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#121 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:31
Full Disclosure Ch. 02-2

His eyes focused right on my chest, and I felt the sexiest I had ever felt in my life. His eyes told me he was so very turned on by the sight and then feel of my naked breasts. Here I was, a woman, being taken by a wonderful man, and just enjoying the sensations of the moment. Was this what Bill had envisioned for me? He had me stand, and lie down on the floor on my back. He again so very gently reached down, looking into my eyes the entire time, and he unsnapped and unzipped my hot pants and putting both hands on the sides, began removing them along with my panties in a slow and gentle manner. I lifted my hips and looked longingly into his eyes.

I watched his eyes as they took in my body, my face, my top, and as he lowered his eyes to my pubic hair, and my slender legs but wide hips. I laid there as he then removed his shoes and socks, and then his pants and underwear. There was no turning back as I saw his magnificent penis come into view. He was hard, he was firm, and he was standing tall. I knew he was bigger than Bill when I first laid eyes on his naked body. My body had already grown super moist as the lunch unfolded. And he gently came down between my legs, as I spread them for him. I spread them wide, and he watched every movement I made. He was now seeing all of me, and was about to feel my inner most private area, that which was to be reserved for my husband, but would now be pleasured by my lover and would give pleasure to my lover.

I had come so very far to get to this point, and it was not the terrible event that I had always envisioned when Bill and I fantasized. In Bill's fantasies, I didn't know the man, I didn't care for the man, the man provided cock, (there I thought it for the first time in relation to me) Bill's man was a plaything, but now I was giving myself to another man that I cared for, and who needed me. That made all the difference.

As he entered my body, I was intimately aware this was not Bill's cock, it was different, the way he moved was different, the way it curled up toward me was different, and the way I felt about him was different. He and I made love that afternoon, always in the missionary position, two times, and I had more orgasms with him, than I had with Bill during the entire last weekend. He loved my body, it was not the body of a girl, I had two children, but I was in reasonable shape. I was on the pill, so there was no need for birth control. His semen when he released it inside of me was more copious than Bill's, and I remember feeling it seep out of me the rest of the day.

It was a wonderful first time, and my friend kept telling me how wonderful I made him feel, that he no longer felt that some how he was inadequate, there was at least one women who really appreciated him, and was willing to give herself to him to prove it. I reassured him that he was in no way inadequate, that he was a wonderful lover, and more importantly, a wonderful man. That week he ate lunch with me at our home for the next three days. Each time, we made love at least once, and so very sensuously. I was hooked on his kind and caring ways.

The weekend when Bill again came home, I was a little sore, but allowed Bill to have intercourse with me. Bill thought he was making love, but I thought of it more as he fucked me. It was just not the same as my friend and I experienced. But Bill didn't seem to notice, and I was not about to share anything with him until later. When was later? I considered never telling him, but did not want to break our agreement. So I reviewed our agreement in my mind and finally came to the conclusion that I wasn't obligated to share anything with Bill until it was over, those were the words Bill had used. So, ok, I would not share anything until my relationship with my friend ended.

That would prove to create some interesting situations, as you will discover.

On Monday, Bill was gone, the kids were gone, and my friend arrived right on time for lunch. I was wearing my summer dress, with nothing underneath. We again began kissing as he came through the door, and he made an interesting comment, he reasoned that since I would be undressed soon, why I didn't just greet him naked. That had always been one of his fantasies, that a woman would want him so much, that she would already be "naked and available" as he came through the door. He then quickly added that if I was not comfortable doing that, he would understand, and he did not want to put me in an uncomfortable position. It was so very nice that he wasn't pressuring me to do it, but just expressing his desire.

On Tuesday, yes, I met him naked at the door, and we made wonderful love for the entire hour and a half we were together. I felt so very wild, so risqué, it was so beyond what I had ever done for Bill. That became our ritual; I would greet him wearing nothing but a smile, he loved my manicured toenails, and manicured long fingernails, saying they looked so feminine, and that my entire body was just so very perfect. I loved the feeling of being so wild, here was Bill's perfect wife, greeting her lover stark naked. That very day I started going back to the gym after he left, and before the boys got home. My body began to gain even more tone, and he enjoyed me even more, as did I enjoy him even more. I wanted to please this man in whatever way I could.

One day we were talking after a wonderful session of love making, lying on the family room floor where we always made love, I asked why did he want a relationship with me, and why did he want me rather than some other women? He said there were two answers to the questions I posed, the first pertained to specifically me, that he wanted me because of how we meshed together so very well, we thought alike, I was intelligent, and charming, and just a wonderful woman in his humble opinion. The other attraction to me was because I was married, and he wanted to know that he was man enough to attract a married woman. Since another guy had stolen his wife, he had a serious inferiority complex, and wanted to know if he had what it took to win the heart of another married woman.

He was very excited by the fact that he had made Bill a cuckold. That surprised me, but in a way it made sense. I had never considered Bill as a cuckold, but yet he was, and my friend and I had made that happen. Was that ok with me... Well, I confess that really Bill had made himself a cuckold, by his actions, and fantasies, and everything else that he had allowed to happen. At that moment, I was also glad and turned on by the fact that we had made Bill a cuckold. This drew me even closer to my friend, and we made love again. His cock felt so very right buried deep within. I reflected back, Bill's penis felt ok, but just not the same.

The next week we got together, knowing it would be the last until fall. School was letting out for summer break, and we would not have the privacy we needed to enjoy ourselves. On the last day, after making very passionate love yet again, my friend asked if I was up for a kinky idea. He said he had always wanted to shave a my pubic hair, and then enjoy the feel of my smooth pussy. I was really shocked by that request, because other than trimming, I had never shaved, let alone let a man shave me.

I could not refuse him, it was our last time together for a while. It was a kinky idea, and before I thought too much about it, I said yes, let's do it. He spread me out on a towel in the family room, I spread my legs, and he lovingly used scissors to crop my pubic hair short, and then applied shaving cream, and used a razor to remove every hair from my backside to my front side. As he was rinsing me off, he mumbled to himself, "I wonder what Bill will think of that?" It shocked me, and I for the first time thought of Bill, and what he might think. Funny how that thought never crossed my mind before.

Well, a minor panic closed in around me, and I said, "What have you done?" And he replied, "I thought you were ok with this, I wanted some external symbol for Bill to see...something so very intimate, so very personal for you, and for you to know what it means. Every time Bill looks at your shaved pussy, and you see him looking, you will think of me." I don't think you will be able to hide this from him.

Although I had up until this time separated my friend from my husband in my mind, I had my first insight into how much Bill was on his mind, and the competition that was there. I did not want competition, but I also was enjoying the sexy feelings he had evoked within. I enjoyed the feel of my missing pubic hair. I said, "OK, enjoy what you have done, and think about this, I will keep my pubic hair shaved at least until fall. The entire time, Bill will get to see it, feel how smooth my pussy is, orally make love to me, and fuck me, but you will not..." I will put all of my focus on my husband, and every time I shave myself to stay smooth, I will think to myself, "I am doing this for Bill, not you." I believe that surprised him more than anything else I could have said. Now who was the cuckold? Perhaps I had come a long way already...

Bill has quizzed me on this point repeatedly since I told him I had not even thought of him, until after I was bare. Bill also repeatedly wants to hear about how I felt as I wantonly greeted my friend totally naked as he came into our home, with my hands loosely clasped behind my back so my friend could enjoy my all of my body. He wants to hear how I felt so licentious and sexy, and felt like a true sexy desirable woman, not an old mom and lonely wife. Bill also wants to hear how I felt as we ate lunch together while I remained naked and on display, and my friend was dressed, and how I felt as he had me lie naked on the floor of our family room, and how I felt as I willing turned the sexual tension up a notch as I spread my legs to entice him to removed his clothes. And lastly, how I felt as we kissed before he entered me without needing any foreplay, because I was so very moist from the build up we shared. And Bill wants to repeatedly hear about how we made love, and how I felt as he was pumping himself into me, as well as how I felt as he thrust himself into me the last times as he filled my pussy with his semen, all without thinking of my husband.

Bill also loves to hear how afterwards, I again spread my legs wide for my friend as he shaved me bare. He shaved the front; he shaved around my most intimate areas, and had me roll over so he could shave around the entire crack on my backside. I think this conveys to him just how close my friend and I had become, and how our relationship was so very intimate at that time. And then I remembered, Bill.

Bill remembered the day he came home and I had dropped the boys off at his parent's house, I dressed in a sexy summer dress, with nothing underneath except panties, I was barefoot, and in a really sexy mood. We cooked out on the grill, and he asked why all of this special treatment. I told him I wanted to celebrate the end of the school year, and the beginning of summer. I also shared with him that I had perhaps taken him for granted, and wanted to change that this summer. I told him he was very special to me and that I had a sexy surprise for him later.

Bill remembered as we finished dinner, I reached my hand to him, and as he took it, I pulled him close to me, and we kissed. Bill's kisses were different to me than usual, perhaps because I was being the aggressor. We broke our kissing and I reached down to the bottom of my cotton dress, right there in the dining room and removed my dress. I just pulled it over my head and tossed it in the corner. It was another first for Bill, when I was mostly naked outside of the bedroom. I remember feeling my friend's semen still draining from my pussy, it was the first time I would have two men in the same day. I wondered if Bill would notice.

As we continued our kissing, I led Bill to our bedroom, and laid him down on our freshly made bed. I helped him remove his clothes, and when he was naked, I lay down beside him and we kissed and held each other so very close. He then rose up and began to remove my panties. I watched his eyes as he became slowly aware that I was totally shaved. Bill had many times asked me to shave, but this was a first for both of us. He smiled the biggest smile I had seen in a long time. I also thought of my friend, and this little kink he had introduced into my lovemaking with Bill. I knew then that he was right, I did think of him as Bill smiled and stared at my exposed "little girl look."

As Bill slipped my panties off my feet, he reached gently for my knees and spread them as far as he could while my legs were still bent. I remember feeling my lower lips spreading and I knew he could see into my depths and I was as spread and exposed as I ever had been for Bill. He smiled and moved up to mount me, and I welcomed him with open arms. As he slid in, I said that he had really warmed me up so very well, that I was ready. He doesn't remember feeling anything different than usual, I was ready and he accepted that as the reason for my wetness. After pumping for a few minutes, I remember Bill came more strongly than ever. I felt his semen, and also orgasmed at the same time. It was nice. We slept nude, something we rarely did, and I remember thinking that we would have fun this summer, just the two of us. Bill truly was a special man.

I maintained my shaved look all summer; Bill and I loved it, although it was a lot of work to keep my mound smooth. I would talk with my friend from time to time as we looked forward to the fall, and our reunion.

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#122 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:31
Full Disclosure Ch.-03-1

The summer went by very quickly in one way, and that was the great times that Bill and I shared that summer. I did not want it to end, the boys were out of school and home all day, the summer vacation to the lake for two weeks was one of the best ever, and I felt so alive and aware of what was happening in my life. I had so many mixed feelings, so many questions as to whether I had gone too far. So many questions as to how I would feel in the fall. My friend had however been very correct in one way, every time I shaved, or felt the scratchiness on my mound indicating that I needed to shave, or saw my naked sex in a mirror, or watched as Bill enjoyed my bare pussy, I would think of him. He was never far from me in my mind.

Of course, my challenge to keep myself clean shaven also ensured that I was on his mind. Every time we talked, he asked if I was maintaining my "new look" as he put it. At first I teased him a bit, "well maybe"; "maybe not"; too bad he couldn't check for himself... That always turned up the tension just a bit as he would tell me he truly missed our lunches. And I would think back to how much I missed them also.

