream on. Let's play."

I took out a couple beer and put the rest in the fridge before making
my way over to the table. Jen was waiting, tapping her fingers
impatiently and glaring at me with her dark, almond shaped eyes. I
tossed her a beer and raised my own.

With a final "Good luck" we started to play.

Jen and I were starting to make our foozeball games a weekly tradition,
with me winning every single time. We would always wager something
which is why my fridge is usually well stocked with beer. In all
fairness, however, it was my foozeball table.

I won the first two games easily and downed two beer in the process.
Jen was taking it a little easier on the booze but was still drin


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#112 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:25
Dinner With Scarlet

It's been a long day of bullshit in the office followed by an hour sitting in traffic to get home. You are ready to for a cold beer and some down time. You see my car in your driveway when you turn onto the street. A smile creeps across your face and you think this may be exactly what you need after the day you've had. You walk in the door expecting to see me waiting for you. The living room is deserted and the house is quiet so you start to the bedroom.

You walk into your bedroom knowing that I'm there waiting for you, only I'm not there. You call out for me.

"In the dining room baby," I say.

You are grumbling about what a shitty day you have had as you walk around the corner of the hall. You stop in mid-sentence when you walk into to find me lying on the table wearing a pair of 4 inch red stilettos and a black choker necklace that says "SLUT" in diamond studs. My hair is pinned up with a few loose strands framing my smiling face.

I smile at you and say, "I thought you might like something special for dinner tonight".

All the chairs are pulled away from the table with the exception of the one at the end of the table where my pussy sits waiting to be devoured.

"I'll need a little help baby," I say and motion to the restraints attached to the legs of the table, "but first can I have a kiss......pleeeease?"

You completely forget about your day as you lean down to taste my ripe lips. I feel your hungry mouth crushing my soft red lips....I know this will be a dinner I'll never forget! I grab the velvet lined cuffs and place them around each of my ankles.

"You'll have to do my wrists babe," I said with a sexy pout.

You quickly move to the other end of the table to secure my bonds knowing that I will be completely at your mercy then. Once you are satisfied that the restraints are secure you move back to your chair and grab my hips to pull me closer to you.

"OWWWWW," I cry out as this new position is straining my shoulders.

You reply to me "mmmmmm its ok little slut; in just a minute you will forget all about the pain."

My smooth slick pussy is already wett with anticipation but you decide if this is the game I want to play then I'm going to have to earn my pleasure. You drag your tongue slowly up my leg starting at the strap around my ankle and teasing all the way to the juncture of my hip and pelvis. I'm moaning at your tease and lifting my hips desperately trying to make contact between my clit and your tongue. I can feel your hot breathe teasing my engorged clit. Teasingly you lick your lips and blow, the cool air hitting my sensitive clit is almost more then I can stand.


You pull back and start the delicious torture all over again at the other ankle. My legs are spread wide for your pleasure. I can't even rub my thighs together to give myself any relief from your torture. Again I feel your tongue making is way slowly up my body, but much to my disappointment again you only tease me. This time lingering longer letting me feel your hot breathe, knowing how desperately I want you to taste my cunt. You let a trail of spit run from your lips. I feel every millimeter as it slow slides down from my clit to coat my swollen lips again you blow. I want to cry I want your touch so badly.

I hear the chair scrapping against the floor. You're still fully dressed and I feel so exposed laying here like this for you. You steady the chair and soon I feel your body moving between my legs, climbing on top of me. Your evil tongue leading a trail the rest of your body will follow.

My pussy is throbbing with need but still you ignore it. I look up and see an evil gleam in your eye as you lower your head to my breast. I soon feel your strong hand sliding up my side at the same time you capture my nipple between your teeth. Your hand found its target and roughly grabs my other tit and begins tugging and pulling. All I can do is moan and beg you for mercy, knowing that there won't be any, not that I truly want it.

You press your hard cock against my swollen cunt to show me what I have done to you. I have very limited mobility and I can't grind against you to get the relief I so desperately need. Your hand keeps roughly working my nipple. In very little time you see that tiny white pearl forming at the tip of my tit. You know I'm turned on beyond belief. Your hungry mouth devours that tit tasting that slightly sweet little drop and now slowly you slide back down my body.

My pussy is flooded with my own juice. There is a wet spot on the crotch of your pants where your cock pressed into me. You desperately want a taste of my sopping pussy. Your mouth attacks it just as you did my tits. My hips buck in response to the pleasure you are giving me. I can feel my orgasm quickly approaching and so can you.

You reluctantly pull back and slide two thick fingers deeply into my hot cunt rubbing that tender spot that will rocket me over the edge. You hear my panting and feel my pussy getting wetter; you know I'm just about to cum. But just before I can you yank your fingers from my pulsing cunt.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO," I cry out in desperation.

You shove your fingers soaked in my slut juice into my mouth. I greedily lick and suck at your pussy soaked fingers moaning in desperation. My cunt feels so empty. I desperately grind my hips begging for your attention.

I see you lower your beautiful head back between my legs, and out of my sight and then I feel your thick tongue working my pussy, sucking my soft slick lips between yours. You have my pussy juice flowing steadily. I want you to stretch my cunt with your thick cock sooo badly.

"Please Baby....Please Fuck Me...PLEEEEASE," I beg.

Your cock feels as if it's about to rip threw your pants. There is nothing you want more then to bury your cock balls deep inside my hot slit, but there is still one more thing you want to see. You slide those two thick fingers back into my hungry cunt.

"FUCK YESSSS" I scream out!!!

Your fingers are drenched after a few strokes; you quickly pull them from my snatch and stroke my tight ass. That tight little bud is lubed up from the steady flow of pussy juice and you easily thrust your thick fingers right into my ass.


My body is flushed and I'm pumping my hips to take you as deeply as I can.


As soon as the words leave my mouth my pussy starts to explode. I am gushing cum. Your arm is soaked and you can feel it quickly soaking thru your shirt to the skin on your chest. You start pulling at your clothes; all you can think of is burying your cock inside of me. Again you climb on the table, but this time it's about satisfaction not torture.

You plunge your throbbing cock into me in one strong stroke. I scream out as you stretch and fill me; my pussy is still pulsing from my orgasm. You keep telling me what a hot slut I am as you stroke in and out of my slit. I'm still tied to the table and all I can do is take your hard strokes, screaming again and again as u fuck me like never before, you want to see that water show again.

You slide your cock from my raw pussy down to my tight ass; pressing with steady pressure you feel the head pop thru my tight anal ring.


You don't let that slow you down. You keep sawing your cock into that tight hole. I quickly adjust to your size and start pushing back for more. You look down to see your cock buried to the root in my hot ass.

"I can feel your heart beat on my cock you little slut" you tell me.


Again my pussy starts to gush. I can't stop cumming ; there is a puddle under the table and your thighs are drenched. You feel your balls getting tight. You have been holding off for a long time, but between my tight ass clamped down on your thick cock and the non-stop squirting you can't wait anymore. You hammer your cock hard into my tender ass. You are driven by animalistic lust, your pleasure so intense nothing else matters, you never even here my screams as you plunge deeper into my tight passage. Thankfully I feel you go ridge and you begin empting your balls deep in my ass. You thrust again and again filling me as deeply as you can. Then I feel you go still, your breathe is ragged, a light sheen of sweat covers your sexy body. I have a sudden feeling of loss as your deflating cock slip from my well used ass and you hit the chair with a thud.

You reach up and begin to loosen the straps holding me to the table. You rise from your chair on shaky legs and slowly walk around the table; your hands trailing my body as you do. Your light caress feels like an electric current. You stop to tweak my stiff and sensitive nipples, you love the way it makes me cry out.

You let my wrists free kissing the red marks left behind on my tender flesh from my pulling against the bonds. My entire body aches from being restrained and tense form the teasing you just gave me. You tenderly rub me down. Leaning over me you gently kiss my lips. I can taste my pussy on your breathe mmmmmm it's taste soooo good. You help me to the edge of the table. As I sit on the edge of the table still trying to catch my breathe I look up at you smiling I say....

"Sooooo what do you want for desert baby??"

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#113 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:25
Anna's First-time Anal

I couldn't help myself. Reading the emails back and forth always put me into a frenzy, but the latest ones nearly threw me overboard. He had a way with words, you know. The kind that eat at your very center as you squirm away in your chair, feeling the fabric of your panties just growing wetter and wetter...

"I can only imagine how it will feel. After getting a taste of that wonderful pussy, I can only BEGIN to imagine how my dick will feel inside that tight ass of yours..."

I read that sentence over and over, my fingers hungrily massaging between my pussy lips, circling the swollen nub of my clit as my mind envisioned the hardness of his cock tormenting my poor virgin asshole. The thought excited me as much as repulsed me. I think the repulsion came from the fact that I was always taught "EXIT ONLY" -- but I also believe this contributes to more of the appeal, with knowing how taboo in society it is. And if you could feel the dampness of my cunt, well...you would say it was obvious that I didn't care much anymore what society thought about what I did with my ass.

Two fingers teased the slit of my cunt, prying open the tight walls as I buried up to the second knuckle. I sat back on my chair, one leg propped on the desk as the other relaxed outward. Slipping my eyes closed, I whimpered, daring with my free hand a chance to prod and poke at the puckered bud of my anus, feeling how my pussy juices coated and coaxed my finger to slide inward. My chest heaved with every lustful breath, and finally, on the last exhale, I slipped my middle finger in, feeling how the tight rim of my asshole encompassed the flesh of the digit, drawing it further in without resistance. Immediately I could feel my pussy pulse around my other fingers, clenching as I felt around the inside of my ass. A low groan emitted from deep within my throat, a sound I've never been familiar with. It surprised even myself. Withdrawing the two pussy-playing fingers, I circled them back around my clit while the other, more pre-occupied hand worked that single finger in and out, taunting, pulling, pushing... and with greater speed about my clit, I found my body succumbing to climax.

It was with his face envisioned in my mind that my body tensed, my back arcing off the rise of the chair, toes curling as my frame jerked with each welcoming pulse of orgasm that I came. It was a delicious orgasm, too, one that was new to me and I was certainly curious to know more -- how would my body react if it took upon his cock like so? Pulling out my finger from my ass, I drew it up and looked at it, grinning at the fact that it was slick with the tracings of my cunt that seeped down the crack, providing that delicious coating for lubrication. I shifted on the chair, settling back into it as I realized how much more wet I was than normal. This whole idea must really turn me on!

"Hot damn," I laughed, looking around the room with a new found intrigue. "I can't wait to taste more of what it will be li..." and my words were cut off by the soft vibration of my cell that happened to be sitting a few feet from where I just released. I glanced down at the Caller ID and let out a small laugh again, hitting the answer button and bringing it to my ear.

"Bastion," I greeted cheerfully, my eyes staring down at the finger that just teased deep within my body, previously unexplored. Finally I wiped the secretions off on my lap and settled back into the chair. "I was just thinking of you."

"Were you now? What of me were you thinking about?" Bastion questioned, and I could hear in the tone of his voice he was somewhat amused.

