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#81 | Posted: 2 Nov 2011 08:46

ممنون جمز عزیز

A Loving Mother 1

I let out a loud sigh. The salad bowl managed to fall off the counter and shatter on the kitchen floor. This, of course, sent pieces of glass, lettuce, carrots and everything else all over the tile and even under the dishwasher. Great. I knew my son Tim would be here any minute and I wanted us to have a nice dinner alone. But after getting back from the gym and this fiasco, I would lucky if I was out of the shower when he got here.

I started to sweep angrily. My husband was gone again. Always business and always for more than a few days. I looked up at the mirror over the sink (it was my cheap replacement for actually having a window there) and frowned. I was 37 years old. My hair was still dark, my skin was nice (I thought) and my breasts were not hanging to my stomach. I went to the gym four times a week and managed to weigh almost the same as my wedding day. I smiled in the mirror—I remembered the time one of Tim's friends called me a milf. At first I was angry, I didn't know what it was but it sounded like something bad. But after using the internet to look it up, it made me blush. The point was: what the hell was my husband's problem?

I scooped the debris into a bag then put the broom away. Then I felt some glass still on the floor so I got down to get it. It had managed to still be spread out—even under the sink. I sighed and started grabbing at it with my fingers. The last time we had sex was almost a month ago. A whole month. I did things in the bedroom must husbands would dream about, but he just didn't seem interested. I scratched at the floor with my nails and smiled. I thought of the first time we had anal sex. He couldn't believe I wanted to try it—he was so sweet then. I thought of the last time I had an orgasm—now that seemed like ages ago. Even with all our toys, gels and outfits...something was missing.

I crawled under the sink and felt around for the remaining debris. Of course I pleased myself when he wasn't there. I mean I had to. But I never counted those orgasms as "real". I smiled when I thought of my son Tim coming over. He was just 18, handsome and so sensitive. I used to think he was a spitting image of his father, now I didn't think they could be any more different. I wondered if Tim had a girlfriend, or what he was doing. I loved being his mom. When I thought about him my mood changed and I smiled as I did my best to get every piece of that salad from under the sink.

I became aware that someone was behind me so I wiggled back wondering if it was Ella the maid. I got my shoulders out from under the sink and looked back. To my surprise it was Tim. He stood leaning against the doorway looking at me with a half-smile.

"Oh...hey dear," I said embarrassed to have my butt sticking up at him. I realized that my running pants were slipping and I am sure he could see my thong.

"Hey mom," he replied not moving, but still watching me.

I turned around and sat on the floor, wiping my hands on the dish towel hanging from the handle. "I was stupid and knocked the salad on the floor." I said, trying to act casual. "So here I am on my hands and knees trying to clean it up before you got here."

"It's no problem," he said—strangely quiet.

He was wearing his work out clothes too and then I saw it: a rather large bulge in his sweat pants. I felt my face blush. Did he get that looking at me? But I am his mother?

I'm done with It
#82 | Posted: 2 Nov 2011 08:54

A Loving Mother 2

I slid my hand over his ass and squeezed as he pushed into me again and again. I stared at my son longingly and he looked back. The room was burning so I did my best to get out of my shirt and sports bra. He looked down at my breasts as they flopped while he fucked me. "That's it..." I said as I felt my body tingling. He fucked me faster and I felt my head touch the counter as he pushed me along with thrusts. The slight pain made me orgasm suddenly. I tried not to be too loud, since I wasn't done with my son's dick yet. I bucked my hips and grunted. I stared into his eyes. "Turn me over honey...fuck me from behind."

He pulled out and I rolled over. I stuck my ass out in time to feel his hard cock jam into my pussy. The new angle drove me wild and I shook as he fucked me. My head hit the cabinet door so I reach forward with one hand to steady myself. "Harder," I said between breaths.

He grabbed my hips and pushed. A little harder and deeper each time. I groaned and squirmed as I gripped his perfect penis with my muscles. "Yes...mmm...like that," I said as he pumped.

"Mom..." he said in a worried voice. "I am gonna cum."

"No!" I snapped, I pulled away from his dick until it was out of me. It glistened with all my wetness and dangled in front of me. I looked up at my son lovingly and smiled. "If you cum then we will be finished. I am not ready to finish yet are you?"

He shook his head.

"Good," I said. I stood up and helped him to his feet. "Let's go to the bedroom...I want to show you something." My head was spinning—my son had given me an orgasm. Now we were walking, naked back to my bedroom. I couldn't believe it. My mind was racing. I was starved for this and now here we were. As we walked into the bedroom I decided that I would do my best to make this good for him. I remembered when I was 18 and the boys I was with then. They could cum more than once with out much rest—my son could do at least that.

I sat on the bed in front of him. He stood nervously holding his dick and trembling. He was my beautiful boy and I wanted his cum. All of it.