The day after Labor Day, school started again and Bill was back on the road. I was alone, and prepared everything for our reunion. I prepared sandwiches in advance, and also prepared myself by showering, shaving, and taking everything off. I had made up my mind to continue seeing my friend in July, and now I was consummating that decision. I felt so very naked waiting for him to arrive. I knew he would like me greeting him this way after the long summer, and I was determined to please him.

As was his custom, he pulled directly into the garage, and closed the door behind him as he came through the door into the house. We had agreed this was the best way to prevent any talk from the neighbors, although it was ironic that he drove the same color and make of car as Bill. Unless the neighbors looked closely, they would just think Bill had come home for lunch. I again stood back from him as his eyes surveyed my naked flesh, from head to toe, with stops along the way. I kept my hands loosely clasped behind my back, and focused on maintaining my posture. But before he was done looking, we came together in a firm embrace, kissing with our tongues, and just enjoying what I had come to think of as "Afternoon Delight".

As we were kissing, he swept me into his arms, and carried me to the master bedroom. This was a first, since we had always played in the family room. He gently laid me down on Bill's and my bed, and while continuing to kiss me, was also moving his hands all over my body. I remember his fragrance, and how his fragrance was different than Bill's. I remembered how his hands felt on my body, how they were bigger and his touch firmer. I remembered how his kisses were more demanding, and how he possessed me so very completely.

As he stopped to start undressing, I started to get up saying, "No, this is Bill's bed, not yours", and how he said that he wanted me in this bed, the family room floor was too hard, and that we would enjoy ourselves even more in here. I tried to convince him the guest room would be a better place, but he was insistent, and after removing his shirt and pants, he just laid down on top of me, starting to kiss me again. At that point, I remember feeling; this is not right, but I was so into the moment that I simply kissed him back, and held onto his back, pulling him tighter and tighter to my body.

I remember feeling his hardness, and as he kissed my mouth, he began trailing kisses down to my breasts, and when my nipples were erect, he continued lower, and he made love to my pussy, running his tongue all over, and finally concentrating on my clit. It wasn't long before I had my first orgasm from his tongue. He somehow knew just how to do it, and it worked. Whether it was the naughtiness of being in Bill's bed, naked with another man, or the situation of just meeting my friend after a long summer, or if the preparations for this day had worked its magic to turn me on, I don't know, but the release was powerful.

After I had come down, my friend lifted himself from the bed, and dropped his shorts, and climbed back on top, as I spread my legs as wide as I could too accommodate his body. He entered me quickly, and I again was reminded that he felt so much bigger than Bill. Not necessarily better, but he felt so wonderful at that moment. He began pumping and I again had an orgasm, and I felt my pussy milking his wonderful cock. It wasn't long before he suggested that I get on top, and then we made love that day in many different positions. Yes, that day we made love, it was not just sex, it was a longing that we both felt that needed to be satiated.

We never did eat lunch together that day; he took some sandwiches with him to eat on his way back to his office. That day, I felt he had truly possessed me, in my bed, in Bill's bed, and now I was left draining, with a wet spot on my side of the bed. I felt wonderful.

We continued to meet in much the same way each day except Friday that week, each time my friend carried me to Bill's bed, and that is where he made love to me and I made love to him.

The boys came home that same week with a cold that they had caught at school; unfortunately my friend and I did not get to meet the following week since both boys were home sick. To further confuse the situation, I caught their cold, or flu, or whatever it was. We went to the family doctor, and he prescribed antibiotics for each of us. After taking the pills for the first round, the boys were well; however I needed yet another round of stronger antibiotics.

I was getting better, and the boys went back to school, and so my friend started returning for some "Afternoon Delight". The song had just come out about then, and we both liked the name, and the lyrics were not bad either. The Starland Vocal Band had a hit, not only at the Grammy, but with me and my friend. We continued to make love that month, and Bill and I continued to make love when he was home. I was truly enjoying my sexuality, and the pure excitement and exhilaration of having two lovers. I admit it was a head trip for me, and that I was being very selfish, but I was also hoping it could go on forever.

Well, when you are feeling that way, something has to go wrong, and what went wrong for me is that I missed my period. I shouldn't have missed it because I had religiously taken my birth control pills, but none the less, my period was not there when it should have been.

The next week, my friend commented that my breasts were getting larger, and after his comment, I felt them being fuller, and firmer than usual. It was at that point I knew I was pregnant. I visited the doctor, feeling more naked than ever at his office, as I removed my panties, knowing that he had not seen me shaved before, but there was not much I could do, there had been no time to start growing my pubic hair back before this visit. I hoped he didn't read too much into my hair styling. When he had me lie back and slide down the table placing my feet in the stirrups, my legs spread, and he took a long look at my pussy, and said, yes, you are indeed pregnant.

His comment surprised me, but he said the coloration of the labia changes when a woman is pregnant, and that was how he could tell. He would run the tests, but he knew. I asked him how this could have happened, and he said, "You have two older boys, I thought you knew..." as he laughed his cute little laugh. I think he was trying to lighten the situation. It didn't work; I wanted to know why the pill had failed. He looked at my records, and asked about the antibiotics my family doctor had prescribed. He said that one of the side effects of taking that antibiotic while taking the pill is that it can render the pill ineffective.

There I was, 4 weeks pregnant, not knowing for sure who the father was, but knowing whoever it was, my baby had been conceived in love. When I told Bill that next weekend, he was ecstatic, much more so than me. He also wondered how it could have happened, and I explained what the doctor had shared with me.

The next week when meeting with my friend, I shared what the doctor had said. He was sobered, and asked if there was any chance the baby was Bill's. The question surprised me; I guess the question made sense to him, because I had not shared anything about how Bill and I would make love whenever possible. I really think he thought that I was exclusively his, and somehow was living a celibate life with Bill. In reality, both my friend and Bill were keeping my sex drive in high gear. The more I got, the more I wanted and barely a day went by that I didn't have intercourse with at least one of them.

When I told him that I had probably conceived during my bout with the cold, and that we had not been together that week because the boys were home, I thought the chances were high that the baby was Bill's. He became very curious about my intimate love life and wanted to know the details of Bill's and my sex life. He wanted to know what I did with Bill, was he better in bed than he was, did Bill turn me on more, how many times we had sex, how did I feel when Bill made love to me, etc. He was asking the same type of questions that Bill would ask me to answer when we shared fantasies together of me having a lover. Of course with Bill, after we had fantasized and Bill had cum, I would always reinforce that I was a good girl for him, and that precluded me from really doing anything with another man, but if Bill wanted to hear fantasies, I would indulge him from time to time.

I found by sharing little details at the right time, I could really turn on my friend, not that he needed much encouragement, but still, it made me realize how much in control I was with both men in my life. They both wanted me, and I wanted both of them. It didn't take long before my friend started to drop hints that he wanted me for his wife, and that I should leave Bill, and spend the rest of my life with him.

I gently told him that was not in the cards, that I loved Bill as my husband, and that I loved my friend as a friend, but not as a husband. He said he understood, but something changed in our relationship, and that was the start of him thinking of me more as a secret lover, rather than a very special person with whom he wanted to share his life.

I was so busy with my life, the boys' lives, Bill, my friend, and maintaining the status quo, I didn't recognize that change had occurred. We continued with our daily ritual of meeting at our home for lunch, playing together in Bill's bed, and sharing a wonderful time together, when Bill was on the road. I continued to greet my friend almost stark naked at the door, with only two minor changes. The first was that I was letting my pubic hair grow back, but keeping it trimmed around the edges just a bit. Not shaped or what today they would call runway style, but just a nice upside down delta. It was scratchy for just a couple of weeks as I went through the early phases of growing it back.

Having been through two pregnancies before, and having lost my modesty in the first one, I felt I needed to look more natural there, rather than shaved. Who knew how many people would enjoy my nakedness this time. Bill shared that experience in his other story about me losing my modesty. That is a true event, and I still remember feeling like a deer in the headlights as the door was left open.

The second change I made since our previous discussion about me leaving Bill was that I wore Bill's wedding rings while we met. The first time, my friend asked me why I wore them; I replied that since Bill was my husband, I wanted to wear them as a subtle reminder to both of us, that I was not going to leave Bill.

He smiled, and said ok; it will be fun to be further reminded that I am bedding another man's wife. And there again, was the competition coming from my friend, and his reaction gave me pause to think about what he had said. He made wonderful love to me that day, and I used my hands and mouth on his cock more than usual. I enjoyed teasing him with my hands, and seeing his reaction as my ring clad left hand was stroking his cock. He looked down and grinned, as he unloaded his cum all over my hands and face, and in particular, all over Bill's ring on my finger. I recognized again the power over him that I held, and I enjoyed playing with his mind, and teasing him so very much.

On the same day, I began to think about what to get Bill and my friend for Christmas. There was not much that my friend needed, except as he put it, a wife, and Bill did not have a long list either. I asked my friend what he would like, and he thought for a moment, and suggested a calendar. In fact, that would be a wonderful gift for Bill also. I didn't quite understand what he had suggested. Calendars are inexpensive, and certainly not very personal. He sort of chuckled, and said the calendars he had in mind would be very personal, and very memorable. He had a friend who was a photographer, and had just branched out into "Boudoir Photography". In fact, he pulled from his pocket a flyer and gave it to me. I had never heard of this, it was the late seventies, and I was curious as I read the following from the flyer:

"One of the greatest gifts you can give your significant other is a beautiful photograph of yourself, and boudoir style photography is an up and coming popular form of self expression. As a well respected photographer, I specialize in creating lasting beautiful images that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Boudoir photography is typically photography that romanticizes and celebrates the female form. It is often done as a gift to ones lover. Boudoir photography is typically suggestive, romantic and is often shot with the model nude, semi nude or with implied nudity. Boudoir Photography is almost always done in the studio with a bedroom setting using tasteful and classy props to enhance the feeling of romance and richness.

If you are a looking to give a superb gift, book a boudoir photography session today. You don't have to have a models looks or body. By skillfully draping your clothing and accessories it is a simple art to accentuate your strengths and hide your weaknesses.

Take a look at the boudoir photography below and you will see the range of looks and styles we can create, from the simple romantic to the sexually erotic styles."

My initial outward reaction was quiet thoughtfulness, and at the same time, my inward reaction was causing me to become very moist. Could I do this? It certainly would be different, and I knew both Bill and my friend would certainly enjoy it. But to make an entire calendar, 12 pictures, 1 for each month, well I had butterflies in my stomach. I reminded him that I was going on two months pregnant, that a pregnant lady would not be a very good model. To which he countered, that I was glowing from my pregnancy, my full breasts were perfect, and that I would be stunning, as well as beautiful.

I asked him about his friend, the photographer, could he be trusted to not share the pictures with anyone else, would I have to get nude, or could he just take suggestive pictures, where I would still be covered. He said he had known the photographer for years, that he was professional, and could be trusted. As for how much I wore, that would be up to me, but he really hoped I would do it.

I had always wanted to be a model... and what my friend had shared was certainly a unique and exciting way to capture my beauty for all time. I asked why he just happened to have the brochure in his pocket, to which he replied that he was starting to look for a model to pose for calendars that he would be giving to very special clients. This thought sent chills down my back, and I wondered how he would find such a model. He could read my mind, and said he had thought of asking me to be his model, but didn't want to coerce me into it, but that he wanted it to be my decision. I asked about his special clients and he shared that they were all wealthy executives or owners of companies, most were married, and that they would be exceptionally discrete, but also that they would love to see a beautiful slightly pregnant married woman in private bedroom settings.