"Mmmnnn," I drawled out. "You don't want to know!"

"But if I didn't want to know, I would not have asked, Anna. Tell me, what of me were you thinking?"

I shifted in my chair, leaning forward now on the desk, one arm bent and propping my weight as the other cocked up to hold the phone to my ear. I was blushing furiously now, my eyes closed, forehead dropping to rest against my forearm. Weakly I answered, "I was fantasizing about you..." I paused.

"Carry on, sweet girl. You were fantasizing about me...?" he whispered, his curiosity present in his words.

"Yes Bastion. I was fantasizing a moment ago about how it would feel to have your cock deep inside, well...deep-inside-my-ass-and-fucking-me." The words came out so quickly that I couldn't help but laugh at myself. I was SO shy with even admitting this, I mean c'mon! This is my asshole we're talking about! Remember, EXIT ONLY? My eyes opened as I lifted my head, staring at the computer screen before me, re-reading the sentence he just so recently typed to me. And again, I felt that stirring between my legs that caused me to squirm just a tad while sitting there listening to his breath on the other end of the line.

"Come open your door," his voice answered finally, causing my heart to plummet into my stomach and my eyes to widen in shock.

"What?!" I exclaimed, "Come open my door?! You mean to tell me you're here!" I stood up, practically tossing the chair back in all of my excitement, staggering a few feet before regaining my balance. "Oh my god, I didn't realize you were on your way over!"

I could hear him laughing both on the phone and in the background. It was like stereo-mocking, and I stared down at the phone, at his name that tormented me so on the screen: BASTION 555-7106.

"Oh my god, you ass," I muttered, moving towards the door but not opening it just yet.

"Are you going to let me in?" he questioned, rapping lightly at my door. I listened for a moment, staring at my non-showered self at the mirror in the foyer. My hair was pulled up in a lopsided bun, tousled and tangled from having just woken up a few hours prior. It's a good thing I brushed my teeth, I thought. Finally, without a single word more I hung up the phone and opened the door.

"Aren't you a sight for sore eyes," he grinned, giving me the once-over with a look of satisfaction. Along with the tangled slop of hair, I stood before him barefooted and wearing an oversized t-shirt, three times too large for me. And as I'm sure you guessed it -- no panties. After all, I was busy with myself only moments prior!

I moved away from the door, suggesting with my hand that he enter. My eyes couldn't look him in the face, I was far too embarrassed for that right now. I mean, after all, I just admitted a dirty secret to a man I've been lusting after for only a short period of time. As he passed through, I watched him from behind as he walked past my foyer, looking around at the wall decorations and whatever else caught his eye. Summoning up some courage, I stood up straight and cleared my throat, "I really wasn't expecting you to just drop by like this."

But he didn't seem to care what I was saying. In fact, I think my words, if anything, excited him for he turned towards me, his head canted to the side as he studied me silently.

"What?" I shied, glancing away self-consciously. My fingers tugged down at the t-shirt, then up to my hair. I felt completely on the spot, and I'm sure that's exactly what he was going for.

"Anna," he half-whispered. "Relax." His words were a calming demand, and surprisingly, my body did just that. I relaxed, finally able to look him in the face, and what I saw there was such a deep hunger and desire, that I thought he would consume me right there. Instead, his hand reached out and I took it, and we moved through my house silently. Meandering through doorways, he finally found my bedroom and led me in, still not another word uttered.

I walked past him and stood a few feet away from the bed. He watched me with his cool blue gaze and grinned, his goatee framing those succulent lips perfectly. It took all I had that very moment not to move to him, to press my mouth to his and suckle in that bottom lip I so desired. Shifting my gaze elsewhere, I watched from the corner of my eye as he undid his necktie, then drew off his belt.

"Come here," he spoke softly, fingers working to undo the buttons of his light blue button down. I stared at those hands as they maneuvered the shirt, one by one plucking a button through the eyelet. Standing now before him, he looked down at me from his towering height and leaned forward, taking my mouth to his and kissing me with such passion that I felt I would ignite.

It was in that moment that I finally let go of all inhibitions and reached up, pulling his hands away as I worked that shirt off from his frame, tossing it onto the back of a vanity chair. With the same hunger, I undid his pants, still kissing against him, tasting him as my tongue trailed between his lips, entangling with his own. He smelled of foreign spice, exotic and alluring, and it drove me further into oblivion. Once his pants were past his hips, he took three steps forward, pushing me back against the bed, and I heard the fabric shift as he stepped out of them.

"You smell so good," I muttered against his mouth, feeling the brush of his beard against my face, my cheeks. I inhaled deeply as I leaned my back against the bed, hands tugging at his sides to draw him against me, my legs lifting and wrapping about his waist. I still wore that oversized, ratty shirt, but I didn't care. I wanted to feel him. No, I had to feel him, and I could sense he had to feel me too, for a mere second passed and he was on me, in me, burying his surging manhood into the depth of my pussy, his mouth once again pressed hard into mine. With muffled moans, I rocked my hips up, my hands braced at my sides and my elbows propping me upwards. I loved his smell, and how he felt as he began to fuck me, working his cock with expertise as my body rolled into his.

"And you feel so good, Anna," he grunted, his forehead pressing against mine as he stole a glance downward, staring at the cloth that hid my breasts. He pulled back, standing there with his cock deep inside me and grabbed me by my hands, shifting me into a near sitting position at the edge of the bed. His fingers roughly snagged at the base of my shirt and tugged, pulling until finally I was free of the burden. My nipples instantly hardened as his hands captured my breasts, pulling, teasing, tugging hard at the pink nubs until finally I cried out, warning him I would come if he continued that.

But that seemed to be just what he wanted, for he released my breasts and pushed me back, lifting me up to gather me fully on the bed. His body hovered over me, his hands grasping at my legs as he pulled them apart and thrust fully into my mons. I could feel my breath quicken... how that knot developed deep in the pit of my stomach as my body threatened to orgasm. My eyes slipped closed, nails digging into his shoulders as finally my back arched and I succumbed to his desires. Loudly I moaned, teeth biting down on my bottom lip as I met with hungry fervor back into him, my cunt clenching, pulsating as his cock was coated with my slick juices.

"That's a good girl," he grinned, kissing my throat and shoulder as he held himself fully inside me, riding out my climax. Once again, his lips found mine and I felt him pull out, a cool trail of sticky cum dribbling between my slit as I realized, I had really lost it, and hard. My eyes opened as I watched him, my breath coming back to normal. Bastion shifted my legs to relax at either side of him, is gaze playing on my face with a slight amusement present. He glanced down between my legs, one hand traveling from my left breast to my stomach, the other hand grasping his shaft as he began to trail his cockhead between the moistened folds, teasing me with it against my clit.

I squirmed with a giggle, leaning forward to steal a glimpse of him between my legs. He was thick, that was for sure, and the length was perfect -- what with the shiny coating of my recent spending. I couldn't believe how quickly he had gotten me to come, especially since I had recently finished myself off. With that thought, I grinned to myself and he grinned back down at me. He moved his hips gently forward, letting the head of his dick press into the shallows of my cunt as I slowly rocked back and forth with him.

"Relax, okay? Just let me do the work," he whispered, leaning over me to give me one of those mind-warping kisses, his tongue trailing between my lips before capturing my top lip between his teeth and finishing in a passionate, hungry suckle. While he was losing me with his mouth, I felt the head of his cock glide between my folds and rest tauntingly at the pucker of my ass. My eyes sprung open to stare at him, and he met my gaze with a laugh. "Shhhh," he reassured me, and his tongue parted my mouth to flick against my own, and I groaned against him, rolling my eyes into my head.

Slowly, gently I felt the thick bulge of his cock begin to part the rim of my anus, and all I could do was clench. I tried desperately to relax, but my ass continued to pucker, cinching him off from any further movement. He withdrew, and once again pressed his head against that bud, this time a bit more insistent. Both hands found the rounds of my breasts and he gently toyed with them, trying to create a diversion from the pain that I was beginning to feel. It was more than just his head now inside of me, pulling my asshole widely open as it encompassed his throbbing shaft. I cried out in pain, my facial features contorting as I winced from the sensation. After what felt like a near eternity, he paused and just lay down atop me, once again back to kissing my throat, my ears. Meanwhile, the blood was rushing so loudly in my head that all I could hear was that and the 'thud thud thud' of my heart pounding in my chest. I couldn't believe I was doing this, and that I let him so easily take me!

"I can't take any more of you," I whined, biting down on my lip as I looked at his face. His lips curved into a crooked smile and he nodded. "Good, because I can't put any more of me in you; I'm in, Anna. Relax. Just let your body get used to it. Feel it..."

And I did. I felt him all right. And strangely enough, he felt deliciously amazing. It felt strange, mind you. I've never had anything inside of my ass before, at least, an outside object, aside from my fingers just what -- less than an hour before? And here I was, legs spread and ass whored for his cock's pleasure! And I wanted it! I wanted to feel him fuck me with that massive prick so badly that I began at my own tempo with rolling my hips into him and down into the bed. It hurt, that's for sure, but after a minute of adjusting, it hurt...so...good.

"Do it, Bastion...I can't take it anymore. Please, I'm near begging you. Please, fuck my ass. Fuck it!" and for once, I wasn't blushing, I wasn't embarrassed. Instead, I was reigning in the bitch in heat that I truly was and I needed it. Desperately!

Bastion shifted up again, and began to ease slowly from my depths. I could feel every inch his cock had to offer in my ass; it was certainly different than when he was in my pussy, that was for sure! It was almost as if I could feel every vein, every ridge his dick had to offer, and that only made me hornier. My hands lifted to brace against his shoulders and I hoisted my hips up, feeling as he retracted, my eyes pleading for him to thrust into me hard, to take me the way no one had ever taken me before.

"Now, Bastion; now!" I screamed, and his body reacted in such a violent way to my voice that he slammed himself deep into my bowels, a fire running the course of my ass, my back, all the way up to my neck. I cried out loudly, tears forming in my eyes as the sting was near unbearable, but I couldn't stop. Oh no, I couldn't stop! I used his shoulders as leverage and pulled myself back, until finally we had a tempo going, meeting one another with a hunger that dared not be sated.

"I don't want to hurt you," he stated, concerned at the tears in my eyes. I grinned though, looking up at him through a half-lidded gaze, heavy with a lust I've never understood until now, and barked for him to shut up and fuck me. And he did just that. And the tears kept coming.

Every nerve fiber was alive in me; every sensory receptor was in overdrive as I took this man's length so far into my ass, I thought it would swallow him whole. My cunt boiled with desire, jealousy, envy to be fucked in the way he was using my ass. Every hair on my neck stood at attention with his grunts and moans as he thrust harder, deeper into me. Half-realizing my intentions, I dipped my left hand between my legs and searched, feeling how incredibly wet I had become just from the ass-fucking alone. My eyes widened and I laughed, caught between multiple emotions as I quickened my hips, bucking harder against his pelvis.