"Can you lick my pussy sweetie?" I asked spreading my legs for him. My pussy was shaved and swollen. It was still wet and getting wetter as I watched him fall to his knees, stick his tongue out and start to lick me. "That's it." I muttered as his warm tongue brushed against me. I slipped my hand in his hair and leaned back so I could push myself toward his mouth. "Carefully...sweetie...let me help you..." I pushed his head, guiding his open mouth to my hard clit. "Do you feel that...oh shit...yeah...suck on that...suck on it...ah...ah..." I said over and over as he sucked greedily. My wetness ran all over his face and I felt a warmth moving up over me from my pussy. I knew it was coming: a real orgasm.

"Ah! That's it...suck it! Oh shit...shit...shit...shit..." I opened my legs as far as I could and as he bit my clit I came. My body shook and I gripped my breasts calling out. I held his head in both hands and ground against him, moaning and groaning the whole time. My body was hot and burning as the orgasm raged through me. "That's a good boy...oh..." I muttered as it gently passed over me.

He looked up at me with a wet face.

"Honey...you can eat my pussy like that any day," I said to him lovingly.

"Maybe if you suck my dick too," he said smiling back. So he was going to sass me? I loved him.

"Well stand up and let me show you some things," I said biting my lip and smiling.

He stood up and moved his wonderful cock close to my mouth. I grabbed his shaft with my hand and looked at him. "Now...first of all...you have a beautiful penis; one that any girl would love to suck on." I took it in my mouth and sucked it gently. Then I pulled it out and continued, "If you need to cum, baby, it's ok. You can cum on my face or in my mouth...just tell me and don't be shy." I licked down his shaft and took his dick in my mouth. I sucked it for a few seconds to tease him then let it plop out of my mouth. "You also have great balls...young girls can forget about them. But it's a shame because I know that if I give your balls a lot of attention then you will have more cum for me."

"Really?" he said. He was so cute.

"Yes," I said with a nod. I turned around on the bed and lay back so my head was just off the bed. "Why don't you lift that shaft up and put your balls in my mouth?" I opened my mouth for him.

He held his shaft against his tummy and stepped forward. His ball sack dangled over my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and touched it. He knelt down and I took his left ball in my mouth gently. I loved the soft skin and I sucked on it. I opened wider and took in both of them. He was so excited and his balls were clenched together. I closed my mouth around them and sucked. I slurped and sucked them. My mouth was wet and his balls were slimy from all my sucking. He moaned softly. I felt them shift in my mouth and I knew he loved it. I opened my mouth more to take them in more and sucked. He grunted and shifted on his feet.

I let his balls out of my wet mouth. I grabbed for his shaft and he pushed it into my mouth. I knew how to suck cock like this and I wanted my son to know what it could be like. I wanted him to think about nothing else than the time I fucked his mom's face and obsessed about when he could do it again.

I opened as wide as I could and it slid against my throat. I took a deep breath and pulled his hips more until his balls hit my face and I was swallowing his cock. I relaxed and closed my throat over it, so I locked around his dick head in my throat. I gagged on it at first, but knowing it was going to happen, I just waited.

"Oh...mom...that's..." he let out breaths at a time.

I'm done with It
#83 | Posted: 2 Nov 2011 08:58

A Loving Mother 3

I pulled it out of my mouth. "Now sweetie, when you start to cum I want you to push your dick in my mouth as far as it will go. When you feel me clench around it like that then all of your cum is going straight down my throat. Ok dear?"

He took a deep breath and nodded.

I opened for him and he pushed it in slowly. I grabbed at his hips and helped him to get a rhythm. He was timid about pushing into my face like this so I helped him until he realized I wanted it. He sped up slowly, pumping into my mouth. I took it in my throat when I could, feeling his balls hit my face and his dick head gag me. I grabbed at his hands and guided them to my chest so he would squeeze them while he fucked my face. He thrust again and again. He squeezed my breasts and my body tingled. I opened wider for him as he grew in my mouth and pushed it farther each time.

"Oh...shit..." he said through his teeth and I knew it would happen soon.

I sucked as hard as I could, letting his shaft and head run over my rigid tongue. He opened his legs slightly and shifted his weight then fucked m mouth really fast. I felt spit slip out of my mouth as his hard cock jammed in and out. Faster and faster he fucked and then he squeezed my breasts so tightly.

"Oh shit...mom...I am cumming...cumming..."

He grabbed my head and thrust forward, I opened for his huge swollen tip and took it in my throat. As he started to buck his hips I gripped the tip with my throat and suddenly it was filled with his hot, wet cum. I swallowed as it went.

"Oh shit...Ah! Ah! Ah!" He screamed as I swallowed on his cock, giving him pressure and friction he didn't expect. His cum squirted out so quickly and so much that I choked on it, gripping his dick more with my throat. He cried out and fucked my face as hard as he could. I took a deep breath through my nose and swallowed the last of his cum. My eyes were watering and my mouth tasted like his sweet and salty cum. I pushed his dick out of my mouth carefully.

"Shh...oh..." he muttered.

It slid from my lips, glistening with sweat and totally clean. I rolled to my tummy, swallowed what was left, then wiped my face and smiled at him.

"That...that...was amazing."