These clients were very special to my friend, and he trusted them completely, that they would only privately enjoy the calendar that he shared with them. He also assured me that no one I knew would know, and that it would make a fantasy come true for him if I would pose for his special calendar. The look in his eyes as we lay naked together was what convinced me to do it. I didn't quite know what "do it" meant, but I trusted him and had a strong inner need to capture the beauty of my body in pictures while I was in my prime. I was perhaps beginning to go through a midlife crisis, and longed for things that would keep me feeling alive, excited, and mask the feeling of just being another bored housewife.

He arranged the next week for me to go with him in the morning, for my photo session. He also said that Phil, the photographer, had suggested that I not wear any tight fitting clothes for a couple of hours before we went over to eliminate any marks on my skin from tight clothing. I also arranged for a pedicure, manicure, and hair styling session the day before. As for clothing, I gathered all of my sexy lingerie, and wore just a sundress, my rings and sandals to his studio. No underwear, no bra, just a simple covering to go back and forth under my coat. I had a few butterflies that morning as I applied my makeup as perfectly as possible. My friend picked me up that morning and off we went.

I did not know what to expect, but felt as alive and energized as I ever had in my life. When we arrived, I met Phil; he was a tall distinguished looking gentleman, just a few years older than me, and his assistant, Andy, who looked like he was about 23. Phil had a warm smile, and a good nature that put me at ease instantly. He suggested that we get started right away, and led me into his bedroom studio. Both my friend and his assistant followed close behind, not wanting to be left out I was sure.

The room was beautiful, decorated just right for the type of pictures he was going to be taking. The bedspread was a bright solid red, and the walls were painted a quiet shade of pink. Tasteful flower arrangements were spread throughout the set and on the floor was a big white area rug, with plush soft pile. The lighting was accomplished with multiple bright lights when they flashed, but not too noticeable when not in operation. He had me stand close to the bed, and he asked to take some pictures with me dressed the way I was to break the ice, and so that he could get a feel for how to best work with me. I was ready, and he began by taking some Polaroid pictures. He said later he would be using his professional 4" x 5" camera, but that would not be necessary for the test pictures he had in mind.

As I looked over my shoulder at him for direction, he asked me to hold that pose, and to smile, as he quickly snapped the first picture of the day. He had me turn slowly toward him, and he continued to take picture after picture, making positive comments after each and every one.

I began to relax even more, and he rewarded me by saying that I was getting more and more beautiful with each shot. He loved my smile, and I loved sharing it with him. Andy would change the light slightly as he was instructed, and my friend had taken a seat in the back of the studio. I could feel his eyes watching every move I made.

Here I was, a pregnant mom, a housewife, a PTA committee person, about to pose for a calendar for husband and my friend, as well as his special clients. I could feel the moisture between my legs, I could feel my heart beating a little faster, and I could sense the excitement in the room. But how far was this going to go? I did not know, nor had I spoken of it since I made the decision to "do it". Only time would tell, I felt ready.

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Full Disclosure Ch.-03-2

Phil suggested that I remove my sandals, and my friend was close by to take them away with him to the other side of the room. Phil had me sit on the bed in my summer dress, and place my feet casually to the side, but the pose was meant to show off my naked feet and red toenails, as well as my form. After just a few pictures, Phil was satisfied that I was an excellent model, and that the rest of the session would go well. He had me come and look at the Polaroid pictures, along with my friend, and later, Andy.

I was beautiful in the pictures, I don't completely know why, but I was glowing, smiling, looking sultry in some, looking sexy in others, and looking carefree in yet others. Phil was able to capture my beauty so very well, and I was proud to be there. I did not even think of Bill, he was not participating in this activity with me; it was Phil, Andy, and my friend who were going to be present for the entire session.

Phil then suggested a few more pictures with my sundress on, with his professional camera. I didn't know that it would take pictures so well that they could be later enlarged to fit on posters. I don't think any of the pictures ever did get put on posters, but the detail he captured was better than I had ever seen before.

Phil suggested that I go behind the screen in the back corner of the bedroom, and put on my first set of lingerie. My friend had been carrying the bag, and he quickly volunteered to assist me in the changing area. As I stepped behind the screen with him, he briefly kissed me but not enough to disrupt my makeup. I wanted to kiss him more, but settled for just a nice long hug. As he removed my sundress, I stood there naked except for my rings, and he handed me a black nightie, with panties, and a black transparent top. It provided cover, and I didn't feel too naked or exposed as I returned to the set.

My legs were bare, my feet were naked, my arms were also uncovered, and Phil had me stand by the bed as he started to direct my actions, and take photographs. I remember pulling the bedspread down, and as I bent to grab the top, Phil snapped a few pictures of me from behind, with the top half of my body turning to smile into the camera. He then had me get into bed, and the satin sheets were certainly a sexy thrill to my skin. They were cool, and ever so smooth.

He continued to take pictures of me in multiple poses, and had me remove my outer covering. My breasts were now slightly visible, and if you looked closely, my pubic hair could be seen through the panties. After a few more poses, Phil asked me to get out of bed, and lie down on the white rug, on my tummy. He began taking more pictures, as I raised my bare feet, and smiled at him and the camera.

He next had me roll over, my feet still facing away. And he had me fan my hair into a casual pose, while placing my hands above my head, sort of a stretch position. He then suggested I get my next outfit on. My friend again came behind the screen, and helped me change. I felt sexy as could be, here were three men, who were looking at me as a sexy woman, and my friend was enjoying all of my body, as I was almost two months pregnant. I wish every woman could safely experience this feeling of being a sexy wanted woman.

The next outfit was similar, except it was white, rather than black. The poses were similar also, and again my outer covering came off about half way through. Since the white did not contrast as much with the rug, Phil had me upright on the bed, both standing, and on my knees. He did a great job of not focusing much on my private areas, but they were still included in the pictures, just covered, like I was teasing the viewer of the photographs.

The next change was to my red lingerie, and the pictures this time were standing, and lying on the white rug. I was so happy that this session had gone so well. The pictures were just what I wanted for Bill, and they were still in the category of what a good girl would perhaps allow on a risqué day. But they weren't overly daring. I also felt safe that if my friend's clients saw them, they would be classy, but again, not too much. That is why I was a little surprised when Phil suggested that my friend come over and pull my top up and off as I laid on the rug with my legs stretched out, and my arms high over my head.

Of course, my friend was all for this, and Phil asked me to use my arms to cover my breasts as the top came off. As he saw me covering myself, Phil again told me how beautiful my body was, and how beautiful my breasts and gumdrop nipples had been through the thin fabric. He loved how my nipples stood out so boldly, and how my breasts were so firm and taut from my pregnancy. His words relaxed me, and I trusted he knew what he was doing. It wasn't very long, and my arms were spread to the side, and he was enjoying my naked top. My only covering was my thin panties that went with the nightie.

He began walking around me, and Andy was intently watching and changing the lights as Phil directed. I could see that all three men had a tent forming in their pants, they were all enjoying my nakedness, and rather than being embarrassed, or shocked, I became even bolder, enjoying the power my body had over these men. I unconsciously began to move the sides of my panties out, and as Phil continued taking pictures, he asked me to remove them. I did as he asked without even thinking, and laid there naked except for my wedding rings.

As he asked me to spread my legs, he commented that he had never seen a more sexy and beautiful pussy, he commented on the coloring, and how it was so very engorged, and at the same time, more open, either from the pregnancy, or from the excitement I was experiencing at that time. I remember what the doctor had said as he first gazed upon my naked pussy, and how he knew I was pregnant just from the look. Each of the men were seeing me differently, my friend was seeing his lover naked in front of other men, wantonly on display. Phil was enjoying the nakedness of a housewife that he had never met before; displaying her body to him for the purpose of creating lasting memories; and Andy was enjoying seeing a real mom, opening her legs to his gaze, giving him a taste of how sexy a real woman could be.

As Bill repeatedly asks for more details on this event as we are in bed together, I have told this story over and over again. The remaining pictures from that day, about a hundred I would imagine, included my face, my sexy smile, usually my full breasts and my hard nipples, my clear white skin, my long beautiful legs, my naked feet and red toenails, as well as my erotic long fingers and long red fingernails. Phil made sure to include Bill's wedding rings in every picture in some way so the viewer would know I was married, BUT the clear focus of each and every picture, was my pregnant open pussy.

Phil never let me close my legs for the rest of the session. I was spread on the floor, on my back, sometimes with my feet together in a frog position, sometimes just spread eagled, I was spread as I laid on my side, I was spread as he had me lie on my side, and bring my other leg out, while he photographed me from below. He had me on the bed, again exposing every crevice and fold of my body. He had me spread as I held my legs up and out with my hands, and as I held my legs as my knees bent in the classic missionary position. It was erotic, it was explicit, it was sexy, and I loved every moment. Every man in the room could see my excitement, my moisture, my open pussy, and they could not hide their excitement. The more I saw their pants tent out, the more turned on I became.

In every picture except the close ups of my newly pregnant pussy, Phil had me look directly at the camera, and smile. There would be no doubt in the viewers mind that I was not savoring every moment, my eyes could not conceal the intensity of my erotic feelings. I remember feeling most naked in front of Andy, he was a little a bit younger than me, and he was always watching, in particular, my breasts, and my wide open pussy and pubic hair. I do not believe he had ever seen a naked pregnant woman, so it was his first time seeing how a woman's body is different as it prepares for the upcoming period of nurturing and then delivery.

My friend and I left Phil's studio by lunch time, and yes, he brought me home, not to eat, but to make love to me in Bill's bed. He could not have been more excited or turned on than he was. Neither could I have been more excited. It was on this day, that he suggested that I suck his cock, something I had never done before with anyone. I had thought of it, fantasized what it would be like, especially as Bill was using his tongue on me, but I had not had the nerve to do it. He was gentle as he first asked, and then reassured me that I would enjoy it as much or more than he. I still remember the sexy feelings I experienced as he encouraged me and gently held my head as he guided my mouth to his cock.

If I had not been so aroused from the morning session, I probably would never have gone this far, but I was very aroused, and somehow needed to explore his penis more fully. My mouth opened, and I could see the moisture on the head of his penis right before he gently pushed my mouth over his cock. The sensations were out of this world, as I tasted him, inhaled his masculine aroused scent, saw his engorged penis below my nose, and felt the enormity of his cock in my mouth. He held my head in place and started to move it up and down, very gently, but yet with an end goal in mind. My fingernails teased his testicles, and I felt them contract as I lightly scratched and played with them.

He did not have to hold me, I wanted this as much as he did, and I slowly took over, bringing moans of joy from his lips. Upon hearing his excitement, I now knew what a huge turn on sucking his penis was. Every one of my senses was involved, tasting, seeing, feeling, smelling and lastly hearing how wonderful I was making him feel. Every one of my senses was involved in pleasing ME. Before I knew what had happened, he flooded my mouth with his cum. It tasted slightly salty, but it was such a very potent reminder that I had excited him to the point of orgasm. I had pleased my lover in yet another manner. He held my head in place, leaving me no choice but to swallow, and I willingly wanted to keep his penis connected with me forever at that moment. As he relaxed, I felt his penis start to contract. I held it in my mouth, and after a few minutes, after he was soft, I cleaned him up with my tongue and lips.

