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#51 | Posted: 9 Oct 2011 10:58

A Week With Mom 1

He stood pacing back and forth waiting for the plane to land, thinking of their last night together, wondering if this was a good idea or not. He'd came so close to making love and now he'd invited her to come and see him for a week and he knew deep down, it would be a week of hell trying to resist her.

She was so pretty, not Miss America pretty, but she could get him hard with one of her smiles, a soft kiss, but the one thing he loved the most, was when they hugged. She was tall, five foot ten and had a body that was loaded with lots and lots of wonderful curves that he loved. Her large D cup breasts had filled his eyes and dreams so many times; he could never count them if he wanted. Her flat stomach was always shown by wearing the lowest cut jeans she could find and he loved it even more when she got her bellybutton pierced.

Her hips, thighs and great ass were what some would call 'thick', but oh did they look great. He loved watching her walking, bending over, but again, the best was when they hugged and he'd always give her ass a good squeeze with both hands, enjoying her moan.

'This is going to be crazy,' he thought looking out the massive window, wondering how much longer it was going to be until the plane landed and the suffering would begin. 'I want to see her so bad, but...' he thought, hoping he'd be able to resist her and her charming ways.

Her soft voice was something he also loved so very much. So many times when they hugged, she'd softly whisper his name, making him hard in a split second. He wondered what it would be like making love to her, hearing her moaning it as she orgasmed around his long and very thick cock.

'Oh fuck!' he moaned, feeling it growing out of control and she wasn't ever there yet. 'This is going to be so fucked up,' he thought seeing a large plane pulling up to the jet way. 'Well, here goes!' he thought, standing up, walking towards the gate, hoping he could resist doing anything with her, but in the dark side of his mind, he hoped they'd be in bed as soon as possible.

He watched as people came from the plane, some getting hugs, others getting handshakes and some looked as if they were going to fuck each other right in the middle of the airport. He wondered what they would do. A long, loving hug for sure, maybe with a kiss and just maybe, he'd hold her sweet ass the way he loved so much.

He watched a young couple kissing, hugging and feeling each other from top to bottom, wondering if they'd get home or rush to the first motel they could find. 'Lucky fucker,' he mumbled as the young guy caressed every last inch of the girls' tight, little ass. 'I bet you're going to fuck her brains out!' he laughed to himself, trying to imagine him on top of the tall, slender girl and her long, black hair. 'I'd like some of that myself,' he moaned watching the guy squeezing her ass, shoving her into his cock.

She stood looking at him, wondering if he'd notice her or keep watching the two young people making out. She reached to tap on his shoulder, he turned to her and just as she suspected, he grabbed her in his arms, squeezing so hard it almost hurt. 'I've missed you so much, Johnny,' she moaned in his ear, hoping he'd never let her go.

He turned, seeing the woman he loved with all of his heart. She had long, thin blonde hair, soft blue eyes that hid behind a small pair of glasses and a smile that could melt an iceberg. He hugged her with all of his might, not caring that he was growing hard against her. She was a grown woman and he was close to 26. They were old enough to know what they wanted. He wasn't sure about her, but he knew he wanted her, no matter what. 'I've missed you too, Mom,' he moaned as his hands slid down her back to her wonderful ass and he couldn't help but squeezing.

She rested against him, feeling something wonderful pressing on her thigh and knew it was all for her. He always got so hard when they hugged, but she knew about the feelings a son could have for their Mom and she never said anything. 'Oh I love when you touch me. I wish that your father was half the man you are,' she moaned to herself, hoping she wouldn't cum in his arms. 'Damn! You sure do know how to make a woman feel loved,' she giggled and had to get away from him, for now at least. 'You look so good!' she smiled looking at his hardened face, long black hair and his muscular body.

He loved at touch and would until the day he died. 'You're lookin' pretty damn hot yourself,' he replied looking at her large breasts and couldn't help but seeing how hard her nipples were. He looked down, to her smooth stomach that always made him so hard and lower, to her full set of hips in the tightest pair of jeans he'd ever seen. 'I might have to take you out tonight,' he winked and couldn't help but hugging her again, but this time, his cock was harder than it had ever been in his life, even if it was for his Mom.

'That would be so nice. He hasn't taken me out in years,' she said with a wide grin, enjoying her sons' stiffness between her long legs, trying to remember the last time her husband had taken her out, but she couldn't. He spent all his time chasing the young girls' he hired in his office and hadn't touched her in ten years.

'Fuck him! He wouldn't know how to treat a lady if his fuckin' life depended on it!' Johnny quickly snapped, thinking of all the nights he spent comforting her after a beating or when she found out that he'd been cheating on her. 'I don't know why you're even with him. I've told you over and over again that you should just leave him and come down here,' he added giving her one last squeeze before letting her go.

She knew Johnny was right about leaving him, but she wasn't sure about being around her son. She was still a very, very sensual woman; he was a young man that any woman in her right mind would kill for and she was one of them. 'I know, but I'm just a little scared to,' she said. 'You know how he is. He always said if I left him, he'd kill me,' she added feeling her eyes begin to tear up.

'Yeah, let him fuckin' come down here. I've got some nasty friends that would just love to meet him!' Johnny smiled thinking of the crazy men he worked with and if they found out about her being beat, they'd kill his dad in a second.

She remembered that Johnny had a knack for finding insane friends to hang out with. She wasn't sure if they did anything wrong, but if they did, they never got caught. 'I'm sure you do,' she said with a laugh looking into his dark eyes, wanting to kiss him so badly she hurt. But this wasn't the time or place and she wasn't sure if she'd have the nerve to do it or if he even wanted her.

'Let's get your bags and get out of here,' he smiled slipping his right hand into one of her jean pockets, enjoying her firm ass and they went to get her bags.

I'm done with It
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A Week With Mom 2

From the looks of this car,' she said looking over the expensive sports car, wondering what it cost. 'I gather you're doing good for yourself,' she added, giving him one of her motherly looks, hoping that he wouldn't end up in prison or dead.
He just smiled at her and it made him feel good that she cared about him. He had a few girls' he saw, but none of them gave a shit about him. 'I'm doin' real good,' he winked at her, hoping she'd brought some sexy things to wear, but then remembered his Dad wouldn't spend a penny on her. 'I'm thinking that I need to take my favorite, sexy lady shopping,' he said watching a big smile cover her pretty face. 'This is Miami. We need you lookin' hot!' Johnny winked, thinking of how good she'd look in some tight shorts, a tiny bikini and some sexy panties.
'I could go for that myself,' she replied having a good idea that Johnny would have her wearing some outrageous things, but what the hell. If it turned him on, she'd wear anything he wanted, no matter what it was.
'Cool!' he said reaching to caress her long, left leg and way up her thigh. 'I know this great shop just up the street. They'll have you lookin' so hot, men will drop dead on the street,' he laughed, hoping she'd wear some nice things and show off her great body.
'I have one thing to ask,' she paused, giving him that motherly look again. 'If some of it's too wild, I'll only wear it when we're alone,' she added, wondering what taste her handsome son had or if he was just teasing about her wearing sexy things.
He thought about what she'd just said and had a plan. He'd pick out things to wear when they were going out and some very, very skimpy things for her to wear for him, when they were alone. 'Sounds good to me! I'm getting you some real hot stuff then,' he smiled watching her face turning a warm shade of red.
'Just remember, I am your Mother,' she replied and knew she'd be with him; it would just be a matter of when.
'I know and it sucks too,' he said pulling in a parking lot and shut off the car.
'What do you mean by that?' she asked, feeling a bit hurt by his words. She'd always been a good mother to him and this hurt.
He saw her face and knew that she didn't understand him. 'I didn't mean it in a bad way. You're the best Mom in the world and I'm glad you're mine,' he said leaning to gently kiss her thin, juicy lips, feeling her suck in a deep breath. 'I wish that you were just a hot woman that I was taking out on a date,' he added, watching an innocent smile cover her face.
'You bad boy!' she laughed at him. 'It's not right to have such thoughts about your Mom!' she said feeling a strange, but interesting tingling between her legs. 'Why in the heck am I feeling this way?' she thought as the feeling grew more, making her wish she was alone with her vibrator.
'If you weren't so hot I wouldn't,' he said getting out of the car and ran to open her door, hoping tonight would be the night he'd been dreaming of for so long. A night alone, making love and he didn't care if she was his Mom or not.
Sela stood in the massive bedroom and couldn't believe how it and all of her new things looked. 'I guess my baby is doing very well,' she laughed reaching for one of the many new bras that Johnny had picked out for her. 'Why even bother,' she said looking through the thin garment. 'He's going to be able to see everything I have,' she moaned, knowing his dark, sexy eyes were going to love this.
She pulled it around her body, clasp it and after a few adjustments, she looked into a full length mirror. 'Oh wow!' Sela said with a big smile, running her fingers over the bra, teasing her already excited nipples into a state of frenzy. 'This is awesome!' she said grabbing the matching white panties, pulling them up her hips and was so glad that she shaved.
'Oh Lord!' she moaned looking at the very tiny panties on her hips. 'He sure has good taste.' Sela thought, turning to look at her ass crammed in the small, bikini panties. She couldn't help touching her excited pussy, hoping that it didn't drip too badly and ruin them.
Sela continued dressing and when she'd finished, she knew tonight could turn out to be very special. 'This is so nice!' she smiled running her hands over her body and the extremely short, white dress. 'I could be a fucking hooker!' she laughed, enjoying how she looked and knew Johnny was going to love it. 'Here goes!' she said giving her hair a little fluff and left the room.
Johnny was on the phone when he turned to see her. 'I'll call you later,' he said hanging up the phone and walked to her. 'Wow!' he moaned turning her in a circle and could feel his long cock growing as he looked over her large breasts, down her body and to the hips he loved. 'You look so hot!' Johnny smiled, brushing a long strand of hair from her beautiful face. 'And, you're all mine,' he whispered pulling her against him, knowing she could feel how hard he was.
She felt the tingle returning and it felt so good. Her son, the baby she'd given birth to, was turning her on and for some odd reason, she loved it. 'Thank you,' she whispered as he pulled her into his arms and she felt it. His massive cock was as hard as steel and pushing against the loneliest part of her body. 'It feels so good to be hugged again,' she moaned, wishing they could do more, but she was his Mom. Mothers were not supposed to feel this way towards their sons, but she couldn't help it.
'I'm going to be hugging you all the time and if it's okay with you,' he said looking into her pretty eyes. 'I'd love to do this too,' he said running his hands around her shapely ass, making sure to caress every, last inch of it. 'And, this.' Johnny smiled squeezing her ass, gently pulling her to him, knowing his stiff cock was shoved against the very place he came from twenty years ago.
Sela was helpless in his arms, knowing she needed to stop this, but they'd always hugged and there were so many times she'd felt him hard. 'You're going to spoil me,' she moaned, letting him touch her ass and his cock made her feel so wanted, a feeling she hadn't known since he was a baby.
'I'm going to spoil, pamper and let you know just how much I love you,' he paused to kiss her sexy lips, making sure to flex his cock at the very same time. 'And, a few other things too,' he smiled hugging her and slipped his hands under the small dress, wishing he could love her right there, but he could wait for something so good.
Sela quickly knew what he meant and she was speechless. Her baby boy made it very clear that he had plans of seducing her and it turned her on. He was so handsome and charming to begin with; Sela knew it was going to be so hard to resist him. 'What other 'things' do you have planned?' she asked with a shaky voice, enjoying his hands on her ass, while his long, thick cock continued tormenting her pussy.
He just smiled, savoring the feel of his cock resting on her warm pussy and couldn't wait to be in it again. 'You'll just have to wait and find out,' he replied as he grew harder, thinking of being in her, loving her into the night. 'You're going to love it,' he said moving his hips back and forth, rubbing his cock on her.
She just stood there, letting him do anything he wanted. She knew it was so wrong, but oh did it feel good. Johnny's father hadn't made love to her years and when he did, he didn't come close to the size of Johnny. 'We shouldn't be doing this,' she moaned feeling him pulling up her dress and she felt like screaming. His cock had slipped from his shorts and was completely against her eager pussy.
'Why not?' Johnny asked kissing her neck, wondering if he should do her right now and just fuck going out. 'It feels good and we're both old enough to know what we want. I'm not sure about you, but I defiantly know what I want,' he moaned pulling her to his cock, wishing it would find its way under her panties and deep in her body.
She was so excited and her will to resist him was fading. 'Oh Johnny, please! Let's do this slowly. I know you have feelings for me, but I need a little more time to get used to the idea. It's not everyday that I think about making love to my baby,' she smiled caressing his back and the feel of his large, stiff cock on her pussy was making it so hard to pull away.
'I've always wanted you,' he whispered in her ear as he caressed under her tiny dress. 'All those nights I held and comforted you drove me crazy. I always wished that you were mine to hold, kiss and to love this gorgeous body.' Johnny said looking to her pretty, blue eyes, hoping she could see the love.