"Good," I replied. "Now...we aren't finished yet. I know you might feel like it...but I need you still. Is that ok?"

He nodded, "I think so...but mom, my dick isn't gonna be hard after that."

I smiled at him, "Not yet...but I need it to be. I am going to get out some things and you can watch me. When you think you are ready...let me know ok?"

He looked at me and nodded again. "Ok...I will try."

I stood up and went to the night stand. I opened the drawer and took out my red vibrator and bottle of lube. Tim watched me the whole time, sitting on the bed and holding his waning cock.

I turned the vibrator on and let it buzz for a minute. Then I pressed it against my pussy and closed my eyes. It sent shivers up and down my body. I pushed it over my clit and groaned. I opened my eyes and looked at Tim. He watched the vibrator carefully and curiously. I winked at him and took the lube in one hand then squeezed it all over my pussy. I rubbed it over my pussy then down over my ass as well. I took the vibrator and pushed it against my ass then pressed my other hand against my pussy. I moaned at the sensation and shifted my legs up so he could see what I was doing. I moved the vibrator around my asshole slowly while fingering my pussy. I could see Tim watching and his dick was growing hard in his hand.

"Do you like that sweetie?" I asked through moans and deep breaths.

"Yeah, mom, I do." He replied.

"I want you to fuck my pussy again...but don't cum ok?" I said.

He nodded and slid onto the bed toward me. His cock was already hard. I was grateful for his youth. I opened my legs for him and he pushed in easily. The lube made his cock plummet all the way to his balls. He grunted and I shifted my hips until I felt it drive against the sensitive spot deep in me.

"Oh..." I moaned quietly.

I'm done with It
#84 | Posted: 2 Nov 2011 09:03

A Loving Mother 4

The vibrator slipped out of my hand and lay on the bed as he pushed deeply into me again and again. He stared at me intensely as he grabbed my ass and pumped me. Our bodies slapped together and my chest bounced around. He fucked me harder and harder. I grunted and then came. I lifted one leg up so he could go deeper and moaned as the orgasm took my body quietly.

"That's it...oh...oh...oh..." I said in rhythm with his pumping. "That's a good boy...fuck your mother, fuck me...oh...oh..."

He pumped me vigorously then suddenly stopped. "You told me not to cum yet."

"Good," I smiled at him. "Keep your dick there, but don't thrust. I want to tell you something." He was obedient and I smiled at how he listened so well. He was perfect at this.

"I want you to fuck me in the ass." I said squeezing his cock with my muscles. "Use I will put that vibrator on my clit...it will really help at first."

"You mean...anal sex?" he pushed the words out, afraid that he misheard me.

"Yeah sweetie," I replied. "Is that ok?"

"Um...yes of course...I just didn't think girls...you know...liked that," he said. His dick was still in me and he pumped me slowly without realizing it.

"They don't dear," I answered. "But mostly because they don't know how and their lovers don't either. I think it is the hottest orgasm we both can have." I took a deep breath; his cock was growing inside of me as we talked. "I am going to turn over and you lube me up really good ok?"

He nodded sweetly and I pulled him out of me and turned over. I pushed my butt up toward him and he surprised me with his mouth. He kissed my cheeks and then started to lick my asshole. "Oh...that's good...I was worried you wouldn't...oh...shit..."

He licked me greedily and I felt him try to stick his tongue in. He pushed at the hole again and again. He put his whole mouth over it and licked.

"Do you like my ass?" I asked.

He moaned then answered, "I love it. I have wanted to lick your ass since I can remember." He drove his tongue over my ass again and licked. I grabbed at my cheeks and moaned as he finally slipped his tongue in my ass. He grunted and pushed it in further until I felt his teeth.

"Oh shit..." I said. The warm velvet of his tongue sent chills up my body. I gripped the bed and shifted so he could fuck my ass with his tongue. He shook his head and drove it as far as he could. My pussy was dripping wet and I flailed around for the vibrator. I gripped it and slid it over my pussy. As soon as it touched me I came.

The anal orgasm caught me so off guard I almost kicked my son. I opened my mouth wide and grunted, shook and shivered as it surged over my body. He licked me deeply and clutched my ass in his hands. He yanked his head back. "I want to use my dick mom," he said.

I tossed the vibrator aside. After being licked like that I didn't need it. I looked back at him. "Please do baby."

He grabbed his hard cock and pressed it against my lubed and wet asshole. He forced it to the left then the right until it worked in. I grunted at the stretch and shifted. I felt this void in my body read to be filled. "Squirt the lube sweetie...until it is wet and shiny," I said.

He grabbed the lube and squirted it over my ass and over his cock. He grabbed my ass cheeks firmly and pushed. I felt every millimeter of his cock slide into me. He pushed firmly and slowly. I wasn't sure if I could take the whole thing—it seemed impossibly big. I felt a stretch and it seemed like he had touched my limit. I looked back at him, took a breath and asked, "Is that all of it?"

I'm done with It
#85 | Posted: 2 Nov 2011 09:51

A Loving Mother End

He shook his head, "No mom...still a couple inches."