"My god, I'm soaked!" I exclaimed, driving two fingers deep into my waiting pussy, feeling how his cock pushed against the walls of my ass, near denying the right to my own body. I moaned loudly now, my head rolling back onto the bed as I finger fucked myself with this delicious dual penetration. I never thought anal could feel so fucking good!

"I can tell," he managed through heavy breaths. "You're soaking my cock and balls, and baby, it feels so fucking good...!" I could sense he was using every ounce of his will to hold back from coming. Even his cock jerked and stiffened as he felt me teasing my pussy through that thin membrane.

Withdrawing those digits, I found the swollen nub of my clit and circled around it, encouraging my own body to build in climax. It was insane. The intensity of the moment had my body on fire, electricity coursing through every extremity as I found myself completely alive and absorbed in the moment. "Oh god, Bastion, don't stop," I moaned, the words rolling off of my tongue like liquid velvet. "Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop..."

His thrusts didn't stop, but I felt him slowing. His eyes cinched shut tightly and he gritted his teeth so loud that it reverberated through the room. He was holding back, and I was denying him his right to cum. Not yet, not now. I quickened the pace of my fingers on my clit, my back arching as I grinded up into his body, letting him keep his member buried to the hilt in my ass as I rocked my hips against him. My breasts jiggled as my breaths began to hitch in my chest, every muscle tensing on my frame. I was almost there, alllmooost there...

"CUM!" I squealed, my own orgasm shocking me as I hadn't expected the intensity, the harshness of it as it rocked me to my core. "Cum!" I cried louder, forcefully fucking back into him, causing him to push harder against me until finally his own body jerked, twitched, and a loud grunt and moan emitted from his clenched mouth. I could feel every single spurt of his seed inside me; something I have never felt before in my life! Every single jolt of his cock vibrated through my ass, and each splash of his jizz against the walls caused me to react more violently than before

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," I repeated in a string followed with obscenities. My entire world went white as I blacked out to everything around me. My legs wrapped so tightly around his waist that we could have been conjoined, momentarily fused as I searched, scrambling inside my brain to find any sense of who I was and what I was doing. Finally, it was his gasps and soft moans that brought me to, as well as his weight upon me as he was spent, exhausted and sweaty. His lips were kissing my throat, my chin, my shoulders, as I lay there trying to remember how to spell my name.

A moment later and I giggled, finally coming to and relaxing my legs about his hips. I turned my gaze to watch his face and he looked at me, smiling and sated. Never before had I felt that insanely amazed at how good something so taboo could cause me to feel. His fingers stroked my hair and I exhaled a large, pent up breath that seemed to relax me to the very center.

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#114 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:26
One Hot Crazy Summer

It was one hot crazy summer. I was 23 years old. Sex and partying was my fun and life at the time. Dusk to dawn I used to stay up with friends and boyfriends. I could not ask for anything more.

I went over to my sister's house (Susana). Susana was married at the time to this person Charles. She got married young at the age 18. Susana had her difficulties with this person, but her man knew how to have fun at times. He threw some wicked parties.

I had asked my boyfriend Tracy if he would like to go with me to see my sister and her husband. He looked at me and said,

"No Leanne I am staying home."

"You always stay home, sit on that couch, and watch TV," I said to him, with an angry look on my face.

"Leanne I am tired of living a life of drinking and parting. I rather stay here and enjoy what is on TV."

"Fine be that way Tracy."

"To each there own," I said,

I walked out the door slamming it closed. Getting into my car, I drove to my sister's house. Tracy was on my mind while I was driving. He has been acting different towards me lately and I have no clue why. I must be boring to him.

Our sex life was "Okay" nothing to brag about though. Sometimes I wish we had more adventures together in bed wise.

I turned off into my sister's road and headed up the hill. Wondering whom all was going to be there. I pulled up in her drive way and saw Bobby, Mike, Charles, Susana and Pat sitting on the picnic table. I got out of the car and headed toward them.

"Hello Leanne" said, Susana

"Hey sis how is everyone tonight?"

They all answered at once saying there were doing great.

"Leanne where's Tracy tonight?"

"Home on the couch again."

They all laughed. "Yes sis, he is home once again and I did not come here to talk about him. I came here to have fun with you people so lets drop it."

"Oh Leanne is getting upset." Said, Charles.

"Everyone let her have some fun. Don't talk about Tracy no more to her."

"Thanks Charles," I said.

He threw me a beer and I popped the top. I started to drink it down.

"Hey sis put on some tunes."

"Okay Leanne, what you want to hear?"

"Sis you know what I want to hear. I screamed the word maiden. Everyone laughed."

"Leanne that is all what you seemed to listen to."

They all started to laugh at me again.

"I know," I said, "but without maiden then the party is nothing. I started to laugh."

Sis started to put on Infinite Dreams my favorite song from maiden. I started to sing. Everyone went quiet and Bobby screamed out.

"Go Leanne go"

I started to laugh at him. Bobby was in my band long ago when I was 19 years old. We had some great times together and he loved hearing me sing. He once told me he could listen to me sing from morning to night. I told him yeah in your dreams I can do that. I love talking and being with Bobby he used to make me feel alive inside.

I started to drink increasingly. We were all having a blast of a time.

I notice Pat has been checking me out through the whole night. I was wearing tight ass jeans and a pink half shirt that showed my belly. My cleavage you could see plain as day.

My breasts are huge. I some times wish I did not have big knockers. That is the first thing the men seem to look at when I was around.

Pat I noticed was starring at them as I was leaning over. He came over to me and started to talk to me. I looked at him and said,

"Out of all the years coming over to my sisters, now you want to talk to me."

"Leanne I do not say much to anyone," he said.

I laughed and said, "Well what brought you over to talk to me now?"

"My big breasts that you been eyeing on half the night?"

"Leanne I have to admit they are lovely."

"Thank you," I said

I turned away and watched Bobby and Charles play cards. Bobby was losing of course. Charles always seems to win. I think he cheats at times, but I do not put my nose in their game playing. I heard Bobby say "Okay by the time I leave here tonight I am going to win a damn game."

I laughed and told Bobby,

"When the earth is frozen over then that is when you will win."

He laughed and said,

"Shut up Leanne"

Pat was quiet. I looked at him and started to talk to him. I did not want to be too rude to him. He was nice and answered me in a shy but exciting way. He asked me about my boyfriend and I told him there was not much to say about him. I wanted to drop it. I had enough talk about him for one night. I was still angry that he did not want to come here with me.

My sister was drunker then a skunk. She went inside, went to bed, and left me out there with the men.

I looked down at my watch and said,

"Well I have to get going it is getting late and I have to be to work tomorrow morning."

"Oh Leanne" Bobby said.

I looked at him and said, "Baby you know I have to work in the morning"

"I will see you all again and we all can have some fun once again. Pat looked at me and said,

"Leanne could you take me home."

I looked at Pat,


I gave Bobby a hug and a kiss, went over to Charles, and thanked him for having me over.

"Leanne we love having you here with us."

I kissed Charles and said, "Thank you"

I got into my car and started it up. Pat got in and told me where I had to bring him. I started to pull out and I waved my hand out the window to the other two saying goodbye.

Driving down the road Pat asked me if I would like to see some nice scenery. I told him.

"Okay," I said.

He began to tell me were to turn off. We headed down the back road. Further we went down and I noticed the road was ending.

"Leanne, keep going."


I started to get nervous. We were in a field, but there were houses beyond. I turned and looked at him.

"Leanne stop here please."

I stopped the car and turned off the engine.

"Get out of the car with me," he said.

I got out and started to look around. He came over and asked me how I liked the view.

"It's beautiful."

He took his hands and put them on my shoulders and said,

"Leanne I been watching you all night."

I looked at him with a smile.

"I know you have."

He leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips. He traced his lips along the side of my mouth. My legs started to shake from the excitement running through my body. His tongue parted my lips open wider. Touching mine, I started to grab his. I then began to suck on his. I moan as his hands grabbed my ass. He started to squeeze. He then pushed me closer to him. I could feel his hard cock against my body.

"Oh yes," I moaned

"You like" he said.

"I do," I whispered.

I kept thinking about Tracy. I cannot believe I was letting him do the things he was doing to me when I had someone at home waiting for me. Then again, I really did not care anymore. I wanted what he was doing to me it made me feel so good and I was getting horny as hell. He hands came up to my breasts and grasp a hold of them. He then began to squeeze then gently. My nipples were on fire and getting hard from his touch. I moaned some more as he continued to caress me.

"Leanne get up on the hood,"

I looked puzzled now, but I started to get on the hood. Pat took my hand and helped me. I sat down and he took his hands and traced my buttons on my shirt. He started to unbutton them one by one. Pushing my shirt opened to reveal my breasts.

"Mmm Leanne I like your bra, light pink and lacy and your nice dark nipples showing through."

"Oh yes," he moaned

I started to smile.

"Pat take my bra off and look at my breasts more clearly," I said to him with a wicked smile across my face.

He unhooked my bra. My breasts released in the open air. My head was leaned back; my eyes closed. He leans down and starts to lick one nipple. His tongue flickers all around. He then took my nipple and started to suck.

"Mmm I can tell you like what I am doing to you."

"Oh yes," I moaned softly

He started to move his hands to the button on my jeans, unbuttoning them and pulling the zipper down.

"Leanne lift your ass a little bit for me so I can slide your jeans down. I want to caress your pussy and make it wet."

"Okay, but Pat how do you know that I am not wet already?"

He laughed and said,

"Leanne I bet you are semi wet but I want to make you even wetter."

I started to lift my ass up a little bit, as he pulled my jeans down. My panties went down with my jeans. I could sense that he liked what he saw cause he had a nice smile on his face when he was looking up at me.

"Pat you must like what you see." Even though I knew the answer already.

All the men I had loved my pussy. My pussy is shaved nicely and has a sweet aroma to it. My clit was nice and big very good for the men to suck on. How they loved to suck on her. I know Pat will enjoy himself.

He leaned down, propped my legs up, and pushed my legs open wide. At first, he started licking my pussy covering as much area as he could with his tongue.

"Oh yeah, Pat have the main course. Eat me good baby"

I was in ecstasy. His tongue came to a point. He went up the right side of my clit, then the left. I felt the pressure rising in me faster than it had ever done before. With the point of his tongue touching the hood of my clit, he began wiggling my clit back and forth, slowly at first, and then picked up the speed. I took a deep breath just before his tongue flicked the tip of my little button...and I exploded in ecstasy. Now my voice filled the night air.

"Oh Yes that is it, Oh...fuck yes," I screamed.

He placed the tip of his tongue right over my hole and plunged in. From the shock, I gasped for air. He rapidly wiggled his tongue side to side, up and down, in and out and in little circular motions. I thought I could never let my breath out again. Oddly enough, I did not care. I loved what he was doing to me.

At the last moment, he curved the tip of his tongue slightly forward. Like a plow, he drove his tongue from the entrance of my fuck hole to the head of my clit. Once he made contact with his target, I thought I was going to pass out. He went on to completely cover my clitoris with his mouth and tongue and began to suck on me very gently. My body began to tingle and my legs started to shake. I could feel my self-ready to explode now. Without a second longer I started to cum. I started to moan so loud.