I'm done with It
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A Week With Mom 3

Sela was giving in to her charming son and it felt so good. She'd been without love a very long time and she couldn't think of a better man to help her. 'I felt the same about you. I always knew you'd give me more love than he ever could,' she whispered reaching to hold him in her small hand. 'Oh my God! You're a lonely woman's dream come true.' Sela moaned, trying to wrap her fingers around his girth, but couldn't. 'You're going to rip me in two,' she moaned in a low seductive voice, wondering if he would be able to get it in her.

'Don't worry baby, I'll go slow and your little pussy will love it,' he smiled pulling down her panties; carefully easing a finger into his Mom's wet pussy, enjoying a loud moan. 'I guess dinner will have to wait,' he smiled sitting in a chair and motioned for Sela to sit between his legs. 'I need my sexy Mom to suck this for me,' he said with a smiled as she held him in both her small hands.

'Have you been a good little boy?' she teased in a voice that a woman would use talking to a baby, but from his smile, Sela knew Johnny loved it. 'Mommy can't do it unless you've been a good boy,' she said in that same teasing voice as she licked up the underside of his long, pulsing shaft, enjoying the taste of his cum. 'It's been so long since I've had that wonderful flavor in my mouth,' she moaned licking him again, wishing there was more. 'I might have to suck my baby off. Would you like that?' she asked in a soft voice, hoping she get more of his cum in her mouth before the night was over.

'I'm always good, Mom,' he replied watching the stunning woman he'd loved all his life, licking his cock. 'We'll do anything you want too,' he said caressing her hair, watching her licking his swollen cock head and he couldn't ask for more. 'Oh Mom!' Johnny moaned as she swallowed him to the root. 'Oh yes! Oh Mom!' he cried out and was in shock. No girl he'd ever been with could suck him all, until now and his Mom did it. 'Suck it baby! Suck it all!' he moaned, watching her head moving up and down his entire length and she was a master at it.

Sela kept teasing him and she was ready. She open her mouth, looked at his massive cock, took a deep breath of air and she took him, all of him. 'Oh my baby!' she moaned sucking him while her head went up and down his beautiful, fat cock. She loved hearing him moan and she couldn't wait until they were face to face, loving each other. She loved Johnny and hid her feelings towards him for years, because Mom's were not supposed to think of doing it with their sons.

'Oh yes! Suck it bitch, suck it hard!' he moaned, hoping she wouldn't mind him calling her dirty names, but when she moaned, he knew it was fine. 'My nasty Mom is sucking my cock,' he said and she moaned so loud. 'Suck it my cock Mom! Suck your sons' big cock!' he said and she moaned louder than ever.

Johnny's words drove her crazy and she sucked him harder. 'You're going to kill me,' she thought sucking him down her throat, hoping that she was doing it right. She hadn't sucked a man in years and wanted to please Johnny.

He grabbed her head, lifting it up and down. 'You horny bitch! Sucking your sons' big, fat cock, you're nothing but a whore!' he moaned as Mom sucked him so hard it hurt. How often does a Mom suck her sons' cock and he wasn't about to stop her.

She pulled from him, looked up and smiled. 'I love it! Keep talking like that,' she moaned grabbing his cock as tight as she could and squeezed. 'I may be a whore, but I'm your whore,' she growled sucking him back into her mouth and knew she was going to be his whore after tonight.

'My own personal whore and she's my Mom,' he laughed holding her head, fucking her mouth as fast as he could go. 'Suck bitch! Suck your sons' cock!' he yelled holding her tight, fucking her warm mouth like a madman.

Sela relaxed, letting him do anything he wanted. 'Fuck me!' she thought as his hard cock fucked her with no mercy. She loved it and couldn't wait for him to do the same thing to her burning pussy. His stiff cock slid in and out so fast it was unreal. She'd given a few blowjobs in her life, but none of them came close to the way Johnny was using her and she needed more, lots more.

She managed to pull from him and it was time he rammed his cock in her pussy. 'Fuck me! I need you to fuck my pussy, please!' she begged him, hoping he'd do the same to her pussy. It had been so long since a man had her and she knew her Johnny was going to feel so good. He was so long, maybe nine inches and it was so fat, and she couldn't wait to feel it splitting her open.

Johnny stood up, grabbed her, shoved her over the arm of the sofa, making sure her ass was facing him and her legs were spread wide. He reached to finger her wet pussy a few times, making sure that it was nice and wet before going on. 'You must need some hard cock up this nasty thing pretty bad!' he laughed pumping it as deep as he could. 'My cock is going to tear this up,' he said guiding it to the very place he'd come from and didn't care. She'd been turning him on for years and he was ready to fuck her, even if she was his Mom.

'Yes! Tear up Mommy's pussy! Fuck Mommy! Fuck me!' she cried out, feeling his cock against her, hoping he'd be easy until she got used to his size. He was a big man and she didn't want to get hurt their first time together. 'Come on baby. Be a good boy and help Mommy,' she said turning to smile at him, remembering the day he was born and all the joy she had raising him.

Johnny looked at her large, shapely ass, gently caressing it and he remembered all the times he'd admired it since he was a small boy. He eased forward, letting his huge cock head sink in his beautiful Mom and he knew things would never be the same. 'Oh Mom!' he moaned lying on her back, hugging her as tight as he could. 'I love you so much,' he whimpered as tears of joy rolled from his eyes.

Sela felt him push forward and life as she knew it was over. She'd let her one and only son commit the worst sin. She was letting him fuck her and there was no turning back. He was inside the very place he'd come from and she knew it was wrong, but it was so good. Her baby boy was in her and was now free to do anything he wanted.

'I love you too baby,' she said holding his arms around her breasts, hoping he wasn't going to stop. 'My baby,' she whispered as he slowly filled her lonely body with his massive cock. 'You feel so good! I want it all!' Sela cried as it slid into her, touching places she never knew existed until now.

Her tight muscles hugged him, just as if he was returning home from a long trip. 'Oh Mom!' he moaned standing back up, pushing himself in her wonderful body, the same one that had driven him crazy as a boy and now he was taking her as a man. 'I'm going to fuck you day and night,' he moaned as he started sliding in and out of her glorious body.