Bill is also stimulated these days when I describe my friends penis, how it is different than his. I tell him first about the size difference, my friend's cock is longer, thicker, more visually appealing to me, and also the fact that my friend is circumcised, whereas Bill is not. When my friend is erect, his foreskin does not allow any movement of the skin on his penis, his mushroom like head is naked, and it is so very sexy to me. When he is inside of me, the much larger ridge around the head of his cock is getting all of the sensations my vagina has to offer as well as providing me significantly more sensations than Bill's cock head. Bill's foreskin still moves over his head even when he is erect, allowing me to use my hands easily to bring him to orgasm, but denying his cock and me the same erotic feelings as we make love that I experience with my friend's naked and exposed large cock.

During my periods and as my pregnancy progressed, when I was no longer allowed to have intercourse, I always brought Bill to orgasm with my hands, and I used my mouth to bring my friend to a climax. In fact, to this day, every time my friend and I have met, I have sucked him, and he has always cum in my mouth as I savor his seed and I swallow every drop. Some of our most intimate times are after he has cum, as I keep his penis secure in my mouth while he relaxes. Of course, that has changed as now I also suck Bill to climax every time we make love. Bill loves it, as do I.

Bill still has his calendar from that first year, the one of twelve tame lingerie pictures of me posing for Phil. But he has never seen the calendar my friend and his special clients have, of twelve of the sexiest and alluring pictures of a married lady, starkly naked, enjoying the sharing of her most intimate private parts. For that calendar has been reserved for only Phil, Andy, my friend, and his clients. After all, a "good girl" would never pose that way in front of a photographer for her husband, would she?

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Full Disclosure Ch. 04

Today, as Bill is learning more and more of what transpired many years ago, he is in awe of how sexy, lascivious, and wanton I have been, and he is completely turned on when I share with him these adventures. He has told me he is also jealous, and feels as though he missed out on too much of my boldness during our marriage. However, he is also so turned on, realizing that what he always wanted, that is for me to be a truly liberated wife, has indeed already occurred. He is torn with regrets, excitement, and his hormones continue to override his mind with intense sexual feelings. We have not reached the end of the story, and his fascination of what "happened" next, keeps his interest and sex drive in high gear. My friend and I have met four of times while Bill is on the road since my last chapter and he still is unaware that Bill now is cognizant of our past history, and that I am sharing these adventures with Bill whenever he is home and "in the mood". Of course, Bill is always "in the mood", and we have never had as much physical activity as we have had in the last few months. Bill enjoys hearing and seeing in his mind the tales I divulge to him.


After receiving his calendar that first Christmas, when in bed together, Bill would ask me about my photography session, and what had it been like. He had his calendar, and my friend and I were right, he loved it. I told him that it was something that I wanted to do for him, but had previously not had the verve. Of course he wanted to know everything, how did I feel, what did the photographer do with me, did I take off any more clothing, did the photographer make any advances, standard male type questions when his wife had surprised him with a gift like that.

I took advantage of the situation by saying nothing more had really happened, but what if... what if it had. How would he have felt if I went topless, how would he have felt if I had gotten naked for another man as he photographed me? How would he feel if he knew there was a young assistant in the studio with the photographer? These questions usually brought Bill to a climax, and the issue was dropped until the next time we were in bed together. Then the questions would start all over again. Men really like to hear the same old stories over and over again, each time I would interject just a little twist when he least expected it, which would generally bring Bill off. Usually these twists were in the form of questions, what if...

I was learning more and more what excited Bill, and when he was out of town on the road, what excited my friend. My friend also liked to relive the experience, and his questions were generally of the how I felt when...genre. And how did Bill feel when... My friend and I continued our routine, meeting for lunch, me greeting him naked except for my wedding rings, and just enjoying ourselves. I was no longer a bored housewife. I was a sexy woman, who could satisfy two men completely, and I enjoyed being myself enormously. To be adored, and wanted, and to be desired so completely by two men certainly made me feel so very special.

My friend's fantasies centered on what if Phil and Andy had been more bold, how I would have reacted. I thought for a bit, and then honestly said that I had been so turned on, and so excited with three men watching me so intimately, I probably would have let them do whatever they wanted with my body. This of course would excite him to the max, as he thought of sharing me with others, more than just pictures, but also in the flesh. Both of the men in my life seemed to be most excited the sexier I acted, and the more secure and bold I became with my body.

One of my friend's clients, one that he had given a special calendar to had really enjoyed it, and he wanted to meet the married model that was so "sexy and beautiful." He was a very special client of my friends, and he suggested that perhaps he could bring him to lunch one day with him. I quizzed him as to if he really wanted to do that, would he REALLY want to share me with another man, and he said if I would do it, he would thoroughly enjoy it, but it was my decision. If it happened however, it would fulfill another one of his long time fantasies, that of being with a woman and a man together, and sharing the woman sexually.

Bill had this fantasy, but my "good girl" image prevented me from realizing it with him. My friend had this fantasy, and I was now also wondering if this wasn't just an extension of the fantasy I now was living. I had two men, just separately. This would take things to yet a new level, that of having two men together. I certainly couldn't do this with Bill, but could I do it with my friend? Again I asked, ARE YOU SURE?

My friend again said, "Yes, he was sure."

I wanted to know more about this client, was he married, what did he look like, what did he do, etc. My friend shared that he was the owner of a company in a town nearby, that he was in his fifties, married but sex at home had dried up completely, he did not have any lovers nor did he go to prostitutes, he worked out every day, he was trim, and completely infatuated with me based upon the pictures in the calendar. In short, he was an ideal safe person to help both of us fulfill this fantasy.

He was a lot older, in fact, he could have been my dad, but that just made me feel safer than if it had been a younger man. I said we should think about it a bit, and then I would make up my mind. I still remember feeling surreal as I sat at the table naked, my friend dressed, discussing if he could bring a special client to lunch with him one day, knowing the purpose was not lunch, but in sharing my body with him.

That afternoon as we shared our sexy private time together in Bill's bed, we fantasized how it would happen. Should I still meet him naked at the door, should I perhaps be dressed? Should we just plan on meeting for lunch, or should we go further on the first day? My friend suggested that we not change our routine, that he had already seen me naked, and that the novelty of having a real housewife and sexy woman be this brazen in a safe setting was a complete turn on in and of itself.

We both came together as we shared these thoughts, of course my friend's large cock head had a bit to do with that also... Before he left that day, I had agreed, and he was ecstatic. I asked when, and he said he would take care of everything, and let me know. That weekend when Bill came home, I was very turned on and constantly moist, just thinking about what would be happening soon, I was not sure when exactly, but my body could not have been more ready. Bill and I made love more often than usual, and I almost started to suck Bill's cock, but caught myself while kissing his stomach.

Bill enjoyed our time together, and I did also.

At the beginning of the next week, Bill again made love to me on Monday morning before he left. It was Valentine's Day that year, and as I prepared for lunch, I felt Bill's semen along with my arousal keeping me very wet. I remember thinking my friend would for the first time be getting sloppy seconds, but it was a special day and both of my men would want to share it with me intimately. How could I refuse either of them?

I was more than a little shocked and surprised when my friend came through the door, and behind him was a very nice looking gentleman. I was not ready, my friend had not warned me today was the day, although I don't know what I would have done differently had I known. I at first brought my right hand up to cover my breasts as my left hand covered my pubic mound, but my friend gently took me in his arms, kissed me, and then holding me from behind, gently moved my arms back behind my body and introduced me to his special client, Carl. As he talked, he asked Carl what he thought of his Valentine Present.

There was nothing I could do except stand there, and then shake his hand. He complimented me on my beautiful body, now 4 months pregnant, and remarked how he remember his wife, when she was pregnant, and the good times they shared. He marveled at how audacious I was, and commented that I was a unique and that I must be a very secure woman, one that he would love to get to know better. I was not like the women of his generation, my boldness and daring were attributes that he enjoyed.

His words put me at ease, and I invited both men to my table for lunch. I knew there was no turning back, and over lunch we talked and shared about ourselves, and I genuinely became attracted to this wonderful gentleman. What I was learning was that there are a number of very nice men in this world, that enjoy a woman for being a woman, that are not trying to take advantage of a woman, but truly desire a deep friendship, and are willing to share of themselves privately. Phil was certainly a gentleman, my friend was a gentleman, Carl was a gentleman, and I felt safe with them all.

After lunch, my friend suggested that we would be more comfortable if he was not there the first time, and he placed my hand in Carl's, and I led him to Bill's and my bedroom. I had already been in this bed with someone other than Bill, what was one more I reasoned. I surprised both my friend and Carl, by both closing and locking the bedroom door. My friend heard the click, and he knew he was not invited this time. I had made the decision to share myself completely, and he was no longer involved.

Carl wanted to make sure I was comfortable with him and that I was looking forward to making love with him as much as he was looking forward to it himself. I stood naked before him, removed my wedding rings on that special Valentine's Day, smiled my warmest smile and asked if he had any more questions. His grin told me he didn't, and I proceeded to kiss him, as I undressed him. His penis was about the same size as Bill's, but he was circumcised, and his erection was very strong. His shape was different, his cock sort of bent up in the middle and the head of his penis was pointing straight up. He was a very attractive man in the nude.

Yes, we made love that first day, my second lover of the day, and it was wonderful, and unlike the way my other two men made love. He was gentle, he was quiet, he enjoyed it when I took his penis into my mouth, and pleased him as his wife never did. He did not cum in my mouth, but was soon entering my wet pussy. His cock felt different than either Bill's or my friend's. We changed positions, and I was now on top, in control, and that is when he ejaculated inside of me. We cuddled together and he held me close. He stroked my back and relaxed me afterward. I had not come yet, because I was focused on his needs, not my own.

As we got up he started to get dressed, and I asked if he would like to see me with my friend. He replied affirmatively, so I put my rings back on, and opened the bedroom door. I called out to my friend, and he came into the room just as Carl was putting his pants on. I quickly sank to my knees in front of my friend, smiled a big playful smile, and told him I also wanted to make sure he left satisfied. The twinkle in my eyes told him I had a wonderful time with Carl and the smile on Carl's face let him and I know Carl was very happy also. Yes, I took out my friend's cock, and sucked him off getting my third dose of semen that day. Carl was in awe, he had never met a woman who was so free and open, and who truly enjoyed being with a man.

About a week later, after a few more private lunches with just my friend, he returned with Carl, and we enjoyed a true threesome. While one was in my mouth, the other was taking my pussy. I came repeatedly when the three of us were together. Every once in a while, my friend would bring Carl over for lunch, sometimes we adjourned to the bedroom for a private session, other times we were a threesome. Whenever it was Carl and me alone, I would remove my rings. That was a special treat for Carl that I did not give to my friend.

That late spring, John was born, and immediately I had my tubes tied. This enabled me to not have to worry about pills, antibiotics, and their interaction or having sex with potent men. The summer was again a nice time, although I had become accustom to having either my friend or Carl whenever Bill was gone. Now I was turned into a boring housewife for three months. Bill never wanted for a sexier time, I would titillate his brain with fantasies, and he would cum easily. Little did he know that many times they were not just fantasies, but things I had already experienced in real life.

That next fall, I learned that my friend had started to date another woman. He still wanted to be married and find a mom for his little girl, and since I was not available, he had started a search on his own. I was a bit jealous, and we began to talk more seriously about what we both wanted. My shock came when I asked if he was still interested in me leaving Bill and being free to marry him. He paused, not quite sure if I was offering to leave, or what was going through my mind. I have to admit I was not sure either. I loved Bill, and I loved my friend's cock, and in many ways I loved him.