"Oh fuck..." I said. I felt him squirt more lube then push further. I groaned as it went deeper. I felt every inch, ever once of skin, every rib, line and piece of his cock as it went. I gripped it and it went further. "How much...more?" I asked groaning.

"Another inch maybe more," he replied. "Want me to keep going?"

I grabbed the bed as tight as I could. "Until your balls are against me...as far as you can." I said.

He gripped my cheeks tightly and pulled them apart. Then he pushed again and I felt his dick press in further...deeper and deeper and I gasped with each twitch and move. Then he took a deep breath, pressed again and I felt him inside of me—I naturally clenched my muscles against his rigid cock and slid my hand under to my clit. The mix of pressure, pushing and filling in my body sent shivers all over.

"That's good baby...so good...just keep it there...oh..." I said as I bit my lip. "I...I need to adjust...oh...that is so deep...honey you are so deep..." My muscles clenched and relaxed again and again. My pussy burned and as I rubbed it the pressure in my as increased and I groaned. I was ready. "Squirt some lube baby..." I looked back at my beautiful son. "...and fuck my ass."

He nodded and dripped more lube over my ass. He held my butt cheeks so tightly as he pulled back slowly. I clenched against every inch of his cock as he pulled it until the tip locked against my gripping asshole. The formed void gave a slight ache and it needed to be filled. I took a deep breath and held the bed sheets. "Fuck me, son." I said longingly.

He drove his cock back into that void until it pushed the edge and I groaned at the shift. I rubbed my clit furiously as he pulled back while I squeezed his cock as tightly as I could then he drove into me again. I grunted as it slammed into me firmly. I clenched his cock tightly and leaned forward so he could push down into me. He pulled back again, almost pulling out and I moaned at the change. Then, while gripping my ass cheeks with his thumbs he pumped again.

"Oh fuck!" I yelled. I felt his balls against me and I knew I was going to cum if he kept it up.

He pulled back again until he was almost out. I opened my eyes and looked back at him. He looked back at me and thrust in. I half-closed my eyes and groaned. My pussy was dripping and my fingers slopped over my clit loudly. He pulled back and pushed in again, hitting a spot deep in me and I groaned.

"Again...harder...I am gonna cum...please..." I begged him.

He grunted and pumped me again then again and again. Each time was a little harder and a little faster. The rhythm made me wild and I looked back at him full of tears of lust and sweat. My son fucked my ass perfectly. Suddenly my body shuddered and shook as his cock fucked my ass and I came. My clit was hard in my fingers and I cried out, bucking against him wildly. "Oh shit...ah...ah...ah...ah...ah...oh baby...sweet baby...ah..." The orgasm took me over and I looked back at him fiercely as he fucked me. I wanted more. More of his cock.

"Baby..." I said in a heavy lust-filled whisper. "Sit back."

He stopped and looked up at me. He swallowed, "This is amazing...I need to cum soon...my balls...are..."

"I know honey, I am gonna make you cum. Do you want to shoot in my ass?"

He still had his dick in me and he looked down at my spread ass. "Yes...I...have to..." He shook with sweat.

"Ok...sweetie...pull it out and sit back," I instructed.

I groaned as he pulled out and the void drove me crazy. I knew I was gaping a little and I let him look. He stared for a moment then slid back to a sitting position. I turned around to face him, straddled his lap and held his cock in my hand. "I wanna look into your eyes while you fuck and cum," I told him. I maneuvered his dick until it pressed against my wet, lubed and gaped asshole. I pressed myself down and he grabbed my ass cheeks to spread them. His large cock head stuck for a moment then slid past my clenching ass and into me. As it filled me up I shook and squeezed it. My full weight went down and his cock went into me as far as I could take it.

"Oh shit..." Tim said staring at me.

I nodded to him and started to ride his rock hard cock with my ass. He lifted me and helped me drop onto it. Each time it pushed in I groaned and squeezed it. He squeezed my ass and moaned. The new friction was incredible and I saw he was going to cum soon. He looked up at me as his cock slammed into my ass harder and harder. His eyes were half-closed and his mouth was open. My breasts flopped against him and he licked at them.

"I...oh shit...I am...here it comes...I am gonna cum...oh fuck...ah...ah...oh...shit!" He shouted and I gripped his cock as tightly as I could. At once I felt the heat of his cum spurting into me in large spasms. His cock shook at the beating of his heart and he held me. I sat as firmly as I could on his cock until his balls were pressed under me. I squeezed them with my hand and he cried out again. He shook and writhed as he came. An orgasm took me off guard and I squeezed his dick tighter and moaned. I held him as he held my ass and fucked it. Our bodies slapped and shook together and then...it was over.

We held each other for some time like that.

"Mom..." Tim began.

"Yeah sweetie."

"Can I come over tomorrow too?" he asked.

"Anytime honey...you know that," I replied and kissed his nose.