"Oh yes" I screamed.

He never lost contact with my pussy all the time I was Cumming. I filled his mouth with my sweet juices. He laps all he could while the rest roll down my bottom of my pussy. I sat there on the hood for a second taking a deep breath.

"Pat, why don't you slide those jeans down for me."

It was my turn to please him as he has done for me.

"Okay baby."

He slid his jeans down. I looked closely at him. His cock was about 8 inches long not to thick but nice raised veins running along the side of his shaft. His knob looked huge very plump I knew I would enjoy it entering my pussy. I put his cock in my hand and stroked it a couple of times while I smiled at him. I got down from the hood and started to bend down. I licked along the blue vein that ran up the side of the shaft. Pat took a deep breath as I reached the tip and flicked it with my tongue.

"Oh yes... baby!" he moans. "Suck it!"

He was getting harder and longer.

I started to lick up and down on his shaft again. Down around his balls, and over his thighs, but refusing to take his cock into my mouth yet. I can sense he could not take it any longer as he started to moan to me.

"Leanne put my cock in your mouth."

I giggled, "Okay" Giving in to him.

In the same motion, I drive my lips down around Pat's cock, taking the first two inches into my mouth. I continued to slide up and down his pole, stroking his thighs with my fingertips. I can feel the shivers he was having. With more pressure from my lips, more energetic laps from my tongue. I started to suck him harder and faster. I clasped his balls in my hands and squeezed lightly. His sac was full of cum waiting to be release. After a few minutes of sucking and fondling his balls, he called my name.

"Leanne," he screamed and pulled away. "I don't want you to make me cum."

He told me to get back up and lean over the car. I did, as he wanted. My hands on the hood, he told me to stick my ass out good.

"You are going to get fucked good baby. I want you screaming with pleasure."

A wicked smile crossed my face; my pussy was dripping and ready for him to enter me. He gave a gentle shove and I could feel his cock slide into my pussy just as if it belonged there all along. I could feel my pussy open wider, letting his cock get even deeper into me. He pulled out until just the tip of his cock was inside of me. Then he slowly slid his hard cock back in. My eyes rolled up I loved what he was doing to me. Now that is what I call talent, and it felt so good. I could feel my own orgasm starting to boil. He stopped for a moment while he was deep inside of me.

"What's wrong? You aren't stopping are you?"

"Nah just wanted to stop for a second and slow things down a little. I do not want to cum too soon. I want us to cum together. Don't worry, I isn't going' anywhere."

"Oh Okay," I laughed.

He slowly pulled out again and stopped at the top. He knew that I expected him to take another slow stroke again, so I waited another beat and he drove me home just as hard as he could. I gave out a loud moan and my eyes were fill with tears. He pulled back out and pulled himself up towards my pussy. This allowed him to drag his veiny shaft across my clit on the way out of my pussy. He repeated the same move three or four times.

My breath started getting ragged and I could feel myself about to explode. He picked up the pace, being sure to keep up the friction on my clit. He was pounding into me just as hard and fast as he could move. My pussy began to spasm around his cock.

"Oh fuck yeah," I screamed.

"Fuck me baby, put that cock deep in me Mmm feels so good," as my breasts where rubbing against the hood."

I let myself go he moans out and starts to buck wildly as he starts to pump his cum deep in to me.

His cum filled my pussy deep. He started to pull out of me and I grabbed his hips.

"Oh no you don't. I want you to stay right there. It feels good to have a hard dick shoved up in me."

"Yeah that may be, but it is not going to be hard long, I can already feel myself getting soft," he said.

"Don't worry baby, I can fix that," I said with a sly grin on my face.

I began to squeeze my pussy muscles this forced his cum out of me. With one hand, I scooped up some cum, his, and mine and brought my fingers to my mouth. I started to lick my fingers one at a time, starting with my little finger.

"This tastes real good, Want some," I asked.

Then I offered him the last finger with cum on it. He bent down and licked it clean, tasting our mingled juices.


"Leanne this I have to admit taste very good."

In the meantime, I could feel him growing hard again inside my pussy. I moaned,

"Oh, that feels good!"

I began to move around him as he got another hard on. He began to pump me again pushing more cum out of me.

"I want some more cock but this time lets try something else. Just keep up what you're doing for a minute."

"Okay" he said with a smile.

I reached under my pussy again and scooped up some more of our juices. This time however, I smeared it across my ass. Putting two fingers in my anus.

"Mmm Leanne I can feel you push a finger or two up into your ass."

"I want you to stick your cock in my ass, Fuck my ass like you fucked my pussy!"

He slowly pulled out of me.

"Oh yeah Leanne."

My pussy gaped open, glistening from the friction of our furious fucking we have done before. Cum slowly oozed out of my pussy and flowed down my thighs. I started to spread my ass wide just waiting for him to enter. I just leaned forward again, he lodged the head of his dick in that inviting hole, and I nipped it with my asshole.

"Ready, baby?" he asked.

"When ever you are." I said.

Then I gave my ass a delicious little wiggle. He pushed into my ass and it was like slipping into a glove. The ring of my ass was a little tight but that just heightened the pleasure. With every passing inch, I just moaned louder. Pat got all of his cock inside me and gave a few short pumps. I clenched my ass around his cock and he started pumping in and out. It felt so good. I grabbed my tits and started to pull on my nipples. Making them nice and hard. I then ran my one hand down to my wet pussy. My juices have been flowing down my inner thighs. I took my two fingers and started to finger fuck myself while he fucked my ass.

"Oh yeah baby finger that pussy make it cream for me."

I started to finger my pussy harder, plugging it in there deep.

"Oh Pat, I am going to cum fuck me harder." I screamed aloud.

He started to pump my ass deeper and harder. Faster he fucked me. My fingers still fingering my pussy. I was starting to build up my orgasm.

"Ooh, that feels good. Don't stop, Fuck me harder!" I moaned.

"Oh yes, Leanne cum for me baby."

That did it for me as my body started to explode. My pussy was pouring out my creamy juices. Running down my fingers. I screamed louder then the first time he fucked me.

"Oh god Leanne I am cumin." he moaned.

He pumped his cum deep in my ass. Taking his pace to a slower movement as he slides in and out. Some of his cum dripping out of my ass as he pulled himself out.

I turned around and he leaned down and kissed me.

"You don't have to go right away do you. I would like to talk to you for a few." he said.

"No not right away, but soon, ok?"

"Would you like to do this again? I would like to see more of you and fuck you more if it was okay with you."

I looked at him with a surprised look on my face and said to him.

"I think that could be arranged."

I gave him a wink and said that I must get home before my boyfriend wonders where I am. It is getting late. He agreed and I drove him to his house and dropped him off. As I reached my house, I drove in the driveway and got out.

With a smile on my face as I walked in the door my boyfriend had asked where I have been. I told him dropping off one of my sister's friends and I headed to the bathroom to get myself cleaned up.

Saying to myself, "don't you want to know?" what a hot and erotic night, I had for a change. I giggled a little as I got cleaned up.

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#115 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:26
Virgin Butt Territory

When I first started working where I am over eleven years ago, there was one girl (Teresa) that I fooled around with for a while. She was not the prettiest person around, but her looks were better then average. Anything she lacked in looks, she sure made up for it with sex.

She was willing to fuck almost anywhere. There were several times we fucked at work, in the parking lot at work. Once when driving her home from work late at night, we pulled over onto a dirt road since she didn't want to wait.

One night, when I picked her up from work we stopped at a secluded wooded spot on the way to her house. I laid down a sleeping bag on the ground and we fucked in the open. She screamed so loud, I thought the police would come.

Even though the sex was good, there wasn't much else there. She was living at her father's place and we really didn't do much else but fuck, so we went out separate ways. I moved on to a different area of the company and lost track of her.

A few months later, I tore a tendon in my left elbow and was home recovering from surgery when I received a call from Teresa. She had moved out of her father's place and was staying at a friends house. She asked if I would like to see her before she moved up north in a few days.

I was feeling pretty horny and getting out of the house would do me some good - even if I the doctor didn't want me driving. Plus my girlfriend and I had been fighting because of her teenage son, so we were taking a break from each other. She gave me directions to her friend's place.

When I arrived, her friend was leaving to go to the store. Teresa and I started talking about how we were doing and what she was going to do up north. During the discussion she a comment that caused me to pick up a pillow and tossed it at her. She tossed it back at me and this continued for a few more tosses, when Theresa said "You don't want to start something you aren't going to finish".

I asked her how did she know I wasn't going to finish whatever I started. With that I got up and walked over to her. She was sitting on the couch, so I pinned her down and started kissing her. At first she said she didn't want to since I had a new girl friend, but after a few minutes of kissing and me rubbing her tits, she changed her mind.

I grabbed the bottom of her top and yanked it over her head. I then took her bra off. As I started attacking her hardening nipples, I reached down and moved one of my fingers into her soaked pussy.

I stood up for a moment to remove my shirt, pants and underwear. She leaned forward and started stoking my dick with one of her hands as the other hand played with her pussy. This continued for a few moments, before I had her stop. I lifted her legs up and removed her skirt and panties, before spreading her legs apart. Her pussy lips were spread wide just begging for my dick. I was going to fuck her for all we were worth.

I slide my dick all the way in her which caused her to climax. Pumping in and out of her I could hear the sloshing noise being made. My balls slammed against her as she came several times. I could feel my release building, but I wanted to prolong it just a little bit longer, so I pulled all the way out of her.

I had her then stand up, face the couch and bend over using the back of the couch for support. I then spread her legs apart. You could see her pussy lips all puffed up and cum dripping out her pussy and off those lips.

I entered her from the rear. This time slowly at first, but it was getting harder and harder to not come inside her. Before I did, there was one last thing I wanted to do so she would remember me.

I pulled my dick out of her and just slide it along her pussy lips. While doing this I got some of her cum on my fingers and used it to lubricated butt hole. At first she didn't do much, cause she thought I was going to finger her butt - but when I leaned back she realized what I was going to do. She tried to push up, but I held pushed down on her back as the tip of my dick was at the entrance of her butt.

Knowing I had to hurry or she would get lose, I pushed forward and sank half of my dick into her butt before either of us knew it. She was trying real hard to get free, but instead of getting away her movements actually caused me to go deeper.

She either started to enjoy it or decided to let me have my way. Either way - she stopped struggling and started to let me pump away inside her. I reached around and grabbed hold of each of her breasts as I pumped my dick in and out of her butt feeling me getting closer and closer.

Finally I started spewing my cum inside her butt. She tightened her cheeks up so much I wasn't sure I would ever be able to pull out of her. We both collapsed on the couch, sweat pouring off us.

Just as we finished getting dressed her friend returned. She was none to happy about the smell of sex in the house and yelled at me to get out.

After she moved, we communicated with each other for a few months, but as she got settled she got a job, started school and a boyfriend.