His answer however shed new light on our relationship, as he put his arm around me as we lay cuddling in bed together; I felt some of his cum leak down my leg, reminding me of our recent coupling. He started slowly, and told me I was the most amazing woman he had ever met. That there was no one he knew who could hold a candle to my intellect, my daring personality, my beauty, and to have it all wrapped in one package was more than he could have ever hoped for. BUT, the genie had been let out of the bag, and he knew I would never again be satisfied with one man, and for his wife, he wanted a woman like I had been, not like I was now.

At that point I knew it could never work between us as a couple. We could continue on our relationship forever, and in fact, after his comments, I felt that Bill would probably feel the same way. So not only had I destroyed any chance I had with my friend for a future, not that I wanted one with him, but I had validated to myself that I had screwed up my chances of a long future with Bill, IF he ever found out. But the only way to prevent Bill from finding out was to continue my relationship with my friend so I was not required to share any details of this with Bill.

Oh what a tangled web... and I was sobered... I was hurt... and I for the first time was scared. What had happened to me and why was I no longer the right person for my friend? He had been involved in every sexy fantasy activity I had explored, he was the reason they even happened and now I wasn't good enough. I asked if he had not enjoyed our fun times, and he admitted that he had, that they provided the best sex of his life. So why was I not good enough for him and his daughter? The ironic part of this was that I didn't want to leave Bill or marry my friend, but this crystallized for me the fact that husbands really do only want "good" girls, and to my friend I was not that type of "good" girl anymore.

I cried in his arms, and told him I did not want to lose him. A strong motivation was that I didn't want our relationship to end. My friend asked why, and also said he didn't want it to end either. I shared my agreement with Bill to tell him of my exploits after our relationship ended. He smile and for the first time I felt as if I was lying with a sly fox. That look he had on his face told me he still had other plans for us, and that I had just given to him the motivation and ability to control me. He said he understood completely, and that we could continue forever, that we were compatible, that we meshed so very well, and that he had lots of fantasies that he need help in fulfilling, not with his wife, but with his mistress.

I felt trapped in so many ways, and yet I was strangely excited by the thought that I just might be forced into doing things I had never before even dreamed. I can not explain why I still felt safe with my friend, but I did. He told me that he was probably going to propose to his current girlfriend, that he would not share anything of our relationship with her, or Bill, but that I needed to agree to continue seeing him, and to not share with anyone the nature of our friendship. We both had a lot to lose, and as I began thinking about this twisted turn our lives had taken, I began to see that we both needed each other, because we both filled certain emptiness's in each other's lives, that our spouses could not fulfill. Holding him close as we lay naked together, we both agreed to continue, and to fulfill fantasies the other had. Our relationship was based upon mutual need, as well as a strong attraction to each other, and a trust that we would keep it private and secluded from our significant others.

In many ways, we were in a catch 22, neither of us could leave nor terminate what we shared, and we were both now obligated to meet the very personal and erotic needs of the other. Life was about to get even more bizarre as we began taking advantage of our new found relationship and delving into the fantasies we never shared with others, but would now be able to experience for real, safely with another. Little did I know then just how liberated I was about to become.

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Blind Lust

Lora knew she was being followed. It was evident to me, as she became
nervous and crashed into more objects and people. Her cane snapping
back and forth seemed to help her little from the small accidents she
had. The long curly mane of blond hair whirled about as the woman
seemed to try to get a fix upon me while she tried to manoeuvre to her

It had started nearly four months ago, when I first saw her waiting
for her train on the way home. We shared the same transport, a forty
minute drive, every day. At first, I didn't realize Lora was blind,
as she looked incredibly sexy and relaxed in her environment. Wearing
a dark brown dress and tanned nylons, she was the picture of a
professional, attractive, woman. But, as I watched her she became
much more to me. She unfolded a white cane and made her way onto the
train and later, at her scheduled stop, off.

From that day onward, I would consciously attempt to be near her. At
first it was just to see her tanned skin within a few feet, from the
tiny wrinkles about her eyes to the delicate curve of her full red
lips. And then I would attempt to be near her to smell her wonderful
scent, clean, rich and very sexy. In the last weeks, I had become
more daring, my hand would reach out to gently stroke a whisk of hair
or touch a flowing curve of her skirt or blouse.

I don't know why I never approached her, to chat as we both waited
each day on that train, perhaps wanting fate to take a part in our
first 'official' meeting. Nor do I understand why I found a woman a
few years older than I very sexy and the knowledge that she was blind,
rather titillating.

I was worried as she half-ran through the crowd, trying to get away
from me, that she would harm herself. Lora, though normally very
expert in moving about in locales that she was familiar with, seemed
lost as she crashed through people and unmoving objects. I closed the
distance, unknown to her, not wanting her to be hurt because of me.

And yes, it was I that had placed her in such a state.

I've watched Lora from close and far for these many weeks and find
nothing negative about her. So naturally beautiful and sexy, to the
point that I doubt she even realized how attractive she truly was.
Did her husband realize? Did her two kids know what a wonderful
mother they had? Well, I knew.

A month ago, I had followed her home, and watched her through the
condo's window as she prepared her families supper. Discarding her
flat, sensible shoes and donning fuzzy slippers and an apron, she
prepared a pork roast. She moved about the well organized kitchen
with ease, never having a problem with her disability, nor needing her
eyes. The kids came home, but I barely looked at them, so beautiful
was their mother. Then Lora's husband came home, an argument ensued
and I barely contained the urge to enter the household and protect the
woman that I so desired. Nothing but a silent supper came of the
argument and it tore my soul up, to watch the married couple ascend up
the stairs to bed, arm in arm, with their lips sucking upon the
others. I did not return to that window for nearly a week but when I
did, nearly every day I watched her after her evening trip home.

I am not proud of the fact but to discover more about this woman I
stole the unopened mail in her insecure mailbox - I rifled through her
garbage. Soon, I began to form a mental picture of Lora and her life.

Our train was normally very crowded, so much that Lora and I had to
stand more days than not. That was when I most enjoyed the trip
together. I could stand directly behind her, with my nose in her
hair, and my breath touching her neck, without undo attention. Even
lately I've become more brave and allowed my body to brush up against
hers when the train jerked our bodies around. I soon found that I
could brush my crotch against her sexy round ass without being too

Our relationship, and yes, that is what we had, if only one sided, had
to progress somehow. This afternoon, on the train ride home, it did.

I had found a seat, and Lora stood unknowingly before me, rocking to
the motion of the train. Leaning forward I found that I could
actually place my face against the woollen fabric of her skirt. It
was a weakness on my part, I agree, but I had no control over my
feelings for her.

My hand touched the inside of one calf, the silky nylon and the warm
smooth skin beneath intoxicating. I felt the muscle beneath my
grasping hand clench and Lora attempted to step away.

It was an impossibility though. The crowd was so thick that it was
shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip - the swaying of the train pressing
bodies rhythmically against the other in a mass song. Lora could not
move from before me and my hand still grasped her calf even after her
stumbling attempt to retreat.

I was actually touching the woman of my dreams - the person of my lust
that I have only viewed from afar. It was intoxicating - it was

My hand slid upward, beneath the skirt, enjoying the soft inner thigh
above the knee.

Lora clenched her soft thighs vainly, her knees locked against the
other. My hand was firmly entrenched between those sexy thighs so
there was no denying me now that I had finally passed the step of
voyeurism and fantasy to reality.

Her free hand came around behind her and tried to push her skirt down,
forcing out my arm that was hidden to the elbow of her pleated woollen
skirt. I am sure she was strong for her size, but it was no match for
me - who had been working as a millwright since I dropped out of high

I touched the smooth nylon directly over the crotch of her panty hose,
with a satin panty beneath. It was warm and I wondered if she was hot
for me - her invisible lover, being touched by me for the first time.
It was right wasn't it - that she should be as excited as I?

Lora nearly stumbled when she shifted her weight to one foot and
kicked backward, trying to hit my leg. Well she only skinned it, but
the effect was nearly disastrous for her, as she almost fell to the
disgustingly dirty floor.

My free hand stopped her and I felt like a hero as I held her by the
waist until she steadied herself.

With her back to me, all I could see was Lora's long curly blond hair,
but I could tell that her head hung down and I sensed that her
willingness to deny me was gone.

Her knees again parted to a steady stance, easily giving me space
between her thighs. With my dirty long nails I tore at the nylon
about her upper inner thigh until it tore in my fingers and my flesh
touched my loves for the first time.

I am sure some electrical lust travelled between our first touch and I
knew she now must know of my lust for her. We were meant for each
other - our lust binding us before even this first, of many, touches.

The tear in her nylon easily spread so that I was able to open the
whole of her crotch and very soon I was fondling her crotch.

That fact that she did not call out for help - does that not tell you
that she had come to accept my love?

The satin panty was easily pulled aside and my fingers slipped
beneath. I found sparse kinky hair that did not protect the thick
outer labia from my fondling fingers. These thick lips easily parted
by my persistent fingers and I found the warm slick inner labia.

My Lora was not dripping wet - but that would change as she came to
trust and love me as much as I did her. This was only the first step
after all.

I found the entrance a little trying as it was not wet enough even for
my single digit - but my passion for her would not wait and I knew her
sex would soon moisten.

The swaying of the train seemed to help as my finger started to
stimulate my desire to consummate our relationship as it moved in and
out of her body.

Lora did not move or acknowledge my work at pleasing her - obviously
nervous about being discovered by all these strangers.

Oh I wished we were alone and I could show her how passionate my love
truly is! I desired nothing more than to hear Lora's passionate cries
as I moved my cock in and out of her body. I wanted to make her
forget her life; her kids, her prick of a husband and even her boring
job and life. With me she would be the queen of our love - and my
cock would remind her of this again and again.

I was starting to swoon with passion, as if drunk upon this first
touch that I did not notice the train come to a screeching stop.

Before our mingled passion could come to its mind-numbing climax Lora
stumbled away from my hand.

"Lora?" I called out disappointed, noticing that this was not her
stop. Poor dear, so enthralled with our new love that she was getting
off the train two stops too early.

Though partially hidden in the rushing crowd, I saw her head turn and
that her face was mostly hidden by her long curly hair. What I could
see was that her cheeks were wet with her tears - so happy was she!

With only a quick sampling of her moisture and scent upon my finger, I
rushed to catch up to her - nearly missing her when the doors to the
train closed automatically barely a meter behind me.

"Lora honey... this is the wrong stop!"

She was stumbling through the crowd, and I saw more than one person
turn and frown at her awkward movements.

This is the point that I started my tale, how it all comes down to
mere seconds in our lives.

I reached her in seconds after leaving the train, seconds before she
reached the escalator, grasping her upper arm firmly. I did not want
to hurt her but I had to hold her arm very firmly, else she stumble
and hurt herself.

Gasping for breath I told her, "You have to be more careful Lora!"


She tried to pull from me and now that her hair was away from her face
I could see her scared face. Did she think this her train stop, that
her husband might catch us?

My hand came up, the same hand that had been in her body and I knew
she must smell herself upon it, as I held her jaw firmly - holding her
face toward my own.

"Silly Lora... you got off the train before your stop." Tears were
again flowing and I saw that they were not tears of happiness. "Tell
me what troubles you Lora? Are you afraid of your husband catching
us?" For my love, I was prepared to do anything.

Around us the thick crowd was thinning, as the commuters retreated
toward their homes.

I leaned over and kissed her lips as if we had been together for years
- and I knew this was it, the woman of my dreams, soul mates. I
whispered right into her face, "Lets find a hotel Lora so I can
properly show you how much I love you!"

Rather than relieving her worries and calming her fears, she balked at
the idea and sudden fury filled my senses. "Whats wrong Lora - tell
me?" I was nearly yelling.

"Who... who are you?"