'Oh yes!' she screamed, biting the sofa, enjoying his massive cock.

'I'm going to fuck you,' he cried as her pussy squeezed, not wanting it to pull from her body.

'Yes!' Sela screamed louder as his pace quickened, lifting her hips from the sofa with every deep thrust. 'Fuck me hard! Fuck me! Make me your whore!' she screamed more, squeezing her pussy around him, never wanting this wonderful time with her son to end.

He moved faster, watching her gorgeous ass, her biting and holding the sofa cushions and he couldn't wait for her to cum on his cock. It would be the ultimate bonding between a loving mother and her devoted son. He continued looking at her great ass drew back his hand and slapped it.

'Oh fuck!' she screamed, as her muscles clamped on him. 'Yes, spank me; I've been a bad Mommy!' Sela yelled as the stinging on her ass rushed over her, right to her pussy and she was close. Close to cuming on the boy that came from the place he was fucking. The little boy she held and fed from her breasts and she was only seconds away from exploding on his cock.

'Oh Mom!' he groaned as her pussy grabbed his cock so hard, it felt as if there was a hand inside her squeezing him. He drew back his hand and slapped her other cheek.

And, just like before, her pussy grabbed him, holding it tight as the wonderful sensation of being slapped. 'Yes!' she squealed holding the cushions as he fucked her with no mercy. 'Fuck Mommy! Fuck your Mom!' Sela screamed as loud as she could and didn't care if anyone heard or not. She was in heaven. A man that truly loved her was giving her the love she'd done without more than half her life and he was her son. 'Oh God! Oh Johnny! Oh Johnny!' she screamed louder as her lonely body exploded around him. Her son, the one man who truly loved her and would never leave her lonely again, was giving her the best gift in the world.

Johnny felt her cuming; he grabbed her hips and started pumping her with hard, deep thrust. 'Come on baby! Cum for me,' he said holding her tight, making sure to please all her needs and to let her know that she'd never do without again. He watched her grabbing and clawing at the sofa and knew he'd pleased the woman he loved. 'That's my girl,' he whispered caressing her ass and couldn't wait for his turn. His balls were full of warm cum for the beautiful lady under him, even if she was his mother.

'Oh Johnny!' Sela cried as tears rolled from his eyes. 'That was fantastic,' she sobbed, wanting to hug him so bad and she couldn't wait for her chance to please him. 'I want you. Let me love my baby now.' Sela said turning to smile at him, hoping this would never end. There was no way she could ever go back to her abusive husband after being with Johnny, even if he was her son.

He carefully eased from her body and walked to sit on the sofa. Johnny held her hand as she curled on his lap, hugging so hard it hurt his neck. 'I guess this means you liked it?' he smiled returning her hug and couldn't wait to get back inside her and fill her tiny pussy full of his hot cum.

'Like my ass!' she gasped, giving him a playful slap and couldn't believe what he said. 'I loved it and I want more and more of it,' she smiled, hoping his offer of coming to live with him was still open. 'Would you still be interested in me coming to live with you?' Sela asked with a shaky voice, praying he wanted her.

He smiled, pulled her closed, kissed her and replied, 'There's no way in hell I'm letting you go,' he smiled and knew it was time to finish. He wanted to love this beautiful woman on his lap. 'I need you,' he said caressing her face and wanted to fill her full of cum and didn't care if she was his Mom or not.

'How do you want me?' she said as tears of gladness rolled down her face. Johnny, her baby boy wanted her and she knew he'd love her until the day she died. 'I'll do anything you want.' Sela whispered, hoping he'd use her and make all his dreams of her complete.

He just smiled at her and knew that he'd found his dream come true. 'I'm thinking of you on me, facing me,' he winked and she quickly got up and moved over him. 'Damn, you don't waist any time,' he laughed as she reached down; guiding him back to the place he'd came from. 'Oh Mom!' he cried, pushing up, deep into her tight pussy as far as he could go. 'I love you! Oh I love you so much!' he moaned as her muscles grabbed him tight.

Sela jumped up, moved over him and couldn't get his long, thick cock in her fast enough. 'My baby!' she whimpered as his girth stretched her pussy as wide. 'I love your big cock!' she moaned, hugging him, smashing his face to her large breasts as he pushed up, and rammed his cock deep into her body. 'Don't ever stop fucking me,' she begged, enjoying him deep in her, giving her the love she'd been without so long.

'I'll always love and fuck you,' he smiled giving her a long and deep kiss as her hips moved up and down. 'Fuck me, Mom! Fuck me!' he moaned, watching her hips moving and her big breasts swaying from side to side. 'Fuck yes! Oh Mom, go,' he whispered, enjoying her loving him and he knew there'd be no one else in his life. He loved his Mom and no other woman could make him feel this loved. He felt his cock jump and at last, he came. Filling his beautiful mother with hot cum. 'I love you! Oh I love you so much,' he moaned, enjoying the feel of cuming in his Mom's body. So many dreams of her and wondering what it would be like to love her were over.

I'm done with It
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A Weekend Home

She knew she could never admit to anyone what she thought. It was taboo. But she couldn't help herself.

Whenever she looked at him, either with his knowledge or not, every muscle in her body twitched and moisture gathered rapidly at the apex of her thighs. At first, she'd tried to deny it, telling herself it was just the rampage of adolescent hormones. Then she told herself she was just curious and that if anything were to happen, it would remove all desire. Lately though, she'd been giving in to the urge to watch him.

He made her weak.

And he wasn't even aware of it. He couldn't be. She'd heard him late at night in the room across the hall. She knew how he refused to give up a challenge. Not that she'd be a really great challenge.

Oh no.

All he had to do was ask and she'd fall at his feet, begging for release.

Today, she stood at her bedroom window and watched as he mowed the lawn. Forgetting for the moment the obvious parallel that brought to mind, Charlotte bit her lip as she studied the lines of his naked chest.

God help her, he was shirtless today and the sun was beating down hard on their suburban neighborhood. He was glistening with sweat and she tightened the muscles of her thighs as she watched the moisture dribble down his muscular back. The tanned muscles of his arms bunched and shifted as he moved to one end of the lawn and turned back. Now she could see his face beneath the brim of the baseball cap and knew he had a day old growth of whiskers behind the shadow. His eyes she knew were a sparkling deep blue and his grin was enough to make her come right in her pants.

A moment later she realized she was panting, just watching him out there.

I should not have come home this weekend, she thought and bit back a moan as he whipped his hat off and rubbed his forehead. The motion stretched his muscles, better displaying his six pack of abs.

"Oh god," Charlotte moaned and whirled away from the window before she leapt out.

She flopped on her bed face down and squirmed when the dull ache between her legs wouldn't go away. She sighed and twisted one arm beneath her, sliding her fingers under the waist of her panties and rubbing herself.

Lord, she was soaking wet and every pass of her fingertip over her engorged clit made her twitch. But no matter how long she rubbed herself like this, or how hard she might come in another minute, it wouldn't be enough.

She wanted him. She wanted Nick between her legs, his cock inside of her and his lips on her body.

She'd never quite adapted to the fact that he was her stepfather. Or rather, she'd been in denial for years.

As an adolescent, she'd ignored her urges, unsure what they might have been. Now that she'd been in college for half a year, been out with a few boys and fought off the advances of more than a few, she knew exactly what was going on. Thanksgiving had been a surprise, coming home to find him just as attractive, if not more so now that she was legal. Christmas had been a real trial, with him looking delightfully sexy compared to the cretin who'd tried to force sex on her at the Christmas Ball back at her college. Spring break had been slightly easier since she'd only been home for one night before heading south with friends to party.

She evidently hadn't partied hard enough.

Here it was, two weeks later and she was taking a break from her roommate who was a little shrill at times.

Nick was just as sexy, just as distracting. And her mother was nowhere to be found.

He'd told her she was away on a business trip until the following Tuesday. Charlotte had nodded and smiled weakly, all the while cursing herself silently for her luck.

If she was being completely honest with herself though, she had hoped, dreamt for an opportunity like this.

Only she had no idea what to do with it.

So she kept rubbing herself, breathing heavily into her pillow and begging her body to release at least some of the pressure. She kept at it for so long and so intently that she didn't hear the back door slam shut or the footsteps on the stairs.

"Char?" Nick's familiar voice called out, dangerously close to her bedroom door.

Too late, she realized she'd left it open and she froze where she was; face down, pajama pants down over her ass and her hand beneath the center of her body.

"Char, the lawn's done if you still wanted to sit out and sunba-" he stopped short and Charlotte knew without looking that he'd reached her doorway. "Oh," he said. "Oh wow, I...uh..." He trailed off and Charlotte turned her head ever so slightly to see him standing just outside her room, face flushed from being outside or from seeing her like this, she'd never know.

"I'm sorry," he muttered, lifting his hat off to reveal damp, dark hair as he scratched his forehead. "I'll just...I'll go."


"No!" Charlotte called and rolled off the bed, stifling a moan at the sharp movement of her finger from between her legs. "Don't go."

Nick stopped as he turned and didn't go any further. He didn't look back at her though.

"I..." She started to speak as she crossed the room to stand beside him. "Nick, I..." She didn't know what she was trying to say. Her mouth was dry, her heart was pounding and she was still horny as hell.

"I shouldn't have seen that," Nick said then, when she couldn't seem to form a full sentence.

"Probably not," Charlotte agreed with a light laugh.

She saw the curve of a smile from this angle and couldn't help the hopeful twinge in her belly at the sight.