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#116 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:27
Hairysole Can

It all began innocently. I was at the supermarket buying some groceries for home. Across the aisle I saw a few items toppling to the floor. A girl in her mid twenties in a short skirt bent down to pick up the fallen cans when my eyes turned and I saw her naked ass. Lots of crinkly black hair was visible growing up her hairy asshole. I was turned on by her big buns with all that hair growing up her crack as I moved over to pick up the Aerosol Cans" or may be I should call it "The Hairy Arse hole".

She looked up and smiled and mouthed a thanks. She was a beauty. Tall statuesque the brunette must have been older than me but she was a knock out beauty. She left soon after and I then noticed that in the confusion and the dropped cans she had left behind her mobile phone. I picked it up knowing that she would call and soon enough she did. I told her I was the same guy who had helped her in the supermarket and I would drop it by. Her name was Juanita and she was Spanish and I was at her apartment in a flash.

She gave me her winning smile and she called me in for a cup of coffee. She seemed to live alone and I pressed on. I told her she was beautiful and she turned me on. I wanted to put my cock into her hairy asshole – simple as that.

I asked her straight. She looked amused and I moved over next to her on the couch. "I saw your hairy asshole at the supermarket" Not a great opening line but the best I could muster up. "Come here, baby", she said as she led me over to the bed. She put her hands on my shoulders and urged me to sit down on the edge of the bed.

"I am hairy all over do you like that" Juanita said. "Yes Yes" I answered quickly taking in her hairy armpits as she removed her tank top over her head. She then removed her skirt and as I knew already she had no panties on. I had seen her ass and now I saw her bushy pussy. "Sooooo much hair on your body. I love the hairy look Why don't you shave your bushy underarms. I can understand your having such a hairy pubic triangle but so much hair in the armpits makes you a little different." was my response.

She gave me a quizzical look and I didn't know whether I had pleased her or that I had annoyed her but all I wanted was to fuck her hirsute asshole. I was willing to beg her not that I needed to, as she was ready for some action. She swiftly grabbed me and started touching the tufts of hair on my chest, which were not hidden by the open collar of my shirt. Maybe that's what had aroused her. I have a very hairy chest, which runs down to my groin, and she played with the hair in my chest.

She started to remove my shirt and unzipped my trousers. Leaning over me she started kissing me, drawing my tongue into her mouth and sucking on it. Juanita kissed me all the way down my body and then she reached for my cock. She took it in one hand and my balls in her other hand. Starting at the base of my raging cock she licked up it until she got to the head. She slowly sucked the head of my cock into her mouth getting it good and wet. She ran her tongue all around the head of my shaft several times then made her tongue very hard and rubbed the underside of my sensitive cock head.

I was keen on fucking her anally but she was sucking my bulging prick and I was not complaining. I put my hands into the long bushy hair in her dense armpit forest. I marveled at the luxuriant lush armpits and its texture was very sexy. It felt a little coarse but I guess the Spaniard was very hirsute as even her eyebrows were very bushy. Juanita started moving her head up and down taking a little more of my big cock in her mouth each time until she had the whole 10 inches was buried in her throat. I knew I wouldn't last long and when she started humming and moaning causing her throat to vibrate around my shaft

I grabbed her head in both hands and started thrusting up into her mouth like it was her wet, hot hairy pussy. She was loving my cock as I face fucked her. Her lips were wrapped around my shaft as she blew me like it was the easiest thing to do to a stranger she had met an hour ago at a super market.

I was having the time of my life, as I pulled at the long hair in her coarse underarms. I never knew a girl could have so much hair in their underarms and not bother to shave it off. I guess that's the difference between a hot Spaniard and an American. She took in more of my penis as she kneaded my balls and then I shot my load straight down her throat. She swallowed every drop and as I flopped back down on the bed she continued to suck my still semi-hard cock and massage my balls. Within a few minutes she had my massive tool as hard as ever.

I asked her to get on her hands and knees, as I looked at the jet-black crinkly hair in her puckered asshole. It was a gorgeous sight as I stroked my hardening organ. I reached over and pulled at the shag of hair in her dense armpits and I slowly pushed my dick into her anal cavity.

She bent over it, and stuck her ass out in the air. "Do it!" she said, and she pushed her ass back, forcing my cock into her. I went as slow as possible, sliding it in only a tiny bit at a time. The head finally popped in, and it seemed to go in smoother after that. "That feels so good." she said, moaning quietly. I glanced down and watched as half went in, now only a quarter still visible. I continued to push softly until my entire cock was embedded in her tight anus, and I could feel my balls touching her bushy pussy.

I slowly pulled back, until just the head remained inside her sphincter. Then I began to push back in, slightly faster. I repeated this, several times, and gaining more speed with each thrust. My hands were in her sweaty armpits as her armpit hair became wet with her exertions. A musky smell pervaded the area as I was ramming my cock into her anus as hard and fast as I could.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh god.. yes your big cock feels.. so.. fucking.. good up my ass ooohh!!!" she said, speaking between thrusts as I slammed my raging hard on into her tight little hairy anal entry. It felt incredible. "Yes keep your cock right there don't you dare cum as yet. Don't stop! Keep fucking me harder Harder! Fuck my tight little hairy ass as hard as you can!" she purred. "Aaaahhhhhhh Oooooooh God.. I'm cumming!!! I'm cuuummmiinnnggg!!!!!" she yelled out, clearly audible through her hand as I continued to vigorously shaft her anally.

"I'm going to cum you hairy horny baby.." I warned her as I felt my cum rushing and my head spinning. Do it you bastard I want your cock to fill up my ass. I want to feel your cum deep in my ass.." she said, removing her hand from her mouth as she continued to buck her hips back against me. I couldn't hold back any longer. I took out my hands from her bushy underarms and wrapped my hands around her hips, and pushed my cock into her ass all the way one last time. As I filled her hairy asshole, it set her off again. "Oh my god.. I can feel your cum in my ass.. It's incredible. I'm cumming again!! Yeesss!!"

After I filled her up, I slowly pulled out and stepped away. She stood up, got dressed, and eventually, I picked up my clothes and got dressed. I said my goodbyes to her and kissed her on the cheek and gave a quick kiss to the long bushy hair in her underarms touched her hairy ass filled with my cum juice and left.

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#117 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:28
Hollywood Sex Party

Tonight was the night that I was going to the wild Hollywood sex party with Tom. Tom and I had been friends for a little while. Every time the conversation turned to sex we would get really turned on and rub on each other. He had been telling me about these parties for months and I was so excited that he was taking me. I hoped that the first time we fucked would be while performing at one of these parties and it looked like my fantasy was about to come true.

I'm Teddy. I am 24 years old and people think I have a hot body. I am 36D-27-37. I am very curvy and I have a nice big ass. I am pretty uninhibited when it comes to sex. That is why I couldn't wait for this party tonight. I always fantasized about getting gangbanged and now it was going to come true.

Tom and I went shopping yesterday for this party. When we went shopping he peeked in my dressing room and it totally made my shaved pussy so hot. We went to this hot little boutique and bought this totally classy black sheath dress that was mid thigh and showed off my cleavage. While I was getting ready for my hot date, I got so horny; I had to play with my pussy while thinking about showing off tonight. And I was so excited because Tom and I share a fetish for my ass. I couldn't wait for him to show me off while licking my asshole.

Tom picked me up for the party and really thought I looked good. He reached under my dress and played with my soaking pussy.

"You are such a naughty girl, going out in a short dress with no panties on," Tom told me when he felt my wet pussy.

When we got in the car, he playfully slapped my ass and told me what a dirty girl I was. I love it when he talks dirty to me, so my pussy got even wetter. When we got to the party, we had a few cocktails and then went upstairs to where the fun rooms were. I saw this hot blond with big fake tits. She was sucking a big fat cock while sliding her pussy around another cock and taking one in her ass. She was screaming her head off.

"Mmmm... God this feels so fucking good... I love being so filled with cock... I'm gonna cum. Oh my fucking god... fuck me in all my holes. Fill me with cock you bastard. Uhh... unhh... I'm cuuuumming... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. "

Hearing her talk so slutty got me totally turned on. Cum was leaking out of her pussy and asshole. She was totally spent. I love it when girls are super slutty. It is so hot. Tom started sticking his finger in my pussy and on my clit.

"You are so wet. You dirty slut. Did you like seeing that girl take all that cock? I want to see you suck the cum out of her ass. "

I started kissing the blond and found out her name was Sindy.

"Sindy, you are such a cum sucking whore and it's got me so hot," I said.

I started playing with her bare pussy and my hand got all creamy. I started to suck on her clit and flick my tongue over it. Sindy moaned appreciatively. Then I stuck my tongue in her tight asshole and licking the cum out of her.

Sindy moaned appreciatively, "Oh my god that feels so fucking good. Suck my ass baby. You are such a slut. "

Tom took his cock out of his pants and started rubbing his big cock.

"Ooh Tom you have such a nice cock, I can't wait to feel it in my ass. "

Tom lifted up my dress and started to tongue my pussy and ass. I was squirming on his face. His tongue was relentless in my ass. He kept shoving it up there like it was a little cock.

"Oh my god... Your tongue is so fucking good. Don't stop tongue fucking me. "

Sindy went downstairs after moaning that she was all fucked out. When I looked up, I noticed James, a new friend we made sticking his enormous cock against my lips. I sat on Tom's face and took James's big dick in my mouth. I started fingering my asshole while I was riding Tom's face.

"Ungg... umm... hmmm," I was choking on that big dick while fucking Tom's face.

James was cheering me on, "Oh my god... Your mouth feels so good around my big cock. I love your lips around my cock. "

Several couples had come into the room and watched me in my depravity. I loved it. I felt like such a dirty girl performing in front of all these people.

I lowered my pussy onto James's huge 10-inch monster pole. I came almost immediately as I sat on his big dick.

"Oh my god. That... feels so... fuuck. ing... goooooooooooooooooood. Ahh... ungh... Oh my... yeah that's it. Fuck my tight pussy with your big cock. I love your big cock up meeeee... "

Meanwhile Tom was licking my asshole. I felt him smearing my ass with something gooey and then I felt his big cock poking around my entrance. I tried to relax my ass as James big dick was pounding into me. I started to scream as soon as Tom entered my ass.

"Oh my god... I feel like such a slut... I love having two hard cocks up me at the same time. Oh my... oooooooooh... ahhhh... I love your big cocks. "

Tom and James were pistoning in and out of my stretched pussy and asshole in alternate strokes. I had cum so many times I had lost count. Finally James squirted cum deep inside my pussy. My pussy was so stretched it was quivering when he pulled out. Tom had spread my cheeks apart and was still assaulting my ass with his big cock.

"Oh my god, I love you big dick up there. That feels so fucking good. Fuck my slutty, nasty, ass. "

Tom's dick started to shake in my asshole as he screamed, "Oh my god... I am gonna cum in your ass, you nasty little cum sucking bitch. Do you love my cock in your ass?"

"God yes," I replied.

"I want to hear you say it," he yelled back.