I'm done with It
#86 | Posted: 2 Nov 2011 09:53

Hotel Room 1

On this night, Tatianna had been a very naughty woman. This gorgeous brunette of Romanian decent was staying in a luxury hotel room...and in this room, she just finished having hot steamy sex, with a man who she met in the hotel lobby just 4 hours earlier. He had just left the room and the only thing she knew about him was that his name was Kevin...She was lying in bed nude, with her pussy still tingling from her lover's long and thick cock...Her mouth still had the salty taste of his semen, as they had ended their sexual encounter by him cumming in her mouth. She was in bed with erotic memories of a passionate night with a stranger...With a smile on her face, she pulled up the covers on her bed and went to sleep.

The next morning Tatianna wakes up, showers, has breakfast and goes down to the hotel lobby...There she sees Kevin, her lover of the previous night, on the other side of the lobby. He's with a drop dead gorgeous Asian woman...His arm is around her waist and he's being very affectionate with her. It's pretty obvious, she's more than a friend...Tatianna says to herself "That must be his girlfriend or wife"...She then makes eye contact with Kevin from across the room...She gives him a sexy smile and winks...That's when she noticed Kevin whispering something is his beautiful lady friend's ear...The gorgeous Asian beauty smiled and then looked directly at Tatianna...Tatianna was slightly startled...That's when the exotic Asian beauty left Kevin's side and walked slowly towards her.

When she got to Tatianna, she held out her hand and said "Hello I'm Charmane...Kevin's wife...and you must be Tatianna."

"You know my name? said a stunned Tatianna, as she shook Charmane's hand

"Yes, my husband and I share everything" Charmane answered "I arrived about 3:AM this morning...He told me about last night...He actually called me right after he left your room."

Tatianna couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"My husband and I have an open marriage" Charmane continued "We encourage each other to explore our sexual impulses....He was very impressed with your performance last night."

Tatianna took a peak at a smiling Kevin, who was standing on the other side of the lobby and said to Charmane "Your husband put on quite a performance himself."

"Yes my Kevin can fuck." boasted Charmane. "but I have to ask and I hope you don't think I'm being too forward...Have you had any sexual experience with other women?

A big smile appeared on Tatianna's face and she answered. "Yes...I like pussy, just as much as I like cock"

"Outstanding!" said a very pleased Charmane "Then would you care to join us this evening for dinner?...and then afterwards, we could do an encore of last night...but with just you and me."

"And what would Kevin be doing" ask a smiling Tatianna.

"I don't have a clue and I don't care" answered an amused Charmane. "He had his fun last night...now it's my turn."

They both shared a laugh.

"I'm free tonight...You've got a deal" said Tatianna and the two sexy ladies shook hands.

"Fantastic!...Is 8PM OK with you?" ask Charmane.

"Perfect" said Tatianna.

"Meet us here in the lobby...and oh yes...Wear something sexy" suggested a flirtatious Charmane

"I will " said Tatianna, as she gave the Asian beauty a seductive gaze.

"See ya" said Charmane and with that, she walked back to Kevin and the two left the hotel hand and hand.

Tatianna stood in the lobby for a moment with a sultry smile on her face...Then she muttered to herself "Hmmmm...I wonder where I can buy a strap-on?"

It's approximately 7 45PM that evening and Tatianna is getting ready for her dinner date with Kevin and his wife Charmane...She's wearing her favorite little black dress with spaghetti straps...It's quite short and very tight...It fits her like a glove...She also wearing a pair of black 4" spiked-heeled pumps & no stockings...and because she's in a naughty mood, she decided NOT to wear panties...She looked at herself in the mirror and said to herself aloud. "Damn, I look good"

At exactly 8PM, there was a knock at Tatianna's hotel room door. She opens it and to her surprise, there stood Charmane looking absolutely stunning...Charmane was wearing a tight canary yellow dress with short sleeves...It was very short and very low cut...It displayed a lot of cleavage...Tatianna was impressed on how well-endowed Charmane was. Her wardrobe was completed with a pair of 4" spiked-heeled open-toe pumps, that matched the color of her dress.

"Wow, you look fabulous!" exclaimed Tatianna "Please come in"

As Charmane entered the room, she walked passed Tatianna...Tatianna couldn't help but check out the well-formed ass of the Asian beauty...It made her say to Charmane "Damn girl!...You look good enough to eat?

Charmane turned to face Tatianna and said sarcastically "Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves?"

They both share a good laugh.

I'm done with It
#87 | Posted: 2 Nov 2011 09:55

Hotel Room 2

"I thought you wanted to meet me in the lobby?" ask Tatianna

"I did...but there has been a change in plans" said Charmane "Kevin went back home."

"Oh!...Is there anything wrong?" ask Tatianna

"Naww...He's fine" answered Charmane. " He didn't want to be the third wheel tonight...He knew I would be paying more attention to you, than to him..

"You two have a fascinating relationship" said Tatianna

"Fascinating and exciting" said Charmane "I love him dearly....There's never a dull moment with Kevin...but lets not talk about him...I was thinking, we could go out to dinner or we could order room service...My room has a jacuzzi."