"I have to shower," he said then and glanced at her for the briefest of moments before walking the rest of the way down the hall to the bathroom.

I'd like to join you, the words echoed in Charlotte's head but she couldn't make her mouth work to get them out of her.

Instead, she watched him disappear behind the bathroom door and listened for a long time as the water ran on the other side.

Breathing out a noisy sigh, she turned back into her room and, leaving the door wide open, she crawled onto her bed to resume pleasuring herself. She pulled her shirt off over her head and tossed it to the floor. Then she wriggled out of her pajama pants and tossed them beside the shirt. Then she lay on her back, legs spread wide and slid her fingers inside her soaking hole.

She moaned at the feeling and rubbed hard for a few seconds, drawing forth more juice from inside her pussy. Then she circled her clit a few times with her middle finger. She pictured Nick going down on her, sucking her clit into his mouth and making her come all over his chin. Her breathing began to increase in pace and she lowered her other hand to fuck her aching hole as she pinched and rubbed at her clit.

God, give me relief, she thought to herself, biting down on her lip and lifting her hips up off the bed.

She imagined Nick over her, looking down into her face and telling her that he was going to give it to her good. Make her forget about ever fucking another man. His cock was hot on her thigh and she was begging, absolutely pleading for him to slide it into her. She added another finger to the hand that was driving in and out of her pussy and groaned loudly. Then she dragged a nail lightly over her clit with her other hand and barely kept from crying out as her orgasm took hold.

She bucked against her hand a few times, moaning in between gasping breaths and then she rolled to her side, pressing her hot cheek to the cool pillow.

Her vision cleared and she saw a familiar shape in her bedroom doorway.

And she was so glad she'd left it open.

"You called my name," Nick told her, his voice husky as he stood there, barely holding a towel around his waist.

"Did I?" She asked, blinking in surprise. She didn't remember doing that. She didn't care.


She considered how she should respond. Obviously he didn't have a problem watching her lie there naked with her fingers still idly working between her legs. All while he was practically naked and still dripping from his shower. She lifted one shoulder in a shrug and smiled slowly.

All her begging and wishing had given her this exact moment. This single weekend where she'd come home unplanned and her mother had gone out of town.

"I was thinking of you," she told him.

"You were?" He exhaled sharply and stepped into her room.

Her heart thudded once against her ribcage. She nodded.


"Because you're all I think about," she said.

He shook his head, taking another few steps in and Charlotte saw his fingers slip their hold on the towel ever so slightly. He kept moving until he was standing right next to the bed. He was close enough now that she could see he wasn't really holding the towel so much as he was hiding his erection.

Charlotte sat up then, watching his eyes take in the sight of her naked body. She perched on the edge of the bed, her legs parted so that he could see the glisten of moisture there. Then she reached out, grabbed the towel and pulled it slowly away. She bit her lip at her first sight of his swollen cock. It was beautiful. Long and straight and...yes, just big enough that she could almost wrap her fingers all the way around it.

"Char," Nick was breathing hard now and when Charlotte glanced up at his face, his eyes were dark with desire.

She decided that this was going to happen now or never.

She leaned forward and licked his cock from base to tip, swirling her tongue at the tip and moaning at the taste of his pre-cum.

"Oh, geez, Char," he moaned, his hand coming down to cup the back of her head.

Well, that was all the encouragement she needed. In an effort to keep her boyfriends satisfied without giving up what she held back, she'd become quite adept at blow jobs. She put her skills to good use here, sucking all of Nick in and halting her gag reflex when the slick bit of juice trickled against the back of her throat.

He groaned and pressed his fingers into her scalp. She lifted her hands to cup his ass, scraping her nails over the taut skin. He moved then, thrusting lightly into her mouth. She sucked him in, working her tongue at the underside of his member, savoring his tangy taste. And he was tangy. She didn't know, or care, how he managed it but she would gladly suck his cock until the end of time.

She slipped one hand around his thigh and lightly squeezed his balls, rolling them gently through against her fingers. She pulled her head back and licked all over his round cock head, just barely slipping the tip of her tongue on the slit at the tip. He jerked against her, more of his cum leaking out of him.

"Oh yeah," he breathed and his other hand twisted into her hair, holding her face more firmly against him.

So she sucked. She licked and she lapped up every bit of him when he came into her mouth. Some of it overflowed and dripped down her chin. She pulled back and lifted it to her mouth with two fingers, meeting his gaze as she did do.

"Charlotte..." Nick spoke first and shook his head.

"Don't talk," she told him, still massaging his member as it relaxed in her hand. "I don't want to talk to you anymore."

His eyes were still dark, his pupils almost completely taken over the color. "What do you want?"

She bit her lip and slid backwards on her bed, lying back on her pillows. She let her legs fall open and pressed her fingers into her pussy again. She sighed when the juices spilled out over her fingers and rubbed them all over, coating every part of her lips. Nick watched her, his gaze intent and she almost crowed in delight when his hand went to his limp cock and began to stroke it.

"I'm wet, Nick," she told him, knowing she sounded simple and not caring. "I'm wet because of you."

"I haven't touched you," he said.

"Not yet," she tossed back.

He blinked and knelt on the bed in the next instant. He leaned over her and she smiled into his dark eyes. There were only a few thin lines around his eyes and mouth and barely any grey at his temples. He was younger than her mother by a few years but eighteen years older than Charlotte who'd just celebrated her nineteenth birthday over spring break. Not that it mattered. She'd have dreamt about fucking Nick even if he was fifty. If he let her, she'd keep on fucking him until then.

"You don't know what you're asking me," Nick said then and Charlotte wondered briefly if she'd spoken out loud.

"Yes, I do," she replied, lifting her hands to trace her fingertips over his broad chest. "I'm asking you to do me a favor."

"A favor?" He repeated with a smirk.

"Yes. I haven't been able to sleep or concentrate at school," she told him and grinned. She moved her body more to one side, sliding underneath him. His renewed cock bobbed between them and she reached for it, wanting to feel the silken heat of him against her palm again. "All I do is fantasize about you."

"About me?"

She nodded. "About you and me. About you fucking me. About me blowing you and you eating me out."

"I have been a little hungry this morning," he said then.

Charlotte's stomach clenched and she gasped as he lowered his head, biting on one nipple lightly. His rough, whiskery chin dragged across her belly and his fingers parted her pussy lips a moment before he licked her. She moaned, burying her hands in his hair and lifting her hips to press into his face.

"Keep still or I'll stop," he ordered, lifting his head slightly to give her a firm look.

She bit her lip but nodded, trying to do as he ordered. She'd do anything he asked so long as he didn't stop what he was doing.

Like pushing his thick forefinger up inside of her and rubbing his thumb over her clit. Or adding another finger to the first one and sucking her clit roughly between his lips.

"Oh god," she moaned and twitched with the effort to remain still.

He sucked her roughly for a minute, flicking his tongue over and around her clit. He pushed his fingers hard into her over and over and she came as his teeth scraped over her clit at the same moment.

"Good girl," Nick murmured as he looked up. "You did as I asked and stayed still."

His fingers were still working in and out of her as she glanced down at him, breathing hard. If he kept doing that, just that, she'd be climaxing all over his fingers as second time very soon.

"You've got a nice tight cunt, Char," he said and licked her again. "And very sweet tasting."

"Thanks," she whispered and swallowed hard as he pulled his fingers out. He bent his head, keeping his eyes on her, and thrust his tongue into her hole. "Oooh," she moaned, her eyes narrowing.

He pulled his tongue out a second later and looked up at her with a devilish grin. "I think you'll do anything I tell you to, won't you, Char?"

She nodded, unable to speak. She could hardly believe this was happening. She wondered if Nick had been thinking about this as long as she had.

"So if I tell you to hold your pussy open for me, will you?" He asked.

She nodded and reached down, sliding her fingers between her swollen lips and parting them. He looked down at her and nodded, dragging a finger through her wetness. As he raised his finger and stuck it into his mouth, he met her gaze again.

"Now I want you to roll over and get on your hands and knees," he ordered, sitting up between her legs.

"Wh-what?" She stammered, flushing a deep red.

He gave her a look and she immediately twisted around, crawling up to her knees in front of him.

"Good girl," he said and she felt the bed dip beneath her as he moved behind her. "I always knew you were a good little girl."

She felt his palm slide over her ass cheek and shivered in anticipation. This wasn't exactly how she'd pictured it happening but she just didn't care at this point.

"You know, I wanted to give you something special for your eighteenth birthday but it just didn't seem to work out," he went on, stroking her ass as she held still in front of him.

In another second, she felt his cock brush against the backs of her thighs and she bit back a moan. All she wanted to do was beg him to take her, to slide his cock inside and fucking take her.

"I wanted to give you this for your nineteenth birthday too, but you had to go away," Nick went on and Charlotte felt him drag his cock down the crack of her ass, slowly coating the head with her pussy juices. "I bet you were getting all kinds of cock action on your spring break, weren't you."

She shook her head feebly but couldn't speak out loud.

"Don't lie, Char," Nick murmured, rubbing a hand up her spine and brushing her hair over her shoulder. "You're a good girl, right? And good girls don't lie. Not if they want their reward."

Oh shit, Charlotte thought, her mind turning to mush.

"Are you a good girl?" Nick asked her, his cock sliding up through her wet pussy lips again as he spoke.

"Yes," she hissed out from behind clenched teeth.

"I don't know if I believe you," Nick said. "Do good girls beg to be fucked while their mommies are away from home?"

"Yes!" Charlotte moaned, pushing her hips back and gasping when she felt the tip slip inside her soaking hole.