"I love... your... cock... in my dirty... uhh... slutty... tight... asshole!" "Oh my god!"

Tom squirted cum deep in my asshole. He grabbed my hair and shoved his cum and ass covered cock deep in my mouth. I cleaned his cock of every last drop of fuck juice. We were both so spent. We decided to rest a while before scouting the party for more opportunities to fuck. I was turning into such a dirty girl... and I loved every minute of it.

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#118 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:30
Full Disclosure Ch. 01-1

Perhaps a little background would be in order. My name is Bill, and my wife is Samantha. We are both in our early fifties, and have been married for thirty-three years. We have three boys, all grown and through college, two of which are married and have children of their own. My wife has always been a head turner, with vital statistics of 115 lbs, 36B, 24, 36 when we were married and before children. Today, she is about 130 lbs, with firm 36C breasts that can pass a pencil test, and with a little extra padding in all the right places. She maintains a firm tone in her body that comes from daily workouts at the gym. She has aged so very well, and is in many ways sexier today than ever before. I have made an excellent living, we are very comfortable, and we enjoy each others company. Our sex life has diminished over the years, and that "blue pill" certainly was a wonderful discovery. However, I never would have believed this could happen to me.

Early on in our marriage, we would enjoy ourselves as we made love together, and as we shared and explored our fantasies together. After a few years we began discussing while in the heat of the moment the idea of Samantha having another man. She was a virgin when we were married, and had never experienced anyone else. She would talk about the fantasy, but in a cooler, calmer moment, express her commitment to me, and how she did not want to be with anyone else. On one level this was very reassuring, and yet I longed for what I felt would be a wonderful experience for both of us if she were to experiment with another man. The way we left it was that she was free to have sex with another man of her choosing, but that she must tell me ALL about what happened when it was over.

Throughout the years, we often fantasized together about what she would do with another guy, and she would tell me stories that I believed were to turn me on during love making. I would also give her ideas, which she would then relate back to me for our enjoyment during sex. This was not one sided, for I would also share fantasies with her, for her enjoyment. She was fantastic at making the stories sound so very very real. Samantha had been brought up in a very strict home, and she believed deep down that husbands only want "good" girls, and that the fantasies were ok as fantasies, but not something that any husband would want in real life. How could he, since husbands wanted only "good" girls, not sluts or tramps.

Our youngest son, John, was hospitalized three weeks ago after a car accident. He needed surgery for some internal bleeding that was occurring and I offered to donate blood directly to him so that he would not be subject to the vagaries of the blood supply system. It was this odd event that brought to light a surprising situation; I never suspected anything; I never even dreamed that my wife would be as involved as she was. You see, the hospital informed me after taking the blood tests, that I was not the biological father of my third son. I asked if they were sure, and they assured me they had run the tests twice since the results were what they were.

Samantha and I have been married 33 years and I had only fantasized about her and other men, never believing that it could have happened, she was just too much of a "good" girl. I was not jealous, after all, sex is sex, and if she shared sex with another, it didn't detract from what we shared. We had always connected at a deeper level and were true soul mates. I guess to a large degree, I had become so involved with our fantasies that it no longer matter if they were real or not real. On one level, I really wanted them to be real. Now I had uncovered the reality that at least one of them, her getting pregnant by another man had already happened. My only wish was that she had shared this with me earlier, after all, that had been our agreement.

My wife was standing with me as the nurse told us the results, and she turned white, knowing her secret was now out. The hospital staff left us alone, and neither of us said anything to the other. We were both just thinking private thoughts. My mind was filled with questions. How could this be? How come I haven't known of this before? Was I blind? How did Samantha let this happen? How many men has she been with that I knew nothing about? Why me? Why her? Why now? After a few minutes of silence, Samantha started to break down and cry. She didn't say anything, but I could tell she was hurting, and I put my arm around her to let her know that together, we would get through this latest turn of events.

She buried her head on my shoulder as she sobbed, and held me tightly. I asked her why she was crying, why she hadn't shared this with me earlier. Her response was so typical of her, she said she always wanted to be a "good" girl for me, and now the illusion was destroyed. She had no idea whether or not I would continue loving her and that she was truly scared for us. My love for her overwhelmed me and I told her I had always wanted a "bad" girl in the bedroom, thinking about our shared fantasies, and that she should not worry, but that we did indeed need to talk. There was clearly an issue of communication that we needed to clear up. Our first priority at the moment however, was John.

The doctors told us John's surgery went well, and so after staying with him until visiting hours were over we headed home. In the car, I asked her to tell me what had happened, and why she had never shared anything about this before. Did she know I was not his father? Why didn't she tell me? I was calm, and truly wanted to know what had happened, and how big the chasm was between us. Since she obviously had been with another guy, at least once, why had she not shared that with me per our agreement? It was after all, my deepest fantasy.

After a long pause, she began telling me her story. She said that she had dreaded this day since about two years before John was born. She knew that after her affair ended, she was duty bound to share with me everything that had taken place between her and her friend. At times, that very thought had kept her in the affair simply because she was not ready to share what had happened with me. She had no idea how I would really react when it was no longer fantasy, but that I was indeed married to a "bad" girl. She wrote things down as it had happened in her journal, so she could read it again and again and keep the memories fresh. Her diary was at home, and she said the best thing at this time, if I truly wanted to know everything, was for me to read it.

She cautioned me that it was erotic, exotic, raw, emotional, filled with ups and downs and left nothing to the imagination, and was I absolutely sure that I wanted to know. She said that she was so very deeply in love with me, and didn't want anything to change between us. We were comfortable, we were more than compatible, we were soul mates, and we had an ever increasing family to share and enjoy together as we aged. She left the decision up to me as to whether I would read the journal, or let it go.

She also told me that if I read her diary, I would never again think of her as a "good" girl and that if a "good" girl was truly what I wanted in a wife, I should just forget what happened today, and we could go on with our lives as though nothing had happened. Her affair was going on the 24th year and was NOT over. She also added that if I did read her diaries, she would abide by whatever decision I made as to whether or not I wanted her to terminate the affair, but also as a condition of her telling me and sharing the details with me, no matter what happened, I had to agree in advance not to leave her. No divorce, no changing of my mind, no public discloser of what had already happened, no telling the children, etc. This would now be between her, him and me.

She warned me that if the situation was reversed, she could not continue staying with me because of the intensity of feelings I would have had for the other woman. (This statement sent shivers down my spine.) But since I had encouraged her to have another lover, perhaps I could live with it, and would perhaps even enjoy it, the ecstasy and pain of her adventures. She understood my mindset all too well, this was beyond any fantasies that we had shared before, but was a real life situation, with a child to prove it. I was hooked and needed to read and hear about her ongoing affair, what they did, how it started, why it started, and everything else I could find out about her secret life. Yes there would be pain, but also that true cuckold angst, that I had always fantasized about, but never until today experienced. Nothing could have prepared me however for the truth of the situation and the emotions that would be shared between us.

We stopped for dinner along the way, and as we went in, she asked that we not talk about it anymore until I had completely made up my mind on her offer. The meal was excellent, and we celebrated that John was going to be ok, and that we were connecting at a deeper level than in the past. It was almost as though an unknown weight had been lifted from Samantha's shoulders, and we were now freer than ever to just savor our friendship and love.

As we arrived home, I open her door, and her legs caught my attention, not that they didn't usually, but I now knew that another man had perhaps shared that same joy, of seeing her legs as she exited the car. I watched more closely as she walked into the house, with that girlish sway in her hips. I wondered if he had enjoyed the same sensations as I was now experiencing.

As we entered the bedroom to get ready for bed, I watched more closely as she removed her shoes and stockings. Her bare legs and feet are so very enticing, so very attractive with a promise of things to come. I looked at her beautiful feet, and wondered if he enjoyed her perfect toes and manicured toenails, and the arch in her feet, did he get the same enjoyment at seeing her go around barefoot. As she took off her dress, I gazed at her beautiful body, again so very sexy after so many years. But it looked different, I couldn't quite place why, but it had to be that I now knew that there was another man who has enjoyed the very same view. I wondered when they were last together. Where had they been when they were last together, was it right here in our bedroom?

As she removed her bra, and shook out her long hair, I saw a glimpse of the young woman I had married, so very fresh, so very sexy, so very mine, at least that was what I always believed. She went into the bathroom and removed her panties, not letting me see her completely naked. I don't know if that was intentional or not, my senses were on overload, and I was seeing her in many ways for the first time.

She turned on the shower and proceeded to clean up. I also undressed quickly, and in an uncharacteristic fashion, went in and joined her in the shower. She was only a little surprised, as I soaped up my hands and offered to scrub her back. As my hands roamed over her every curve, I again could not escape the thought that perhaps he did the same thing, was I just copying his technique, I didn't know, but knew I wanted to know everything. I took my time washing her hair, I had not done that for years, but somehow it seemed the right thing to do.

As my hands roamed to her front, she leaned back into me, and I felt her firm breasts, and her nipples that had grown so very erect from my touch, or was it because she was thinking of him? Oh the demons, they just kept coming from nowhere and causing me to wonder. Not in a jealous manner, but in a needing to know way. As my hands went further down her body, to her neatly trimmed pubic hair, I again marveled at how she always kept her pubic hair trimmed so nicely. Was that for him also? My erection came without need of any help, and it stood proud and tall. She turned toward me and began soaping me up, paying special attention to my back, front, arms, legs, feet, and my balls, but not my penis. She was amused by my involuntary reaction to her body, or the thought it evoked, and gave me a playful smile, almost a smirk, but more just a smile indicating she was pleased she could stir up a response from me after everything that had happened that day. I wondered if she showered with her friend, or was this unique to us today.

We left the shower when we were done, and each of us dried the other. She very carefully began to kiss me as we toweled off, and her kisses held such promise for the rest of the evening. She remained stark naked as she dried and combed her hair, her muscles and curves again keeping me aroused. I again wondered if she had learned this from him, because she had never allowed me to enjoy her nakedness for such a long period of time before. What had he taught her, or maybe just brought out in her...

When she was done, she came to bed naked, again very unusual, since she preferred long night shirts with panties underneath. I always slept in the nude, and so we snuggled together enjoying our naked flesh touching and exciting us. She then began whispering in my ear, asking if I had made my decision on staying together and finding out about her affair, or was the marriage we knew truly over. I asked one simple question, since I knew she wanted to stay with me, and that was, will you tell me everything, holding back nothing from now on. If you cannot do that, then we are probably through. On the other hand, if you keep no secrets, no matter how hard it may be to tell me, then I want to stay with you for the rest of our lives, together as man and wife.

She again warned me that she was not a "good" girl deep inside, and if that was ok with me, IF I could still love her, cherish her, and accept her just the way she really was, then she was willing to share everything, and in fact, more than willing, she wanted to share everything with me. After cuddling a bit more, I agreed to all of her terms, and she climbed on top of me, and started to cry. I held her close, and she said to give her a minute, these were tears of joy and nothing to be concerned about. We hugged and whisper sweet nothings in each others ears, with so many I love you's and other phrases lovers use.