"Lets show off our outfits" suggested Tatianna "We can go out to dinner and then return to your room for the jacuzzi."

"Oooh that sounds sexy". said Charmane "Do you like Italian?"

"I love Italian food" answered Tatianna

"OK...Well lets roll...By the way...This is my treat" insisted Charmane.

"Wow...What did I do to deserve this? ask a smiling Tatianna

Charmane took a look at Tatianna's dress and with a sly smile on her face said "It's because you're not wearing panties"

"How did you know?" said an astonished Tatianna.

"That dress looks like it's painted on you...I don't see any panties lines...So that usually means no panties" answered Charmane.

At that moment, Charmane pulled up her short canary yellow dress higher. She reached under with one hand and pulled down a pretty matching pair of canary yellow thong panties...She stepped out of them and tossed them on a nearby table...Then she said "I wanna give my pussy some fresh air too."

The two sexy ladies shared a hearty laugh and they left for a cross town Italian restaurant.

Charmane and Tatianna went by taxi to a fabulous restaurant, where they enjoy good food & sensual conversation....Neither woman consumed any alcohol because by coincidence, neither woman was a drinker...When they finished their meal, they left the restaurant to hail a cab....As they were standing outside the restaurant, Charmane put her arm around Tatianna's waist...When she got no resistance, she lowered her hand, let it travel to Tatianna's ass cheek and gave it a squeeze.

This made Tatianna giggle. She turn to Charmane and ask "Can't you wait until we get back to the hotel?"

"I can....but for now, can I have a kiss? ask the amorous Charmane.

Without saying a word, Tatianna took Charmane in her arms and give her a long passionate tongue-filled kiss. Charmane knees started to buckle and when the kiss was over, she had to catch her breath.

"Wow!...That was some kiss" said the totally aroused Charmane

At that moment a taxi pulled up...The two ladies entered the back seat and they were on there way back to the hotel...During the cab ride, the two horny ladies couldn't keep their hands off one another...Kissing and fondling each other, was the order of the night...The female cab driver, had a tough time keeping her eyes on the road. She was highly entertained by her insatiable passengers, as she watch them through her rearview mirror...When the cab stopped at a red light, Tatianna noticed the lady driver was watching in the mirror. She also noticed that the lady driver was quite attractive.

Being in a frisky mood, Tatianna asked the driver seductively. "Are you enjoying the show?"

The cab driver started blushing and said "I'm sorry...You two look so good together...and you guys smell so good...Sorry...I'll keep my eyes on the road."

That's when Charmane ask with a playful smile on her face "You didn't answer the question...Are you enjoying the show we're putting on?

"Yes I am" said the driver sheepishly

"Is it turning you on?" ask Tatianna flirtatiously

Once again the driver sheeplishly answers "Yes"

Charmane looked at Tatianna and whispered something in her ear. They both started giggling

I'm done with It
#88 | Posted: 2 Nov 2011 09:58

Hotel Room 3

Then Charmane turned to the driver and said "Pull over."

The driver pulled over in the next block. In this cab, there was no partition between the back seat passengers and the driver. So both Tatianna and Charmane leaned forward and were just inches away as they talked to the attractive female driver.

"What's you name sweetheart? Tatianna ask the now nervous driver.

"My name is Rosario but everybody calls me Rosie" answered the driver.

"Hi Rosie...I'm Tatianna and this my date for the evening Charmane."

"Hi" said a still nervous Rosie.

"Rosario...Is that Spanish? ask Tatianna.

"Yes" answered Rosie

"Oooh..We have here a hot Latin" said Charmane to Tatianna

"You're beautiful Rosie" swooned Tatianna

"Thank you" said Rosie blushing

"Don't be nervous" Charmane said to Rosie "We are harmless...horny but harmless"

The 3 ladies shared a laugh that seem to break the ice.

"So we were turning you on..huh?...Are you gay?" Tatianna ask Rosie

"Actually I'm married" answered Rosie "I've been married for 8 years...but I've always had fantasies about being with women."

"Does your husband know about your fantasies? ask Charmane

"No" said Rosie " I know if I tell him, he'll try to set up a threesome...and I don't want to share him with another woman."

"So if you were to have an encounter with another woman...you would want it on the down low?" ask Tatianna.

"I guess so" answered Rosie

Tatianna looked at Charmane and asked her "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Charmane shook her head in the affirmative.

Tatianna turn to Rosie and ask " Do you have any kids?

"No" answered Rosie.

"What time does your shift end?" ask Charmane

"In a couple of hours...Why?" ask Rosie

"How would like to join us at the hotel you're taking us to...and maybe fulfill some of your fantasies" ask Tatianna.

Rosie blushed and said sheepishly "I don't know"

"Come on...You can drop us off and join us after your shift ends" said Tatianna.

Then Charmane added "and I'll make it worth your while....I'm gonna offer you a $500 tip, if you except our invitation."

Tatianna raised her eyebrows, turn to Charmane and said to her "Wow girl...500 bucks...Aren't you generous tonight...but do you have $500 of cash money on you"

"No silly"...Charmane said to Tatianna " there is a ATM machine in our hotel lobby."