Who was I? Her secret lover all these months. I felt foolish, I had
not properly introduced myself. I thought to be gallant and dominant
at the same time, later, more mundane introductions can happen later.
"Lora, I am the one who is going to fuck you all night long!" Surely
she must hear that barely restrained passion in my voice.

A slow smile appeared on her lips and I knew all would be OK, that
this was only the beginning of our lives together.

"You will be a lady in public and my personal slut in private!
Nothing will be forbidden between us Lora, nothing!"

My heart was pounding so hard and fast that I thought my chest would
explode with love for her.

"If we were alone I would drop to my knees and suck your big hard cock
right this very moment!"

Her sultry thick words were like a dream and I felt my knees almost
collapse and my cock pressing painfully against my thick denim work

Lora leaned forward, so that she was leaning upward so that her lips
were nearly to my chin. At the same time her free hand reached out
and grasped directly over the length of my shaft and squeezed me
expertly. "Will this thing be 'up' for me all night long?"

She was teasing me - the slut! I loved her so much!

I removed my hand from her arm and did not even both to look around
the train platform to see if anyone was watching as I pressed my palm
upward into her covered crotch, pressing her pleated skirt between her

Just as I leaned forward to again kiss her, wanting to taste her
tongue within my mouth, she suddenly spun backward, away from me.

"Lora?" What was wrong?

She stumbled and almost fell before she ran in a half crouch right
into a brick pillar. Lora cried out in pain and I called out
gallantly, "Lora honey - don't move, I'm coming!"

Lora screamed out crazed and then stumbled around the pillar and I
watched in horror as she stood on the ledge of the platform for a
brief second just before falling out of sight.

In only a couple of seconds I stood on the edge and watched helplessly
as she knelt upon hands and knees between the tracks, on the jagged

"Don't move Lora! Oh god!"

Should I jump down and help her up back to the platform? Should I
call someone?

Behind me I could hear shouts and calls for help already - others had
witnessed my true loves fall and help would soon come.

Just then I heard it and my heart seemed to stop and my head turned as
if in slow motion. A shrill whistle seemed to sound and I watched the
face of the surprised driver in the glass-encased front-end of the
train as he pulled on levers and the screeching of the trains brakes
could be heard.

It would not be enough!

I turned back to Lora and saw that she had heard it too but she did
not seem to care, and seemed to even invite the oblivion of what was
about to happen.

I whispered, "Lora", even as the passing of the train almost blew me

I fell to my knees anyways, sobbing in sorrow. The treachery of fate
taking me my love as soon as we found each other almost too much to
handle. And the look of Lora's calm face just before the train hit -
a look that told me that my love may not have been fully seated in

بودی تـــــــو تو بغلم

گردنت بود رو لبم
#126 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:34
A Big Surprise

Jade had just invited her date up to her apartment. She was a little hesitant; his big muscular body frightened her a little. Scott had a good-looking masculine face with blue-green eyes and bleach blonde hair.

Looking at Scott made Jade think of her own sexy body. At 5'3 and 105 pounds Jade had a thin muscular body with a nicely shaped ass and tits. Her White-Asian interracial heritage gave her tanned skin a beautiful light caramel color.

Jade's hesitancy at being with Scott in his apartment for the first time was overcome by her anticipation of hot sex. Jade had been cock-teasing Scott all evening and had told Scott she liked to role-play; her wet pussy anticipated a night of hard and fast fucking. But Jade didn't realize exactly what she was in for.

As soon as they entered the apartment, Scott locked the door behind them. He pushed her backward onto the couch, and said, "take off your clothes bitch." Jade's eyes grew wide with surprise. Scott had been so nice on their date; she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

As Jade fumbled with the buttons on her blouse, Scott reached out and started ripping Jade's clothes off, frightening her with his ferocity. Soon Jade was completely nude.

"Now take my clothes off," Scott said. Jade hurriedly, but carefully, disrobed Scott. This was the first time she had seen him completely naked. His thick pink cock stood straight out from his muscular body, and his egg-sized balls hung down from their fleshy sac.

"Down on your knees bitch," Scott said, commandingly. Now, Jade obeyed without hesitation. Scott grabbed a handful of Jade's long black hair and slapped her back and forth across the face with far less power than he could have, but enough to make Jade's face grow hot from the stinging slaps. "Now, let me at those tits," Scott growled. Scott proceeded to slap her firm tits back and forth, first one then the other, "whap! whap! whap!" as Jade's eyes began to tear up from the pain...and the pleasure.

Before Jade had a chance to gather her senses, Scott's rock-hard-cock slides into Jade's sensuous lips. Then Scott puts positions his hands on each side of Jade's head, holds on tight, and starts fucking her face.

"Mmm...uuhh...aahhgg...." is the only sound Jade can make as Scott fucks her little mouth with his pulsing vein covered cock. "Now make love to my cock," Scott commanded, as he pulled his cock from Jade's throat.

Jade slurped on Scott's cock like it was a melting Popsicle. She worked his cock and balls like there was no tomorrow. Alternately popping the head of his cock in and out from between her beautiful lips and sucking on his swollen balls. At the same time, her fingers slowly ran up his thigh in order to play with his ass.

Jade's pussy was soaking wet. She couldn't believe the intensity of what is happening. Scott groaned with pleasure as he cupped her perky tits in his hands.

"Get on the couch" Scott barked. "On your knees, put your head down, ass in the air," Scott further ordered. Scott rubbed the pink head of his cock all over Jade's pussy before ramming it in.

"Ohhh...ohhh...fuck..." Jade groaned and panted as Scott delivered a piston-like pounding to Jade's pussy. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming," Jade screamed, her pussy liquid coming all over Scott's turgid penis.

"I'm not done yet," Scott said assuredly. "I'm going to fuck your ass." With that statement, Scott slipped on a condom and spread her ass cheeks apart with his strong hands. Positioning his white cock against her tiny brown hole, he slid his glistening meat into Jade's ass. Her ass clenched and relaxed... clenched and relaxed... on Scott's swollen member.

"Oh..oh...I'm going to come again!" Jade cooed with passion as Scott played with her clit with one hand while cupping one of her soft tits with the other. "Oh...damn...goddamn," Jade shrieked in unison with her mind-blowing orgasm.

"My turn," Scott said matter-of-factly. Scott turned Jade around and stroked his straining member, jacking-off onto her pretty face. "Ahhh...ahhh," Scott yelled as his creamy white cum sprayed onto Jade's chin and open mouth.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Jade moaned as she ate his come and then sucked out the last remaining drops from his cock.

"That was fun," Jade said, while licking some remaining cum off of her fingers, "next time I'll be the dominant one."

بودی تـــــــو تو بغلم

گردنت بود رو لبم
#127 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:34
Jamaican Beauty

Professor Kent couldn't help but think about his teaching assistant, Opal. Opal is originally from Jamaica. She has a great sense of humor, beautiful sparkling eyes, and is always smiling. Not only did Dr. Kent enjoy Opal's company, but she has a beauty and vivaciousness that Dr. Frank couldn't stop thinking about.

Dr.Kent leaned back in his chair and thought of Opal's looks. Opal is 5'3 and 98 pounds. However, she's no 98 pound weakling. Her wiry muscular frame is wrapped in beautiful chocolate colored skin, that doesn't seem to have an ounce of fat on it. She has very short hair that if it were any shorter would be mere stubble [Opal had shaved her locks off and decided to start her hair "over again"]. Furthermore, Opal's face possesses large liquidy brown eyes, a wide flat nose with large nostrils, and huge fleshy lips. To top it all off, Opal reveals gleaming white teeth in a wonderful gap toothed jack-o-lantern smile.

Luckily, Dr. Kent is confident in his own looks. His muscular body is centered by wash-board abs. His appendages end in large hands and feet. Furthermore, he has sandy-blonde hair, and bluish-green eyes that are set in an attractive pretty boy face.

Dr. Kent figured he would ask Opal out on date. They obviously like each other and he sensed some sexual chemistry between the two of them. At that moment, Opal entered his office.

"Ehhh...Dr. Kent, mahn," Opal said, in her Jamaican accent. "I have these tests corrected for you."

"Now Opal, you know I've told you a hundred times to call me Frank."

"You're right, I keep forgetting," Opal said with a laugh.

"Say Opal, I was wondering if you would like to go out tonight," Frank said.

Opal's eyes lit up and her mouth opened in a wide grin. "Irie! I thought you'd never ask –Frank," Opal giggled.

"Great, we'll go out for dinner. I'll pick you up at 7:00," Frank said.

During the course of dinner conversation, the topic turned to sex. "You know Frank, I like it rough. You know, to be submissive," Opal said.

Frank, shifting his position in the chair a little said, "I think I can accommodate you."

"Ohhh...mahn," Opal said. "You got a funny look in your eye."

"A funny eye sees better," Frank said. "Let's go back to my apartment."

"You got it mahn," Opal said.

When they arrived at Frank's apartment, he locked the door behind them. "I tell you what; why don't we undress together, and we'll both see each other naked for the very first time.

"Excellent idea," Opal said.

They both quickly undress and look at each other. Right away Frank noticed Opal's pretty little black shaved pussy was all ready wet. Moreover, Opal noticed Frank. "Sweet Babylon," Opal cried, as she scoped out Frank's long, think, vein-covered cock. Frank is also shaved, including his ball sac, which featured two large dangling plums.

Frank embraced her. Their lips and tongues came together. His lips are fairly thin and pink; hers are very thick and black; his tongue is pink; hers is purplish-pink. They kiss and their tongues engage in a sexy swordfight.

Frank moves his mouth down to Opal's black bud of a nipple and sucks and flicks his tongue on the hardened protuberance. Opal moans with pleasure. Wanting to reciprocate the pleasure, she moves her own mouth to Frank's erect nipple. The feeling of Opal's big black lips on his nipple is exquisite. However, Frank has more things to attend to.

Before Opal new what was happening, Frank picked her lithe body up and threw her on the bed. Opal landed on her back and Frank grabbed hold of both of Opal's slender black thighs and spread them wide. Frank dove into her black snatch like a man who had been starving. "Sllluurp...sllluurp..."Frank sounded as his mouth covered Opals pussy and sucked up her clit and labia.

"Ahhh...Jeez..." Opal moaned. "You do that so well."

"I'm just getting started," Frank said as he paused and looked up at her.

Frank started to furiously finger fuck her. Starting out with one, then two, and three fingers. He sucked on her hard clit at the same time. "You taste so good," Frank said.

Then Frank rubbed his entire face in Opal's bald pussy, his forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, everything. "Ah, Frank, that's wonderful," Opal sighed as she looked down at him. "I think I'm going to cum all over your face." With that statement Frank increased the intensity of the stimulation, causing Opal's flood gates to open.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes," Opal hissed as she came all over Frank's face.

Suddenly, Frank grabbed Opal's ankles and pulled her to him so he she was sitting on the edge of the bed. Frank palmed the top of Opal's head with his large hand like it was a basketball.

"Now, give me those fat lips," Frank stated, as pre-cum dripped from his massive tool. Opal encircled the fat head with her huge lips. As soon as she did, Frank, still palming her skull, started to work her small head forward and backward on his cock.

"Pllfflltt...unnh...thppttt..."were the sounds Opal made as drool ran from her mouth. She loved the feeling of total abandonment as Frank reamed her oral cavity with his delicious cock.

"Ahhh...damn," Frank said, breathlessly as he watched Opal's thick lips working their way up and down his thick shaft. Opal's large nostrils flared and she looked up at him with those big puppy dog eyes. He felt like he could do this all day, but there were other delights to be had.