"Hmm, good girls do get pretty wet, don't they?"

"Yes, god yes, please, Nick!" Charlotte moaned and almost sobbed when he pulled his cock away.

"Please. Good girls say please."

"Yes, please, I'm begging you," Charlotte panted and pushed back. Nick held her in place though, his hand closing on her shoulder.

Nick was breathing heavily, Charlotte realized then. She glanced at him over her shoulder and he was stroking his cock while staring down at her. He licked his lips and shifted closer as she watched.

"Good girl," he whispered, dragging his cock head down her slit once.

Charlotte whimpered, dropping her head down and trying to keep from losing her mind. Then Nick shoved his cock all the way in and she cried out at the shock.

"Holy shit," Nick breathed. "You're so fucking tight, Char."

She nodded weakly and braced herself as he drew back and thrust again. Their bodies coming together made a wet slapping noise and Charlotte felt her legs start to tremble.

"Oh yeah," Nick groaned and pushed into her again. "God, yes, you're fucking tight, Charlotte. Good, fucking tight cunt on a good fucking girl."

"Yes," Charlotte agreed in a whisper and gasped as he thumped into her again. And again. And then his hand was sliding under her, over her belly and down through the damp thatch of curls above their joined bodies.

She started to come as his fingers pinched her clit roughly. He rocked into her hard then, pumping his cock into her tender pussy and making her scream as she came, in spite of the discomfort she felt.

"That's it, Char," Nick said and moved both his hands so he was holding her hips.

He started to fuck her hard then, sinking deep into her with each move of her hips. His fingers were digging into her hips and probably leaving marks but she didn't care. He was breathing hard and his cock was hot and thick inside of her.

"Yes," she moaned. "Yes, god yes."

"Yeah, you like it, huh?" Nick ground out as he slapped his body into hers. "I fucking knew you'd like it. Good girls love to get fucked by big cocks, don't they."

"Yes Nick, please," she replied, lowering her head and gasping for air. "Please don't stop."

"Oh I won't," Nick moaned between inhalations. "Now that I know what a nice tight cunt you have, I'm not going to let you fuck anyone else."

Charlotte nodded her head in agreement. She didn't want to fuck anyone else either. No one else would ever come close to her stepfather and they way he was sliding into her right now. She didn't know what else he might ask her to do but her answer was always going to be yes.

"Yes, fuck me, Nick, please!" She begged, thrusting back at him and biting her lip as he slammed into her.

Nick said nothing, moving faster behind her. He groaned, his fingers squeezing her painfully as he came, his cum spilling inside of her and down her thighs as he continued to pump into her.

After a while, he stopped and pulled out, letting her go. Charlotte collapsed on her bed facedown without his strength holding her up. Laughing, he lay down next to her. She jumped when she felt his rough palm rub her hip and slide up her side to cup her breast.

"I'll have to give a bit more attention to these babies next time," Nick commented.

"Next time?" Charlotte echoed as she turned her head to look at him.

"Oh yeah. Unless you can tell me you don't want it too?"

She shook her head and grinned. He grinned in return and slipped his hand between her thighs. Her eyes widened.

"Again?" She asked, amazed that he could still want her after what had happened.

"Maybe in a few minutes," he conceded and she laughed.

It was a little more than a few minutes as they dozed off. She woke to feel Nick moving against her and as soon as she stirred, he forcefully rolled her onto her back. She looked up at him in surprise but didn't protest as he moved between her thighs, slipping his cock up and inside of her. She hissed at the pain since she wasn't as wet but he reached down between them to rub her clit a few times. The moisture gathered rapidly and Charlotte was soon moaning in pleasure.

"That's it," Nick moaned into her throat, breathing hard.

They moved together, their bodies growing slick with sweat. Charlotte gasped for air and lifted her knees to cradle her stepfather's body. He lifted himself over her on his arms and met her gaze as he began to pump into her harder.

"Yes," she breathed. "Fuck me, fuck me please!"

He grunted and fucked her hard. He reached down and grasped one of her thighs. He drew it up until she felt him slide even deeper inside. His hand went around her other thigh and she gasped as he bent her almost in half.

"Yeah, that's great," he sighed and closed his eyes. "You're so fucking hot, Char," he told her. "So fucking tight."

She gasped, tossing her head from side to side and crying out as he moved faster and faster. He came hard, slamming his hips into hers and squeezing one hand over her breast. She held him close as he emptied himself inside of her.

He lifted his head after and smiled at her. "You know what good girls do now?" He asked.

She shook her head.

"They lick their stepfather's cock clean after a good fucking," he told her.

Laughing, Charlotte rolled him off of her to do as he asked. By the time she was done, he was already hard and leaking pre-cum again.

"Get on your hands and knees," Nick order roughly and she obeyed, moaning his name as he sank into her immediately.

They fucked all weekend long. After their session in her bed, they showered and Charlotte begged to suck his cock again until he came. He relented as long as she'd promise to bend over and let him play with her holes. She'd tensed at the mention of her 'holes' but when he made her come with his thumb inside her ass, she'd converted right away.

In the morning, she cooked him breakfast naked in the kitchen and he'd hauled her into his lap. She'd ridden him slow and easy for a long while, delighting in his hard cock inside her and his rough mouth on her nipples. They came together, upsetting the kitchen table.

When Monday rolled around, Charlotte did as Nick asked and called her roommate to say that she'd be late getting back. Then he'd bent her over the phone desk and fucked her hard, holding her head down and slapping her ass repeatedly.

It couldn't last forever though and when Tuesday morning dawned, Nick and Charlotte said good-bye.

"I'll be home for the summer," Charlotte promised.

"So will your mother," Nick replied with a rueful smile.

Charlotte stood in the front hall, facing him as she chewed her bottom lip. "Well, we'll figure something out. I'm going to be ready to fuck a lot by then."

He chuckled and nodded. "I'll see you in May."

She nodded, turning and leaving without another word.

A few weeks later, she felt butterflies in her stomach as she called her stepfather one evening.

"Nick?" She said when he answered. "It's your good girl."

"Hello, Char," he replied smoothly, just the sound of his voice enough to make her soak through her panties.

She squirmed on her bed and clamped her legs together to ease the feeling.

"What's up?" Nick asked.

"Uh, you know that last weekend I was home?"

"Of course."

"Well, I...uh, we didn't use...I mean..." She stammered and shook her head. "I think I'm pregnant..."

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Family Flirt 1

My name is Brooke and this is my tale of how my family dramatic recently changed drastically. It's amazing how one simple comment can alter the way one views things, and subsequently change our behavior as well.

I am an only child, and must admit have always been a Daddy's girl. I've enjoyed a wonderful relationship with my mom over the years, but for some reason my dad and I just clicked on a higher level. Dad was my role model because of his intelligence, strength, and integrity and I looked up to him with complete admiration for as long as I can remember. We also enjoyed joking and teasing one another, which we loved but my mom thought was childish.

Dad was a senior executive with a major insurance company based in the mid-western US. Given his background, he always stressed prudent financial planning to me, so when I began making decent money he encouraged me to purchase my first home rather than wasting money on rent.

With the help of a realtor, Mom, Dad and I looked at a number of houses before I found one I liked. It needed lots of work and updating, but Dad said it had, "Good bones," so I made an offer and before long it was mine. Thankfully, both Mom and Dad volunteered to assist on my numerous projects, so at least I was not on my own. I wanted to jump right in and make major changes, but didn't have a lot of money to spend after the down payment. Dad said the easiest and cheapest way to alter the house was a fresh coat of paint all around, so after moving in I worked with Mom to pick out colors for both inside and out. Since it was summer, Dad suggested we begin with the outdoor painting and could do the indoor later as the weather became more inclement.

Shortly after I settled in, Mom and Dad came down the next weekend and we all jumped into working on the house. Dad and I were going to paint the outside while Mom cleaned and put things away inside. The home was only 1,300 square feet, so Dad figured it wouldn't take long to finish the outside, even though it needed a lot of prep work.

Dad and I worked side by side in the hot sun, and although it was dirty work, had as much fun as was possible given the situation. We had a radio playing outside, and we both took turns changing the station to something we liked. Dad kept sneaking it back to a classic rock station, while I preferred more modern, danceable tunes.

Mom stepped out to check on us at one point, just after Daddy had changed the station again. I playfully slapped his butt with the back of my scraper, which drew an immediate response from my mother. "Stop flirting with your father and let him get some work done," Mom said, which candidly stunned me.

Had it been anyone else in the world, what we were doing would clearly have been seen as flirting, but this was my dad for goodness sakes. Did Mom really believe I was flirting with Daddy or was she just joking? I felt my face go red and moved away to work in silence, but I couldn't get the word 'flirt' out of my head. Was I the family flirt?

I let Daddy play his rock station the rest of the day, and remained fairly quiet thereafter. When Mom and Dad left late in the day, I showered and went to bed early. Unfortunately, I could not get what my mom said out of my mind. I kept thinking about my relationship with my dad. He was by far the most important man in my life, and someone I admired like no other. I loved him to death, but I was left pondering if it somehow could be more than that. Was I IN love with him?

As a twenty nine year old woman, I had dated a number of men, some of whom I really loved. Yet as I thought back, I found that I consistently measured them up to one person, my dad. They were not as handsome, not as intelligent, not as strong, etc. I always told myself I should hold out for someone better, after all, it worked for my mom. The realization slowly began to build until it finally sunk in; I really was in love with my dad!