As we began to settle down, and calm down, we began deep kissing like we had not done in years. It was exciting for me to feel her entire naked body so close to mine, and I again had a thought, is this what she does with her friend, all the time, some of the time, or was this special just for us. As her kissing became more insistent, she began to lower herself down my front and kissed her way to my pubic area. This was completely new and exciting; she had never kissed her way down my body, like this before. She also had never given me oral sex before, always saying "good" girls didn't do such things.

Was she going to kiss my penis now? As she continued lower she began by kissing my stomach, and around my pubic hair, and then my balls, a first ever, and then she slowly started to kiss my penis, and amazingly, put the head in her mouth and began to fellate me. I was beyond surprised and wondered if she had done this often for her friend. In 33 years she had never performed like this for me, she had never had my penis in her mouth, what has been unleashed between us? I reached down and gently pulled her mouth away, even though I craved the feel of her tongue and lips on my ever so sensitive area.

I asked why she did that, having never done it before. She simple smiled at me, and said she had often wanted to, but that her "good" girl image just would not allow it. For the first time since I knew of her affair, I started to ask if she had done that with her friend, and she replied that I would know more soon enough, tonight she wanted to please me as she had never done before. With that being said, she again resumed her self-directed task of pleasing me in a new way.

What could I say, it was wonderful, and as I neared the point of no return, I again wondered how experienced she had become without my knowledge. Something deep inside needed to know just how far she had gone and how experienced was she with fellatio. I didn't say anything, and as my orgasm hit, I concealed its approach as best I could, and I repeatedly spurted my semen deep in her mouth. I did not hold her head in place, but simply stroked her cheek with my finger tips. To my complete surprise, she swallowed everything without missing a drop. Again I was taken aback and apologized for losing control, she simple said that it was fine, she loved the taste of semen, and mine was wonderful.

Not "his" or her "friend's" semen, but just plain semen. With that revelation, and the unspoken message she had perhaps unknowingly conveyed, I immediately stopped losing my erection, and she could tell something had aroused me again. She looked up at me after putting my penis back in her warm mouth, and her eyes said it all. She was so very happy she had been able to please me, she briefly removed her mouth, and said, "I hope you can take my honesty, I will withhold nothing from you as you wanted."

With that said, I pulled her up to my mouth, and we kissed deeply, while I for the first time tasted myself on her lips and tongue. She quickly placed her vagina on my erect penis, and slid on without even missing a beat. She was so very wet, and needed no additional lubrication. We slowly moved back a forth, with her doing most of the moving, as she rocked herself on my erection. She pressed her clitoris down directly on my pubic bone, and continued her rocking until her orgasm began.

This was indeed another first, since normally one of us would use the vibrator after I had cum inside of her. The surprising thing was I had never felt her orgasm with my penis before. Her vagina was milking my penis, and driving me to my second orgasm of the night. As I was just about to cum, the thought that this maybe the way she did it with her friend sent me over the top, and I unloaded into Samantha with everything I had left. I personally hoped she would drain for the next few days, reminding her of me and this night.

I guess I needed to reclaim what was mine, and this was a fine way to do it. Which then lead to the question of had we ever made love soon after he had left his deposit? Even though she did not fellate me, I would still perform oral sex for her when she asked. This was not very often, but she didn't think of it as her being a "bad" girl, she was just allowing me to take pleasure in her garden with my tongue and lips. I wondered if I had ever tasted his semen without knowing it. Will the demons ever be satisfied I wondered?

Having both just experienced wonderful orgasms, she sat up on me while still holding my penis inside of her. I took this opportunity to start asking questions as we both were in the afterglow of a wonderful time. She held up her finger as if to silence me, and said she would answer one question tonight, and the rest would have to wait. After all, her affair had gone on for 24 years so far, so there was far more content than could ever be shared in one or even a dozen nights.

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#119 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:30
Full Disclosure Ch. 01-2

I understood, and thought for a minute, and asked the best question I could come up with at the time. Tell me about him, not where you met, not what you have done, not anything else, but tell me about your friend tonight, and then we will rest till morning.

Samantha thought for a minute and then relayed the following as best as I remember. She was very honest and left little to my imagination as we agreed. Listen carefully, because although she was completely honest, I sensed a strong degree of understatement in her words. Imagine her sitting on my lap, stark naked, her breasts couldn't be more on display, my penis buried deep inside of her warmth, her face showing every emotion as she spoke and said:

"He is a man."

I mean he is a man in every sense of the word. He is strong, he has strong desires, he has a strong ego, but yet he is also sensitive. He was searching when we first met, and in many ways insecure. Today he is very emotionally secure, and credits me with that fact. He makes me smile all of the time.

He has the same type of fantasies that you do, perhaps even more daring and exotic than yours, and always wanted a woman he could use to fulfill many of those fantasies. Yes, he used me, but in many ways I used him also, to live a secret "bad" girl existence, and still have a safe and secure relationship with you.

I was not married to him, and was therefore free to explore his and my (and sometimes your) fantasies, experiencing them for real and it didn't matter if I lost his respect as I feared losing yours --- if you and I had acted upon our fantasies. He and I have been through so very much throughout the years and are truly close and intimate friends.

Am I in love with him? Yes, in a way, but not in the same way that I have such strong deep feelings and love for you. You are my husband, and life long partner. He is not.

"He is a man."

He touches me in so many emotional ways, and I can tell his moods with only a look. He cares deeply for me, but we both recognize our future is as "very close friends" that share so many fun times, and secrets. He is married, but wasn't when we first met. His wife knows nothing of me, and our relationship. He owns his own business, and is very wealthy. So travel to remote places is not a problem. You do not know him, but he knows you.

He is handsome, he is sexy looking, he has a wonderful penis, about 1.5 inches longer than yours, and thicker. I can tell the difference between them when each of you are inside of me. Yes, he has been inside of me probably more times than you have in the last 24 years. And, he has been inside of me everywhere, unlike you.

I knew he was John's dad, but he does not know. That has been my secret and burden.

The first few years was a fairly simple affair, but as we grew more comfortable, and he realized that if the affair ended, I would have to share everything we had done together with you, which he knew I really did not want to do, he took advantage of the situation and pushed me to do more things with him than I ever thought possible. He does have a wonderfully creative mind, and is a very smart man. Afterward, yes, I did truly enjoy the way he "stretched my boundaries".

I think I would summarize my comments tonight by just saying:

"He is a man."

My penis had returned to normal and I was sobered, and as Samantha lifted off of me, still draining my fluid, I realized that she and her friend had much more than just an affair, she had a relationship with him that was filled with emotion, filled with an odd form of love, and also filled with a physical side that I had no idea had been going on. It gave me pause, and I wondered for the first time, did I really want to know everything, or was this going too far?

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#120 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:30
Full Disclosure Ch.2-1

Hi, Samantha here, about three and a half weeks after John was hospitalized, Bill asked me to read what he had written in the first chapter, and then he asked me to write the next chapters. I feel his reasoning was that I had lived it, and I would be better able to share with you and him what had happened between my friend and me, rather than if he tried to relay it to you third person. I also feel that as he was reading my diaries, I interjected too many times with an "oh, yes, that is when I was..." or "oh, yes, I remember feeling..." as some other thought or memory came to mind that I would share with him which I had not written down. After all, so many times you can't get everything down in a diary, just the high points that trigger memories.

Bill wants to know EVERYTHING! And I suspect you may also want to know everything. Quite frankly Bill has done really good, hearing about the initial details of my relationship. Bill is sharing this with the world, although I am not quite sure why he feels the need to do that. I certainly don't. But he does right now, and I am in no position to refuse him this desire. This has been his fetish for 28 years, and now that he has his own story, he wants to share it with you.

Let me also clear up a little confusion from what Bill has already shared in Chapter 1. When I told Bill, "He is a man", you needed to hear the tone of my voice, I said it quietly and thoughtfully, in a matter of fact way. Bill did not misunderstand, I was not saying that Bill was not also a man, for he is, a very strong and dedicated man, with high standards, and an easy going personality, and he is a wonderful father and husband. He has been loyal to me, and worked hard to provide for us. I could never have found a better soul mate and husband. Bill has always said I should be more adventurous. Little did he know I already was more adventurous.

I feel if the roles were reversed, I would not be able to emotionally handle what I am putting Bill through. But men are so very different than women, and of course, not all men are alike, as all women are not alike. Bill is enjoying this revelation far more than I ever would have thought. It is as though all of the fantasies we shared have come to life, for real, and he is very turned on (all of the time) by our situation. In reality, they have, and even more that he doesn't know about yet.

I always believed that a wife should never lose the respect of her husband. And that if she did, it was only a mater of time before he would leave her. I vowed when I was young to never let my husband lose his respect for me. That is the main reason I was never able to share with him about the relationship with my friend. What I did not understand, was that Bill would not have lost his respect for me from my sexual adventure, but he almost did because I did not share it with him. Well, that has changed; he is in awe of what I have done with my friend; and, we are both in awe of what Bill and I have done together since the revelation.

I feel he is hurt by my not sharing this with him earlier, but because I have reassured him repeatedly, that he is my true love, he is able to let the sexual excitement drive him, not the pain of concealment. Thank Goodness, because I really do not know what I would do without him. He means so very much to me! And as I have reminded him, everything I have done has been within his agreement with me, which he pushed upon me 28 years ago.

We have enjoyed a very rich sex life the last three weeks, and he has done more with me than we had ever done before. I have been with my friend one time since I began relating my affair to Bill, and I shared I was going to see him before we actually met. He does not yet know that Bill knows. My hope is that after full discloser, Bill will allow me to continue with my relationship, but that is up to him. I will abide by whatever he decides, at least I feel I can, but I am really not sure.

For your benefit, I feel a need to back up and give you my view of our background and our early years, that is Bill and my early years. We met in college, and within the first ten minutes, I felt that Bill and I would be together forever. Bill did not feel it quite that soon, but after a couple of months of dating, we were both sure our love was real, and we were meant for each other. I had been brought up in a very strict home, and I was taught that sex was bad, and was only allowed between a husband and wife, so we did not do anything more than chaste kissing at the end of our dates.

Bill wanted more, but respected me enough to abide by the limits I set. We were married after dating for three years, and on our honeymoon, Bill and I both willingly surrendered our virginity to the other. We had so much fun together, in and out of bed. We were and are soul mates. I would use my hands to excite Bill, and he would do the same for me before having intercourse in the missionary position. I would sometimes orgasm with his penis deep inside me as he vigorously pumped my vagina. We would also share fantasies, but I was not very comfortable doing that, because I was a "good" girl, and I didn't feel that "good" girls did that. However, inside, I was as excited as he was, thinking about the possibilities of a different kind of sex rather than just plain intercourse.

About five years into our marriage, after our first two sons were born, his fantasies took a turn to the more wild side. He would ask me questions about if I wanted to experiment with another man in bed. These thoughts at first revolted me, but I would answer his questions as best I could. I did not want another man, I wanted him, and our family, and a house with a white picket fence surrounding it, and the fairy tale living happily ever after. No matter how many times I said that, Bill kept bring another man or men into his fantasies with me.