Frank slipped his cock out of Opal's mouth and she gave him that wonderful gap tooth smile. "Now for some fucking," Frank stated. He turned Opal around and entered her from behind.

"That's a tight fit mahn!" Opal said. "But it feels great!"

"You're going for a ride," Frank stated flatly. Frank hooks each of Opal's thin legs with his muscular arms, as Opal reaches back and hooks the back of Frank's arms. Opal is completely off of the ground with Frank's massive pink cock in her pussy and her legs spread wide.

"Ha, ha," Opal laughs in a high pitch, as Frank bounces her up and down on his pole.

"Now I'm going to fuck that sweet black ass of yours," Frank stated, as he set Opal back down on the bed, positioning her on all fours.

"Mahn, I don't know if it's going to fit!" Opal said.

"We'll see," was the only thing Frank said.

Frank lubed up his finger with a concoction of saliva, pre-cum, and pussy juice and slowly inserted it into Opal's tight little asshole. At first her ass clinched around his finger, but then relaxed.

"Mmmm...," feels good Opal cooed.

Now that he felt opal's ass was ready, Frank positioned his huge white glistening cock right at the tiny black opening. They both grunted as the fat mushroom head breached the tight little ring of her ass. Now there are more grunts in unison as Frank pushes his man-meat half way into Opal.

"I think that's all the fahther it's go'in mahn," Opal said.

Frank began to slowly move his half submerged cock back and forth in Opal's ass. "OO...ahhh...," emerged from Opals mouth. Then Frank wiggled his cock in Opal's ass. "Daaang," Opal says in surprise and pleasure, "You're moving your cock like a green snake through a sugar cane field!"

"Time to get down to business," Frank said.

Frank rammed his cock as far as he could into Opal ass. He fucked her like a man possessed. Opal's tiny hands clutched at the bed spread to keep her from falling forward.

"Smack, smack," Frank slapped each cheek of Opals cute little butt. The stinging sensation increased the pleasure.

"Irie, Irie, mahn!" Opal exclaimed.

"Smack,smack," Frank slapped her ass checks again. "You like getting your black ass fucked don't you," Frank said.

"Yes! Yes!" Opal exclaimed. "Fuck me you bastard, yes!" Opal cried out.

Frank fucked her while holding on to her tiny waist with one hand, and playing with her clit with the other. "Ohhhh...ohhhh...I'm cummming," Opal screamed. Opal grimaced in pleasure as she sucked air in and out from between her gapped teeth. The orgasm seemed to rock her whole body as noises sprung forth from her mouth that seemed to come from deep inside her. "Aaaarrrrgghhh!!!!,"

As her orgasm subsided, Frank turned her around. "Jack me off," he said.

Opal opened her mouth and stuck out her little purple-pink tongue and positioned it right at the tip of Frank's cock. One of her little hands cupped his nuts; well the other jacked his cock.

The sight of Opal's little black fingers jacking-off Frank's huge white cock was a turn on for both of them, and more than Frank could take as his cum exploded into Opals open mouth.

"Ahh...yes," Frank exclaimed.

Opal smiled and laughed her charming little laugh as she licked and sucked cum off of Frank spent penis

بودی تـــــــو تو بغلم

گردنت بود رو لبم
#128 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:35
A Blond In Trouble

Traveling is my favorite thing. I've been all over the world without any problems, until Africa. I had rented a car to explore one of those exotic dictatorships of the dark continent and I was having a really great time. As a gorgeous, blond, single woman, I have come to enjoy men learing at me lustily, undressing me with their eyes. It was a blast, until I tried to leave the country...

Handcuffed behind my back I sat on a wooden chair next to a table in a room with no windows. I must have been there for an hour when a uniformed black man suddenly opened the door, walked in, and sat on the table 2 feet away from me.

"You know Miss, your in big trouble."

"What's this about? Why am I here?"

He looked at my breasts. My nipples were hard as rocks from the excitement.

"Drug smuggling is a serious crime."

"I'm not a smuggler. The drugs must have been planted."

He rolled his eyes upward in their sockets and stood up. He paced about the room and then crouched behind me.

"Miss, you're in big trouble and you'll cooperate if you know what's good for you."

"I'll do anything you say. Just let me go. I'm innocent."

He eyed my body from top to bottom one more time before leaving the room.

A few minutes later, I was blindfolded and led out to a car where I was driven to another part of the city. Two men led me into a building and sat me down on a bed in a dimly lit room. They took off the blindfold and handcuffs.

A few minutes later, a big fat black man walked into the room. He must have weighed 400 pounds. He said his name was Colonel Totuba and he was assigned to my case. He offered me a cigarette. I accepted it and gave him a friendly thank you. He lit it for me and I took a deep drag...

"Miss Smith, this is a serious matter, but I think that we can resolve the situation with your full cooperation."

"I'll do anything."

"That you will! Take off your clothes!"

"What? I don't understand!"



The colonel pushed a button on the side of the table and two armed black men entered the room. They strong armed me, held me so I couldn't move. The colonel walked up to me and with one powerful grab, ripped my pretty dress right off my body. It tore into strips in his powerful hands. Next, he pulled apart my bra and my 44D breasts came bouncing out.

They sat me down on the chair. All I had on was my panties, garter belt, stockings and high heels.

"Miss Smith, I don't think you realize the seriousness of your situation."

"Please! I'll cooperate. Just tell me what you want."

"That's better. With that attitude you'll be free in no time. Get on the bed!"

Quickly, I did what he ordered. He pulled a digital camera from his pocket.

"We need to take some photos of you. Kneel down and show off those beautiful breasts for me."

I did my best to pose like a model, jutting out my breasts with my arms clasped behind my head while he snapped some pictures.

"Lie down on your back and raise your legs in the air!" I readily did what he requested.

"Now Miss Smith, I want some beaver shots."

I took off my panties and spread my legs wide and willing for the Colonel. Wetting my lips with my tongue, I smiled for the camera sexily as he clicked off shots of me displaying my pussy, high heels pointed at the ceiling.

"Very good, Miss Smith! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated."

I thought it best to play along with the charade. They were holding all the cards and I had no idea what they were planning.

"The Colonel knows how to make me feel like a woman. I'll bet you have your way with all the girls."

I reached for the bulge in his pants and rubbed it lustily.

"Got a rocket in your pocket?"

I un-zipped his fly and out popped a huge plum-sized cock head.

"Oh Colonel! You're so big!"

He grimaced as I grasped the base of his turgid cock and I slowly pursed my lips about his gigantic penis. Kneeling before him, sucking and slurping on that massive member with increasing passion, I increased the tempo until my head bobbed wildly, fellating the hell out of him. When I made doe eyes up at him, he began to spurt his seeds into my mouth. I gobbled it all up voraciously while he moaned with pleasure. I managed to swallow all his cum in one gulp.

He threw me on the bed.


"Yes, I'm your whore! What's your pleasure?"

He pushed the button again and two armed men entered the room.

"Take her to the studio."

In a moment I was whisked away to what seemed like a well equipped television studio with cameras and lights etc.

They sat me down on a stool and gave me a cool drink. It must have been drugged because all I can remember was being hot and bothered, and black men having their way with me. One after another, naked black men came and pleasured themselves with my body.

The first one was the ugliest man I'd ever seen. His face had a surly expression as he pushed me down on to the mat and bluntly poked his bulbous cock head up my quivering vagina. I gasped as he penetrated me in one stroke, pinned to the floor, my legs propped high in the air by his muscular arms, he proceeded to fuck me hard. In the drug induced passion of the moment I French kissed him all the while, briskly scratching his naked back with my manicured nails till he creamed into my loins in spasms of ecstasy.

As soon as he rolled off, two more men took me onto a couch where they made me envelop the first black man's penis in my cunt. They positioned some video cameras while the second black man rubbed oil on his cock. While I fucked on top of the first black, he spread my cheeks and the other shoved his dick up my ass.

I moaned like a whore in heat. The cameras rolled. The men pumped and pistoned.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me" I begged at the top of my lungs.

In one gigantic climax, we all came at once, splurting, gushing and squirting; my cunt and ass oozing with black men's semen. The free for all went on like this for hours, until I passed out.

The next day I awoke in a convent. The nuns had found me in a ditch and brought me there to recuperate. With their help, I managed to escape the country.

بودی تـــــــو تو بغلم

گردنت بود رو لبم
#129 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:35
Blonde Slut For Black

Last week, I had decided to treat myself to a porn movie over the Internet. Since my wife Val, left me a few months ago, I've just been going to work and watching TV. One of these days maybe I'll get off my butt and get a girlfriend...

While perusing all the various porn sites, I got a big surprise. It was a picture of a Black proudly shooting his semen all over my pretty wife's face. It was being splattered with gobs of jism by a humongous black cock. The title was "Blonde Slut For Black". I ponied up the $9.95 for the flick.

The plot was paper thin and the story began slowly. The sound was tinny and occasionally you could see a boom microphone overhead in the scenes.

A bunch of black guys were hanging around with nothing to do when in walked Tyrone. I recognized him as the bass player in a band I used to be in. He told the others that he had a bitch coming over and that they were going to make a porno video.

"Does tha 'ho know we be makin' a movie?"

"Well not ezacly." Tyrone replied.

They all snickered.

There was a knock at the door and in walked Val, my wife! She looked foxy in her sexy outfit. She strolled in wearing acrylic platform shoes with 8" spike heels.

"Hi Darryl!"

"Val, I want you to meet a few of my homeys."

"Hi boys!"

Darryl handed her a drink while she sat with her legs crossed provocatively revealing her Lilly white thigh as she sipped her drink. The men eyed her with lust all over their faces.

As some sexual music began to crescendo, Darryl pulled her up out of her chair and they started to dance. In seconds, they were soul kissing. Another Black dude got up and put his hand up her skirt from behind. She now had a Black man front and back feeling her up.

They undid her blouse, unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor. In a flash, her bra was undone and those beautiful breasts bounced out. She stood in front of the Blacks naked except for purple garter belt, nylons and the stiletto sharp platform heels.

The scene changed. A tattooed Black reclined leisurely on a large sofa. He had short nappy hair, a silver ear ring and acne scarred face. He looked looked like a thug and sported a foot long hard on.

Val kneeled in front of him on the couch. She proceeded to hold the giant tool by its base and suck on it. The Black looked up at the ceiling and moaned from the pleasure. Val's beautiful long blond hair cascaded down and across his hips, obscuring the pretty face slurping cock. He adjusted her hair for the camera revealing a closeup of her tongue teasing his plum sized cock-head glistening in the bright lights.

In the next shot a young black stud got her to step one platform shoe up on the bed. From the low camera angle, her buttocks were in the air as he pulled apart her cheeks, revealing Val's wet female sex. His left hand gripped her left side creating a rolling hills and valley topology as he clutched the ample thigh. His 10" cock jut strait up as he ham-handely poked it at her loins. Finally, he managed to snag it on Val's well lubricated hole. I heard slurping as he rammed it down deep and to the hilt making her shriek out loud.


A voice in the background spoke.

"Look into the lens, girl. We wanna see that pretty face."

She turned her head to the left and gave a lurid grimace into the camera as the young Black continued to pound her bottom. I could hear his dark meat beating on her ripe and Lilly-white flesh. I could see her clear plastic platforms pressing hard into the top of the bed, as stocking tops framed her ass artistically and the boy aggressively poked that big black dick up into her luscious loins.

In the next scene I saw my wife avidly sucking the cock of a very dark Black. He was almost pitch black and the contrast with her beautiful pale face was dramatic. The cock was as big as a sausage and he held her head steady in his powerful grip. She struggled to suck it,

"mmmphhh, mmp, mmmmmmmmmpppfffhhhh, mmmmmmm, muuummmm, mm."