I wondered if I'd be able to face my mother again, pondering if somehow she'd seen right through me and knew my illicit secret. And could I face Daddy again, afraid I'd let something slip and he'd learn my feelings were far deeper than a daughter should have for her father? Fortunately, I didn't have much time to stew as they would be back in the morning to pick up where we left off earlier.

My parents arrived early and we all set about working without much fanfare. Dad and I continued scraping the outside while Mom busied herself indoors. Fortunately, it was much cooler than the day before which made the task marginally more pleasant.

We broke for lunch and all enjoyed a cold beer on the porch as we ate. I had been quiet most of the morning feeling a tad ill at ease, but Mom and Dad appeared normal as ever, so I tried my best to dismiss the feeling that they were somehow onto me. However, I still found it difficult to look at my dad for too long without getting a strange feeling deep in my belly.

By the end of lunch and much casual conversation, I was far more relaxed. I was sure Mom simply used the word 'flirt' as a substitute for joke, and wasn't trying to imply anything else. My mom could be very direct, but she hadn't said anything else, so I was certain I'd just overreacted.

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Family Flirt 2

In the afternoon we finished the scraping and sanding, so Dad showed me how to caulk around the windows and trim. He laid a bead down and turned to me to see that I'd followed what he was doing. I was feeling somewhat naughty being so close to him, and said quietly, "Nice caulk, Daddy." I shocked myself with my boldness, blushed slightly before I glanced around to make sure Mom was not hovering nearby.

Dad just shook his head slightly and in a drawn out way, responded, "Princess," clearly admonishing me with his tone. His lips slowly turned into a grin however, which made me feel like I had gotten away with something.

I went inside and grabbed another couple of beers for the two of us, and when I returned Dad was busily caulking another window. I handed him a beer and stood back and watched while he worked. Dad just seemed immensely capable to me, like there was nothing he couldn't do. I marveled at how an executive who spent most of his time in a suit was so willing to do manual labor for his far poorer daughter. I don't think he'd even painted his own home in ages, hiring contractors to do it for him, yet there he was.

My parents left early that evening, promising to be back the next weekend to start the painting. As I showered, I couldn't help thinking of my dad and of my daring 'caulk' comment. Before I even knew what was happening, I had the shower massager head between my legs pointed directly at my clit while I fingered my over-heated pussy. As my orgasm approached, I couldn't help but moan, "Oh, Daddy." I came hard and my knees buckled, but I leaned against the tile walls and somehow remained upright.

Over the next week, I couldn't get Dad out of my mind. At work, I daydreamed about him, and in the evenings at home I found myself deeply lost in my fantasy world of being with him in an intimate way. I'm ashamed to say I rubbed myself off more than a few times to the illicit thoughts.

On my way home from work one night I picked up a few gallons each of primer and paint for my dad and I to use. I also tried to come up with a ton of indoor projects to keep mom occupied elsewhere. Knowing how manipulative I was being made me feel terrible, so I tried not to think about it too much. The guilt was hard to ignore though.

I was surprised when my dad showed up alone on Saturday morning. He explained that mom had decided to visit her own mother, who had been ill, so it would just be the two of us. I felt a tingle run over my skin, knowing I'd have him all to myself for the day.

The morning started off quiet as I avoided flirting with my dad overtly, but he was his usual jovial self and slowly pulled me out of my shell. It was even hotter than the previous weekend, and at about eleven o'clock Dad pulled his shirt off and set about working topless. I complained that it was unfair, and he simply smiled at me and stated, "I don't mind if you do the same."

"Yah, right, Daddy," I responded, and then added, "Bet you'd love that."

Dad laughed and answered, "You bet. I haven't seen twenty-something boobies, since, well...I was twenty-something."

"Boobies, Daddy?" I said, shaking my head, "You're really showing your age."

"I know, I'm an old man," he replied, to which I added, "And a dirty one at that."

I couldn't help but steal views of his body. For a guy who just turned fifty, he was in amazing shape. He no longer possessed six pack abs, but he was solid all over. At six foot two, he stood well above my five foot eight inch frame. Even with my long, sleek legs, I was well shorter than my super sexy dad. He still had a thick head of black hair, which was peppered with a hint of grey and highlighted his dark eyes well.

We worked for another hour or so when I suggested we take a break for lunch. I grabbed the hose and held it as my dad washed the paint off his hands. When he was done, I handed him the hose so I could do the same. After I washed my hands, I was surprised when Dad turned the water upon me and blasted me from head to toe. The water was cold and I shrieked as he drenched me, but Dad simply laughed at my predicament.

Within moments Dad dropped the hose and I noticed his eyes were nearly bugging out of his head. I looked down and saw the water had made both my worn white tee shirt and sheer white bra essentially transparent. The cold water had also turned my nipples hard as rocks, and there was no mistaking them through the two soaking layers of clothing. A thrill instantly went through my entire body knowing that Dad was seeing my breasts like never before. In spite of my excitement, I took a long deep breath, and calmly said, "Jeez, Dad, I guess you really did want to see my boobies."

"Oh God, honey, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it, I swear," he babbled in response.

"It's okay," I replied, and then added, "I better get changed before lunch."

"Sweetie, I'm really sorry. Really," he answered emphatically, and I could tell he meant it.

"It's okay. You were just playing and accidents happen. Let's just eat and forget about it," I told him, trying to remain as steady on the outside as possible, while my insides were doing cartwheels.

The truth is, I was proud of my breasts. I was a late bloomer, and was jealous of the other girls at school when they budded before me. My twins finally began showing a couple of years later, and they swelled into what I thought was a perfect set, size 36 C.

I walked into my room and looked in the mirror. There was no escaping the fact that my breasts were completely on display. My dad clearly had a good view, which sent a shiver down my spine. "Hope you liked 'em, Daddy," I thought to myself as I peeled off the wet clothes. I reached up and cupped my breasts, then rolled my hard nipples between my fingers. I felt really naughty knowing my dad was down the hall and my door was wide open, but that just made me even hotter.

I shook my head clear and knew I didn't have time to pleasure myself the way I wanted to. At first I put on a dry bra and an old red tee shirt, but then reconsidered after looking at my somewhat plain appearance in the mirror. I was feeling super sexy and wanted to further tease Daddy, so I took off both and went to my dresser looking for something better to wear.

I chose to go braless, and put on a simple white top with a scoop neck. I knew that if I bent over daddy would get an unencumbered view of my breasts, the thought of which thrilled me. I tweaked my nipples for a moment to ensure they were really hard before I left to meet my dad in the kitchen where I found him sitting at the table looking somewhat guilty.

As I started making our sandwiches, he said, "I'm really sorry, sweetie. I honestly didn't mean it."

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Family Flirt 3

"Relax, I know you didn't," I replied as I worked with my back towards him.

"It's just, well, I didn't want you to think, umm...," he sputtered, trying to articulate his feelings.

I was suddenly emboldened that my confident father was suddenly off his game. Before he could say another word, I quickly turned and pulled my blouse above my breasts and said, "They're just boobs, Dad. Every woman has them, so just relax, okay?"

He turned his head away rapidly, then sighed, "Jeez, sweetie."

I loved the feeling of having the upper hand over my dad for a change, so I said, "Are my breasts that ugly that you can't even look at them?" He didn't say a word, so I added, "Look at me Daddy, are they that gross?"

Reluctantly, he turned towards me. I was still holding my shirt above my chest as he softly replied, "They're lovely."

With that, I pulled my shirt down and replied, "See, that wasn't so hard, was it?" I knew he was shocked, but blood pounded through my veins at my boldness, driving me wild. Not only had my dad received a wonderful view of my breasts when he soaked my chest, but an even better one when I flashed him. I flashed my own father! And he said they were lovely too. God I was so hot!

I finished making our sandwiches on weak legs, and then we ate in relative silence. I found myself thrusting my chest out, wondering if my dad's eyes would wander to my firm breasts and hard nipples. My blouse displayed quite a bit of cleavage, and I honestly wanted him to look. His face was flush, and I wondered if it was from embarrassment or excitement.

I think Dad may have been nervous around me, so he let me play my station on the radio that afternoon. I turned a dance station on, so I had a good excuse to subtly shake my body as we worked alongside one another. I found numerous opportunities to bend over in dad's direction, showing off my unencumbered breasts and long legs.

Around six o'clock we decided to call it a day. I held the hose as Dad washed his hands, then he did the same for me. Inside I was praying he'd spray me again, but I could see he was uncomfortable and that was just not going to happen again. I kind of wished I had washed first so I could have sprayed him, but I guess it was an opportunity lost.

Suddenly, a naughty idea hit my head. Dad had brought a change of clothes, so I told him he should take a shower before heading home rather than get any paint on his car's upholstery. I snuck into the bathroom before he went in and stole most of the towels and even the bath mat. My home was older and the plumbing was rather loud, so when dad began his shower I quietly crept in and removed all the remaining towels and everything else with which my dad could cover himself, including his discarded clothes.

I sat across the hall in my guest bedroom waiting for Daddy to finish bathing. The old plumbing banged as he shut off the water, so I knew he was done. Only a moment later, I heard him call my name, "Brooke, I need a towel in here."

I walked to the door on shaky legs, and announced, "I have one out here for you, Daddy. Open the door."

The door opened just a couple of inches, and I saw a hand snake out. His fingers began to snap, as though he was trying to grab something that wasn't there.

I took a deep breath to steel my resolve, then said, "Open the door if you want the towel."

There was silence for a moment, and then I heard from behind the door, "Just hand it to me."

Once again, I paused before stating, "Daddy, you got to see my boobs twice today. I think it's only fair that I get to see your penis once."