"My goodness...$500 dollars is a lot of money" said Rosie..."I could tell my husband, I'm gonna do some overtime tonight."

"That's right...If you told him that, he wouldn't suspect anything"...encouraged Charmane "What do you say Rosie?....Are you ready to walk on the wild side?"

A few seconds went by and Rosie said with enthusiasm "Yeah!...I'm gonna do it!

"Fabulous!" Tatianna and Charmane said simultaneously.

"Drop us off at the hotel and you can meet us after your shift is over....It's room 714" said Charmane.

"I'll be there" said Rosie "Remember I've never been with a woman before, so be patient with me.

"That won't be a problem" said Tatianna as she gently takes her fingers and caresses Rosie's cheek.

Tatianna's touch makes Rosie quiver with excitement...She turns on the ignition, puts her cab in gear and drives her two new friends to their hotel destination

Tatianna and Charmane are in the hotel lobby after Rosie drops them off. Charmane goes to the lobby ATM machine and takes out $500...They both go up to Charmane's room 714...When they get in the room, they go directly to the bedroom. They turn to each other and start giggling.

"What the fuck did we just do?" ask Tatianna laughing

"We invited a total stranger to come up here? answered the giggling Charmane "We're gonna give her $500...and then teach her how to fuck a woman."

I'm done with It
#89 | Posted: 2 Nov 2011 10:02

Hotel Room 4

"A total stranger...Damn that girl could be a serial killer." joked Tatianna

"She seemed to be okay...All I know, she was hot" said Charmane

"Kind of hard to believe that two sober women like us, would do such a thing" said Tatianna

"I know...but we are drunk...drunk with lust" said Charmane as she looked longingly at her sexy companion. "Mmmmmm...I'm horny as a mutha' fucka'.....Take off that dress, you sexy bitch."

Tatianna wasted no time...She put her thumbs under the spaghetti straps, that were on her shoulders of her little black dress...She slipped them off her shoulders and down her arm. She release the spaghetti straps and let the dress slide slowly down her body, until the dress hit the floor. She stepped out of her dress and stood in front of Charmane, wearing nothing but a pair of 4" spiked-heeled black pumps

"Oh my God!!" exclaimed Charmane "You are so fuckin' hot!!"

"Thank you" said Tatianna "Now it's your turn"

As Charmane started to undress, Tatianna sat on the bed and took off her shoes. She then laid down on her back, spread her legs and started playing with her pussy...Charmane stopped undressing, after she took off her dress and began to watch Tatianna masturbate.

"Keep undressing" insisted Tatianna "Don't let me distract you....Mmmmmm...I love what I see"

Charmane granted her request. All along keeping her eye on Tatianna's hot body & luscious twat. When she was completely nude, she walked over to a little travel bag that was on the floor. She unzipped it, took out 4 rubber dildos that were all shaped liked cocks and put them on the night stand. She walked toward the bed and admired Tatianna...Tatianna was gently stroking her pussy lips and Charmane could clearly see that Tatianna's pussy was glistening with pussy juice. Standing next to the bed Charmane started fondling her own breast and pinching her nipples. Her nipples were rock hard.

"Get in bed and fuck me!" demanded Tatianna

In an instant, Charmane and Tatianna were in each others arms...Kissing...Fondling...Sucking...Licking...Their hands explored every inch of each others body. Charmane put Tatianna on her back...She got on top of her and pinned Tatianna's hands over her head...She started kissing and licking Tatianna from her forehead to her naval. She released her grip on Tatianna's hands and concentrated on licking and kisses her below the navel. Her tongue travel down to her crotch and marveled at Tatianna's perfectly shaven but wet pussy...Pussy juices seemed to be dripping from Tatianna's pussy lips...Charmane took two fingers and gently caressed Tatianna's pussy lips...Tatianna let out a soft moan.

"Your pussy is gorgeous" said Charmane

"Thank you" said a very aroused Tatianna "Please eat my pussy."

"Mmmmmm...I love it when you beg" said Charmane teasingly.

Charmane let her talented tongue do it's work...It explored Tatianna's pussy with tenderness and care...It lapped up all the dripping pussy juice and even teased Tatianna's asshole...Charmane added to Tatianna's enjoyment my placing two finger in her lover's wet cunt...After finger fucking her for awhile, she added a third finger and then a fourth....With four fingers in her pussy and Charmane licking and teasing her clit, Tatianna was in ecstasy.

"FUCK ME!!...FUCK ME!!" Tatianna cried out.

Charmane then took one finger from her free hand and gently put it in Tatianna's asshole. It got an immediate reaction.

"OH MY GOD!!" screamed out Tatianna "FUCK ME...FUCK MY ASSHOLE!!!"

Charmane quicken the pace...With 4 fingers of one hand in her lover's pussy and 1 finger of her other hand in her lover's asshole, she thought it would be a good idea to encourage her lover to cum.

"CUM YOU HOT SLUT!!...CUM ALL OVER MY HAND!!" shouted Charmane as she increased the speed of her finger fucking even more.