The final scene really got to me. All I could see was an extreme closeup of the engorged jet black shaft penetrating deep into her cunt. Just above her eagerly slurping hole I could see her magnificent anus puckering to each of his thrusts. Two powerful black hands splayed her naked private parts for public display, all the while his black mamba relentlessly stabbed and jabbed her dripping cunt. Her moaning was increasing; she let out that carnal low moan of a whore in heat.

The seconds seemed like hours as I watched her cunt gobble up each thrust of the huge black prick. Her gushing love juice lavishly lubricated his relentlessly pumping piston. The camera zoomed in on her undulating sphincter which seemed to first pout and then almost kiss the lens. She was begging them for it. My blood boiled at the thought of what kind of spectacle I would have to view next.

The camera's angle shifted only slightly and a second mamba intruded from overhead. It was slick as a greased pig as it glided across my TV screen on its mission. The closeup was excruciatingly close and delicate.

A bulbous warrior head knocked casually on her back door a time or two and then affianced her vulnerable orifice. How languidly her anus acquiesced to the cavalier triumph of engorged black cock. How snugly and slippery began his penetration of her svelte sphincter. How masterly and insistent the Black perpetrated his ribald violation of yielding white woman flesh. In a finesse, the engorged ebony head subdued all resistance, asserted its ascendancy and staunchly plunged in aggressvely.

"Ooooowwwwwwwww!", She howled.

Powerfully he pressed and eased his way onward down her pert tunnel of love, Like a sword in a sheath, stealing its way to the sounds of her sultry longing in rhythmic sighs.

"Ooh. Oooooohhhh. Oooooooohhhhhhh..."

Inch by inch her colon surrendered to the Black's potent conquest. And then pompous and powerful as a locomotive the stiff black cock swaggered unchallenged down my wife's sumptuous White ass.

The camera panned to an outtake of the cool arrogance on the faces of the two thugs in counterpoint with the hot wanton expression of their harlot.

The pace quickened as the camera returned to two Black snakes undulating in a lurid dance of penetration and pulling out, pounding pudendum, prostituting her pursed pussy, Val's pregnable orifices quivering about their powerfully pumping pistons, pirating her supple sphincter, plundering voluptuous vagina, and the furious sodomizing of their rapacious conquest of the rare beauties blonde sex.

Moaning and groaning in sync with the incessant barking of the howling bitch, the menage crescendoed to a climax. The vehemence of the assault at fever pitch. Spurt squirt spurt squirt spurt spurt; two cocks brusquely explode their Black semen up into the whore's bung hole and cunt; I ejaculate spontaneously; humiliated by the outrage of these sleazy gangsters ravishing my wife's buxom beauty.

The tattooed Black with the pock marked face's prick alongside Val's mouth wide open; her out-stretched tongue soliciting a creaming by his turbid spawn.

He seizes her by the hair, calls her a slut and imperiously empties his low hanging gonads; pumping his milky semen like a fire hose and splashing it all over her face. I squirt my cum again in involuntary reflex that soaks my pants.

The camera's parting shot was a split frame with a trophy shot of my beautiful wife's head splattered with the pock faced thug's ropey spunk, along with a final gander at her yawning cunt and asshole agape; oozing a sexual cream pie of their impure viscous Black seed wriggling in her ambrosial vaginal fluids.

بودی تـــــــو تو بغلم

گردنت بود رو لبم
#130 | Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:36
Val's First Black

My pretty wife, Valerie, is a 35 year old, tall, shapely, strawberry blond with large, full breasts, and long legs. She's a sexy fun loving gal and we had often talked about doing something sexually adventurous like a swing club or something, but it was always that, just talk...

One day I invited Tyrone, the bass player in the band, to chill in our hot tub after the gig. Tyrone's a handsome 50 year old black stud who looks about 35. His head is shaved clean and he has a well developed muscular body because he works out at the gym. He always seems to have his way with women. At the club, there's always some broad fawning over him or giving him a blow job during breaks. Some guys just seem to have the knack.

Tyrone and I chatted while Val mixed some drinks to cool our taste buds in the hot summer night air. She slid down between us in the hot tub and we all enjoyed the pina coladas she made.

"Hey Val, when's the last time that you had two studs to yourself in a hot tub?" Tyrone chuckled. Val laughed out loud, throwing back her long hair.

"You know, we have ourselves one sexy babe here. You don't mind if I take a couple of pitchers?" Tyrone winked. "For my collection."

Val looked at me and I said "Sure babe, go ahead. Let's party."

He reached into his sport bag and pulled out an expensive flash camera. Val teased. "Hey Tyrone, do you know how to use that thing?"

Tyrone laughed.

"Let's see a pose over here by the wall."

Val complied with Tyrone's request, standing statuesque in her bikini and still wet all over from the hot tub.

"Give me a sexy li'l pout!...Thaaaaaas it."

Flash!, whirrr...

"Now Turn around and look at me over your shoulder and give me a sexy look."

Flash!, whirrrr...

"I always wanted to be a model" Val exclaimed.

"Well now's yer big chance. Drop your top."

Val reached around her back and unhooked her bikini top and two voluptuous breasts spilled out.

"Now give me a li'l cheesecake."

Flash!, whirrrrrrr...

"Thas it"

" Nice."

Tyrone took a whole roll of my wife in various topless poses. While he was reloading, she pranced off saying, "I'll put on something sexy while you change the film." I could see she was getting turned on by the whole experience.

When she returned, I could not believe my eyes. Under her bathrobe, she wore stockings and fuckme pumps. It was excruciatingly erotic but Tyrone just seemed to take it all in stride as he continued with his hypnotic patter. "Lookee here girl, we need to lose that robe." He stepped behind her, took the robe slowly from her shoulders revealing supple lily white beauty.

He dropped the robe on the floor. All she had on underneath the robe was a garter belt and some skimpy panties. "You come here missy, and stand by this couch." He said, taking her arm and posing her seductively by bending her over the back of the couch.

Flash, whirrr...

He then took snapshot after snapshot of my beautiful wife in all sorts of cheesecake poses. Ordering her out of her panties was like taking candy from a baby to him. The patter just rolled from his tongue as she posed for him, showing off her legs, displaying her breasts and finally he took beaver shots of her head angled against the couch and pouting sexily while she held her legs wide apart.

Flash, whirrr... Flash, whirrrrr... Flash, whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

In one cool, smooth, masterful move, Tyrone reclined Valerie on the carpet and began to kiss her breasts. His long tongue tantalized erect nipples as he grabbed them in his huge bass player's hands, sampling her flesh. Slowly, his powerful ebony hand traversed my wife's naked, ivory belly and gravitated to the love hole dripping wet with her excitement. They began to French kiss passionately.

Teasing up the lips of her moist labia, Tyrone slid his middle finger into her juicy cunt making Val moan with pleasure. He worked it around her hole seductively, making slurping sounds as she sighed. From where I was sitting, I could see sex juices dribbling down from her moist rose petals and forming a little puddle, making her anus glisten.

The next thing I knew, she was on her back, thighs spread. Tyrone grabbed both of her ankles and angled her long legs so I could see the action. For a moment, Tyrone ogled her body appreciatively and looking down at her, he said with a smirk, "Mmmmm, mmmmmmmm, thas one fine lookin' honey pot ya got there." He slid his ten inch cock home with one strong stroke. She gasped at the brute force of his black cock penetration, triumphing over her white womanhood, yielding, so ripe, vulnerable, submitting to his conquest.

"Fuck me hard!" she begged.

"Bitch!, I'll fuck you like you ain't never been fucked before. When I get done with ya you'll be nothin' but a 'ho' for black cock"

"Yes! yes! I'll do anything you say, just fuck me harder!"

He started fucking Val harder and deeper. The sight and sound of Tyrone's black hard body slapping Val's beautiful yielding loins while holding her arms pinned to the floor was driving me mad. I have never seen her so turned on.

Her hips bucked to meet each thrust. I could see Tyrone's huge swollen cock gleaming with my wife's love juices as it pulled out and reentered Val's well lubricated vagina over and over again. Her labia seemed to tremble and pout spasmodically, puckering around the gruff and relentless ramrod that was Tyrone's big black dick.

"On your hands and knees, bitch!"

She complied quickly. He gave her butt a quick spank.

Grasping my wife's supple buttocks by the thick, he spread her cheeks wide. Dark eyes roved over tender flesh, appraising private parts never before casually exposed for a black man's perfunctory inspection.

Tyrone pursed his lips and blew a jet of cool air about her sphincter. As it clenched up tight to the titillation of the cool breeze she swayed her lower back for him, and then I saw her button tighten up again from the display and teasing.

Tyrone stuck a finger in his mouth, lubricated it with a glob of saliva and proceeded to wet her asshole. Gently massaging in his saliva, spiraling into her wetness and at the first sign of yielding, he took advantage, pressing his way in slowly and confidently, ever so slightly spreading it back and forth, back and forth.

Deftly but aggressively he penetrated to his first knuckle, when Val grasped his hand by the wrist and exclaimed "Tyrone, no!...Please don't! I'm not a slut"

"Aw, cum on honey, just relaaaaax, go with the flooooow. Just let it haaaaaaappen. Don't resist me! Relax and let it be..." He spoke so confidently and hypnotically, it commanded her to submit.

She acquiesced now and was docile to the potent advance.

"Ooooooh!" She moaned longingly as Tyrone's eager finger wormed it's way to his second knuckle and he began to bring his middle finger into the task at hand. By the expression on her face, I could tell that she was now resigned to having her anus dilated by Tyrone's skillful hands.

After maddening minutes of coaxing, his sexual acumen allowed him to ream her ass good and she was loving it. Tyrone sure had his way with women. His deep sexy voice kept on reassuring all the while she surrendered her anus to the black man to be opened up like a rose in spring for his entertainment.

Tyrone winked at me smugly and then peered down Valerie's colon gaping wide open now. A slight sneer appeared on his curled lip and I fathomed what he had in mind.

Thickened to full erection and positioning rock hard black cock at the opening to her well lubricated opening, he put it to her bluntly.

"Yeah! Take it all, You black bastard!" Val moaned as he pushed it in unrelenting.

"Yeah baby, just relaaaaax. Papa's gonna ease on in."

It was feverish and slow how he advanced his cock, on and on and on. By imperceptible amounts, he inched up my wife's soft moist beckoning anal hole until all at once he slid headlong, plunging deeper and deeper, rushing, rushing, pell-mell, down to the hilt,. "Uuuhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnk". He groaned. She swooned, helpless under his power.

Tyrone rallied his manhood, grasping her wasp waist in powerful big hands. He started to pound her body in a fast rhythm; ramming big black cock up her lovely ass, proudly asserting his manhood, harder and harder until suddenly, yanking it out, he stood up, brusquely, violently, grabbed her by her long strawberry blond hair to squirt seed on her face.

The first shot spurted wildly and splattered across the bridge of Valerie's nose. It stuck like raw egg and just began to slowly run down to spread it's coverage. The second thick, sticky, wet rope of nigger seed erupted from the thick head of Tyrone's foot-long, black, potent 'weapon' and shot right into Val's open mouth. The backlash of the third shot careened off and ended up dribbling down her breasts. He grimaced a moment at the vision of the flood of his sperm drenching her beautiful blond face. With a groan, he released her hair from his grip and collapsed on the floor sexually spent.

بودی تـــــــو تو بغلم

گردنت بود رو لبم
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