About the same time, he got a new job, a traveling sales position, where he was on the road three to four nights a week. I didn't like him being gone, and felt he should not have taken the job, but he repeatedly told me he wanted to do this, he was good at it, and it was the way to make my dreams of being a stay at home mom, with the house, and cars, and everything else a reality. So I accepted this as just part of the cost of getting the other things we wanted. I would get very tired taking care of the boys during the week by myself, and when Bill came home, he wanted sex, which at the time was not high on my list of fun things to do.

The more I slowed down in the bedroom, the more he wanted, and his fantasies of me being with others grew larger and larger. Bill never quite understood that as tired as I was, I needed loving all week in order to feel like having intercourse with him on the weekends. Our lives continued, and we made it through to the point where the boys were finally off to school during the days. I felt so free, as though a huge burden of motherhood has been lifted from my shoulders. Things got better between Bill and me, and when he wanted loving, he got loving; my body craved his as much as he craved mine. This served to heighten Bill's fantasies now, and they now always focused on me with other men.

When I told him I didn't want other men, he didn't believe me, and that is when I made an agreement with him that was the real start of my sexual awakening. If he had not pushed it, we would probably not be where we are today. His words were so very clear to me, he said that he wanted me to be free to explore my sexuality with others, and that he wanted to encourage me to find other men and get pleasure from them. He said there was so much more to loving than just rubbing and missionary intercourse. He also said that I did not need his permission to explore, but that when it was over, he wanted ALL of the details.

I don't know if he really expected me to follow through, or not. It concerned me that he was not satisfied with our normal sex life, and I wondered if in his traveling, he was exploring his sexual awakening with other women. I asked him since he was so insistent upon me being with other men, did he want permission to be with other women. He said no, he only wanted me, and he promised he would not be with anyone else. I asked where his fantasies were coming from, and he said he bought Penthouse magazines, and Hustler magazines to pass the time in his hotel rooms at night. I had never looked inside of either, and asked to see some the next time he got them. He agreed, and left one of each with me before he went out of town the next week.

Here I was, home alone during the day, and this "good" girl started to read the stuff he had left for me. If he had been home when I first looked at them, I would have tossed them out and given him a stiff rebuke, they were clearly not a magazine a "good" husband should be reading. But as the week went on, I was drawn back to the magazines to read the articles, to read the letters sent in by "normal" people, and to read the stories that were highlighted. Bill had dog eared some of the pages, surprisingly, not the ones with pictures, but the ones that specifically included wife sharing. I began to understand that he really was hooked on this niche of human sexuality. My fantasies then came from out of the blue, and I began to wonder what it would be like. But I was a "good" girl through and through, at least I thought I was, and in any event, I needed to be --- for my husband. I did not believe he really wanted his wife to be that wild.

About that same time, I joined the local school PTA and got really involved in the group. It was fun to be out and about with adults again, rather than young children, and there was a man, a parent, who also was in the group. We met and found that we agreed on most everything, and he was fun to be around. He was a single parent, and had a little girl in the same classroom as our second son. His wife had left him for another man, and he was left to raise his daughter, and take care of his home, job, etc. In case you have not put it together yet, he is THE man.

BUT, it didn't happen that quickly, we would gather at meetings, and we were cordial, but not overly so. About four months later, as spring was in the air, I needed a ride home from a meeting at the school, and he offered to drop me off. As we arrived home, he asked if he could come in, and I politely declined, saying I had too much to get done, and perhaps another time. But the seed had been planted. He was interested in me, and I had apparently unknowingly given him signals I might be interested in him.

Bill remembered when I mentioned I had gotten a ride home from a very nice gentleman from the PTA meeting and that he had wanted to come in but I turned him down. Bill even remarked that I should have taken him up on his offer to see where it might lead. I laughed it off at the time, and said he was going to lose his "good" girl if he wasn't careful. He had no idea how accurate that statement would later be. I never mentioned him again to Bill, and he never asked.

The next week, I again needed a ride since our car was still in the shop being repaired, and I called my friend and asked if he could provide transportation. He agreed, and also asked me out to lunch afterward. I don't know why, but I said, yes, I would enjoy it. I feel it was the loneliness of Bill being gone 4 to 5 days a week, and to be honest, the excitement of having a man interested in me. I felt like an old mom, raising two boys on my own, and he offered me an escape from this drudgery.

As I dressed for the meeting, I put on my makeup better than usual, not too heavy, but enough to accent my features. In many ways I was as excited as a high school girl going out on her first date, but this wasn't a date, I didn't even know much about him. I didn't know what his real interest in me was, or for that matter, what my interest in him was. I only knew I was interested in seeing where this might lead. I put on a nice dress, just a little more classy than usual, and a pair of sandals. I earlier had a pedicure; I know Bill always liked to see my bare feet with all of my nails done to perfection. I guessed my new friend may also like the same thing. I remember feeling funny and wondered, "What am I doing?"

After the meeting, we went to the local Olive Garden restaurant, and had a nice secluded booth in the back. I was not too worried that anyone we knew would see us, and it provided a nice place to sit and talk. We talked for over three hours, and exchanged many facts. Yes, he was a single dad, no he was not seeing anyone at the time, yes I felt like a single parent because Bill traveled so much, yes, he was handsome, yes, he thought I was intelligent and charming (his words), he owned his own business, so he had lots of time available during the day, yes, he was committed to being the best father he could be for his little girl, he was also hurting because his wife had left him for another man, he didn't know what had happened, he just knew she didn't want to be a wife, or a mom anymore, and he was left holding the bag. I remember feeling compassion and I empathized with his pain.

We didn't talk about sex, we didn't talk about fantasies, and we didn't talk about us, it was not romantic, because we talked about who each of us was, and what was happening in our lives. We became close friends that day. He took me home in time for me to meet the boys when they arrived on the bus. He didn't offer to come in, but I offered to fix him lunch the next day at our home. I meant to reciprocate for today's lunch, but in hindsight, my motives were to find a way to get to know him more. I was curious, and wanted to know more about this man. I wasn't thinking sex, or an affair, or a relationship, just of him being a close friend. It was Wednesday, and Bill was due to be coming home on Friday that week, so there was still a day of "private" time before the weekend.

He smiled and accepted my offer, and we agreed on 11:30 the next day. I didn't know where this was going, but I was intrigued, and quite frankly happy to have found another person I felt could possibly become a true close friend. I had been feeling lonely since Bill was gone so much and now I had found a new friend and I was no longer feeling lonely.

The next day, I got the boys off to school on time, and then cleaned up both the house and myself. I wore a simple dress, with light makeup again, no stockings and as usual while at home I always was barefoot, so I was informal, but still respectable. My friend arrived on time, and I had prepared hamburgers for the outdoor grill along with Potato Salad and fruit. He offered to do the cooking, and I thought that would be nice, so together we went onto the patio and he grilled, while we sat and talked. He surprised me with his first question, and that was why had his wife ever considered another man, was there something wrong with him, and in what ways was he inadequate?

I didn't know quite how to respond, but it did make me empathize with his situation and quite frankly, I wanted to comfort him as best I could at that moment. I believe the emotional connection between us occurred at this very point in time. The grilling was done, and we ate outside with the gentle warm breeze on our backs. When we were done, he asked if we could do this again, because he enjoyed my company so very much, and he needed a close friend to help him through his current situation. I agreed, but said it would have to be Monday, since Bill would be home tomorrow morning.

As he was leaving, he very slowly and very softly put his arm around my back, and pulled me close to him for our very first kiss. It was unbelievable. Where Bill's kisses where always strong, ours was very soft and gentle. So very sexy, and yet it was so undemanding. I kissed him back gently, letting him know my feelings for him were mutual, and the ice had clearly been broken. We both knew at that moment that we would become lovers, and neither of us could stop the ball that we had started, gathering steam as it went.

After he left, I was again filled with all kinds of questions, and concerns. I was supposed to be a "good" wife, yet here I was thinking of another man, and knowing he was thinking of me also. I believe I empathized with his pain too much, and it was my desire to alleviate that pain that was one of the things driving me at that time. I didn't think of Bill, I didn't think of anyone else but my previous loneliness, and now my ability to please him and help him through his pain. Where would this lead, well, I didn't know, I just felt deep down that we would consummate our relationship next week. This thought scared me.

Bill came home the next day as scheduled, and we made love everyday that weekend. I was on fire, because I had a new outlook on life, and relationships, and my marriage. If Bill had not started me down the road with his fantasies, and had not made the agreement with me, and had not shared his magazines and the stories contain in them with me, my old-self would never had even allowed me to get in my friends car the first time. Let alone go out to lunch with him, and then... In my mind I had already committed adultery with my friend, and it was ok.

Monday arrived all too soon, and Bill was out on the road bright and early that morning. I again cleaned up the house after the boys were on the school bus, and then back into the shower for me. What should I wear today? I wanted to please my friend, and let him know that I was there for him. Uncharacteristically, I put on my blue jean hot pants, and a dark yellow halter top that I had bought to wear for Bill before the boys came along. I had worn the same outfit the day we went to a local amusement park, and Bill could not keep his eyes off me all day long. I felt very self-conscious that day, my nipples are prominent under normal circumstances, and when I am excited, they stand out about 1/2 inch, and are about the size of gumdrops. The halter top was knit, and was very sexy and very tight. Under my hot pants, I wore my sexiest bikini panties. No stockings, no shoes or sandals, just three pieces of clothing. My nails were again perfect, and I was clearly not being modest.

When my friend arrived, I greeted him at the door in my scant outfit. His eyes were all over me, and we kissed as he came through the door. He then smiled at me, and said he was so very happy that we had become friends, and he could not believe how nice I looked. He called me beautiful, he said I was even more beautiful than he had imagined, but what really excited him, was knowing that his desires were returned by me, that I wanted to please him as much as he wanted to please me. We went to the family room, as I had prepared cold sandwiches and a fruit plate so we could spend more time talking, or whatever...

We sat together on the couch, and he put his arm around my back, it was bare from below the halter to the top of my pants, and he gently stroked my naked flesh. I fed him a few bites of sandwich, and he fed me some fresh fruit. His touch was so very gentle, he was not taking anything from me, but allowing me to give to him, and that was my plan. I unbuttoned his shirt, and removed it along with his undershirt. I then rolled off the couch, and laid him down and I lay on top of him feeling his torso and mine come together. We kissed like that for a long time, and whispered to each other.

He asked if I was ok with what we were doing, what about my husband, after all, I was a married lady. I told him not to be concerned, that I knew what I was doing, and I wanted him to forget his pain, and that I wanted to help him forget that pain. I felt I needed him so very badly right then, and I wanted him to feel my longing for him. He began to stroke my breasts, the nipples grew to their maximum size, and he could feel them through the knit fabric. I sat up, and with both hands lifted my halter over my head and threw it on the floor, far away from where we were lying.

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