"What! Are you kidding me?" he shouted.

I remained as calm as possible, and then responded, "No, I'm not. Do you want a towel or not?"

I felt the blood pounding through my veins, and wondered just what would happen next. It seemed like ages, but only fifteen seconds or so later I saw the door begin to swing open. Sweat rolled down my back as my dad came into view. He was completely naked, but held both hands in front of his groin like a little boy, a sheepish look upon his handsome face.

Ninety nine percent of me was uncertain, but the one percent won out and I said, "Let me see, Dad, fair is fair."

We stared into each other's eyes for a moment, before he slowly moved his hands away from his crotch. I cast my glance down and was shocked by what I saw. My dad's cock, even while flaccid, was at least five thick inches long. My largest boyfriend was just over seven inches when completely hard, and I instantly wondered just how big Dad could get.

My eyes soaked him in for a few seconds, before I tossed him the towel I had draped over my shoulder. "Dry yourself off, big Daddy," I said, shocking myself with the 'big' comment. I turned and walked to the kitchen, but had to sit down as my head was spinning.

Before my father left that evening, we shared an uncomfortable silence. No sooner was he out the door when I was on my bed frantically rubbing myself off. I could not get the image of his thick cock out of my head, but I was also thrilled by my audacity at making him open the door before my prying eyes. I came over and over again, imagining his hard cock buried deep inside of me.

I'm not going to lie; in all of my previous relationships I enjoyed the upper hand. I'm certain it's because I am considered quite attractive with a wonderful body. Yet suddenly I felt like I was losing control, in spite of my earlier bravado. For whatever reason, I could not get my dad's image out of my head and wanted to please him more than anything I'd ever done in my life.

I was surprised when my phone rang the next morning from my mom's cell phone. She said Grammy was feeling better, so she wanted to help out with the house like before. I had dressed in a subtly sexy outfit for my dad's benefit, so I quickly retreated to my room to change before Mom saw what I was wearing.

I'm done with It
#58 | Posted: 9 Oct 2011 11:57

Family Flirt 4

After Dad's car pulled in, they both exited and Mom came to me and gave me a big hug. She held me and whispered in my ear, "Grammy sends her love." I felt bad that I had barely thought of Gram given everything else that has going on, but held my mom tight as I knew how much it meant to her.

Dad stayed back so I wondered if he was so afraid of me that he felt the need to bring a chaperone. I was suddenly horrified; did I go too far the day before? Showing him my breasts was over the top, but demanding to see his cock was in another stratosphere altogether. I prayed he didn't tell Mom about what had happened.

We painted in silence for most of the morning while Mom worked indoors, but slowly I moved my way closer to Dad. Never before in my life had I been more nervous. I wasn't sure what to say, but finally a few self-conscience words softly escaped my mouth, "Sorry if you felt the need for a chaperone today."

I was waiting with baited breathe for his response, but he didn't leave me hanging long. My father leaned in and said quietly, "After what happened yesterday, you're the one that needs a chaperone from me." He stared into my eyes, and then gave me a wink before he began painting again.

Instantly I felt like I had lost five hundred pounds. Not only was my dad not upset with me, he basically admitted I needed someone to protect me from him! I found myself painting closer and closer to Dad all day. I know Mom was inside, but I just couldn't keep myself away from her husband of thirty years.

We had been flirting all day, and I felt the need to push things just a bit. Just before lunch I sauntered up to Dad and whispered, "You know, I was going to go braless today." I felt like an insolent little girl and wondered if he'd scold me.

"Well, your mom's been inside all day," he responded, and after looking around added, "Feel free to take it off after lunch." Moments later, I felt a sting on my bottom as he slapped my ass before moving away.

A thrill went through my body as my dad spanked my butt, yet I tried to keep calm. I kept telling myself, "Mom is just inside, keep cool, Brooke." Yet I found it completely impossible. Just after lunch I found an excuse to visit my room. I peeled off my bra, and then put my light tee back on. I wanted my dad to see my breasts, and after what he had said earlier, I knew he wanted to look too.

We painted for another couple hours, and I liberally bent over to show Dad my breasts. I wished I had worn a short skirt to display my legs right up to my panties, but that would have been going too far with Mom nearby. Dad received more than an eyeful, but I always gazed towards the wall as to not let him know I was flaunting myself, giving him a free look.

Mom came out at about 5:30 and told Dad they should be heading home. Pops and I reluctantly acquiesced, and we washed our brushes without squirting one another. I saw Dad's eyes wander to my breasts from time to time, which excited me immensely.

Mom suggested I take the first shower, which I did with relish. As the water poured down my body, I rubbed myself all over. I felt naughty as I came with both my parents so close down the hall. Once again, as I left the bathroom, I stole all the towels and threw them in my closet.

I went to my room and put on a silky pink pajama set, cute with just a hint of sexy. I joined my mom and dad in the kitchen, but was sure they had no idea I was not wearing panties or a bra.

Mom instructed Dad to take his shower, but as he left I piped up, "Dad, I washed all the towels today. Give me a shout and I'll bring you one when you're done."

He looked at me like I had two heads, but he soon turned and walked towards the bathroom. As I sat with my mom, I honestly couldn't keep still. I was giddy at the thought that I might actually see my dad's cock right under my mother's nose.

Minutes later, I heard the bang as dad shut off the water. Mom said, "I think he's done, sweetheart." With that I went to the basement to retrieve a fresh, warm towel from the dryer.

I walked to the bathroom and said, "Here's your towel, Daddy."

Like before, I saw a hand reach out of the barely open door.

I leaned in and said, "Show me."

"Christ, your mom is here," he responded under his breath from behind the door.

I softly reiterated, "Show me."

The door slowly opened, and I saw my dad lean his head out to look towards the kitchen. His hands were over his groin, and I couldn't help but look down upon them. Once again, I uttered, "Show me."

Daddy moved his hands away from his crotch, and I once again had an unencumbered view of his impressive cock. I stared blatantly for a while, before he stared into my eyes and said, "Show me."

I looked down the hall to my left to ensure my mom couldn't see, then I stepped forward just into the bathroom to hide myself from her eyes if she wandered down the hall. With that, I lifted my pajama top above my breasts, displaying them for my dad.

I'm done with It
#59 | Posted: 9 Oct 2011 11:58

Family Flirt 4

I was certain we were just in looking mode and was surprised when my dad's hands touched my exposed breasts. I sucked in my breath as I tried to keep composed; yet when his fingers began manipulating my nipples I was close to losing it. I threw my head back, basking in Daddy's touch, but fought to regain my composure, knowing Mom was no more than thirty feet away. When I finally looked down, my eyes were instantly drawn to Daddy's groin. His cock was no longer flaccid, but rock hard and far larger than anything I'd ever experienced.

I was mesmerized. I couldn't help it as my right hand wandered up to his crotch as if on its own. My palm cupped it from underneath, and I slowly began to stroke up and down its impressive length. It felt so amazing in my hand, so hot and hard, I just had to rub it. I wanted him to give him just a measure of the pleasure he was giving me.

Only seconds later, my mom called from the kitchen, "Everything okay out there, Brooke?" We rapidly moved apart as if the spell cast upon us had been broken.

While I sat with my mom at the table, I could still feel my dad's hard cock burning in my hand. When dad finally entered the room, I could feel my cheeks flush, but I tried to remain as calm as possible while my insides churned. My eyes wandered to my dad, and I felt t a deep desire in the pit of my stomach. Very simply, I never wanted anything more in my entire life. I looked towards my mom, and felt immensely guilty, but not enough to stem my burning desire.

As before, no sooner had my parents left the house when I was on my back in bed with my PJ's cast aside. I fingered myself with abandon, thinking about my father's hard cock driving in and out of me. As I rubbed, I imagined Dad's hands upon my nipples once more, while my hand danced over his impressive cock. My mouth was watering as I dreamed about taking his prick into my waiting mouth. I came hard, but kept on strumming my loins until I came again. I was nowhere near satiated, but fell asleep nude after a long, hard day of work.

I awoke late in the evening, and was still hot. In the darkness of my room, I began stroking myself once more. "Fuck me, Daddy," I whispered, as my fingers toyed with my over-heated sex. I came with a gush before I quietly fell asleep once more.

Work was difficult the next week as I found my mind wandering to thoughts of my father. I eagerly anticipated my parents visit the coming weekend, well, my dad's anyway. Each night I rubbed myself to sweet oblivion before I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke early on Saturday morning, anticipating my parent's arrival. I wore the same scooped neck blouse I had worn before, but matched it with an old pair of cut off shorts I hadn't worn in years. They were sexy, but I hoped Mom would think they were worthy of getting paint on and therefore I was justified in wearing them.

When my parents arrived, I saw Dad's eyes wander over my body, which instantly made me hot. His gaze appeared to linger on both my breasts and legs, which is what I was hoping for when I picked the outfit. Unfortunately, Mom had finished most of the inside work and decided that today was the day she was going to begin working on my gardens. I had been dreaming of flirting with my dad, but with Mom so close I kept a safe distance. From the look in his eyes, I could see Dad was disappointed as well, but what could we do?

After lunch Mom told me we were going to the local garden center to buy some new plants. I asked if Dad was coming, but she said he could paint while we shopped. She seemed to think I needed a break, but apparently Dad didn't need one. Before we left, Dad pulled off his shirt and asked, "Honey, could you please put some sunscreen on my back?" I think he was actually talking to me, but Mom went right to him and applied the lotion which candidly made me insanely jealous.