OH GOD!!... OH GOD!!...OH FUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!! screamed the nearly orgasmic Tatianna

Then Tatianna reached down and pull Charmane's 4 fingers out of her pussy...Then what happen, came as a total surprise to Charmane...Tatianna screamed."I'M CUMMMMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

With that large streams of squirt came flying out of Tatianna's pussy...It startled Charmane, as it landed in her face, in her eyes, in her hair and some in her mouth. Charmane felt like she had been squirted by a fire hose. There she was with Tatianna' s cum all over her and with her one finger still in Tatianna's asshole.

"Oh my goodness!!" Charmane exclaimed "That was a surprise."

I'm done with It
#90 | Posted: 2 Nov 2011 10:19

Hotel Room 5

"I'm so sorry baby"...said an apologetic Tatianna, as she was catching her breath "I forgot to tell you...I'm a squirter."

"Do need to apologize" said Charmane, as she took her finger out of her lover's ass. "I'm a squirter too but not like this."

They both laughed.

"Let me go to the bathroom and get a towel" said Charmane "When I get back' you can do me"

"Can I fuck you with one of your dildos? ask Tatianna

"Sure but you gonna have to eat my pussy first" answered Charmane

"Deal" said Tatianna

When Charmane emerged from the bathroom, Tatianna was on the bed, holding Charmane's 10 inch long and 3 inch wide cock-shaped dildo. "Do you need any lube?" Tatianna ask.

"No, my pussy is pretty wet from fucking you" answered Charmane.

Charmane joined Tatianna in bed and the two began to make out...Charmane was on the bottom and Tatianna was on top of her. Tatianna's hand explored, what seem to be every inch of her lover's body..She started sucking on Charmane's breast, which made the beautiful Asian moan with delight. Her hand traveled down between Charmane's legs, where she felt the warmth and wetness of her paramour's pussy.

It was time for Tatianna to start the main course...She moved down between Charmane's legs and let her tongue go to work...Charmane was quite impressed with Tatianna's pussy eating skills..They were so good, that they made Charmane's toes curl...Tatianna noticed that the pussy juice was now flowing quite freely from Charmane's pussy.

"Are you ready to be fuck?" Tatianna ask Charmane.

Charmane was so aroused she could hardly speak...but she was able to respond with a weak "Yes."

With that, Tatianna got the 10" inch cock shaped dildo and put the head of it in Charmane's wet pussy.
That bought out a loud moan from Charmane...Very slowly Tatianna started to fuck Charmane. With every thrust of the dildo, Tatianna would insert more it in the lovely Asian's pussy....She had about 6" of the 10" dildo inserted when, she decided to rotate the dildo clockwise.

"OH MY GOD!!!!" shouted Charmane "I love when you do that!!"

Tatianna pick up the pace, shoving the dildo deeper in Charmane's pussy and again turning it clockwise...Pussy juice was now uncontrollably flowing out of Charmane's cunt.

"FUCK ME!!...FUCK ME BITCH!!...FUCK ME HARD...YES!!!...YES!!!...YES!!...FUCK ME!!" screamed Charmane.

Charmane's eyes began to roll to the back of her head and Tatianna knew her hotel lover was about to cum. Beads of sweat covered Charmane's body and she was tensing up...Tatianna now had the entire 10" dildo inserted and she was turning it both clockwise and counter-clockwise. She was also fucking Charmane's pussy with more velocity and intensity

"OH GOD!!...OH GOD!!...OH GOD!!..OH GOD!!" screamed Charmane

"Cum on baby!!" demanded Tatianna "Cum all over my cock!!"

With that Charmane had an orgasm so intense, it left her body shaking and had her unable to speak for 5 minutes afterwards. When she got herself together, she looked down at Tatianna and said "I can't recall ever cumming like that before...You must have had that dildo, right on my G-spot."

Tatianna laughed "I thought for a moment I was gonna have to call 911, you were shaking so much"

They both had a big laugh.

"Come here baby" said Charmane to Tatianna softly. Without hesitation, Tatianna got into the arms of the Asian beauty...The two kissed, cuddled and talked for the next 30 minutes.

That's when the phone rang...It was Rosie...She told the ladies that her shift was over and she would be at the hotel in 45 minutes...The timing was perfect because 45 minutes would give Tatianna and Charmane time to shower and freshen up for Rosie's arrival.

After showering, the two horny hotel lovers sat in bathrobes waiting for their invited guest...90 minutes went by and no Rosie...Tatianna and Charmane started to fear she may not show up.

"She might have chickened out" said Tatianna

"I wouldn't blame her." said Charmane. "Would you go to a hotel and meet 2 strange people in the middle of the night?"

"No...plus if she does comes, she probably won't come alone." answered Tatianna

"Hey you're right...and that could be some thug, who would try to rob us." said Charmane "Remember we told her, she would get $500 dollar if she showed up...and we told her there was an ATM machine in the lobby.

The concerns of the two ladies began to grow.

I'm done with It
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