While we browsed the aisles of the nursery, I found it hard to concentrate on the lovely plants as my mind was clearly elsewhere. I really wanted to be home with Dad, but tried to appear as interested as possible with the task at hand. Mom picked out a number of flowers, and insisted on paying for them before we headed home. I should have been extremely grateful, but instead found myself amazingly annoyed with my mother.

When we pulled into my driveway, Dad was still shirtless and painting atop a ladder. Mom and I unloaded the car, but my eyes kept wandering towards Dad's sexy body. Did my mom have any idea how lucky she was, I wondered?

Mom made a big show of laying out the plants, and I had to diligently follow her and support her decisions. I kept saying things like, "That looks great," and tried to keep my eyes cast downward rather than up towards the ladder with her so close. I loved my mom and all, but I almost felt like she was keeping me away from a treasure that I deserved, which annoyed me to no end.

We worked together in the yard that afternoon, and I tried to be Mom's perfect helper. I kept my bottom always pointed towards my father however, wanting him to see my round derriere, ripe for the plucking. I cast an occasional glance his way and once or twice saw him wipe his brow. Deep inside I hoped it was more from my display rather than the warm weather. Oddly, I felt like both a voyeur and an exhibitionist at the same time.

I was glad when Mom suggested we all call it a day. Dad was covered in white paint, and Mom and I were equally covered in dirt. Mom wanted to jump right in the shower, but Dad said she always hogged the hot water and should go last. I assumed his intentions were honorable, but after he looked at me and winked I knew he was up to something, the thought of which ratcheted my arousal up another notch.

I showered first, and then put on a worn old tee shirt and a short denim skirt. I went braless, but chose a pair of skimpy black panties to complete my outfit. Mom didn't seem to notice my unencumbered breasts as Dad went to take his place in the bathroom. We chatted for a while, until I heard the bang that signified the water had been shut off. A short time later, Mom excused herself to take her turn in the shower.

I stood in the kitchen on weak legs, pacing nervously. I knew my dad would soon be in the room, but would anything happen with Mom in the house? I didn't have to wait long to find out. He appeared in the kitchen a minute or so later, and moved towards me like a predator. "You were teasing me today, weren't you, baby," he whispered in my ear.

"I don't know what you mean, Daddy" I responded, trying to play coy, but in reality knew exactly what he was talking about.

"You were showing off your bottom to me, weren't you?" he queried as he pressed in close.

"Yes," I uttered, unable to think of an excuse.

Before I knew what was happening, Dad grabbed my wrists in his strong hands and pulled them together above my head. He pressed them to the wall behind me, and then slowly moved closer until his lips touched my own. This was no fatherly peck. My knees buckled as my dad kissed me as a lover for the first time, with his long, insistent tongue entering my mouth.

Dad moved his hands together and captured both my wrists in one palm, and then lowered his other one to my chin. "You like being touched, don't you?" he asked as he softly swiped a finger along my jaw line. With wide eyes I simply nodded my assent.

With that he slowly traced a line down my neck towards my chest. After our previous playtime, I expected him to fondle my breasts, but was surprised when his finger traveled right through my cleavage and headed lower. He gently rubbed it down my belly, then over my short skirt until it found my bare leg. With that, his hand turned as he softly stroked my warm thigh. After a mere respite, his hand slowly began climbing up my leg.

My body was completely on fire. I had dreamed about a strong lover taking me, but the fact that my own father was about to do so made me whimper out loud. Only seconds later, I felt him cup my mound.

Dad kissed me again, and then whispered in my ear, "Spread your legs."

I could only moan and comply with his command. I felt his fingers rubbing up and down my panties which were growing wetter by the second. In all of my life I never even imagined anything as hot as this, my dad pinning me to the wall, taking possession of my nubile body. I was his, totally and completely.

Once again, he whispered in my ear, "Think you can cum before your mother gets out of the shower?"

I was so aroused I knew I was only seconds away from an orgasm, so I whimpered, "Yes, Daddy."

"Good girl," he said and began to kiss me once more. Dad was still kissing me when his fingers moved my panties to the side. I was shocked to feel his digits upon my naked sex, but I welcomed the advance nonetheless. After a short time, he pulled back and gave me a wicked grin and teased, "We named you well, Brooke. You're wet as a river."

Never before had a comment both embarrassed me and thrilled me at the same time like Daddy's did. The fact that he knew I was wet, no soaked, was oddly exciting. It was like an out of body experience. I couldn't believe my own father had me pressed to the wall with his insistent fingers probing my super charged, super sodden pussy, but it was really happening. Dad's tongue explored my mouth as his fingers strummed my sex, and I came only seconds later.

My knees were weak, and I'm glad Dad held me as I'm sure I would have fallen. He must have known that I came, because he slowly removed his fingers from my pussy, and brought them up to his mouth. He stared into my eyes as he pressed one to his lips. He eased it into his mouth, and then I saw his tongue swirl around it. "So sweet," he said after the digit left his mouth with a pop.

I'm done with It
#60 | Posted: 9 Oct 2011 11:59

Family Flirt 5

With that, he pressed another to my lips and pushed it forward. As his finger entered my mouth, I felt the need to suck it, as if I was being tested. My tongue danced around my dad's finger, just the way I loved to suck a cock. I'm sure the message was clear.

"So Sweetie, do you like things in your mouth?" Daddy asked. I couldn't reply adequately with his finger lodged as it was, so I simply nodded. "Well then, time for the real thing," he added, and slowly forced me to my knees.

My dad moved my hands behind my head, like a cop would do to a criminal, and then released one hand of his own to fish his cock out. I know I must sound like a slut, but there was no place on earth I would have rather been at that point. I eagerly anticipated what was to come, and in reality wanted my dad to experience something just like I had only moments before.

I didn't have to wait long before his thick shaft touched my lips. It was hard and warm, and I welcomed it into my mouth. I began sucking it as hard as I could, knowing mom's shower would be over soon and I so wanted to taste my dad's spunk.

Dad began rocking in and out of my mouth, basically fucking my face. I always hated it when my past boyfriends did the same, but for some reason loved how my dad was possessing me. I knew the expression 'giving head', but I wasn't giving head, my dad was taking head, and I loved it!

I heard a bang, and knew Mom must have finished her shower. I'm sure Dad heard it too as he began thrusting his hips more insistently. Only moments later, he pressed my face to his crotch, and I felt shot after shot of hot cum blast down my throat. I was never a big swallower, but at that moment welcomed his seed into my belly.

I watched as Dad tucked his cock into his pants before he helped me to my feet. Mom arrived only a minute or two later, and I hoped she couldn't smell sex in the air above the pungent paint fumes coming in the windows. I took a long drink of orange juice to disperse the semen taste lest Mom smell it on me, as much as I desperately wanted to keep my dad's flavor in my mouth.

The weather for the next day called for showers, so Mom said a day of rest would be great for everyone. Deep down I knew it was true, but outwardly I feigned ignorance as I had many inside projects to do, most notably, for my dad. But I just couldn't fight against her as I felt like I was stealing her man.

I was completely dumbfounded when my mom told me they would not be here for another three weeks. Seems she had volunteered my day for a charity function the next weekend, then they were both going to Aunt Susan's the following weekend, so I'd be on my own.

The thought of two weekends without my dad was almost too much to bear. I guess it was for him too because he called me the next day. "Hello, princess," he said, and I melted on the spot.

Even though I was at work, I felt my blood pumping through my veins. "Hi, Daddy," I responded, but resisted the urge to rub my pussy with others nearby.

Without any fanfare, Dad explained that he sent me a package that should be at my door the next evening. He did not elaborate, nor could I ask him about it more extensively given the close proximity of my colleagues. I was left to ponder the possibilities to myself long after Dad said goodbye. I was certain it had to be a sexy outfit, maybe lingerie or a sexy skirt, or possibly a new toy.

Tuesday afternoon I looked for an excuse to leave work early, desperate to find out what Dad had sent. I was thrilled to see the small brown package on the porch when I pulled up. I basically sprinted from my car to retrieve it, wondering just what was inside.

To say I was shocked by what I found was an understatement. Encased in bubble wrap was a web cam. After fishing it out, I found a note on the bottom of the box. It read in part, "I couldn't bear the thought of not seeing your beautiful face for two weeks, Brooke." He went on to say he wanted to chat with me on Thursday evenings, when he was usually home alone. On those evenings Mom, more often than not, went out to dinner with her girlfriends, for what they called, 'wine tasting night.'

Dad and I had exchanged a few messages, but we never chatted online. But the fact that Dad wanted to see me sent a shiver down my spine. Was he expecting me to get naked? Of course I had heard of people having cyber sex, but always thought it was beneath me. Suddenly the idea of it was beyond appealing to me.

I went into my guest room and installed the cam immediately, then booted up my computer to test the software. I hoped I might catch Dad online, but sadly he was not available, so I closed the window and surfed the internet. I found a site that had loads of Daddy/daughter stories, and I read them with relish, rubbing my pussy with abandon all the while.

I knew Mom usually left around six o'clock for her night out, so I found myself leaving work early Thursday to allow as much playtime as possible. As I drove, my cell phone rang and I was tempted to ignore it, but then saw my dad's name on the display. I answered the call and was thrilled to hear his voice in my ear, until he said, "We have a bit of a crisis here at work, honey. I'll try to wrap things up as quickly as possible, but may not be home for a couple hours."

A chill instantly washed over my body, but tried to be mature. After a pause to collect myself, I replied, "Do what you have to do, Dad."

"Okay, gotta run. Talk to you soon

I'm done with It
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